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The colours in the last three meditations – what they mean

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Today’s Spiritual Weather Report

Picture by Luke Maitland at Animated Magic

Good morning. Here’s the weather. (It gets better higher up the planes.)

On the zeroth plane of consciousness, the black light is swirling quite dramatically. Not quite hurricane standard, but close; still raging though. There has been an input of order energy to stir up and remove the old, and make changes. This will affect our planet and all of creation. Focusing just on this earth, the devas are busy winding down those aspects of our life that needs to go. Not too fast, just fast enough. The devas are slowly going to make new forms. The mineral world has had an upgrade, now it is time for everything else.

In the human world, the storm will get people’s emotions going. Emotions and moods will darken. There will be more doubt and uncertainty, more zeroth plane fear, more anger, righteousness, and rage. These volatile and powerful emotions will drive people to think, speak and act in dramatic ways, individually and collectively. People will become polarized, and some will be desperate. Desperation will drive human events, and ecological events. Strong emotions will be cloaked in hijacked religion, in ideology, politics, opinions and beliefs. Old karma will be brought up by the storm, and worked through. Some people will try to avoid the stirred zeroth plane energy in their systems by using drugs, alcohol and any other addictions.

Remember to take your umbrella and a coat, which means daily meditation to access the mental light higher up the planes to take you out of the storm. This will help you be on the best timeline for you (the Golden Pathway), and help you make helpful decisions, and be in the right place at the right time.

The zeroth plane storm will also bring out the best in many people young and old, all over the world, who bring out their compassion, endurance, and love in small and big ways to help their kindred humans; like flowers blooming in the desert.

On the zeroth plane, the devas will do their usual job with the weather (check out the deva of the next hurricane), as they use water, air (wind), and fire to clean up old and negative energy on and in the land from ages past up until now. There is a big clean-up operation going on that is going to be spread out over many years, to make this earth sparkly.

The storm will also power through the financial systems and the lives of those people within it. A lot of money has old karma tied up with it based on slavery, exploitation, wars, buying of weapons and ammunition, crime, greed and murder which all needs to be balanced. (Time for a massive rethink about how we exchange energy for goods and services, as well).

The storm is stirring and will change the political world, and all points of “power” that try to influence the world outside political processes. Time for the old to go. Time for more wisdom, compassion and courage, and a lot less greed and corruption. Thinking of becoming a politician?

There is a lot going on in the world and you can use meditation to figure out the best places to live. (The triangles meditation in the blog is a good one). Difficulties and problems get people to think about what no longer works, and come up with new ways of doing things.

On the first plane of consciousness, the energetic weather is harsh, scrubbing away at old ways of thinking and feeling. It is uncomfortable on this plane. It’s not totally destructive. The cleaning process goes on quick enough to clear the old, but not so quick as to destroy totally. It’s uncomfortable enough for questions to be asked. Above the clouds here is some sunlight. What will come out of this is new ways of thinking and feeling, and a changed language to talk about it.

The second plane. The materialistic second plane. High winds are ripping around the second plane which is a bit bloated with glamour, poor use of wealth, shallow human thought, greed, selfishness,  and a lack of thought about others. The lower three centres (base, sexual and solar plexus), along with the lower heart centre are being activated and cleared. Dissatisfaction can point the way to a balanced perspective on material wealth, self, and others.

Some light from higher up the planes, and initiated from high up, is landing in the upper parts of the second plane, like shining, bright snowflakes. These carry information and motivation with regards to space technology, with spin-offs that can improve life for us on earth. The same goes for medicine, and more subtly comes in.

The weather on the third plane is mostly sunny, with quick thunderstorms every so often to make third plane people jump, and get them to look UP, let in more light and change.

The fourth plane is white light. Pure, powerful, bright and virulent. A place to be on your toes at all times. This plane has already been sorted. Not a place for the faint hearted.

The fifth plane. Not so much weather in this extremely bright place of hot mental light. There is a bit of a breeze in the hot sunlight. The place is getting a scrub from devas. There are  bright snowflakes and shooting stars coming down from the first Divine Journey. These are carrying an immense amount of mental and emotional energy, along with very new information and New Law. Also coming down is new Divine guides. All this will make its way down into the lower planes. As it does, what needs to go will go, and what needs to stay will stay. What needs to be started will be started.

The sixth plane weather is a bright light whiteout. Sunglasses and a spiritual guide are needed.  Sparkles of gold as the first Divine Journey comes down. That will change everything. Coming through the sixth plane are souls with specialist experience and skills to bring about a makeover of this planet earth. There are some souls with a great deal of spirituality and light.

So overall, stormy and windy for the next 54 years or so, with clear, sunny weather on the horizon, once enough clearing and change has gone on.

Closing doorways and buttoning up meditation

Closing doorways on your chakras or centres is essential to look after and protect your energy, and turn down the volume on sensitivity. It is good to do daily, and after meditation.

Energy follows thought. This is an old and true spiritual rule. What you think, what you imagine and put energy into is what you are likely to get, given that it matches Natural Law and your karma. So if you think, and keep on thinking you can close the doorways on your chakras, then you can. If you think and keep on thinking that you can button up your aura, then you can.

It helps to know your centres or chakras. Take a look at the illustration for guidance. You will see plenty of diagrams showing seven chakras, sometimes you can find diagrams showing twelve chakras. In most diagrams and pictures, chakras or centres are shown like round discs, or spheres. It is fine to think of them like this. You can also, more accurately, regard them as being like slightly rounded oblongs or slightly rounded rectangles.

It is fine to work with the seven  chakras or centres, though there are in fact, a hundred centres in a line through and also above the body. Many of these are quite small in most people. Astral energy stealers don’t know anything about the centres that are new, or above the physical head, so we don’t have to focus on these. After getting used to the closing doorways technique, you can work on the new ones as well.

Familiarize yourself with the centres in the body. From the lowest main centre the base centre, there is the sexual centre, then the solar plexus. Above that is the area of the heart centre, which can be considered as one area, though there are three centres in that space. Then there is the throat centre. One of the centres above the throat centre is the third eye, situated between and above the eyebrows. These centres can be charged up with meditation, and the energy within them can provide a meal. The lovely energy you end up creating in your aura can also be munched on.

What follows is a closing doorways meditation. Do it as soon as you finish your meditation session.  With practice you can become quick at this.

Close your eyes and place your awareness on your base centre, situated in your perinaum, between your legs.  Imagine a door is on the chakra. If it is open, imagine closing it, and locking it with a gold key.

Now place your focus just below your navel and in the middle of your body. Again imagine your sexual centre or chakra. Imagine a door on the front of it. If the door appears to be open, then close it, and lock it with the gold key.

Place your awareness on your solar plexus (in the centre of your body near your stomach). Imagine your solar plexus centre as a ball of energy, and notice the door on it. In your imagination notice if the door is open or closed. If it appears open, then close it. Lock it with a golden key.

Move your awareness up to the heart centre. Again look at the heart centre, and the door on it. Close the door if you need to, and lock it with a golden key.

Place your awareness on your throat centre now. Look for the door. If it is open, then close it, and lock it with a golden key.

Now imagine your third eye. Look for the door on it and check if it is closed. If it is open, then close it, and lock it with a golden key.

Now to cover and protect your aura. Imagine a thick, dark blue hooded cloak with a coloured silky lining, being placed around you. The cloak and hood is calming and soothing. It covers your aura. On the front of the cloak are some buttons. As you do up the buttons you seal your aura.

When you are ready, open your eyes.

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Spiritual Crisis and Meditation in London and Beyond

If someone had said to me when I was a teenager that I would be doing meditation when I was older I would have been completely disbelieving. I liked my sport, going out for a drink, and parties and music. In my early twenties I added nightclubbing to the list along with the culture that could be found in London.

There wasn’t much room for spirituality and not a hint of meditation.

But then my guides intervened. “He is too immersed in low purpose, the glamour of backwards and sideways living, he’s living like a caveman, and going round in circles. Time to wake him up to his higher purpose, and get rid of the glamour and see things for what they really are. Time to wake him up to spirituality. Right, given him a crisis, no, give him two crises, and a good detox (vomiting and diarrhoea) all at the same time. That should do it!”

The guides stand back and rub their esoteric hands together in satisfaction, and watch the entertainment.

So I was propelled to sort myself out and find some answers. By that time I had heard of meditation but still thought it was for rather weird people and cults, which was admittedly a narrow and wrong view.

So I took a route through aromatherapy (really useful for letting go of old emotions and for detoxing as it turned out), shamanic healing (didn’t really work for me but other people like it, and the one real South American shaman I did meet was lovely and could do stuff that really was magical), and rebirthing (healing and great fun, though looking back it seems completely whacky with some crazy ideas flowing around it, I mean, who really would want to live forever? Just showed a complete lack of even basic understanding of karma). So my journey to meditation was terrific fun but took a couple of years.

Then a healer suggested I do some Om-ing. So for the first week I chanted Om or Aum for twenty minutes a day. The next week I chanted for forty minutes and then for sixty minutes the following week. That really cleared my centres and expanded my aura. It cleared my third eye so my intuition opened up. My clairvoyance opened up and I could look at things and see energy and timelines. My heart centre opened up and would glow with a warm, soft feeling.

Then after that preparation I started to meditate. I learnt first of all to put down roots into the earth, deep into the planet.

I learnt to allow down white light into my crown centre and fill this up, and then go down each centre in turn, filling each centre up with white light. Then I would let the white light flow down through the centres, and down through the roots into the earth like a gift.

Afterwards, as a protective sequence I would button up each chakra in turn.

That was it. Nothing too special. But wonderful all the same. That was the basic technique.

I learnt other meditations. I was teaching science and was intrigued by novel ways of teaching. I came across “Superlearning” which was a set of radical ideas on learning derived from a teaching and learning technique called Suggestopedia created by a Bulgarian psychologist (there is a bit of a Cold war story in there). The Superlearning techniques morphed and were diluted and became accelerated learning. Both these Westernized techniques used creative visualization to help with learning. Creative visualization has a lot to do with spiritual meditation, or can do, and is very useful for creatively using the mind in learning, in being creative, and for improving self-confidence and performance. I incorporated a lot of the techniques, including creative visualizations in teaching my students. Life could be hard for some of the inner city students so they referred to the visualizations as de-stressing.

The initial visualization was typically a relaxation one, which often involved moving through a cave, or rooms in a buildings, or through tunnels, or clouds etc., going through red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, and then back. Quite basic but very effective. Also now looking back I can see in it a spiritual dimension that I was unaware of at the time. It is actually a very healing kind of meditation.

I’d then use creative visualization in the lesson, for instance, studying the water cycle, the students would imagine themselves as molecules of water going on a journey through the water cycle, so they would get the feeling of it as well as the idea.

I came across New Age meditations which were interesting and some were useful though the energy of many was empty and more like New Age glamour; fashionable but fleeting and failing to live up to the promise.

At that time I was meditating too much which meant I wasn’t participating enough in life. I wasn’t being practical, and it was pointed out to me that I was using meditation as an escape from life and my practical responsibilities. So I had to consider how to use meditation to help me to live and be a useful member of society.

I looked into Meher Baba and how his followers lived their spirituality. It was all so ordinary, in fact there was no meditation, although in a book by Meher Baba called”Discourses” there is a section on meditation and meditation techniques.

A general guideline in the Meher Baba world was and is “Don’t worry, be happy”, and take care of your responsibilities. There is an emphasis on service to others in the world. So it was all very grounding. I was weaned off New Age language as well, as the language used in the community was so ordinary, too.

There were some things in this world that struck me as being related to meditation, but in a very natural way. Visiting the Meher center in Meherabad, which is near Ahmednagar (near Pune), I visited Meher Baba’s tomb daily. The energetic atmosphere there switched me straight into meditation more powerfully than anything else I had experienced. Avataric energy does that. It was filled with immense love and compassion.

There were other places in Meherabad suffused in Meher Baba’s energy that had a similar instant effect. The following is an example.

On the evening of 9th July 1925, before going into one room Meher Baba said He would stop talking from that night on, and then be in silence. The next day He came out in silence, and was silent for the rest of his life. He used an alphabet board to start with to communicate, and then hand gestures that his followers could interpret. (This going into Silence is remembered as Silence day which is observed on the 10th of July.)

I went into that room for a couple of minutes and tried to meditate. The energy was too intensely silent for me, almost burning, and I came out of the room before getting a headache.

The Meher Baba followers would get together for events which included saying prayers that Meher Baba had written. After saying the prayers they stood still. There descended a silence that was like the gates of infinity opening. The silence was deep and vast, and dynamic. My centres would go into instant meditation and work mode. Then after a minute or so, the work done, the silence would lift.

Subsequently I explored meditating with a range of other energies to do with spirituality. A key focus has been on putting roots down into the earth and grounding, again and again, as this is so important in being able to meditate with Avataric light or Perfect Master energy without getting spiritually drunk, or white-lighted and ungrounded, or throwing up!

Then there is the lovely Devic energy which brings healing, nurturing and change. There is Angelic energy (being grounded is essential to work with this), and a whole range of other energies. I explored ways to use energies in healing and in protective ways for myself and others, and for clearing up old negative energies around people and places.

The learning is still a continual ongoing process. We are spiritual beings in a big universe in creation, there is so much to learn about spirituality so we can fully bring it into our lives, and get onto our best timeline, the payoff being that we end up being happy and happier, and can end up making others happier, too.  Also, there are energetic ways to be of service and do something for people as well as physical ways, and for the locality and the earth generally. For instance we can use techniques to clean up energy as a form of healing, or simply send out beautiful and loving thoughts and act with kindness and love.


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A Christmas present: A Relaxation meditation on Youtube


Here’s to you having a relaxing time at Christmas and the coming year. I thought I’d offer you a simple relaxation meditation rather than anything overtly spiritual or esoteric.

Next year ( and a couple after) could be a bit bumpy and full of surprises that many might find emotionally stressful. So relaxation, being on the right timeline and trust will help no end. Besides, practical spirituality is very much about change and facing up to challenges rather than trying to hold onto old familiarity, the illusion of safety and comfort, and stagnation.

This is my first attempt at using iMovie and at recording a meditation on an iPad. Much to learn. I hope you enjoy the meditation in any case.

Here’s the link:

Happy Christmas



Meditation time for single parents, and for others who are a little bit busy

It is easy to meditate if you have the time, and your life and lifestyle is conducive to meditating. But what if it is not? What happens if life is hectic, filled with responsibilities? (I’m not counting partying or socializing as these don’t have to be done.)

A long meditation session is helpful in relaxing, it helps you find your centre, it helps with dealing with problems and with gaining some inspirations, and it can help with receiving some divine input and energy. It helps you know that you are a spiritual being.

Sometimes you have to be busy with responsibilities you have to deal with, and from which you cannot easily or rightly walk away. If you want to retain a sense of your spiritual self, and walk your talk as a spiritual being, a different approach is required compared to having big meditations. Someone who is caring for a dependent person may only have a little time to themselves, if at all, and they may get very tired. Single parents (or those whose partners are away or leaving), particularly if there are several children, especially young ones (I hold my hand up here), can be really tired out towards the end of the day. Meditation turns into more of a nap, or a falling to sleep.

Experiencing this kind of situation, I found that I was getting quite grumpy, not being able to meditate. I thought that this wasn’t on and I had to do something about it.

So in everyday situations I made an effort to smile more. When you smile there is an energy of being harmonious, and of accepting. For the brief time of the smile there is peace, some calm, and some stillness. Love flows. A smile is like a mini meditation.

Going about life at work and at home with the children, I monitored my thoughts and attitudes, particularly if I was feeling, or importantly, choosing to feel stressed. I would do a quick burst of positive feeling, and think a positive thought or two that I felt would be helpful. I would talk less and instead just pay attention to what was happening around me.

I would try to arrive five minutes early to work and use the time for a brief, recorded meditation. I made sure to have a break straight after work if I could to go into a healing meditative state, keeping warm and simply doze, as I warmed up, got the body’s self-healing mechanism going and shed slow frequency chaotic energy. I felt much more refreshed because this.

During the day I would go into meditative energy for a few or for several seconds at a time, closing my eyes if I could, so I could remember my nature for a moment.

If I could settle the children down in time in the evening, with necessary jobs done, I would try to meditate, even if it meant falling asleep. I also energetically cleaned all objects in the house, and around the house so that the energy or the atmosphere was conducive to feeling good and loving whether I meditated or not. It is easier to meditate if the energy is good.

On waking I would put my roots down into the earth, feel the light in my hands, then for a couple of minutes, put my awareness into my heart space in the middle of my chest, and open up to the light there.  I felt the light and the dark, the order and the chaos within me; balanced. I would de-cord, then send light down my timeline for the day, and give it to God.

I found that having a balance of energy in me, I felt organized enough to get young children ready for their day at school, and somehow… somehow arrive at work on time. Magic!

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Experience Unconditional Love to handle maximum change

There is a lot of light coming in, stimulating old karma, positive and negative, and old pools of energy. It is all been brought to the surface and speeded up. Not so much that humanity and the world “blow up”, but enough so that changes occur in humanity and the world at top speed.

People don’t like change (usually), they like familiarity, constancy, safety, and wealth. They like things to stay the same. Young people, in their teens and twenties, for the most part are okay with change. People who are desperate will go for change in order to simply survive, or help their children survive.

People like constancy because they like to hold on to a way of life they like. They like to hold on to society the way it is, and maintain their role and status within it, particularly if they consider themselves to have influence, wealth, prestige, power and status. They like their community to be more or less the same. They like to maintain beliefs, thoughts and attitudes in society in their social strata, their families, and in themselves. Change knocks against their very identity.

They have psychologically placed themselves at the centre of the little picture of their own world, and they will try to maintain their world. It has provided for them in the past, and they put their trust in it. They absolutely don’t want change. They don’t have a picture or a vision to follow into a new future, and they don’t know how to trust.

I’ve said young people and desperate people will embrace change. People who have a spirituality and have God or the Divine in their picture or vision of the world have a different psychology. They place God at the centre of their world rather than themselves. They have a bigger picture. This makes them more open to change, and they are more willing to trust without seeing obvious or safe steps.

Being desperate is a scary place, and a person like this has nothing to lose and everything to gain by change.

Trying to hang on to a comfortable, familiar life while being faced with an unfamiliar changing world can be uncomfortable, and for some it can be scary. People who have been following a spiritual path, and have a sense of the Divine can sometimes dive down the planes to experience zeroth and first plane thoughts of fear and worry when faced with a crisis or difficulty.

In times like that it’s important to remember God; to remember the Divine. It’s important to remember that God is inside us. Fast paced change is going to keep on going in the world for some time, so being able to access the Divine within us, is a very good thing.

Having a sense of the Divine inside means that when life gets tough or something happens, we can touch a feeling of calm and certainty. We can get some guidance. We can open up to support, and we can experience some healing.

Then also, if we have made one or more decisions that take us off our best timeline, we can find a route to get back on it.

How to connect with and experience the Divine?

It’s surprisingly easy. God is Love. When we experience unconditional love (rather than mushy,  sentimental or “with strings” love), we get to experience God. There are other ways, other qualities that can describe God, but Love is a quality that we can easily access. It is a first port of call.

The following meditation incorporates some grounding and bringing in light to heal, which is great to use every day, and is also like first aid in a time of difficulty or crisis.

Get as comfortable as you can. Close your eyes. Take several deep and gentle breaths. Become aware of your chest and aware of your breathing.

Focus on your feet, and imagine roots of whatever colour feels right, growing down into the ground, into the earth. These are to ground you, anchor you in and give you some stability. Let the earth’s energy flow up your roots and into your body. The earth’s energy will soothe, calm and nourish.

Let go of any negativity, and let it go down to your feet, and then down through your roots, into the earth. The earth can neutralize this energy.

White light then pours down from on high, and in through the top of your head. The white light flows down through your head, into your neck and throat. The white light then flows throughout the rest of your body. This white light flows to the tips of your fingers and toes. It fills your body.

The place to find unconditional love is the upper part of the centre of your chest. This love is a quality of God. With your imagination, look at the upper part of the centre of your chest, and notice a glow. That glow is unconditional love.

Simply focus on that part of your chest,  focus on the glow, look into it. Give that glow of unconditional love your attention. Feel what it feels like, how does unconditional love feel?

Notice the effect of unconditional love on your head and on your mind for a moment.

Focus on the upper part of your chest again, and on the glow of unconditional love. Imagine it growing and glowing brighter and larger, filled with more light and unconditional love. This love makes no demands; it just gives. It makes no judgments, it simplify gives.

Allow the light of this unconditional love to expand and fill more and more of your chest. You might feel a joy within it. You might feel an expansive silence in the unconditional love. You might feel an infinite stillness. Let yourself feel the love glowing from inside you.

Whips of this love gently flow into other parts of your body. The energy of unconditional love flows to your head and wraps around it. The unconditional love envelopes your mind, and permeates your mind.

Surrender to the unconditional love, let go and open up to it. Offer up anything in your life that you feel you need help with. Let go of outcomes. Just let go. Mentally say, “May the Father’s Will be done”.

Unconditional love doesn’t work by trying to force things. Unconditional love works by feeling the unconditional love, letting go, and surrendering everything. If you want to know the best outcome for a situation, ask to be shown it, and then open up to be shown at this time or a later time the best possible outcome. This outcome will suit your best timeline. When you are experiencing unconditional love, you can get a sense of your best timeline.

If there is something to do, a step to make, then again mentally ask to be shown it at this time or a later time. This step will be the best one for your best timeline.

Now focus again on the top part of your chest. Feel the unconditional love flowing to other parts of your body.

You can imagine it gently flowing to other people, freely giving them the love.

You can imagine it gently flowing to situations, freely offering love.

Bring your focus back to your upper chest, and rest it there in the glow for a moment.

Now become aware of your body, and your feet and your roots.

Take some breaths, gentle and deep. Open your eyes.

When you experience unconditional love your consciousness goes up and it is easier to make the best decisions. It is easier to get onto, and stay on your best timeline. Also, the unconditional love you feel has a knock-on effect on other people around you.

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Meditation to love and accept your body

We have a mental body, an astral body, an etheric body and a physical body. We might have some higher bodies than the mental. The body that bothers us the most (usually), is the physical body.

When I was younger I liked my body as I swam a lot. Except the legs. The legs were too short. Now being older, my waist is larger and I can’t get into some clothes I really liked. My muscle tone looks like it isn’t that Adonis look I prided myself on. The physical body always changes as time goes on, and pride in looks that are going to change now seems foolish. I find I’m critical about parts of my body though, not massively, it’s just irksome.

I’ve never been the kind of person to give someone’s opinion on an advertisement the time of day, and what other people might think about my body has to me just been their business. I’m aware though, that my negative thoughts about my body aren’t going to help in any way. Even if I want to change something about my body for health reasons.

I do know that the body is sensitive to thoughts. The body has an intelligence. The bodymind can be found in the solar plexus area. What you think and feel about your body with your intellectual type mind has an effect on your body, and on its health, and how it functions. Grudgingly, I would say that the thoughts of others have an effect as well. A friend, who was an expert in kinesiology and worked in a school, once told me of an experiment he did in a school assembly. He showed the students about how muscle testing works, and how muscles could be made weak or strong. He then had a student volunteer go out of the hall. He got all the other students to think negative thoughts about the student who was outside the hall. The student came back in, and was muscle tested. His muscles were weak. The teacher cleared his energy and the student went back out of the hall. The students thought positive thoughts about the student outside. In they came and this time when they were muscle tested, their muscles were strong.

Quite a few years ago I learned how positive and negative thoughts generally affect the body and its health. Thoughts affect even the body chemistry and the functioning of the body. Being happy or depressed has a different effect on the body.

To be in the public eye physically, or have an online presence and receive the thoughts of others and remain unaffected by them must require a robust aura, with a thick skin. (Astrally, cyberspace is real and contains people’s feelings and thoughts which can be projected into other people’s auras, and so no wonder it can hurt. This is why doing protective meditations can be so important. It’s also important to close doorways on phones, tablets and computers.)

Our thoughts and also our feelings about everything, including our bodies, are important. Spiritually, being loving, forgiving and having goodness in our thoughts about our bodies, people, the things in our lives, and just about everything else, is helpful, and helps change. Being loving towards your body, thinking positive thoughts about it, and feeling good about your body can have a great impact on it. From a spiritual point of view, it’s great to keep the vehicle for your spirit and soul in top condition.

This meditation focuses on the body, your body, my body, while the general idea applies to everything.

In a quiet place, sit comfortably and close your eyes.

Take several gentle and deep breaths.

Focus your attention on the middle of your chest, where your heart centre is. Notice a glow of light in the very middle of your heart centre. The upper part of your heart centre is the home to unconditional love. The light in your heart centre is unconditional love.

Allow this light, this unconditional love to grow. From high, up above you, brilliant white light falls down gently like snow. This white light flows down into your heart centre, and into the light of your unconditional love, nourishing it, and helping it to grow. Your unconditional love expands and fills your heart centre, and shines out rays of unconditional love.

Allow this unconditional love to flow to your chest, and fill your chest with its light and its love. Allow the unconditional love to cover your skin. The unconditional love and the light cover and fill your pectoral and breast area. Feel the unconditional love soaking into and saturating this part of your body, and notice how it responds.

You can just notice the effect of the unconditional love, or you can also tell this part of your body, “I love and appreciate you”. You can say it mentally, or out loud. If you want you can be specific and say something like, “breast, I love and appreciate you”, a few times.

Choose parts of your chest to allow unconditional love to flow into. Feel the response to the love, and say if you want to, “I love and appreciate you…”, naming that part of your body.

Place your awareness on your heart centre again, and feel the unconditional love once again. Let the light of the unconditional love flow to your stomach area. Let it fill, and cover it. Feel your stomach area respond to the love. If you want to, say, “stomach, I love you”. If you want to, say, “skin, I love and appreciate you”.

Again, bring your awareness back to the light of the unconditional love in your heart, and watch it glow and shine.

Now put your awareness on your lower abdomen and your waist. Let the unconditional love from your heart centre fill and cover this area. See it like the light of unconditional love filling your lower abdomen and waist. Notice how this feels.

If you want to, say, “waist, I love and appreciate you”. Tell your skin you love it, tell your lower abdomen, or belly as you might call it, that you love it and appreciate it.

Again, bring your attention to your heart centre, and feel the unconditional love there. Let yourself bask in the feel of the unconditional love for a while.

Now place your awareness on your groin area. Let unconditional love and light flow from your heart over your skin and into your groin area. Feel this area filled with the unconditional love and light. Notice how your body feels and responds. If you are physically female, use words to name female parts of your body. If you are physically male, use words to name male parts of your body. If you want to, take some moments to tell these parts of your body that you really love and appreciate them. Be as specific as you need to be. Tell them you love them again if you need.

Once again come back to your heart centre, and the glow and shine of the unconditional love that flows from the deepest part of your being. Relax into it.

Now place your awareness on the top of your back, from the back of one shoulder to the back of the other shoulder. Unless there is a back problem backs tend to be forgotten about and ignored. Now fill this space and cover the skin with unconditional love and light flowing from the heart centre. Notice how this part of your back feels with this unconditional love. If you want, say, “back, I love and appreciate you.”

Place your awareness on your upper back, including the back of your heart centre. Sense the skin, and the muscles, and your spine. Let unconditional love and light flow from your heart centre to completely saturate this space and cover your skin. Notice how this area of your body now feels. Let your upper back know that you love and appreciate it.

Now place your awareness in the middle of your back. Again, let love and light from your heart fill this area and cover your skin. Notice how your skin and back respond to the love. If you want, tell your back that you love and appreciate it.

Feel your heart centre, and the glowing love in it. Now notice your lower back; the skin, the muscles and the bones of your spine. Let love flow from your heart to the skin, to the muscles and to each vertebra of your spine. Notice any effect of the unconditional love and light. You can tell your lower back that you love and appreciate it. “Skin, I love and appreciate you”, “muscles, I love and appreciate you”, “spine, I love and appreciate you”. Again, notice any effect.

Move your awareness down to your buttocks area. Let the unconditional love and light from your heart centre flow into this area and fill it, saturate it with love and light. Let it fill the skin, the muscles, the spine, the back of the pelvis, the anus, and your body internally. Fill all of this area with love, giving extra attention if need be to any particular part of your body. If you want to, tell each part of this area you really love it and appreciate it.

Place your awareness on your upper left leg from your hip to your knee. Check over it. Let the love and light flow from your heart centre to cover and fill your upper left leg; skin, muscles, bone, blood vessels, nerves, tendons and ligaments, and any injuries. As the unconditional love and light flows in, notice how this part of your body feels. If you want to, tell your leg, or specific parts of it, that you love and appreciate them.

Place your awareness on your upper right leg, and check over it. Feel your heart centre and the love therein. Let this unconditional love and light flow onto and into your right leg, filling and saturating it so that it glows. Tell each and every part that you need to tell, that you love and appreciate it. Notice any effect.

Move your awareness to the lower left leg from the knee to the ankle. Feel your skin, your muscles, your bones, your ankle, and any specific part of your lower left leg. Now let the light of unconditional love from your heart centre flow down into your lower left leg. Let it fill it completely. Notice how your lower left leg feels. As you need, tell each part of your lower left leg that you love and appreciate it. Notice how that feels.

Place your awareness on your lower right leg from your knee to your ankle. Check over your lower right leg. Place your awareness back on your heart centre, and the bright love within it. Imagine this unconditional love flowing over and into all of your lower right leg, healing it. Tell any parts of your lower right leg that you love and appreciate them.

Now feel your left foot and toes. Let unconditional love and light flow from your heart centre into your left foot and toes. Let the light and love cover and saturate your left foot. If you like tell your foot you love and appreciate it. Do this in more detail if you want to, so you can focus on your heel, the middle of your foot, the ball of your foot, and each toe, depending on what needs attention.

Feel your right foot and toes. Let the unconditional love and light flow from your heart centre to your right foot and toes so they are completely filled and saturated. If you want, tell your foot that you love and appreciate them. You can say it in more detail if need be.

Rest back in your heart centre for a moment and enjoy the light and love. Let yourself feel how nourishing it is, this timeless love. Feel how wonderful it is.

Place your awareness on your left shoulder. Let unconditional love and light flow from your heart centre into and over your left shoulder, so that it is saturated. Tell your shoulder that you love it: “shoulder, I love and appreciate you”.

Now place your awareness on your right shoulder. Fill it with unconditional love and light from your heart centre so that it glows. Tell your right shoulder that you love and appreciate it.

Move your awareness to your left upper arm to your elbow. Let unconditional love and light flow in and over your upper left arm to fill it. If you want to, tell your upper arm that you love and appreciate it. Notice how it responds.

Place your awareness on your upper right arm. Unconditional love and light flows from your heart centre into your upper right arm and elbow, and fills it. Notice how this feels. Say to your upper right arm, mentally or out loud that you love it. Notice the response.

Now feel the infinite unconditional love in your heart centre. Just let it be there. Now let the unconditional love and light flow to your lower left arm and wrist, filling and covering it. Keep on filling it as you want.
Tell your lower left arm and wrist that you love and appreciate them. Just feel your lower arm and wrist.

Place your awareness on your lower right arm and wrist now. Let the unconditional love and light flow from your heart centre and cover and fill them. If you want to, tell your lower arm and wrist that you love and appreciate them.

Now place your awareness on your left hand and fingers. The centre of your palm has a connection with your heart centre which can facilitate healing. Let the unconditional love and light flow from your heart centre to your hand and fingers. This unconditional love and light covers and fills the back of your hand, the palm, and the fingers and thumb. As you need, tell each part of your hand that you love and appreciate them. Do this for a few moments.

Place your awareness on your right hand and fingers. Fill them with unconditional love and light from your heart centre. Let this love and light cover your hand and fingers. If you want to, tell your hand and fingers that you love and appreciate them. Focus on any part you may want to.

Again, place your awareness on your heart centre and the unconditional love within. Notice its brilliance and calmness, the joy inside, and the powerful silence.

Now place your awareness on your neck; on the front and the back and the sides. You can feel the skin, the muscles and vertebra. Inside, you can feel your throat, and notice your vocal cords. There is a lot inside the neck. Let unconditional love and light flow from your heart centre, into and over your neck. If you like, tell all the parts of your neck that you love and appreciate them for several moments.

Now place your awareness on your head. Fill your nose with unconditional love and light from your heart centre. If you want, tell your nose you love and appreciate it. Now focus on your eyes. Fill them with unconditional love and light from your heart centre, and tell your eyes that you love and appreciate them. Focus on your ears; fill them with unconditional love and light. If you want to, tell them that you love them. Focus on your lips, fill them with unconditional love and light from your heart centre. Notice how that feels. Tell your lips that you love and appreciate them. Focus on your face, and let unconditional love and light flow from your heart centre to your face, covering it and filling it with the unconditional love and light. Tell your face that you love and appreciate it.

Focus on any features of your face that you need to. Fill it with unconditional love and light from your heart centre, and tell them that you love and appreciate them.

Focus on your forehead. Let unconditional love and light cover and fill your forehead. If you want to, tell it that you love and appreciate it.

Place your awareness on your scalp, and your hair if you want to. Fill them, and cover them with unconditional love and light. Notice how that feels. If you want to, tell them that you love and appreciate them.

Now focus on the back of your head. Let unconditional love and light flow from your heart centre, covering and filling the back of your head. Tell the back of your head that you love and appreciate it.

Send unconditional love from your heart centre to your brain; the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere. Fill your brain with the unconditional love and light. Tell your brain that you love and appreciate it.

Now bring your awareness back to your heart centre and feel the unconditional love. You can take some moments to send unconditional love and light to your stomach, lungs, liver, pancreas, kidneys, adrenal glands, and the large and small intestines, and any other part you can think of. If you like, you can tell them that you love and appreciate them. If need be, you can send unconditional love and light from your heart centre to your sternum at the front of the ribcage, and other places where blood cells are made. You can tell these parts of your body that you love and appreciate them.

Now send unconditional love and light to your physical heart, filling your physical heart. Thank it for doing a good job, and tell your heart that you love and appreciate it.

Now place your awareness back on your heart centre, and the unconditional love inside. Immerse yourself in this energy for a few moments. Tell yourself that you love and appreciate yourself.

Become aware of your body, and your hands and feet, and when you are ready, open your eyes.

It is good to do this meditation repeatedly. If you wish, you can shorten the meditation to focus on specific parts of your body that you want to uplift, and change your mind’s opinion about that area.

We do tend to focus a lot on the physical body because that is what we can see. As people’s third eyes open then they will sense more of the energy of the aura and centres which have always been there. This will be a good thing as people may become inclined to make their energetic aspects clean, bright and spectacular. It’ll be like internal, energetic bling. (The basic way to get that is to clear your energy, protect it, think lovely thoughts, feel lovely feelings and be loving to yourself and others.)

You might like the online course to lift and improve your energy. Below is the link to the descriptions of this and other courses.

If you would like to know about online meditation and courses that are available, click here.

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How to work with your Higher Self to improve how you feel and improve self-esteem

Here’s the recorded meditation to go with this…

The main rule in life for anyone with an interest in their spirituality is that there is no limitation. A key fact in spirituality is that energy follows thought. What you put energy into is what is likely to happen.

Before we reincarnate into creation, as spirit, as souls, we are on the inner planes considering the karmic package we have for that life, and the lessons on the timeline. Then we look in the wardrobe of the possible personalities to wear and get the one that matches the karma that needs to be balanced out or burnt off.

Then into creation we go.

Sometimes are karma is such that over the years we develop a strong appreciation of ourselves, we like ourselves, and love ourselves. The events in our lives, and the family and other people we have around us have the effect that we have effortless self-esteem. Our personality will be such that it automatically has a very high regard for itself.

Sometimes our karma is such that over the years we have low self-esteem. There are events in our lives that knock us back, that as children get us to think we are wrong, or unloveable, guilty and worthless for getting something to happen (though it is not really our fault). There were people around us who were cruel, critical, abusive and mean. They treated us as if we were worthless, not worthy of love. We were isolated and alone. The people around us mirrored back to us that we meant nothing. Our personality matched this. (Sometimes the personality and spirit are massive, powerful and tough, and they overcome.)

We have lives where we have high self-esteem, and lives we have low self-esteem.

If it is a life of low self-esteem, we might have enough spirituality to do something about it. Plus our Higher Selves will love us immensely, as they know who we really are. So this life is one to learn in and do the lesson of deliberately gaining self-esteem and appreciating that, then leave the past behind, and move on to a better, more fulfilled life.

A great way to do this is to go for no limitation, and know as you put in the positive and loving thoughts and feelings, then energy follows thought, and you can improve your self-esteem. From improved self-esteem, a lot else that is loving and positive can follow.

Part of the journey to build strong self-esteem is to identify and remove the old thinking. A lot of this goes on subconsciously because it has been absorbed right into the person’s being. Also, when you think, you feel. It’s automatic and natural.

From an energy point of view, where someone has been around people who have acted and spoken unloving or cruelly to them, that person can still have holes in their aura, and different forms of negative energy shoved into their chakras or centres. This makes for a sensitive aura and energy system. Even when there is no physical abuse, negative thoughts and emotions from someone who is being cruel or hateful, aimed at another person, usually end up in the target’s chakras and aura. This is especially the case when the target is a child, as their nervous system and energy system is not yet developed and is not robust (this changes around the age of 14 or so). This can act to pull a person down; the past can act like a drag.

Children tend to learn from those people around them, so it can also be the case that a child can learn low self-esteem from the adults around them. So if parents and other adults around the child have low self-esteem, and speak like it, and act like it, then a child can learn that by osmosis. In this kind of situation, a child might have the spirit and personality to not be touched by this, but rise above it. Even so, their self-esteem is not as likely to be as strong as a child who has parents and adults around who have high self-esteem, and who treat the child with love.

It’s where there is neglect and emotional and physical abuse, and shocks in life, that there is low self-esteem.

Self-esteem can be raised. In children it can be raised over time with love, praise, fairness, positive language, and by valuing the child. This can mean listening to them, letting them make their own decisions (this aspect could really be explored at length), and valuing what they do.

Working with energy, and using meditation, there are points to bear in mind.

We all have a higher Self who loves us completely. What the Higher Self is, I’m not quite sure, or else I could attempt to come up with a definition, but I think it would be limiting and wrong. I’m used to thinking in terms of 3-D life, so I don’t have the ability to look at someone’s higher Self, or have the language to describe it. Not yet, anyway. I can say that Higher Self is amazing, and is love and light. I know we have a soul and that soul is in creation. The larger part of the soul is on the inner planes, outside time, and what needed to be achieved by this aspect of the soul, has been. It knows what the end of this particular journey is like. Then the soul is part of the Oversoul, along with all the other souls. So the Higher Self could be an aspect of the soul, or the Oversoul, with its love, understanding, sentiency and compassion.

The following meditation to improve self-esteem includes a couple of aspects that help to reduce the negative past and lift the present moment.

In a quiet place, get comfortable… close your eyes.

Take several deep and gentle breaths, and let go. Just breathe, noticing the inbreath, and the outbreath.

To prepare for this journey into love and light, this part is to clear and anchor your system.

Imagine growing roots down out of your feet and the base of your spine, into the earth. Make the roots a colour that feels right to you. Light or dark colours; it doesn’t matter so long as it feels good. Let the roots grow down as far as you can. If you want to send them down to the centre of the earth, that is fine. The earth is loving, and gives non-judgementally. It sends up your roots, love and nurturing, healing earth energy into your system, into your aura, into your chakras and body. This energy nourishes your organs, your bones, which are made from minerals from the earth, your muscles, and your spirit. Your roots hold into the earth and pull on it. At the same time the earth pulls on your roots, anchoring you.

Any energy you don’t want, can fall away, and fall through your roots, and into the ground, where it can be transmuted. So any stress, or anger, or chaotic, negative energy can be released, let go, into the earth.

The earth’s energy touches your aura around you, gently dislodging energy that doesn’t need to be there. The earth’s energy goes into your base centre, bringing a healing and it revitalises your base centre. The earth’s energy goes into your sexual centre, again bringing a healing. The earth’s energy comes into your solar plexus. Unwanted cordings drop away, and the earth’s energy brings about a healing in your solar plexus. The earth’s energy moves up into the centres in your heart centre area, bringing a healing and expansion.

The earth’s energy moves up into your throat centre, to open it up, bring about a healing to open up your self-expression. Old limitations in your throat centre are removed.

The earth’s energy keeps moving up your chakras, bringing about a healing each moment it touches a chakra.

Now white light flows down from above, and moves down and around your aura. Brilliant, pristine, and pure white light flows over and throughout your aura. Pulsing waves of this white light flow down from the top of your aura. This dislodges the old and brings in the new at the same time.

The pure, pristine white light flows down your chakras that are above your head, and into the chakras in your head.  Old thoughts in your space about yourself that you might have thought, or others might have thought about you start to fragment, and drop away.

The beautiful, pure white light keeps flowing down your centres, so any shards of negative energy in your chakras become visible, and dissolved or removed. Your head centres start to glow with more light and peace. Your throat centre becomes more powerfully expansive. The centres in your heart area have any negative energy pushed out, and they glow brighter. Cordings from negative people from the past drop away, removing the echoes of their influence.

The pure white light flows down into your solar plexus centre, into emotions stored in there, melting them, stirring them up and dissolving them. Again, cordings become filled with white light, burnt away, and then drop off. There is a fire burning in the solar plexus as the old emotions, and old situations are energetically chewed through, learnt from, and then removed to burn. The energy from this, once broken down, can be recycled.

The pure and beautiful white light flows down into the sexual centre, and pours in filling layers that are in an onion skin pattern. Each layer is filled with white light. Old cordings are filled with light and drop away. Old doorways are blasted with light, and then closed. Old shards of negative energy are brought to light, and then dissolved by the light. Old emotions and thoughts are shattered and burnt away. A re-patterning of the energy in the sexual centre occurs, so that energy is worked in a new way in the centre.

The pure and brilliant white light flows down into the base centre. It pours in and fills this space, changing and transmuting the old energy into something more expansive, lighter, quicker, and more creative. Old thoughts and feelings are gently dissolved. New possibilities and timelines are introduced. New thoughts are made possible.

A flash of gold light zips your aura and centres, and flashes through all parts of your body.

Your Higher Self, you as a beautiful being of light stands in front of you, blazing with light, understanding and peace. They look into your eyes, and your eyes look down the timeline of your past. As your Higher Self looks at you with a blazing energy, you look down your timeline with a blazing energy. Your timeline lights up a bright white and glows, as the energy burns down your timeline, turning to smoke old, grey and black looking events. Your Higher Self’s heart also shines and yours does too. Your Higher Self moves to stand close behind you, so you are cocooned in their energy field of light. Your heart and your Higher Self’s heart shine out light down your timeline into your past down to your conception. Your eyes and your Higher Self’s eyes shine down your timeline all the way to your conception. Bit by bit, there is healing and transmutation, as you feel your Higher Self around you, that which you will become, and on the inner planes, have already become.

As this healing occurs, the energy in your aura and chakras alters. Timelines held in your centres alter, to bring new positive possibilities. The sending of this light through you and from your Higher Self continues. As it happens, there is a bit of a merging with your Higher Self.

The sending of energy to your timeline comes to a stop.

Your Higher Self steps away from behind you, to stand in front of you. They Love you because they know who you really are. They look at you, and in a special moment, give you a smile filled with energy, filled with something new, that touches your system.

They then move off into what seems like the distance, yet they are close energetically, in the background.

Now bring your awareness back to your body. Notice your breathing for several breaths. Notice your arms and legs, and your fingers and toes.

When you are ready, open your eyes.

This is a powerful meditation that can be repeated.

Along with this, it is important to think positive thoughts about yourself to overcome any negative thoughts. Years ago, one healer said that every time I had a negative thought about myself I should say to myself, “I love and approve of myself”, two hundred times. I did do that. Nothing like repetition, repetition, repetition. I didn’t have time to think negative thoughts. The thought, “I love and approve of myself”, is a key one. There are other ones such as “I’m loved and wanted”. This is a useful transition thought, though the most important person to be loved by is oneself, rather than try to gain the love and approval of others.  “I am loveable”, is a useful thought. If someone has been made to feel guilty, then a thought like, “I am innocent, I love and approve of myself”. If belittled and made to feel worthless or useless: “I am wonderful, I love and appreciate myself”. There are variations, such as saying that you are valuable, worthy, or good enough, or fascinating (this is stronger than interesting). Another key thought is, “I love and respect myself”.

All of this is on a personality level, because our souls, who we really are, are part of God. God is in all of us. The Divine is in all of us. So deep down, we are all amazing. Going through karma, it might not seem that way. When someone becomes God-realized, and sense their true Divine nature, what bothers the personality mind becomes irrelevant, and the need for self-esteem fades away. Until that time, with a personality mind, self-esteem IS important, and is a useful tool in gaining and expressing spirituality.

Then, as we move from a Piscean energy, into a more collective Aquarian energy, we will likely gain more empathy for other people (and other lifeforms), most likely in an emotionally telepathic way, and we will need to powerfully esteem and love others, while at the same time, being true to ourselves. So that will be a new lesson in our spirituality.

For FAQs about meditation, click here.

There is an online meditation course about lifting and improving your energy. If you would like further details, click on the link below.

If you would like to know about online meditation and courses that are available, click here.

Cocktails Meditation

A slightly different kind of meditation. Spirituality, slightly drunk on light.


You sit on the warm, white sand of a beach overlooking the Ocean. It’s first thing in the morning of a new day. You are looking at the sun of a new dawn. You can feel the warmth and light of this brand new offering soak into your skin.

You feel like a drink and ask the Divine bartender for something to quench your thirst (for knowledge!). They look eye-catching with their long glowing white hair, and golden eyes. They take a tall crystal glass, and pour in a splash of bright white light, which is bliss with a hint of infinity. Then they pour in an electric blue of grace, with a moreish aftertaste that lasts and lasts, guaranteed to tickle your soul. In goes a dash of gold, full of bubbles. This drink is a dream. The bartender, with a gleam in their golden eyes, passes their elongated hand over the top of the drink, and in goes a rainbow. Finally, they place in the glass a stick which could be a palm tree, but looks more like the tree of Life.

They pass you the drink, which glows a little, and you drink, and drink again. The Divine bartender watches. Some people sip, while others drink in one. In all, something happens to their heart centre, and more. They feel it from the top of their head, to the tips of their toes, and in all in between. All the while the new dawn sun shines on them with a big constant hello (some people on this beach of white sand notice a little sun growing in their heart).

Well that was some drink. Often the happy beachgoer might ask for another. The Divine bartender ponders what to mix in this brew. Or the beachgoer might ask for a tea, or a coffee to sober up.

The sun of the new dawn shines onto  the beach of white sand.

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Big Change, Healing and Golden Adventure

You can short-cut straight to the meditations, though reading the explanation will give insight:

Once I took a homeopathic remedy called staphasagria. It’s very good for “healing” unresolved issues around family and relationships, and for clearing the backlog of emotions to do with these issues. I took a 2M dose which I found out was like dynamite. Things came to the surface very fast, and for a short while, life was hellish. Some issues and emotions were really cleared out.

The homeopathic remedy worked by putting the right kind of energy into the situation to flush a lot of the (I wouldn’t say all) old issues, energy and karma out into the open, so it could no longer be hidden away, and so it had to be resolved. It wasn’t the easiest of times but life was better after it.

While going through this, a key point was to not drown in the craziness. I still meditated, and that kept me focused.

Another time, my mental state was very depressed. For a lot of people in a similar situation this would be very unpleasant, but I had been warned beforehand by a healer that I would be going through this mental energy. He was very good at seeing what was on my timeline, and could see the negative mental karma I had to chew through.

Forewarned, I meditated and daily visualized several positive outcomes. Emotionally and mentally I still felt like rubbish, but day by day, the meditation and visualization got me through life.

Here are two points. One where negative karma and related issues explode and events happen for us to work through, dissipate and balance, and another where the energy feels unremittingly negative and unpleasant.

Events and processes such as these happen throughout life, and throughout history. But right now, they are happening more and affecting a lot of people. In many large scale happenings triggered by people, the environment and lifeforms within it also suffer. There is a lot of change going on in the world and life for some is really tough. There are also people who have lifestyles where they don’t notice the issues and the difficulties or suffering of others, some of which could be alleviated. We all have different karma, but we are all connected, and all of life is connected. For example, if there is serious airborne pollution, or a radiation leak, or pollution in a river, lake or ocean some distance away, then many lifeforms, including people are affected.

There has been a tremendous amount of healing energy pushed into creation at the moment. Some of this is creating the new, bringing in New Law and new karma.

Some of the energy, the love and the light is stimulating the old, bringing up the old karma and old law to the light of day, so it can be worked through, dissipated and balanced, to make way for the new. This means transformation; getting rid of most of the old, and creating the new, and having brand new timelines. It’s about getting life the way God wants, which can be very different to how people want things to be. There is change on many levels, for individuals, families, communities, countries and so on. Rapid change can be difficult, sometimes it can be fine.

Flushed old energy and karma can be painful. There are about 300 years of cleaning up the old to go through, as the old runs out of energy.

Along with positive action, a superb way through all the changes is meditation, because it can bring in grace and bliss to help with emotional and mental pain. Going into the silence of meditation can also help people navigate a way through life, by accessing a higher level input than that found in everyday life. It can also be a way of accessing the inspiration and practical guidance to take positive steps in one’s own life, and to help others and the environment. The new, updated laws and energy, concepts and karma are already here.

Meditation to access the new:

The simple version is to go into meditation and ask for the Paramatman light, as this already has in it the combinations of new frequencies of light required and information. But you get what you look and ask for, so expect the new. The Paramatman is also good for alleviating emotional and mental pain.

In a quiet place, get comfortable. Close your eyes. Imagine putting down roots through the floor and into the ground, and let them flow down to anchor you in, which helps you safely absorb more light. Imagine focusing directly above you, and imagine bright white light above you. Mentally say, “I ask for and open up to the Paramatman Light”. Then let it flow down as beautiful bright, white light. Let it flow wherever it needs to flow as it has a Divine Intelligence.

Let the Paramatman Light keep flowing for as long as is required.

When the Paramatman Light fades or goes back up,  check over your body, emotions and mind to notice anything different.

Open your eyes.

Another meditation useful for dealing with change and the thoughts and emotions linked with it is based on a tailor made package of energy.

Gold Light and Love is already flowing down from the first Divine Journey, down into the planes of creation. It is already in the sixth plane. So up there is energy filled with inspiration, beauty, emotions and dreams, along with energy to provide fuel to make changes happen, and a bit of bliss to make difficult times easier. As part of this energy comes the opportunity to have on going input from a high quality guide from the Divine Journeys, who can act like a personal trainer.

In a quiet, comfortable place, close your eyes. Imagine putting down roots like a tree, into the ground to anchor you in, and help you deal safely with high frequency light.

Let light from the ground wash through you to start with, to clear any debris and emotional energy you don’t need.

Now let white light flow down from directly above you. Let it flow through the top of your head, and through each chakra in turn, to heal, cleanse and synchronize the chakras. Let the white light flow through your nervous system, and your muscles and bones, which store the memory of your life events in them, and your organs. Let the white light flush out what you don’t need and what can be released at this time. This is quite healing in its own right.

Now see directly above you in a midday position, a bubble of brilliant gold light which is coming down from the 6th plane, which is a plane of mental light, into which the first Divine Journey is flowing.

This gold bubble is filled with new inspiration, new ideas, new motivation and new emotion. So within this are new moments like points along a new timeline. Attached to the bubble is the focus of a new guide from the Divine Journeys.

The gold bubble comes down to encase you, and the gold light saturates all your chakras, and every single physical atom in your being. The gold light floods your astral body and your mental body. By doing this you are saying Yes to new law, and releasing the link with old law, which is found in old ways of living. So it is time to create something new, and do something new, based on love and life.

Feel the gold light in your eyes, and in your brain. Feel the gold light in your heart centre in the middle of your chest, and feel the gold light in your solar plexus.

Let the gold light flow down cordings that you have with people, places and things, that seem to accept the gold light.

The gold light becomes absorbed within you. Feel yourself painted within with gold light. The guide’s input will develop in its own way, which will be a brand new story.

Now become aware of your body, and open your eyes.

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A Promise, A Rose, A Meditation

There is a part of spiritual knowledge that has not been to the forefront in Western cultures. Though it is quite far-reaching.

Every seven hundred to one thousand four hundred years God descends into creation and takes human form, to fulfil a role as the Avatar. The Avatar puts the various parts of creation back on track, rather like making course adjustments, and gives creation a direction and a spiritual push. God also comes down in minor incarnations every three hundred to four hundred years as well.

Avatar incarnations have included Ram, Krishna, Buddha, Mohammed, Jesus and Meher Baba. The first incarnation was as Ganesha, when creation first came into existence, then there were others in distant prehistory. There have been other incarnations where the work was away from humans, who are the pinnacle of spiritual development in creation, and a stepping stone to God-realization.

When the Avatar is not physically in creation, or during a minor incarnation, there have been five God-realized people who have taken up the mantle or job role of being a Perfect Master. At any one time there are five Perfect Masters in charge of creation. When creation has “wobbled” in the past, they have called in the Avatar.

The Avatar often has followers who help in the spiritual work, and the Avatar might give out teachings. As there is a great deal of energy behind these teachings a long timeline can be formed and a religion gets created by people who then become involved. Meher Baba came to awaken, not teach. As the Avatar’s energy is still around for one hundred years after they drop their body, Meher Baba’s energy is still around until 2069.

All of this is quite different to the information in circulation in Western spirituality.

Meher Baba was born in India and had Iranian ancestry. One of his favourite poets was Hafiz who was also a Perfect Master in the 1300s. He wrote poetry about love and spirituality. His work is known in the West and is still cherished in Iran. His language was that of a Sufi mystic. His poems are very beautiful and full of wisdom. In some of the poems he refers to vagabonds, larks, wine, lovers and the beloved. Such words are used as metaphors, and the poems are romantic in a spiritual way, to bring the deep feeling that someone in love with God can have.

Iran used to be famous for its rose gardens. In keeping with the romance of the Sufi poetry, a rose can be considered from a spiritual point of view. It is an everyday object, which can hold a lot of meaning.

This is a useful way to think about how the Avatar and Perfect Masters work. They will use everyday objects and events and pack them full of meaning and energy. In this way they get maximum spiritual work done.

You know what you can see. So if a person sees the Avatar (in this case Meher Baba as there is plenty of film footage) giving out parcels of food, money and clothing to a queue of people, they might think that is all that is happening. For a spiritual leader this is a common way of behaving in India.

But there are many possible levels to what might happening.

A person receiving gifts from the Avatar will be connected in to a soul family. They will also be corded into family, friends, enemies perhaps, and people they have met and are going to meet down their timeline. So even all of these people will be affected in precise ways with regards to their karma and their material well-being.

The energy and healing can go down all of their timelines for lifetimes to come, even if they incarnate in different parts of creation, other than this earth.

Also, the physical gifts will be a vehicle for spiritual energy to give the recipient a spiritual push down through their timeline. Again, the spiritual gifts can be given as well to all those souls that the person standing there represents. The physical gifts will carry a spiritual charge.

Also, in those brief seconds the person spends receiving the physical irradiation of the Avatar, they can be transformed on physical, etheric, astral and mental levels. Their karma can be changed, their timeline altered, and their soul can be worked on.

So a seemingly simple physical act can be so, so much more.

A rose then.

The Avatar was present at the beginning of creation (God’s outbreath), and the Avatar will be present at the end of creation (God’s inbreath), when “all the children come home”. It’s the Avatar’s job to look after all the souls in creation, and bring them all back home. The Avatar loves creation infinitely. Which means they love each soul infinitely. The Avatar has made a promise to you, me, everyone, and every soul, to bring us all back home. (All souls came from God, from the Divine Journeys where we were in Divinity. Dropping down into creation we literally forgot this and what we really are. We are on a journey to going back and fully remembering.)

The rose in this meditation is the Avatar’s promise. For now until the end of creation.

Read the below before trying.

Sit in a comfortable, upright position which makes it easier to focus on energy flowing down and up the centres.

A beautiful white rose forms high above your head. It is a brilliant white, and feels very peaceful. It has around it a quality of stillness and of silence. The rose has many petals. This rose holds within it the energy of Avataric promise.

The white rose enters through the top of your head, and goes into the topmost centre in the top of your head.
It irradiates out light that clears the centre. Unneeded timelines are removed, and a new timeline is placed in the centre. The required dose of love and light is irradiated into the centre, making changes.

When enough changes have been made, the white, Avataric rose drops down into the next centre.

Again, unneeded timelines are removed and energy is cleared. New energy washes into the centre, to create a healing on many levels, and a stronger timeline is placed in the centre.

When changes have been made, the white, Avataric rose drops down to the next centre, where a similar process occurs.

This process is repeated, all the way down through the body, including in the bottom most centre, the base centre. This centre is cleared and old and unneeded timelines and energy are flushed out. The white, Avataric rose irradiates out its light, to deeply change the energy and structure of the base centre. The base centre becomes larger, more responsive, with a finer structure. There is more of a smoother feel to the base centre, and a sense of a more solid and light-filled timeline appears.

The Avataric white rose may rise back up the centres to bring more energy into the centres, and then drop down to the base, and it may do this repeatedly, or it may remain in the base centre, to wait there for future use.

The result of this meditation is a set of centres aligned to the Avataric plan, and the right timelines in your centres. There may be more of a sense of calmness and purpose throughout your being.

In your heart centre, you may notice a feeling of peace, calm and love, and perhaps a sense of harmony.

Open your eyes.

This meditation is quite a profound one. It can be repeated, particularly when someone feels a little lost. It will help to put them on the right path.


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Blue Light Meditation

A straightforward meditation with blue light.

Sitting upright so all the centres or chakras are aligned and so light can easily flow, imagine a single drop of brilliant liquid blue light drops in silence from on high.

It lands on your head and flows rapidly into the centre in the top part of your head. The blue light feels silent and still. It lights up this cents, as if it switches it on.

The blue light then flows down to the next centre, shines a beautiful brilliant blue, and switches on this centre, which continues to shine blue.

The blue light flows down to the next centre, so it shines a silent blue, again, it’s like a light switch, so the centre keeps on shining bright blue.

The drop of liquid blue light flows down through each centre in turn, switching it on to shine a brilliant and silent blue. When it reaches your heart centre, notice what happens.

Let yourself stay with this for as long as the blue light remains, or up to 10 minutes.

This is something that is straightforward and which can be done everyday. This particular blue light can have a powerful healing effect on the centres, and is great for developing a person’s spirituality.

I’m not going to say anything else about it so as not to set up preconceived notions, but instead for it to be an exploration for anyone who wants to try something new.

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