New Ideas of Prosperity which are good for the planet and yourself

As spiritual energy flows into this planet it brings new concepts to help us create a new, more vibrant and loving future. It is as if energy flows in from the future to give us the stepping stones into that future.

Here you can find links to some of the new concepts and also meditations.

If you find you like the concepts, there is a book, with some great energy, about prosperity called A Spiritual Approach to Prosperity by Jonathan Barber, available on Amazon.

You, the World, Change and Prosperity


A meditation to listen to: A Golden Glow of Prosperity

New Prosperity means thinking about others as well as yourself

Old books on prosperity reflected thinking and attitudes of the time. Nowadays, ideas about prosperity are different because we see the world and our place in it differently.

In old books prosperity was all about the individual getting rich. There were a lot less people around then, there was less demand on resources and also less of an impact on the planet. For instance, there was no plastic if you can imagine that (and somehow, life still went on). There were less cars so there was less need for oil. There were no computers so there was no need for energy hungry computer servers for an internet.

Now we know that there are finite resources on this planet. We know that we have impact on the natural world. We know now that how we treat the natural world, ends up affecting us, because we live in a closed system we call Earth. It’s not hard to figure out.

In years gone by it was harder to assess the weather and predict with accuracy what the weather was going to be. Now, we can model the weather with powerful computers. The science of meteorology has developed a long way which means we can predict more accurately the weather, and we have more up-to-the-minute information on weather. So we now have more awareness of the weather than in those times gone by. We notice more the weather patterns and the kinds of weather events that happen. We notice the effect we have on the air and oceans and how there is much more energy in global weather systems than before, and how this changes the weather and affects us.

We have become better at understanding systems, which can be weather systems, financial systems, and economic systems where the resources are not abundant. We recognise that what happens in a distant part of the world can affect us. We recognise what happens in our country and our local area affects us, and in return we may be able to affect them.

We are able to see the bigger picture and our place in it. We can know about the systems that affect us and which we can in turn, affect. If all parts of a system are doing OK then we can get to do OK. If one or more parts of a system are not doing well, then at some point this will affect us.

Here’s an example. We all use banks and there is a banking system. If the customers of one bank start taking out their money then the bank might not survive, and this can severely damage other banks and financial markets, and sometimes other banks then go out of business even in other countries, affecting their customers.

In an inter-related system, all parts have to be reasonably healthy or else the whole system suffers, which affects all concerned prosperity wise.

So these days, we can focus on our own prosperity for sure, but we also have to bear in mind the prosperity of those around us. The wellbeing of all involved in the systems that touch us ends up at some point influencing our prosperity. If a system becomes too damaged it can fail, affecting ourselves and others. Actually, there are a number of interacting systems, which end up affecting each other.

Here’s some examples. In the UK, the attempted invasion of a country, Ukraine by Russia about one and a half thousand miles away affected our energy prices. So we are paying the energy companies more. They are taking advantage of the situation and so, people have less money to spend on other things. So other areas of the economy are negatively affected, and businesses can go out of business, and the price of other goods goes up, increasing inflation. So an energy company executive, though they might be given a bonus as profits are up, they end up paying more for food, and due to inflation, the value of their savings goes down, and to top it all, their favourite restaurant has to close (for example).

Being greedy affects the interacting systems in a negative way, which comes back to affect us, and that is not being prosperous.

We live in an international interconnected world. In fact, our modern world is perhaps too interconnected and fragile.

We can be prosperous for ourselves, but we rely on our local community, and national and international communites. It really helps to support others to be prosperous. Would you rather live in a community with a lot of prosperity and all the benefits that brings, usually in an attractive place, or would you rather be one of the few prosperous people around in a run-down looking place with a less well off population?

I’m trying to suggest here that it is good to think about yourself, yes, but putting out prosperity thoughts, energy and actions for others, say, starting in the local community, is a good thing for all including yourself.

I have seen examples of this. In one village, I saw how the community had got together to create a hydroelectricity scheme to provide energy for homes and businesses. This meant they were less reliant on the energy companies that have been happy to charge more. They also planted communal orchards. Some good will, choosing to work with supportive people, innovation and intelligent action are great for all in a community, as is taking back power from those people who would exploit you. Behaving like this increases your prosperity and the prosperity of others.

I wonder if these people will set up their own bank next?

All souls come from God, and as souls, we are all part of the Oversoul, the collective Up in the inner planes. This is an aspect of our Divine Home, where there is a vast amount of Light and Love.

This Light and Love is something that can be reflected down here, but for the most part, it isn’t. What we have had is the spirits of selfishness, greed, desire for power, and fear, and perhaps hatred. For many people, though not all, these energies, these spirits are part of their energetic makeup, and influence how they think and act. Even in countries where there is awareness of karma many people will act in ways that are less than loving. But there is a price for everything.

Now with more Love and Light pouring in, things are changing. These means that some people will have in them energies or spirits that are more Love-based and positive and for the Higher. So there is less selfishness and instead there is generosity and goodwill. There is more a sense of respect for others and for Nature and the environment. There is more the spirit of responsibility.

For a soul, this is a good thing. In karma, there is balance, carried out by the Law of Opposites. So if someone has a lifetime where they are very wealthy, and their soul has the experience of a personality down in matter living and learning from a life of wealth, the next lifetime, the soul gets a life of poverty to experience and learn from the opposite, as a balancing experience.

Sometimes a wealthy person can considers that a poor person is not worthy of help, and that it’s their karma to experience that life. But maybe it is appropriate to help them. Does one’s thoughts and actions come from a place of selfishness and greed, and sense of superiority (which doesn’t make sense because we are all part of the same Oversoul), or do our thoughts and actions come from a place of love and a desire to do the Higher actions?

Sometimes helping someone might be robbing that person of the experience they need and it gets shoved onto another lifetime, in which case no help is best. Sometimes helping them by sharing one’s prosperity of time and / or money might be the right thing. You can usually tell. An action done from a feeling of guilt is generally not the right action. If helping someone comes from love, you feel it in your heart, and you know it is the right thing to do. Karmically, you are doing the right thing, and karmically, they are doing the right thing by receiving the assistance. Its like there is a connection, soul to soul, and you feel it, because your true nature is Love.

There are wealthy people around who are generous and help others and they will end up with future lives that reflect the love. However,there may be philanthropy because the wealthy person wants to look good in the eyes of society. They are in effect trying to buy respect and prestige, so the aim is essentially selfish and without love, and the next lifetime or lifetimes will be a bit rough as karma is balanced. The soul doesn’t mind however, as it is just experience of one life out of a great many, and what needs to be learnt, needs to be learnt. Doesn’t mean to say it is enjoyable for the personality though. When you know about this, it’s a bit more incentive to learn about being loving.

As more Light and Love comes into humanity, it is becoming easier for more loving energy, spirit and inspiration to come in to influence our thinking, actions and prosperity, so we can not only improve matters for ourselves, but also for those around us and our communities, and for the planet we call home.

There are plenty of ideas available, like bubbles of energy, waiting for people to touch and absorb. So a bit of spiritual prosperity practice can open up brand new timelines for oneself and others.

Listen to a meditation for prosperity

If you would like to buy the book “A Spiritual Approach to Prosperity” click here

The Point of Prosperity (Or What is Prosperity For?)

It’s been raining a lot here and I’ve been feeling cranky with a dose of self-pity. Then I see in the news a picture of an old Hollywood film-star who has been living a reclusive life in their $85 million mansion, and they look terrible.

This is an ideal mix to get thinking about prosperity. Having an $85 million mansion and millions of dollars in the bank might be what lots of people want. Having lots of expensive, status-symbol cars might be what people want. It might make them happy. Then they might reach a point after a while that having a massive house or massive car collection and the presumed status doesn’t deliver the happiness. For instance, when people die, how many of them say at the end, “Well, I had a big house”, or “I had a great car collection.” (or the biggest and tidiest lawn, or a Picasso on the wall, or a high status career, or millions in the bank.)

The actor in the news looked terrible, and not at all happy. Prosperity should make you happy, I said to myself.

Then I thought there is actually a first level of prosperity where a person recognises that they can be happy, they can be joyful. Then they can live by being happy, and bringing joy to what they do.

With the weather, and looking at some mess that could do with being tidied up, I reminded myself how I look at this depends on me. I could choose to look through a lens of self-pity, or I could look through a lens of happiness and joy.

One train of thought goes I can only be happy if I have the new car and big house and so on. Another train of thought, I told myself, was that I can be joyful and happy because I have joy and happiness inside my heart. The external stuff around me has nothing to do with this. I like to think of myself as spiritual, whatever that means, and that I have joy and happiness inside me because I have God inside me, who is the source of joy and happiness. As well as being Infinite, and Infinitely abundant, and knowing exactly what I need externally to be happy.

Prosperity is internal in the first instance. When we recognise that, things change. When we recognise we have joy and love and happiness inside us, that alters how we think about ourselves, and alters how we see others and the world around us. It changes our behaviours and what we say and do. If we realise that love and strength is deep inside us, it alters what we think we can do, and then what we do.

Imagine two versions of yourself going about the day. One version of you thinks the place I live in is horrible, life is boring and hard, I’m fed up, and nothing I do matters. I don’t think much to myself. How would you live that day? What would you think? What would you say? What would you do? How would your day go?

Imagine another version of you that believes that joy and love and happiness is inside you, and that you have the strength inside yourself, because God is in you if you like, to keep doing and trying, and to keep on. How would you live that day? What would you think? What would you say? What would you do? How would your day go on this timeline?

What energy would you be radiating out into the world, out into the Universe from your chakras and aura? How would you impact on the world around you, and what if you did that every day, what would be the effect on your life? Would you be happy?

The Universe responds to what we think feel, and do, and it get reflected in the external around us.

At a basic level, as well as recognising the good stuff inside myself, I find that enough sleep, a decent diet, and enough exercise does wonders for my wellbeing and energy, and really helps me to be positive and effective. So my image of prosperity doesn’t include all-night, champagne soaked parties like some playboy. I do like a cup of tea however, a bit of yoga, and walking in Nature and the occasional trip to the beach.

The actor in the news looked like he needed some basics to improve his wellbeing. Sometimes when we get so low it isn’t easy to do it for ourselves, what really helps at that point is some kindness, love and support from others and maybe a hug, and some telling that they are OK and loved.

PS Prosperity is a choice everyday, and I do have to make the effort to remind myself that joy, love, happiness and strength is inside me. Life isn’t some fake effortless Instagram life.

For a meditation on prosperity, click here.

For informtion about the book A Spiritual Approach to Prosperity, click here.

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The Future Is Yours

I haven’t posted in a while. Life has been busy with its up’s and downs and mostly enjoyable and virtual stuff has been kept to a very happy minimum.

The world seems to be going crazy, which is good, as all the Light pouring in has flushed up a lot of the junk and old karma that has been previously hidden. And the Light is chewing through the junk. I’ve written about the Light bringing up to the surface what needs to be brought up for negation in previous posts.

People don’t like to change, but humanity has got to where it is by carrying on in ways that are unsustainable, and in ways based on greed, selfishness and sometimes hatred towards others.

Lightworkers can choose to tune into the energy, the Light coming in and go with the flow of it, and life can get easier as they make the necessary changes. There are previous posts which explain how to open that big heart, connect with intuition, and become aligned with the Light, so as to make changes in life. It’s all about getting onto the best timeline, which tends to be less about what we as personality-individuals think we want, but rather about what God wants for us, that will make us happy. It is all about what we need rather than what we want: as individuals and as humanity as a whole.

Anyone can, if they choose to, tune into the Light and the Love to have insights into what they can do to change as a person, and what the most loving thing they can do to make life better for themselves and also for others. The Light works through people to bring about Loving changes. You usually know what needs to be done because it feels important to you.

There are people who are happy and comfortable with how things are in the world, who don’t want the change, and who will try (ha, ha) to oppose it. The Light comes from an Infinite source, so guess whose reality is going to be created.

There are a lot of changes that need to happen and life will look very different in, say, even fifty years. Someone called Meher Baba said that around the beginning of the Twentieth Century the energy was 75% dark and 25% light, and that by 2069 it needed to change to 25% dark and 75% light, and He did the energy work and set the timelines for this to happen. So hang on to your hats.

Even the grumpy ones should be happy with the improvements after that.

After that change, there will be more, as humanity and creation will keep evolving in a spiritual sense. To give you an idea of what that means, the human system of mental body, astral body and physical body, will be able to handle more refined energy and in larger amounts. Which also means more chakras. So in future lifetimes there will be upgraded energy systems and different karma to go with that. All souls are on a journey. To where? (Mentioned in previous posts.)

The future is yours.

Ice cream, fish and chips, and deepfakes

Walking in the centre of St. David’s in Pembrokeshire (West Wales), having eaten a huge and delicious ice cream, I saw what I thought was a disturbing sight. Some distance ahead on the other side of the road, there appeared to be a tall, slim young man with arm outstretched. His energy felt from a distance to be wrong. I wondered what I was seeing as I tried to sense in more detail his aura and chakras.

I did what I usually do with someone or something that feels bad or wrong. I offered the young man to God and visualized two white gloved hands coming down and taking him up.

As I walked closer I realized the young man was in fact a dressed up manikin advertising the location of a fish and chips shop.

No wonder I couldn’t sense any aura. The figure wasn’t human. Plus there was no astral energy hanging around it.

I laughed about it and ruefully thought how physical eyesight declines with the passing years.

Later that evening the idea came in that computer generated deepfakes weren’t real either, and that they wouldn’t have an aura. So people didn’t need to be fooled by them.

Looking at a deepfake there would be the expectation that it is a real person, and expectation, where we make ourselves believe something to be true, would override our deeper feelings about the situation.

Fortunately though, the sophisticated and complex technology used to create the deepfake can be beaten by very simple technology. The pendulum. A piece of thread and some metal or a crystal can defeat the fakers anytime.

Just use the pendulum by what would be the heart centre of the person in the image and ask if it is a real person with an aura. It should be possible to detect the energy in the heart centre if it is a real person in the image. The pendulum should swing or move in a circular motion. With deepfakes, there should be no movement.

It is possible to practice on pictures of real people and known deepfakes to build confidence at this.

The pendulum technique can be used for a kinds of things to figure out if something is true or fake: news articles, social media posts, or voice clips for instance.

In this high tech age it is worth learning to use low tech. It stops you being manipulated and controlled, and keeps you free.

(There are several videos on Youtube about how to use a pendulum.)

You, the World, Change and Prosperity

These are “interesting” times we live in. So much is changing, including how we think about things and what we do.

There is a huge amount of spiritual energy flowing into this planet right now and this flow is going to keep on coming in. Before about 1900 or so, there wasn’t so much spiritual energy flowing in, and life on this planet ticked along, with some advances in human life. A lot of values, ways of thinking and ways of behaving within humanity changed very little.

Then in order to get humanity on the right track (right timeline) and up to speed in humanity’s spiritual development and that of Creation, a lot of spiritual energy was injected into the world. Some people might think that this would be like waving a magic wand and then all of a sudden everything would become love and light and harmony. The evidence so far of how changes happen in this world shows that such people didn’t really understand how things happen.

For instance, lovely spiritual light comes in to bring about change for the better to create a more loving world. But that means that a lot of people who have done very well with the old ways of doing things and who have amassed a lot of wealth, power and influence will find all of that diminishing. They won’t be so powerful, they won’t be so wealthy and will lose influence as more people have a say, as more of the population has a better level of prosperity (whatever that now means) and may… may have more power (whatever that becomes to mean). Plus those with wealth may find the old ways of amassing wealth are no longer allowed.

Even as the new spiritual energy pours in, those with wealth, power and influence based on the old ways of doing things won’t want to change and they will put up a fight, as they follow their selfish desires.

For example, people are realising that some basics of prosperity are clean air, clean water, minimal pollution and freedom to be themselves, as well as an income. Now, the people who own and run the petrochemical industries will do whatever they can to keep going as they want to keep making money. So they will lobby and where they can buy their way into governments they will do so. They will attack and discredit scientists and those that promote change. They will come up with schemes to make it seem OK to keep developing uses of oil. For instance, the notion that making plastic is good because it can be recycled was one of their ideas, which was a half-truth at best since most plastic isn’t recycled, but it made people feel okay about oil. This trick is still working.

The people who have shares in petroleum companies would also would also be against change. So many right wing, conservative politicians will have shares in oil and plastics and they are going to lobby and vote for what is going to build their wealth out of self-interest, rather than their nation’s interest, or humanity’s interest and long-term prosperity. How many governments in the world are funding research into alternatives to plastic and are passing laws limiting the actual production of plastics?

In basic terms, the Dark is feeling threatened by the Light and so is putting up a fight.

The spiritual light pouring in stirs everything up that is old, or outdated, or twisted. It flushes it up so that it can burn itself out or be burnt up in a spiritual sense. This then leaves something that has a spiritual basis. This means that life can be lived in a more spiritual way (whatever that means for each individual) and really this is still the beginning of all the changes so we are not at the point of really knowing what spirtuality really is.

But happily, God does know. And also happily, God, who is always full of surprises, is in each one of us.

This flushing up of the old, does make life seem chaotic and crazy, and seem out of control. But for those that can trust God, there is a path through, and it is possible to know true from false.

Spiritual energy speeds up old karma so that it can be balanced and used up. This tends to make life more intense and full of change. As old karma is used up or burnt up, old energy goes. This means new karma can come in and new energy can come in.

At the same time as the old, or Old Law way of doing things is cleared away, new ways that will benefit humanity, the planet and Creation generally, are being introduced and stimulated by the spiritual energy. So the good news is there is a Plan.

To know your part of the Plan it helps to trust God, build a relationship with God say through meditation, or simply by service to others and/or the planet, let go of what you need to let go of, and do what feels right to do in your heart.

People who are Dark orientated, who like having power, or wealth, or influence and control over others, will work hard to maintain and build these things. There is so much of this going on at the moment and it happens in all kinds of ways at all kinds of scales.

There are governments in the control of one person or a group of people, who then intimidate and suppress their own population or sections of it, and are aggressive to other countries and destabilise them.

There are businesses (and criminal groups) who knowingly act in ways that are destructive to the planet and do harm to people.

There are people who want to limit what people can think, feel, say and do in order to fulfil their own desires. They will do this by attacking others that disagree with them, by shutting them down, by trying to make them feel guilty so they can manipulate them, and by influencing politicians to do this for them. At a deep level, they have a lack of respect for other people. There is a lack of love here.

Often, people aren’t in a position to do something about the negative influences on their lives, or don’t seem to be, even when they know that something isn’t right or feels wrong.

But there are those who have the means and a calling to expose what is going on and there are people with the means and drive to do something about the various Old law-based individuals and groups.

Developing your spirituality is a great thing to do. It can really help you bring in the new, and it can help with dealing with anything Old Law or twisted trying to get into your life to push you off track.

The Divine is in us all, and so if someone starts to meditate, if they clean up their energy and protect it, if they connect with their intuition and pay attention to their feelings, notice what is going on in life around them, and if they listen into their heart to know what is right and what isn’t, they can ask inside themselves what it is they need to do. And then do it.

Progress in life happens because people think about things, make plans and then do what needs to be done. With the spiritual energy flowing in and stimulating people, people’s actions, including yours, can be fueled by spiritual energy.

©2022 Jonathan Barber

If you want to know more about new prosperity, there is a book, “A Spiritual Approach to Prosperity” available from Amazon by Jonathan Barber

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Happiness, Spirituality, and the Grit to Make a Pearl

A terrorist attack occurred at a Tunisian beach resort in front of a hotel with many tourists. As the firing begins a man tells his girlfriend to run to the hotel. He stands between his girlfriend and the terrorists preventing them from shooting her and as he blocks her he is shot. He survives and is taken to hospital where he recovers. His girlfriend is safe.

When the terrorists appear and the shooting started he is unlikely to have been thinking happy thoughts. What feelings he had I wouldn’t want to guess as I’m not him. What he did though was to spontaneously save his girlfriend even if it meant he could have been injured or killed. Silly question this, but as he was shot would he have been likely to have been thinking and feeling happiness? How about pain? At that moment he hadn’t been thinking about his happiness or that it was important to be happy. He was prepared to sacrifice himself.

He was prepared to do what he felt to be right. Likely if he hadn’t and if his girlfriend had been shot he may have regretted not saving her for the rest of his life, But that is just a guess, as I’m not that man.

Sometimes, there are more important things in life than being happy. At least in the moment, in the short-term. If someone sacrifices themselves and lives, then for the rest of their life, in the background, there is a sense of peace within themselves that they did the right thing.

What makes people happy is doing the right thing at the right time.

That is one aspect of happiness, anyway, and actually happiness is a complex issue. 

It is a spiritual truth that God is in all of us. That means that love, peace and happiness are within us all. In all lives. But then, why aren’t people always happy, and instead can be terribly depressed, or angry, or addicted, or the victim of abuse or crime, or they can be in pain, or filled with unsatisfied desires.

There are some so-called spiritual teachers who would claim that someone who isn’t happy is doing something wrong, and they are making the wrong choices with their thoughts. But then, what they say is merely their opinion based on what they know. (Also this piece of writing is merely my opinion based on what I know.)

We have many, many lives and in all these lives the soul gets to learn through a vast amount of different experiences. The soul grows in consciousness of itself in this epic spiritual journey. As it does this, the soul realises what it isn’t, until the wonderful point where it realises what it is (usually with the helpful input of someone who has already reached and gone past that point).

The soul builds and balances karma as it goes through these lives. The karma generates the experiences that the soul goes through and learns through. The soul extends part of itself into Life and as its spirit grows and is refined, in each of the human lifetimes, it also has a personality to do the experiencing. The soul can wear a different personality for each different lifetime. During that lifetime the personality evolves and changes over time as it learns from Life.

The experiences, at least from the personality point of view, can be good or what we often think of as bad (painful, upsetting, disappointing and so on). To the soul, which has part of itself in time and most of itself outside time, it is just experience.

So in some lives, there will be a lot of happiness. In other lives, due to the karma and also how the personality reacts to the experiences, there won’t be much happiness experienced, and the emotions experienced will be what the soul needs for its learning and development, like the grit in the pearl. For the soul, being happy all the time isn’t the goal. The goal is to have a vast range of experiences and emotions, and grow through that, and arrive at the Goal, in which there is happiness, though it really is a Divine state of Love.

So if you are experiencing the grit, that is OK, though I appreciate you would rather be experiencing happiness, and it might not be much consolation that your soul is doing OK.

Now, having read all of that you know more than many so-called spiritual teachers!

If you aren’t experiencing happiness, your soul might be OK with this, though it will also be quite fine with becoming happy.

It isn’t wrong to experience all kinds of emotions other than happiness. It is natural and normal for humans to experience emotions. It is part of being human.
What is unnatural is to try to block emotions and try to force a state of calm because of the deluded idea that being calm and continually happy is a spiritual goal. It isn’t. Even when you are experiencing intense emotions the very core of you, where God is, is experiencing Love and peace. It can never leave you.

Emotions are energy that is supposed to flow. Suppressing emotions because someone tells you inner peace and happiness is what you have if you are “spiritual” (or their version of spiritual at any rate), is an unhealthy thing to do. Emotions can be like fuel to actually help along the spiritual journey if allowed to move and be expressed in the right way. Mind you, emotions can also be destructive to others and self if expressed in a negative or inappropriate way, and slow down the spiritual journey. But suppressing and stifling them is also unhelpful.

I came across a story about a woman in India whose husband had died. She was trying to put a brave face on matters. She was known to a spiritual person called Meher Baba (means compassionate Father) and she visited him. She was smiling, holding it all in, trying to be happy in front of her Master, as being happy is generally the thing to do to keeps ones’ energy up. Generally, but not always. Meher Baba knew her husband had died, and he spoke to her about her husband and his death in a way that got her to feel what she was holding inside. The tears flowed, the emotions flowed. Meher Baba wanted her to know that it was important to allow her feelings to flow, as this would lead over time to a new equilibrium and a sense of a new happiness.  

Humans are amazing in that they have emotional energy which they can experience, and this energy can inspire great things, and be the fuel to create great things.

Emotions that are suppressed can literally get stuck in the body, and the body is like a recording device. Emotions can be held in the body for many decades, and bubble up to the surface after years, along with the memory of the events they are associated with.

It is understanding emotions and knowing how to deal with them which can be one way of becoming happy.

Emotions can be self-generated. If we have a positive personality in this life to learn from, we can have a positive perspective on life and think positive thoughts, leading to happy emotions and a glowing aura as well. If we have a “negative” personality to learn from in this lifetime, well we get to learn to overcome that if we can, and learn to appreciate, to praise, to be grateful, and to forgive.

Some lives we have, it can be very hard to experience happiness. For instance, if there is depression, painful physical illness, or mental illness. Dealing with the emotions and physical and mental pain can take a lot of effort. But humans have the capacity to do what they need to do and persevere. Spiritual sound bites about happiness don’t work in these cases, and if there is going to be some kind of helpful intervention, it needs to be compassionate, long-term, and given with an understanding of the person and what they are going through.

Say if someone has been through a terrible experience and has PTSD, the negative energy of the experience is in their aura, and the emotional energy is in their system as well, perhaps on continual loop, so its effects are constantly being experienced. It can take time and help to remove this energy and the emotions to allow in more happiness.

If someone has experienced a breakdown of some sort or an intense mental illness, their aura can be shattered. They can be very tired and happiness comes in small moments. It can take time, rest, love and support for healing to happen.

Then there are other issues where life can be a constant battle to stay positive and for life to go on. For instance, with addictions. Survival, and happiness has to be literally fought for, for an addiction to be overcome.

It is not unusual to hear that to be spiritual and therefore happy we have to be desireless. People can react to this kind of comment in different ways, and it can be an ego thing eg “I have less desires than you therefore I’m more spiritual”. Or, “Oh no, I have desires, so I’m not spiritual. Quick get rid of them.” Fun and games.

But remember in different lives we have different karma. We do have lives where we desire to have lots of things such as money, power and possessions. It’s just experience. Then we get lives where we desire little. At some point we have lives where desires mean nothing to us, we are just not interested in them and put no energy into them. So if you have a big multi-million dollar yacht right now, enjoy it while you can.

There are some humans who have intense desires. They have an intensely fierce desire God. Their love and desire for God are extreme and they constantly have their inner eye fixed on God. These people are called masts (pronounced “musts”). Their desire draws God’s energy to them so that they have a huge energy field, and are like spiritual generators. They often are unaware of their external circumstances because the only important thing to them is God. They are God intoxicated. They live totally for God. Of course, they get looked after and aided on the inner planes along their spiritual journey.

There are different routes to God, and like the masts, some of those routes involve having desires, though not so intoxicating or intense. As previously mentioned, in some lives, having desires is what needs to be experienced. If you want to think about desires of a spiritual orientation, you can have the desire to love and support others. These others could be a partner, or a relative, or children, or friends or strangers who you don’t know yet, or animals or the environment. If the desire has love in it like this, then it has a spiritual basis, and as mentioned before, life is about doing the right thing at the right time, so being true to yourself and doing that is better than listening to other people’s opinions about what they think you have to do to be spiritual.

In what other ways can happiness come about?

This list is just contains a number of suggestions:

Do what feels to be the right thing at the right time.

Say the right thing at the right time. 

Be true to yourself and think about things. Don’t take other people’s opinions as gospel (not even this; think about it!)

Learn to trust your heart, and trust your feelings.

Develop your third eye and intuition (helpful for looking at people’s heart centres so you then know who to trust).

Be around people who encourage you, and who will also tell you if they think you aren’t on the right track. 

Look after your health. Do what you need to do to be healthy.

Do loving things for yourself; love yourself.

Be kind to yourself; eg. hot chocolate, nights off, and relaxing.

Do loving things for others; love others.

Let yourself receive; learn to receive.

Appreciate yourself! And others.

Forgive yourself. And others.

Spend time with people you love.

Know that you have talents and interests. Find these and use then and do them.

Be in places you enjoy. See sights you enjoy. Listen to sounds you enjoy.

Be out in Nature.

Learn new things, take steps outside your boundaries. Keep growing.

Do the things that make you happy, now and in the long term.

Remember God.

© 2022 Jonathan Barber

Space and Spirituality

In days gone by people used to think that spirituality meant sitting in a cave, meditating (perhaps some people still do). These days, there is more of a focus on blending spirituality with living a life. It isn’t even necessary to meditate, as a life of service, doing positive acts for others, moves people along spiritually just as well (heart centre shines and old karma gets burnt up). So people can approach spirituality in a way that is right for them.

One thing we all have in common though, is that we are on this planet Earth.

When we are born on this Earth, we are layered with an Earth spirit. And also a layer of spirit from the country we live in and our parents. (If born at sea or in a plane, or developed in a laboratory outside a womb, there is a different spirit, though we have many lives and so get to experience different blends of spirit.)

Even as we grow and develop inside the womb our bodies are built with atoms that come from the Earth. As we grow as children, the food we eat and the air we breath has come from the Earth and its atmosphere. The spirit we get from this is like a stamp or essence within us that says “made on Earth”.

If we are grounded, then we get rooted into the Earth. We are used to its magnetic field, and its gravitational field. We are used to the intensity of sunlight from the closest star, our Sun.

If we know our exact time of birth and exact location, we can have produced for us our astrological birth chart. Based on the planets in our home solar system, and the distant (though not on the astral levels) constellations, this is like a map or symbol picture that is full of information about us, our qualities and potential, and perhaps our lives. This astrological chart though, is only for our birth on this planet.

This Earth is also the home planet of the Perfect Masters, the Avatar when they are here, the Spiritual Hierarchy, and some God Realized beings. So astrally from space, this planet is lit up like a Christmas tree, for any ETs with developed enough third eyes. The amount of spiritual light here on this planet, coupled with the light flowing in creating changes to humanity (as its karma is rapidly worked through and altered), life and the planet, makes this Earth quite bright.

There has been a growth in space technology, and there are races on to get to the Moon to set up bases and set up a base on Mars. People will also be thinking ahead to mine asteroids or to get to the moons of Saturn and Jupiter.

The old technology of rocketry, with a basic example in Greece around 400 BC, and rockets being used in battle by the Chinese in 1232 AD, is being rapidly developed.

But rockets are too slow to take humanity long distances in space within a person’s lifetime. New technology needs to be developed, and the new mathematics and physics to underpin any technological advance needs to be developed beforehand.

Knowing the deviousness of some people, it is quite likely that there are already secret space programs using reversed engineered technology based on ET technology from crashes that have happened around the world.

But, as the new spiritual energy coming in stimulates humanity, advances in mathematics, physics and technology will happen anyway, which will make the secret programs redundant (sorry folks!).

With the possibility of space travel what will this mean for humanity? What will it mean for spirituality?

Can you imagine a group of people going to Mars, and being free of the government they left behind?

Some people within governments would absolutely hate the idea of not being in control. But think of those distant days when America was British, and the time when some Americans showed the world they really had no idea of how to make a decent cup of tea by throwing it overboard from a ship. It wasn’t too long before the British overlords were sent packing and America became run by Americans. Then some Americans who were more powerful decided to run it for their own benefit.
Oh well, that’s progress for you.

Would the same kind of thing happen with a group of people going to live on Mars or the Moon? I would hope they choose freedom.

As children were born on the Moon or on Mars how would things be different?

They would have a layering of Moon spirit, or Mars spirit, or if born in space, space spirit. They wouldn’t necessarily have access to the same level of Avataric or Perfect Master energy as can be found on Earth, but as this expansion of humanity is part of a spiritual advance, then it is very likely some other way of accessing the energy will be available.

As a Moon child or Mars child grew up, assuming their food was grown on the Moon or Mars, then the atoms in their bodies would come from those places. How this affects their chakras and auras will be interesting to see.

For sure there will be differences in how they think compared to children on Earth. On Earth, children within different cultures are influenced by those cultures and their families, and the spirit of their country. So people from different countries and cultures tend to think and behave differently  to each other. Hence the French will never understand the English and vice versa yet at times there is still a strong relationship. People who have had the opportunity to go into space even as a space tourist have found the experience changes them. Having different gravity to the Earth, a different level of magnetic field, and a different view outside is going to affect these children. I wonder how they will relate to people back on Earth, which they may no longer consider as home after a few generations.

If the people are in space, then they may find there is some lovely silence and stillness, and quite a busy astral layer, mostly in a pleasant way. (Check this out by watching Space X or other launches as they go higher and higher and finally into earth orbit, and tune into the energy).

Also, living things have centres or chakras which comes from a touch of soul energy. But living things can also be astral. So there is more to life than what people think about life at the moment. Planets can have physical life but they can also have life astrally. 

What does it mean to be spiritual in Space? 

Well, the Divine is still going to be within those of humanity who go into space. Though in space, no one can hear you Ommmmmm! (Unless they can listen astrally.)

Oh, and remember to Smile!

The tide has changed.

It used to be the case that life was fairly predictable and it was a safe bet that we could be comfortable with the familiarity of an existence where we knew that tomorrow life would be rather like today. The same kind of life would be happening, and there may be some surprises but not too many to destabilise our ideas and expectations about life.

In a spiritual sense, life was heavily influenced by our karma so life trundled along in its own way. There was a steady familiairty as old institutions and organisations that were based on old values and old energy held sway.

But now, on a personal level, on a societal level and a national level, and also on a global level, the old energy is being ripped up and new energy is being injected into life on all levels. Change on all levels needs to happen and it is happening. The old guides to life and the old ideas don’t work in this new world, where the old energy is being demolished and the new energy is coming in, no matter how hard people try to fight to hang onto the old ways and the old energy, a lot of which was quite slow frequency and also twisted anyway.

It is to be expected that people will try to hang on to the old life, to the old structures in life and to the old ways of living. If that has served them well in the past and if it all they know. But for them, alas, it will be to no avail.

For those people who were already disillusioned with the old ways of doing things then all this change is likely to be embraced, and the new, emerging aspects of life will be accepted.

As new energy flows into this emerging world the old maps of how to live life won’t work. What does work is paying attention to your intuition and trusting.

Everything is changing, and though it isn’t possible to understand the changes, there are new opportunities emerging as the old ways of living change. Life looks messy at the moment. However, the new energy coming in that is ripping up the old and creating the new is also offering the new information required to live in this world and to be part of the change.

All you have to do is trust everything is going to work out, and use your intuition to go with the flow. And Smile.


The Flow of Prosperity

What we know, and our attitudes affects how we approach life. They affect our approach to prosperity as part of our approach. What we know and our attitudes can be influenced by our concepts of spirituality.

Consider two people. One of them thinks they are the most important person on the planet, that they are free and can do and say whatever they want because they are important and free. They practice the idea that their thoughts create their reality. Life is about making themselves happy and doing and having whatever they want so they can live this life. They use their wealth to get things to happen the way they want. Though what is really happening is that they are following their karmic path but in a way their personality likes.

In the past, in the West there were people whose idea of prosperity was all about getting rich and richer. It was these kind of people who brought about industry; the petrochemicals industries, the agricultural industries and so on. They got rich but the effect on environment has been terrible, nor did their exploits help prosper the communities who worked for them. This approach to life and prosperity unfortunately goes on around the world even now.

Consider another person with a different spirituality. For sure their own individual karma will influence what they do and experience. But say this person knows they are one out of many, many souls, and that everything and everyone is interconnected. Plus they know that what they think, say and do has an effect. They know that they are part of something bigger than them. They are aware of an energy that connects all things, and they are aware of energy flowing into their lives.

As an example, lets say they learnt about Chi energy. They have practised some form of exercise that involves Chi energy, where they learnt to feel the movement of Chi energy, and they can sense it.

Chi energy flows around, and is a good example to show that people can become aware of spiritual energy flowing into the planet and flowing around and into their lives.

It is possible for a spiritual person to be aware of some kind of energy flowing in their life and in Life all around them. This energy can be called all kinds of things (think of Star Wars and the Force if you like). Being aware of the spiritual energy coming in and flowing around is like tapping into an aspect of God. It is possible to be aware of brand new energy flowing in, very much as if the energy was flowing in from the Future. Think of it as if the energy flows in and lays stepping stones into an unfolding future.

A spiritual person with this kind of awareness can have a feel of what it is that is right to do, of what direction in Life to go, and when to wait and when to stop. The energy flowing in can carry ideas, creative inspirations and the emotional motivation to birth these ideas and inspirations into physical reality. In quiet times one’s imagination can receive these. Receiving and acting on ideas and inspirations is very much part of a spiritual approach to prosperity as they can change your life and the world around you.

Living like this requires a trust in the energy, and a trust in one’s own ability to feel the energy. It requires calmness and peace on the inside, and an ability to be patient and then to move quickly when required.

Life has a rhythm to it, and spirituality and prosperity becomes about feeling this rhythm and going with it as best as possible. It’s like being on a seashore and watching the waves rolling in in their own time as they can’t be pushed or slowed. With a bit of practice you can sense the incoming waves of inspiration as they roll in from the future.

Trust, peace and awareness.

For more on A Spiritual Approach to Prosperity, some articles and a meditation…

A meditation for you to try; A Golden Glow for Prosperity

Begin to change your thoughts, begin to change your life

Imagine this scenario, a soul is taking a well earned breather having completed a life incarnated in physical life as a person. They are discussing with the Higher Self and guides their next lifetime. “Well, I have this karma to go through and balance and some to possibly create. I would like to have these kinds of experience to build up my overview of life so I want this to happen and I’m going to need some thoughts to go with it. What do you think?”

Each lifetime a person has is different, and with different thoughts to go with their unique experiences. As a personality there will bits of life we enjoy and bits we don’t like. For the soul, it is experience that helps it grow in consciousness. For one soul, through many lifetimes, that means they have many personalities. So in one life, the soul can have a life as a royal person and have the personality and thoughts that go with that experience, along with one or two problems to make life interesting. In the next life, the soul might want to be a different gender, living an unexciting life (to the personality) in a small town in the middle of nowhere. They will have the thoughts to go with that, along with the appropriate karma.

The karma is there for a reason, and so too are the thoughts.

The thoughts get amplified and built on in life. A baby will be born in a particular setting, with particular people around, with a certain culture and ways of thinking and doing. They will also treat the baby a certain way, reinforcing the thoughts the child has subconsciously.

As the child grows up in a particular setting, while the aura and chakras are easily impressed upon, with people treating them and talking to them in a particular way, and as they experience life, the child will take all of this on. They will hold certain unconscious thoughts about themselves, about other people, about relationships and about various aspects of life. They will also hold some conscious thoughts about all this that they think about.

This unconscious and conscious learning from life’s experiences can keep going even through adult life.

The thoughts a person has about themselves from all this absorbing and conscious and unconscious learning affects what that person thinks they are capable of doing, how they should expect to be treated, and what they deserve in life. These thoughts affect how much that person likes themselves and loves themselves, and how capable they are of looking after themselves.

The thoughts affect how they behave not only towards themselves, but how they behave towards others, and what their expectations are like in relationships. Their thoughts affect what they think life is like, which affects how they approach life.

All areas of a person’s life are affected by their subconscious and conscious thoughts.

There can come a time when part of the karmic set up of a soul, is for the person to find out that thoughts can be changed. (Like now.)

Though a person might have had a very tough time (thank you soul!) this lifetime (and a cushy one before!), thoughts can be improved.

This means how a person likes and loves themselves can be improved, which means they can look after themselves better. They can think themselves capable of more than they did before, which alters their expectations and their behaviour, which ends up bringing about a happier, more fulfilling life.

Their relationships can improve as they have better expectations and standards of how people treat them, and they behave better towards others.

Thoughts can improve in all areas of life, literally then bringing about a better life, as good quality thoughts are followed up by the right actions to bring them to fruition.

There are steps to bring about a change in thoughts. Though there may be some other issues that it can be helpful to take a look at as well, such as energy, aura and chakras.

I mentioned earlier about the child having an aura and chakras, and that energy both negative and positive can be impressed into them. As this is about improving, let’s assume that the input of energy has been negative, as negative mental energy, emotional energy and possibly negative physical energy. This can come about by being on the receiving end of critical or abusive words and treatment, or by neglect, or by physical abuse. Also, just by living and being places it is very possible to pick up negative energy. (Sometimes a place can be described as being a bit of a dive, for instance.)

This can also go on in teenage and adult life (including through online experiences).

The chakras and aura can carry this negative energy throughout life, and negative energy can be stored in the body too.

That’s bad news, and it is also good news because it means something can be done about it. There are ways to clear the chakras. It might take time but it is worth it. There are ways to clear the aura as well. There are meditation techniques for this and healing methods. For easily shifted energy, exercise and being out in Nature are simple ways to shift negative energy. For stickier, deeper negative energy, healing techniques are one option.

Years ago I found deep tissue massage, which I’d say was a bit painful at some points, really helped to shift negative energy held in the body. I found out later there are some gentler techniques, though once the negative energy is gone, it’s gone.

Along with clearing the negative energy, which links to the thoughts, and thoughts in chakras and aura itself, it is easily possible to then button up and protect the chakras and aura.

Daily cleaning the chakras and aura with a simple meditation, and then buttoning up and protecting them is a great thing to do. You clean your teeth, and it is a good idea to clean chakras and aura as well, and this can really lift your mood.

Now about the thoughts.

Sometimes the soul decides to give the personality a rough time so that the person at some point decides to sort themselves out and change all kinds of things about their lives, including their thoughts. Through this experience the personality gets stronger and the soul gets spiritual brownie points for getting the personality to do something. Then that person is in a position to help others. It’s training and strengthening.

Sometimes a person has strongly negative thoughts about themselves, and about other issues in life. Starting with thoughts about oneself is the key place to start as this brings about the biggest change. Let’s see what can be done.

Imagine someone you think of as being absolutely amazing. It can be a musician, a singer, a sports star for instance, or a writer or artist. The thoughts just thinking about them can go something like; “Wow, they are amazing, utterly wonderful, such a nice person, really talented”, and so on. Your eyes light up as you think or talk about them and you’ll have a big smile on your face, and possibly your body language will come alive, and your chakras will light up.

Now, can you think the same kind of thoughts and have the same kinds of emotions about yourself?

If not, you know what kind of thoughts about yourself to aim for.

Imagine thoughts about yourself are on a set of stairs. At the top are the kind of thoughts described above. Right down on the bottom step the kind of thoughts someone might have are to do with self-disgust and self-hatred, and other thoughts are on the steps in between the top and bottom. A person might think to themselves that these thoughts are so bad that they might as well not try. They get depressed even thinking about their thoughts. (Been there.) Sometimes it is hard to even imagine thinking amazing thoughts about oneself, so intermediary thoughts can be used to take a step up. In a situation when the thoughts are really negative and crippling I would suggest some counselling or therapy that focuses on verbally expressing the thoughts and then dealing with the emotional energy. Dealing with the emotions is important. You can still work on the thoughts yourself if you wish.

Otherwise, if the thoughts are down towards the bottom of the stairs the first step is going to be self-forgiveness and reconciliation with oneself, plus possibly forgiveness of others. (Forgiveness is explained in another article.)

The next step, would be to use positive affirmations which are positive thoughts we repeatedly think, say and write to affirm them. Typically, an affirmation could be written out 10 times. Three times in the first person, “I” form. Three times in the second person “You” form as if someone was saying it to you. Three times in the third person as if someone was saying it about you, and another in the first person.

A basic starting point would be to start by saying you are willing. For example, I (your name) am willing to appreciate myself, and I (your name) am willing to love myself. You may find this too weak and so you move on to the next step. Otherwise, you could write this 10 times, breathing as you do, and if any mental comments are triggered and come to light, write them down. The breathing helps to shift energy so you can get rid of it. You could write a set of these affirmations once a day for a couple of weeks or until the affirmation feels true to you.

The next step goes from being willing to; I (your name) appreciate myself, and I (your name) love myself completely.

Depending on what was going on what thoughts about yourself you have inside you, you could work with thought like:

I (your name) am good enough, I (your name) am innocent, I (your name) am loving, I (your name) am loveable…attractive…wonderful…beautiful…capable…talented…clever enough…valuable…worthwhile. Or, I (your name) am good at … .

If you were shut down by others or trauma, you could try; I (your name) have a right to express myself, I (your name) express myself clearly / happily / with confidence. You choose the ending.

The thoughts you have about yourself are just thoughts, and you can think new ones if you choose to.

You can work with more than one thought if you want.

A good milestone is when you can think and affirm several positive thoughts altogether so you have a statement like; I (your name) am good enough, I am strong enough, I am attractive and what I express is worth hearing.

Put in your own adjectives. You can affirm this, and you can also put it on a card in places you will see it to affirm it. Visualise yourself like this repeatedly, daily if you can. Then you can be rating yourself just as highly as that talented person you thought about earlier in this article.

(There’s an article on forgiveness earlier in the blog.)

The Planes of Consciousness, and their link to meditation

We live and have our being in this physical reality, which is part of Creation. As a soul when we incarnate in Creation for the very first time, we drop down from the Divine levels where we experienced Divine Light.

There are levels or planes of consciousness in Creation, in fact there are seven planes. The zeroth plane (0th) has the lowest level of consciousness, and as we go through the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th planes of consciousness, the level of consciousness increases. So the bottom of the zeroth plane, where souls come into Creation for the first time, has the very lowest level of consciousness. The top of the 6th plane has the highest level of consciousness in the 6th plane.

A soul comes into creation at the bottom of the zeroth plane and spends time as a mineral, as rock, and has the consciousness of a rock. After a while, the soul comes out of that existence, and goes into the experience of being a different kind of rock with a very minute increase in consciousness. So time and time again, the soul has different experiences in the mineral kingdom, going through different rock forms and then metal forms, and each time has a very minute increase in consciousness. This goes from 0.0 to 0.2 on the zeroth plane.

At about 0.2, the soul then comes out of the mineral kingdom, and starts on the many lifetimes in the plant kingdom, as some form of plant life. There is a pattern of a plant dying and the soul coming out of one form of plant life, to go into another form of plant life. On and on the soul goes through the plant kingdom, each time experiencing a very minute increase in consciousness and awareness. The plant kingdom goes from the 0.2 level of consciousness to the 0.4 level. As the soul experiences a death for the last time in the plant kingdom, the soul moves on to take a form in the animal kingdom.

The animal kingdom goes from 0.4 to 0.6, and the physical forms or bodies in this kingdom can support a higher level of consciousness and awareness than the plant form. (The kinds of forms in the animal kingdom change over time, which shows up as animals becoming extinct and new animal forms coming into existence. This happens to provide the right physical vehicle for the soul to experience Life and to support the soul’s level of consciousness. Everything changes.)

After many lives building consciousness on the zeroth plane, the soul has a first life as a human on the 1st plane of consciousness.

The quality of astral light, and mental light is quicker and a bit brighter on the 1st plane than the zeroth plane. The level of consciousness is higher than on the first plane.

After plenty of lives on the 1st plane of consciousness, the soul, now in human form, has a first life on the 2nd plane. The astral and mental light on the second plane is brighter than on the 1st plane. Also there is less astral light and more mental light, and the consciousness is quicker.

Physically it isn’t possible to say what plane someone is by looking at their body. It is all in the energy, and level of consciousness. Nor is there an obvious link to the job or role someone has in everyday life.

After enough lives on the 2nd plane of consciousness, the person dies and their soul moves on to form another human body and this time they are on the 3rd plane of consciousness. The level of Light and consciousness is higher on the 3rd plane than the second. There is little astral light and more mental light.

After more and more lives, a person will have lives on the 4th, then the 5th and in the 6th plane of consciousness. These are the mental planes of consciousness as there is only mental light and no astral light. The Light on these different planes have different qualities which show up in the inner lives and sometimes outer lives of the people on these planes. The Light on the sixth plane is dazzlingly bright. In these planes there is inner awareness of God.

At some point, a person near the top of the 6th plane will become God Realized with the help of a Perfect Master usually on the inner planes. Their consciousness then goes through a massive change so their consciousness is on the Divine levels.

This is all a very brief description of the planes of consciousness which all souls go through (so it isn’t about one soul being considered better than another soul as it is a journey all souls go on).

People on the different planes have different inner qualities to each other and will require different experiences. Usually souls / people build up karma through the 0th, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd planes of consciousness and then attempt to balance it all in the 4th, 5th and 6th.

All souls will radiate out energy and Light, and often this is to contribute energy and to offer something that has a healing effect which can help move other souls along. Take singers for instance. There are some singers on the 1st plane whose light and energy can have a positive effect on people on the zeroth plane. But not on people on the 2nd plane and above. There are a few singers on even the 5th plane who can sing and as their energy and Light goes out to the listeners, people on the 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st and 0th plane can be positively affected.

The same goes for musicians, artists, TV presenters, teachers, writers, people involved in films and so on. Everyone interacts with everyone else. (Healers and those with a spiritual teacher role will similarly effect others on lower planes than themselves, but not those on higher planes. Also, because someone is a healer or spiritual teacher does not mean to say they are on a high plane, and it is important to dispel that particular glamour.)

When a person meditates, they are in their aura, and so in their energy field. Some auras are bigger than others. But also, say if you are on the second plane, a meditation teacher on the 1st plane won’t be providing you with an energy field that can take you up. A meditation teacher on the 3rd plane or higher can do that, and the experience you have will be different to trying to meditate with a first plane teacher (who would be good for people on the zeroth plane). This applies to online meditation as well as meditation in the same physical location. Now if you get to meditate with someone like a Perfect Master, or someone who has a Perfect Master on the inner planes overshadowing them, or if they have an active Divine guide, then the sky’s the limit.

(This is just a very brief description of the planes of consciousness and what people are like on those planes and what their inner experiences are like, and how, like those on the 5th and 6th planes, affect everyone else on the planet. If you want to know more I would suggest checking out God Speaks by Meher Baba, which is now also available as a pdf download if you look online. This book is the go-to source, and also has a very nice energy (watch out!).)

Here’s a link to some notes about the planes of consciousness for souls coming into Creation.

Here’s a link to FAQs about meditation.

Death, Emotions and Reincarnation

Recently a friend from long ago died. I could see them up in the inner planes bright and sparkly, happy and thrilled at how they looked energetically. They were staying around, showing those of their friends and family who could see them how marvellous they looked and how happy they were.

And then, it was onwards to the next part of their adventure in the grand journey of Life.

Knowing them as I did, I knew they considered themselves as a soul with spirit, in a physical body. They thought of death as a transition and they knew about reincarnation.

For people who have such an outlook, death is just another step on the journey. The soul and spirit doesn’t die, it goes on. Those left behind who have this outlook can appreciate this and sometimes see the person who has died move on. This gets mixed in with the feelings of loss for those people who were close, as that person is no longer there, and a big part of their lives is gone.

In my own experience recently, two other people died and came close by on the inner planes basically glowing, and looking so radiant, saying their goodbyes before heading off. What helped is that they appreciated that death was a transition onto the inner planes, so there was no fear, anger, or trauma. Nor did they desperately try to hang on in a body that was too ill. Emotionally, they were at peace.

Emotions are important in death. Many years ago I had a sense that a much-loved elderly relative, was going to die, and they had about four months to live. I felt some preparation would help. They were still a bit active and mobile. They weren’t particularly religious or spiritual. They were kind and tried to be thoughtful in how they lived, which is pretty much a spiritual quality. I came across a book that would help me prepare.

In the 1980’s there was a book published called “The Tibetan book of living and dying” by Sogyal Rinpoche. In it there was a description of the Buddhist concept of the Bardo states. In Christian thinking there is the concept of heaven and hell, where souls go depending on whether the person has been “good” or “bad”, according to what other people determine is good and what is bad.

The Bardo states are more nuanced. There are several levels to them. There are several levels to the pleasant Bardo states, and there are several levels to the unpleasant going from the mildly depressing to the hellish. What determines where a soul goes is what they have done and the karmic consequences of that, and what the soul/person needs to go through to deal with those consequences, and also to deal with the energy of their emotions during dying, during leaving their physical body.

So if a person dies having being good overall, and they are happy and at peace, they go onto a positive level of the Bardo states for a while. If a person dies and has been negative in what they have done in their lives, they go onto an unpleasant Bardo states to repeatedly re-experience their actions to wear out the energy of that. Also, if a person is angry or fearful about their death, they go to a Bardo state to wear out that emotional energy before moving on. The same goes for feelings of addictions, they hang around on a Bardo state re-experiencing those sensations until they are used up.

The Buddhist concept of the Bardo states seems like a good explanation of what happens after death.

With regards to preparation, the Buddhists have prayers to prepare someone for death. These prayers clear any negative energy and provide positive emotional energy to alleviate any fear or anger at the time of death. The result is the person goes onto a positive Bardo state when they die. Prayers done properly and with focus are like light-filled words propelled by a loving intention, to bring about a positive change or situation.

I said the prayers for my relative daily for a couple of months, until it felt like time to stop. When the much-loved relative died I felt there to be a lot of peace about the death, and that they were happy with where they now were. For myself, I just felt a warm happiness for them rather than a sense of loss, as if the prayers I had done over time had worked on me, too.

With the recent deaths, for myself and for the friends who had died, there was the appreciation that death is just a transition and a part of the on-going journey of Life. We also held the concept of reincarnation, so we knew we had had many lives, and there were more to come, and we had died and been born many times. So what is there to worry about?

The best explanations of the reincarnation process and why it happens that I came across was by someone called Meher Baba. I found that understanding something of the reincarnation process stopped death from being a finality. I see it now as a transition we have done many times. I also found learning about reincarnation helped me to understand more of the big picture of what Life is all about. But that is another story.

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Interested in intuition and clairvoyance? Here’s some links to articles and meditations

We all have a third eye and a heart centre and other chakras, so we have what is required for intuition and clairvoyance. What else is very useful is some understanding, and some practice using intuition and using clairvoyance. Plus very importantly, being able to clear your energy and block incoming energy you don’t want to connect with, which are skills that can be learnt.

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There is more to people than a body, chakras and aura. So you can use your intuition or clairvoyance in all kinds of ways.

Using your intuition with a pendulum can sort out truth from fake.

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I can’t come in today, I’m feeling too good.

I woke up early to a glorious June morning. The London weather was warm, and the sun was shining. Coming to full awareness, I realised I felt good, really good, in fact better than usual. I felt unusual, strange, really happy and excited. There was no apparent reason. The reason was not obvious to everyday thinking. But then, there is more to life than everyday thinking, and I felt it was time to embrace new possibilities.

I felt so good that I didn’t want to waste this feeling doing the usual, I wanted to see what this day would bring. That meant breaking out of the usual routine of going to work so that something unpredictable could happen.

I phoned work, “I can’t come in today. I’m feeling too good. I should be in tomorrow.” An unusual thing to say, and I figured afterwards, they had heard that I wasn’t feeling good instead.

Breakfast, and then ready to go out. “What shall I do?”, I thought to myself. “I’ll just go with an open mind and with what feels right”. So out of the house and a walk down to Brixton tube station. That felt right.

A few minutes into the walk, I came across a rather cool looking guy, over six foot, black with some dreadlocks down to above his shoulders, with what looked like some strands of gold in them. We just struck up a conversation out of nowhere about all kinds of things and got on well. I suggested we hang out for a while. He was happy about the idea, and agreed on going to Kew Gardens, several miles away, by bus as neither of us had time limits. It was a pleasant way to travel through South West London on the upstairs deck of a bus rather than go by Tube.

Recollections are hazy, what I do recall is that he was a DJ and split his time three ways. He spent time in London, New York and Ibiza (Spain). I think we connected because of the way he lived with spiritual energy being part of his life. He hadn’t followed a path or read books or had a spiritual teacher. He was a creature of energy.

On the way to Kew he told me how he was sensitive to people’s energy, and the time he was in a restaurant, and someone had walked by him who had liver disease, and that he nearly keeled over with the pain he could feel in that person’s body. (Nowadays I would have taught him how to button up his aura and chakras and build some layers so he could turn his sensitivity on and off as required).

He mentioned how he lived his life by trusting and manifesting what he needed. He said one of his favourite manifestation methods was to write a message and put it in a bottle, then cast it out into the ocean.

Kew Gardens is a beautiful place. On one side is the curve of the River Thames. The river has deposited fertile sediment that makes up the soil over a long time. It’s a botanical gardens and there are plants from all over the world. It is a wonderful place to walk around. Plus it has some spiritual significance that I didn’t know about at the time (more information can be found by researching online the terms Meher Baba and Kew Gardens should you be interested).

We talked for ages. One thing this guy said was that only sleeping four hours a night was a good thing to do, good for your energy.

After our long walk, as Kew Gardens has many paths, we caught a bus back to Brixton, changing at Clapham Junction.

That night, having had an exceptional day, I slept and automatically woke up after four hours. I was definiltely surprised. I felt good. The same thing happened for the next few nights, and I would get out of the house and into the nearby Brockwell Park to do T’ai Chi with no one around, feeling the connection with the ground.

My sleep pattern went back to its usual after that, but it made me think about how powerful that guy was energetically.

It was about six months later that I saw him again. I had learnt some things about spirituality and also therapy since our earlier meeting. He seemed in some emotional pain, the roots of it being in his earlier life. I suggested a breathing technique that was useful for moving emotions. He came to my place a few days later and I guided him through the breathing process. With everyone else I had so far done this with the process had felt gentle. This guy had so much energy in his system, and so much spiritual energy, that everytime he breathed it was like being on a boat on an ocean swell.

After that session I didn’t see him again. What had struck me from the first meeting was his heart of gold, the kindness of his energy, his natural spirituality and his sensitivity.

Sending out happy thoughts!

Feeling God in Everything

What a night!

Every cell of my body seem to vibrate and to be full of life-energy. The nerves on my hands and fingers feel super-sensitive. My eyes are open staring at everything in amazement.

It was October 15th 1987. Several months previously I was a crashed party-animal in crisis. Now I was into spirituality and whatever helped me move on into what looked more and more like a wonderful world. I had been reading and working with a book called A Course In Miracles which contained a lesson for every day of the year. Today’s lesson was number 29, “God is in everything I see”. This made sense to me as God is everywhere. So I would look at a chair, and say to myself, “God is in this chair”. I would look at the floor and say “God is in this floor”, and so on. It all seemed quite easy and a bit of fun.

Being autumn in the Northern Hemisphere twilight started quite early. I was really getting into the lesson noticing God in everything around me, and in all the things that I could see out of the bedroom window which overlooked a park in South London with it’s grassy space and large, old trees. “God is in that tree”, “God is in the grass”, “God is in the window”.

Then the sensitivity in my nerves built up, and my body felt as if it was filled with a vibrating electricity, and I mentally went into a different mental blissed-out space. It was as if I could sense the atoms of whatever I looked at vibrating away and being filled with God, and I could connect with it.

As the evening progressed and became darker outside, the energy outside built in strength, the winds picked up speed and howled, the trees started to bend and sway impossibly. All the while the intensity of energy built and built in my body. My mind didn’t hold a single negative thought. All I could connect with was the God in everything vibrating away. In fact, there were no thoughts going through my head, all I was doing was feeling an inner peace and connecting and observing, with all senses ablaze.

Saying “God is in …” kept on transporting me deeper into this strange state of sheer wonder. Outside the wind screamed and battered the building, and the trees kept on bending one way then another.

Time went on for hours. The storm went on through the night, and my body and mind were just vibrating, with the occasional phrase of “God is in this…”.

In the midst of the storm I was so relaxed and at peace I slept.

The next morning I felt normal-ish, while remembering how I had felt last night. Internally I was happy. I went to work.

Outside was a surprise. Big trees down, signs blown down. Later estimates reported that about 15,000,000 trees in the South East of England had been blown down, in what came to be known as the Great Storm.

For more on the crisis beforehand take a look at crisis and meditation in London and beyond

Time for a new prosperity

The world has changed a lot over the past several decades, and particularly in the last twenty or so. Right now there is a lot of change happening. There is more to come, as spiritual energy, Love and Light, pour into the Earth and humanity to bring about change. For humanity right now, it is a lot about getting rid of the old, based on old energy, and creating the new, based on new energy. Today, we are in the midst of this change (some people might prefer the word turmoil).

There are people who are invested in the old, and who are trying to hang on to it. For instance, those people who have made a lot of money from oil and the industries based on oil such as plastics will do anything to make sure it keeps going. Think of how slow governments are in dealing with the issue of plastics. This is just one example from many possible ones.

Several decades ago, spiritual prosperity thinking would have been OK with making money running an industry in steel, coal, oil, chemicals and so on, which polluted the planet, and involved dangerous working situations for people, or exploitative ones. The people making the money would have been held up as shining examples of how to be prosperous. That was the old prosperity, the old way. Some people still want to live this way.

There are businesses based on exploitation of people and the environment. There are businesses that are to do with sex that exploit women, and also children. There are businesses based on drug addiction. There is the harvesting of personal details and data on the internet. These businesses are based on greed and control and often violence.

There are other possible examples, such as cryptocurrency mining which uses up huge amounts of electricity to produce and so uses up the earth’s resources and contributes to global warming.

These are all ways this world currently goes on. Ways that are not exactly based on Love and Light. They can touch people we know personally. They certainly touch our communities and societies. Does making money through these ways mean it is being done prosperously?

Turmoil and change is making humanity (well some of them) learn from the state of the world and the consequences of past actions. These caring people think there has to be something better than the old ways.

And there is.

On a spiritual level, the insights and new creative concepts have already been flowing in. There are many people at the leading edge bringing in new technologies, developing sustainable ways of doing things, and having ideas about how to live more intelligently. It’s a time of creativity and experimentation.

As is often the case in spiritual matters, spiritual energy comes in to create situations in life for individuals and groups of individuals that they then go through and learn from. Life itself is the teacher, and people come to realise what is important and what isn’t, and use their ingenuity to find solutions to problems. With the spiritual input, life changes, and people change because of it. (Who did you think was in charge of Life, the Universe and Everything?)

For those people who want to do things in a new way, they can access new insights and ideas that are already flowing in. People can just be open to them, or they can go a spiritual route and deliberately work with the Divine (the Father aspect or the Mother aspect; both work), and embrace the new spiritual ideas of Prosperity coming in. It’s like tapping into a wave that is flowing in from our new, improved future, which is very different to the old one that we are leaving behind. The book “A Spiritual Approach to Prosperity” is all about this.

In the past, the old spiritual approach to prosperity was heavily focused on money and wealth and having lots of it.

The new spiritual approach to prosperity does include money as it is still useful as a means of exchange of energy. But in life, we have learnt that having clean air and clean water massively adds to quality of life. So does nutritious food, which given pollution, turbulent weather, increasing population and the quality of food produced by factory farming, is becoming an issue. We have learnt that being able to spend time with other people is important, simply being able to be held and hugged is important. Having privacy is becoming important as the tech companies collect and sell data about us, without respect for people. Having an environment where we can access some greenery or Nature is important for people. Having employment, as setting up and running businesses is not for everyone, without exploitation but rather with respect is important.

The very nature of how money is used will need to change. Currently, people go into banking and finance because they want to make lots of money. The financial system is set up to run so that money comes from the customers, and the money flows to those who work in Finance so they can become rich off these customers. There is plenty of scope for innovative thinkers here.

A spiritual approach to prosperity has always relied on some understanding of how focused thought works with spiritual energy. The roles of visualisation and intuition still applies, as does timely right action. What is different now and in earlier times when prosperity books were written is that there are many more people around who have an awareness of spirituality and the world, and who visualize and meditate. What else is very different is the phenomenal spiritual energy flowing in from the Divine for people to access and work with to be prosperous, and bring in the new.

Jonathan Barber

To buy the book “A Spiritual Approach to Prosperity” follow the link There are also more articles and a meditation on prosperity:

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Why are things the way they are?

We live in times of unprecedented change, upheaval and uncertainty. Often people wonder why, and why if there is a God does He allow this to happen? Particularly this is the case if there is suffering, death or hardship involved. Why bother to be spiritual if God is like that? For instance, there are enough people who practice some form of spirituality in places like California, Australia and Florida who could try to use the idea that their thoughts create their reality. Yet they still experience fires or floods and lose their homes. So what is going on?

Some spiritual knowledge and understanding helps.

There is some knowledge that either isn’t known or isn’t understood in the West, or even in the East for that matter.

Generalising, a lot of New Age ideas came about in America and then spread around the globe. But modern America didn’t have all the knowledge. The initial immigrants to America came from Britain and Europe. Their spiritual or religious background was Christianity, and modern America was based predominantly on Christianity (though the Founding Fathers as they were called also had spiritual knowledge from their Freemason tradition, but as this was secret, it wasn’t expressed openly). The Native American traditions and knowledge were not taken up by the Europeans.

In Christianity there is no concept of reincarnation. There is no concept of karma. There was nothing about meditation. There was the notion, based on the Bible, about using thoughts through prayer, focus, and affirmation. Out of this spiritual foundation came ideas for the New Age, with some ideas thrown in from people in the hippy culture who had travelled to India and surrounding countries.

The New Age culture had the idea of thoughts determining reality, and a lot of new ideas blossomed about healing, therapies, psychology and relationships that many people have found useful. But important concepts were missing.

There is the concept of a soul, derived initially from the Christian background. But there is more to the soul than what is stated in Christian teachings.

Briefly put, the soul is literally a piece of God. The soul initially experienced itself to be totally connected to God, existing in a place that is Divine Love and Light, that can be called The Beyond or Reality.

A simple description of what happens then is that the soul drops down, and falls asleep as it drops (usually). And it drops into Creation (or the Illusion). It drops to the very bottom of Creation, then starts to have its first lifetime in mineral form, with zero consciousness. In its next lifetime as a different kind of mineral it has an ever-so-small increase in its consciousness. With every next lifetime there is a tiny increase in consciousness, and also later on, awareness. The soul builds up a great experience of Life. It also gets to learn what it is not, as it leaves behind the old form. But it doesn’t know what it is.

When you really look into reincarnation and past lives, you discover that we all have had a huge number of past lives as humans. Going further back there are the many lifetimes in mineral form, plant form and animal form before the human lives.

When the soul reaches the human lives, in some of those lives, the personality the soul has incarnated as, asks questions such as, “Who am I?”, and, “What is the purpose of life?”. There is still some waking up to do, and when it does, the soul and the personality perhaps, get to wake up properly and know themselves, really know themselves as God, as a living experience. (Easy words to write, but to really know it is something else.)

What makes each lifetime different to the one before?


Just by being, even doing nothing, all souls build up karma as they experience each lifetime.

There is positive karma which is built up by being positive, and which we experience in a happy way. Negative karma which can feel uncomfortable or extremely painful is built up by negative thoughts, feelings and actions.

In the lives we have, as well as creating karma, we balance it, use it up, neutralise it. Before each incarnation, on the inner planes we have a discussion with our Higher Selves and perhaps guides and arrange what karma to go through for that life to balance things up. Often as we arrange to incarnate at the same time as other people it literally is that “all the world’s a stage”, and we play roles. In one life someone can be an enemy, in the next a friend, in another they can be brother or sister or mother and so on. In one life we can be very rich and to balance karma in others we can be poor. Its all a balancing act.

The karma, positive or negative, that we experience can come from many lifetimes ago.

To make the picture more complicated or richer depending on your point of view, there is also karma linked to any family and group you are in. There is also karma to do with your village, town or city, and area. Each country has its own karma that affects everyone living in it. Each larger region has its own karma. There is planetary karma, which the whole planet experiences, and also solar system wide karma. There is galactic karma, too (ever seen pictures of two galaxies colliding?), and Universe level karma.

Life is a process where karma gets balanced. In these times, there is a huge amount of Love and Light pouring into the planet Earth and creation. This is to move things on to a more loving and light filled time. But before this can happen, the old karma is being stirred up, and brought to the surface for rapid balancing.

Hence the upheaval and uncertainty. But if you sharpen your intuition and focus on being in your heart, you can navigate these times.

© Jonathan Barber 2021

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In-depth, detailed information about reincarnation and the soul and so much more can be found in the book God Speaks by Meher Baba.

A Spiritual Approach to Prosperity

We have the ability to be prosperous by applying spiritual understanding and techniques to improve our lives.

This book helps you to understand the spiritual basis of prosperity. It shows you how to use the abilities that are already in you to work with the energy of prosperity, to create results in your life. These techniques used to be called secrets but they are available for us to use with some learning and practise.

Because new spiritual energies are flowing into the planet, humanity is developing and the meaning of prosperity is changing. This new book works with the up-to-date energies that are flowing in. Think of prosperity ideas flowing in from the Divine in the future. This is what this book works with. Rather looking backwards into the past, this book is open to the future, and the new spiritual energies coming in. We can create a new world that is prosperous in new ways.

To buy the book “A Spiritual Approach to Prosperity” from Amazon click here. You might also like to listen to the meditation, A Golden Glow for Prosperity. Enjoy.

The Truth Shall Set You Free (as long as it actually is the truth)

There is a lot of Light and Love pouring into this planet and the rest creation. This brings about huge change, as you might have noticed, with the aim of bringing about a more loving, peaceful and happier Life for all, after a bit of shaking things up. Humanity has a huge role in all this as they are on the receiving end of some of this love and light. It is humans, individually and collectively, who can feel emotions, think thoughts, construct ideas which become beliefs, and do something and take action. This can affect life for the individual, for their locality, for their nation, and for the world. Humans affect the course of the Future.

People can have thoughts, feelings and beliefs that they hold to be true, and act from these. These may be big acts, or it may be their beliefs affect every decision, and the ways they live their life, down to the details such as what they feel towards others, where they shop, what foods they eat, and their politics and so on.

People can also be on the receiving end of other people’s ideas which influence their own ideas. What other people tell or show them can be information and truthful, or it can be misinformation.

Spiritually in the world, there have been two different forces (just like in Star Wars!) attempting to hold sway over humanity and so affect the course of humanity to fit in with their beliefs. They have been exerting their influence ever since humanity has been around.

There is the Dark Lodge, who like to have control over people and who use and who support tyranny, oppression, misinformation, violence and criminality. They like to keep people oppressed and subservient so they can live luxuriously off these other people. (The name of the lodge refers to how the colour of the spirit looks like on the inner planes and how it looks to the third eye. If you looked at their heart centres, these would be dark.)

Then there is the White Lodge, they are bound by their own ethics in how they behave, and they like people to be free, to be happy, to be fulfilled, to be healthy, and to be developing spiritually. (White energy around them, and heart centres with white light in them.)

Both Lodges have beings on the inner planes who can be thought of as Dark guides and Light guides, and they have people on this planet who can be thought of as their agents, getting things to happen. If this was a game of chess, which is a good analogy, then the inner plane beings and the agents can be thought of as the main pieces. Then there are ordinary people who lean to either the Dark Lodge, and who are influenced by them and do their Dark bidding, or who lean to the White Lodge and do their more love-and-light inspired bidding. These ordinary people are like the pawns in chess.

The Dark Lodge will attempt to influence people to do things that are not good for them, and / or are not good for other people or the planet.

The White Lodge will attempt to influence people to do something that is good for themselves, for others, and the planet. They try to inspire and appeal to people’s best nature. Basically, they will try to support people to move forward along their spiritual journey, while the Dark Lodge will find ways that get people to be blocked from moving forward on their spiritual journey.

The dark Lodge wrote the play book on how to negatively influence people: brainwashing, torture, extortion, exploitation, making dependent, abuse, bullying, lying, using temptation, appealing to people’s laziness, indifference, hatred, prejudice, pride, self-righteousness, desire for rage, desire to hurt, insecurities, their likeing for glamour, their lust, their greediness, their fear, sometimes their need to belong and be accepted, their need to escape life (eg getting out of it, getting high or drunk or both), and their need to feel special or different.

Spiritually, people have a soul, a piece of God quite literally, within them. This prompts and helps them move along their spiritual journey. When people do the right thing there is a feeling of rightness, of certainty and love. The Dark Lodge try to block that, or distort and twist it at least. A bit like muddying the water, making things less clear.

The Dark Lodge can take an idea and twist it a bit by putting something in to appeal to humanity’s worst Nature. Take for example the idea that respecting a group of people is a good idea. At this point there is love and light in the idea. But how about then pointing out that people who don’t respect are bad, evil or “less than” and should be blocked, punished or hurt, or at an extreme level, killed? The Dark Lodge type people can take a good idea, hijack it, and turn it into something that achieves their own ends. The people who came up with the original idea feel like what it has morphed into is not what they wanted at all.

So, imagine there is a post on social media saying it is a good thing to respect a certain group of people. That’s positive. Then someone, with dark Lodge affiliation, comes along and makes a post saying this group of people should be respected, that they are victims of another group of people who are not worth anything and should be attacked. The good idea has been hijacked and dark twists introduced that can inflame people’s prejudices and emotions, and so people who see the post act from these twists, rather than from love. As people are fed posts with these twists, many of these people will be taken in by them (not everybody though, some people have a good sense of what feels right to them).

Social media has on it positive posts, but it also is deliberately flooded with negative posts, and positive ideas that have been hijacked and polluted, as well as some downright negative posts.

We live in a time of truth and untruth, of information, deliberate misinformation and ignorance. The untruths and misinformation are basically the product of the Dark Lodge and its pawns. It can seem difficult to know what is true and what is fake, what is positive and what is twisted or negative. If you have a third eye that is really fired up and a good intuition, it is easy. If you haven’t, there is another age old way. A pendulum.

Used by people for a very long time to answer questions with two answers, usually yes or no. There are links to training and books about using a pendulum below.

You can look at a social media post, and use a pendulum near it and ask, “Is this post positive?”, “Is this post loving?”, or “Is this post good for me?” If the answer is “yes” the pendulum will swing in one direction. If the answer is “no” it will swing in a different direction. That is a simple way to ascertain the truth.

Sometimes though, answers might not be so clear cut, as an idea might be generally good, but it has been polluted with one or more dark twists to pull the energy off the right track. It has become a mix of truth and untruth, where it can be hard to get to what’s really important.

Here you could use a scale, like a thermometer, going on one side from zero to five where five is very truthful, and on the other side, zero to negative five, where this is totally untrue. If there is a post and you use the pendulum on it, you can ask, “Is this post above zero in the amount of truthfullness?”. Then you can home in on just how true it is. For instance, ask “Is this post above three in its level of truthfulness?” You can keep going and ask if the post is above four and so on. If the original answer was that it was below zero, you can ask if the post is below negative one, or two etc.

In this way, it is possible to NOT be taken in by social media posts. The same approach can be applied to people’s opinions. In this day and age, people give their opinion frequently, and other people are influenced by them. Opinions are only opinions and they are not facts. If there is a situation, a person will perceive it through their own beliefs, prejudices and knowledge or lack of knowledge about the situation. Using a pendulum works great on people’s opinions so you know who to listen to.

Who do you trust? One time, I saw a demonstration on TV which had people demonstrating outside a meeting of defence ministers from various countries. The people were demonstrating against war and against military involvement. I thought it was good they were demonstrating as less, and then no war would be great. I checked the heart centre of one of the protesters. I was shocked to see it was very dark! This was more complicated that I had previously thought. Their intention was not actually light filled or loving, and there was another agenda going on. Also, they had a lot of hatred in them, which was a surprise. I had to take a look at the bigger picture, literally a more global picture, and look at the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. This is a complicated world, not simple, and the right action that needs to be taken isn’t usually the simplistic one. It’s more like a game of chess. That demonstrator would have given a certain opinion on the situation, and a pendulum would have been useful to figure out the truth in it. I have now developed the habit of checking out a person’s heart centre for the amount of light or dark when I see them on TV or in real life. If it is dark, I know not to believe them, no matter how much they smile, or how much they try to deceive with charm. I trust the ones with light looking heart centres, even if they occasionally mess up (that’s a thing about being human).

The idea of using a pendulum and a scale, positive one side and negative on the other side, could also be used to check how truthful a book is, or how truthful a TV programme is, or a TV interview (now which one could that be?), or a documentary, or an advertisment, or how truthful the pronouncement from a government spokeperson is, or from a spokesperson from the local government or from a company, or from a spiritual teacher (checking these can be a bit surprising).

A scale and a pendulum could also be used to assess how much love and light there is in an idea, belief, business, website, app, person, organisation, product, therapy, spiritual teacher and so on, as this gets behind any facade to the core of the situation. The truth can set you free, if you want it to.

Something that is deeply untruthful and deceitful, and completely lacking in love and light are deep fakes. These do the work of the Dark Lodge to lie to people and con them. They are produced by people aligned to the Dark Lodge. But these Dark Lodge types are limited rather than clever. Real people that you can see and hear when you are physically around them have a soul, they have chakras, an aura with an astral body and a mental body. These aspects of a person can’t be copied by any AI, by any quantum computer. All they can produce is a hollow fake. So, with a pendulum and looking at a picture or video of a person, you ask, “Is this a real person?” Job done. If your third eye is up and running, you can look at an image to look form the chakras and so on. Whereas the ears, eyes and mind can be fooled, a pendulum and intuition will know the truth.

So live life, get your pendulum, and swing into action!

Links to help you:

For pendulums from British Dowsers (also do dowsing courses)

Book on using a pendulum from British Dowsers

Pendulums from the American Society of Dowsers (also have books and a lot of info)

This are just two sources of pendulums and information. There may be a society / organisation in your own country. There are other websites with courses and videos on how to use a pendulum to help you get the swing of it.

Imagine God has a restaurant


It is easier than people think to use their intuition. Imagination is the key. You just have to imagine you can smell something, taste something, feel something, hear something and see something. Over time you get to trust yourself and your ability to use your intuition. Your abilities can just grow,

Being able to sense something intuitively is called psychometrising. You can get quite analytical with it, and use it in all kinds of situations. There is an article about psychometrising on the blog.

For FAQs about meditation, click here.

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A New Start. Letting go of an old relationship

Moving on into a new phase of life means you can feel alive and be open to life’s new opportunities. To really open that door fully to a new life it helps to clear out and release the old. When it comes to relationships there is a time to clear out the debris for a fresh start. This meditation helps to deal with the internal issues.

Read this through first, then try it.

Close your eyes, and take several relaxing breathes.

Now imagine standing in a garden looking at a house, which represents your relationships with people. There is one roomfor each relationship. You are going to focus on the room that corresponds to the relationship you want to release and have closure on.

As you stand in the garden, notice the sky and the weather, which can reflect the energy of the relationship you are to deal with.

Imagine walking inside the house, and walking to the door of the room which represents the relationship you wish to release.

Open the door and take a look inside. Does the room feel fresh or musty, or is there another smell. Are there curtains, and are they drawn or closed. Is the room tidy or a wreck. The room holds in it items that represent the good and bad of the relationship; the ruined expectations, the promises kept and the promises broken, the good acts the unkind acts, the loving words and the hateful words, the happiness, the sadness, the times of loyalty, the betrayals, the broken dreams, the hurts, loss and grief, the angers, the lies, the misunderstandings, the things you wonder why they happened, the remnants of love, the good memories, the bad memories. Look at the items in the room and feel what they represent.

They are all going to go. You are going to clear the room entirely, take the items into the garden and create a huge fire to burn and release them.

See your self taking items out, and placing them to make a pile for a fire. Take out the hurts, the pain, the lies, the angers, the betrayals, the lack of love and the hate. Go back to the room and take out more items. Take down the curtains, bring them out to burn. Brush the floor, and take the sweepings and place them on the fire.

Clean out everything, and place it on the fire.

Go to the now empty and clean room. Close the door, and lock it. This is not an ordinary house, but one that represents your thoughts and feelings about relationships. This mean that the room can begin to shrink, and even disappear if need be.

Imagine walking back out to the garden, and notice the sky. In your hand is a lighter or match, which lights up. Place the flame to the pile of items and set them on fire. The flames grow and spread around the items. The flames burn them all, thoroughly, and the old energy goes up in smoke.

The flames leave only ash, which can over time be absorbed by the ground and reused by the garden. The old is gone.

Walk out of the garden, let the image fade.

Take several relaxing breaths, then open your eyes.

Should you feel you need to repeat this meditation, then you can.

There will be a room in the house which represents your relationship with yourself. You could go and place fresh flowers in that room and if you feel like it, redecorate and refurbish the room. You can be as imaginative as you like. Your subconscious mind can respond to that. (You can also improve other rooms representing other relationships as you wish.)

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FAQs about meditation and online meditation

What if I’m new to meditation?

Meditation is fairly straightforward and in an online meditation you will be given verbal prompts as to what to do. You will soon pick it up.

What does meditation involve?

This depends on the kind of meditation. All meditations have a beginning and an end sequence, and these can be similar for each meditation.

For the beginning, you make yourself comfortable, and close your eyes. You can then focus on your breathing. Just notice your breathing, and observe it for several breaths. This relaxes you, calms your focus, and reduces mind chatter. You can then become aware of the energy of the meditation, relax, and just observe that.

What happens then depends on the kind of meditation. If it is a meditation held in silence and stillness, you allow yourself to notice the peace and calm. Or if there is an energy flowing while you are being silent and still, you relax, and just notice or feel the energy that is flowing in the meditation.

If the meditation is a guided visualization, you relax, listen and go with the flow of any images, feelings and sensations you might notice. It is like being taken on a journey, where you can relax and enjoy.

Towards the end of a meditation, you once again become aware of your breathing, and stay with that for a few breaths at least. You then become aware of your body, and perhaps notice your fingers and your feet and toes. Then when you are ready, you open your eyes.

What clothes should I wear?

The general idea is that you are comfortable. People will often wear loose clothing. Sometimes people like to wear some clothes that for them means they are going to meditate. It’s rather like having a protocol to follow that tells the mind, “Right, this is a special time, it’s time to step away from distractions, the outside world and busy thoughts and feelings, and meditate.” The clothes set the tone for some people.

How should I sit?

Some people like to sit in a traditional yoga lotus position which goes with Indian based meditation techniques. They would also hold thumb and (say, middle) fingers together to allow the flow of prana through the body. It is worth bearing in mind there are other meditation traditions where this won’t be considered a necessity. Some people like to have their hands, palms up, in their laps.

Some people like to kneel, partly sitting on a cushion, and other people are happy to sit in a chair. I find that sitting in a chair works for me as when the energy comes in during meditation, it accesses various chakras in a way where the lotus position and hand positions aren’t the important factors, whereas just being comfortable and open to the energy are important.

Should I eat or refrain from eating before meditation?

It is personal choice. However, in some kinds of meditation, there can be a lot of energy flowing through, and the body responds by using up resources. Generally it is helpful to make sure blood sugar levels are high enough, and having enough minerals in the diet is also helpful. It is better to feel stable and grounded rather than weak and faint, so a decent diet helps as does food after a meditation if it seems to be necessary. The type of diet depends on what helps your body feel nourished.

How long should I meditate?

As a beginner, 20 minutes or so is a good start for a week or so. Then 40 minutes, then an hour. It depends on the kind of meditation.

Working with energy though, it is possible to notice a start, when the energy starts coming in, a period where the energy of the meditation keeps flowing, and then the energy recedes. In this situation, the amount of time for the meditation then depends on when the energy stops, rather than being a set time.

In everyday life, a maximum of an hour a day is OK, as life is for living and loving and learning, and meditation can be used to support this, rather than be a way of avoiding life (with the caveat that sometimes meditation might be required as an escape and a healing respite for a while).

What benefits are there to meditation?

Once you have a feel of how much meditation to do a day feels right to you, meditation can be beneficial. There has been a fair bit of research done on the beneficial effects of meditation. It has been found to reduce stress and anxiety, and physically to lower blood pressure. People seem to become calmer and more relaxed, and happier. Being more relaxed supports creativity and focus, and so improves effectiveness.

I have found that meditations with a focus on self-esteem improve self-esteem. Also with meditation it is possible to improve body image. People can feel better about themselves with the help of meditation, though this can be achieved in other ways, too, (e.g. doing something you can do well at such as sports, singing, a hobby, learning a new skill, public speaking, finding a job you enjoy, and therapy if required).

As I work with chakras and the aura, I have found that meditations that focus on these help to clean up a person’s energy (so they feel better), and I have found it is possible to improve intuition (we all can do it, just needs a bit of preparation and practice).

Meditation can open up someone to the layers of their spirituality, and there is a lot to explore about spirituality through meditation.

Can children meditate?

Yes, though perhaps for shorter times than for adults.

When is the best time of day to meditate?

Any time that suits you or that you can fit into your life if it isn’t possible to prioritise a time. It helps to do meditation when you are not too tired as you might just fall asleep otherwise. Some people like early morning, some people like to meditate at noon, at lunchtime. It is what suits you and when meditations are available if you are doing them online.

There are meditations and articles about meditation and spirituality available on my blog through this link.

How I Got Into Meditation by Jonathan Barber

The author, Jonathan Barber, chilling out.

I started on the path to meditation in the middle of the 1980’s. The first step came about because I was a science teacher in inner-London interested in ways of learning. I came across a book that took a powerful learning technique from Eastern Europe and added in Western style ideas, including creative visualization.

I tried out some of the creative visualisations, liked them and incorporated guided visualization into my science classes. The students loved them, saying they helped them deal with stress. The guided imagery helped too, with learning. In the 1980’s and early 1990’s you didn’t need a certificate or a diploma from some organisation in order to use guided visualization or meditation, and the organisations didn’t exist then anyway.

For myself, I found the techniques really useful for working with the subconscious mind for creativity, and for accessing good ideas.

For the next step, a healer suggested that I should do some Om-ing. I did this, and found that my ability to meditate was deepened. From then on I meditated by sitting in my attempt at a lotus position with eyes closed. First of all I focused on my breathing, become silent, before going into the flow of the meditation.

The meditation work changed me. It opened up my intuition. Along with doing T’ai Chi it helped me become aware of spiritual energy, and it opened up my healing ability.

I started doing healing work, and using breathing techniques and visualization with drug users who wanted to overcome the addictions.

I also accidentally started giving Tarot card readings but without the training. After a while, as I was giving the reading faster than I was looking at the cards, I stopped using them which was somewhat freeing. I put the development of intuition down to the meditation.

Working with people and the energies they brought along which they would release, meant it was necessary to learn and use guided visualizations to clear my aura, polish up my chakras, learn how to protect my aura and chakras, and see off any negative energies, and stay grounded. I would then teach these techniques to others when required.

I found that working with the heart centre helped all the other centres and I worked with the third eye centre, too. This led onto giving Develop Your Intuition workshops, since if I could do it, so could others. Teaching people to use their intuition was a great way to help people find their purpose if they needed to, make better decisions, assess situations, people and their own timeline ahead.

Moving out of London, I kept on meditating and learning more about spirituality, energy, and the possibilities of meditation. I would teach meditation techniques as and when required. I found that the right guided meditation, along with the requisite energy would flow in as I worked with people at that time on a one-to-one basis.

Now in the present moment, wave after wave of new energy is flowing in, which can be expressed through new guided visualization techniques in the moment, brand new; fresh.

I found that spirituality is not static or stagnant. Like a flowing river it is always changing, and each wave of spiritual energy coming in is different just as each wave coming in to the shore is different, and always original. Spirituality is always changing, always fresh. Truth is many layered (think of an onion as a basic analogy). People as spiritual beings are many-layered and always developing spiritually. Newer and newer energies are coming in, and guided visualization and meditations are a way of working with these energies, as the same energies impact on the world around us, bringing change.

I find that using meditation, it is possible to have healing, the right energy and an intuitive sense of the steps to take in life, and an understanding of the order within apparent chaos. Makes life more like surfing a wave rather than falling in it!

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Education? What’s that?

This is a bit different to the kind of article I usually write, though the topic made me think.

Recently, children in the UK in lockdown were given a hotch-potch of learning if they had been attending a state school as schools tried to cope with the changed circumstances with schools being closed. The private schools were up and running with online education as all the students’ families could afford laptops and tablets.

So during lockdown in the UK a two tier education system was running depending on household income, as different curriculums were being offered, one of which wasn’t up to scratch, and there was no way students could be adequately prepared for exams.

Then Elon Musk’s Space X successfully transported two astronauts to the International Space Station, which I found awesome to watch. It was a great achievement.

Elon Musk was interviewed on NASA tv, and there was talk about going to Mars and setting up a colony there.

I got to thinking, with NASA wanting to do mining on the Moon and China wanting to get there before them, some kind of colony or colonies would appear on the Moon. Then there was the Martian colony. Colonies at some point mean children.

I got to thinking, if you were on the Moon or on Mars, what would be considered as a good education? How about five, or ten, or twenty years into a colony? What would an education look like on the Moon or on Mars?

Would children have to study who were the American presidents? Or any other pieces of Earth history? Would they be required to learn Earth Geography, or would it be considered a bit pointless? Would there be a revision of Earth history, particularly of recent history and would it be presented as the bad old days so that the colonies could draw a line, make a new start and define a new life for themselves going into their future. In short, would they junk the Earth and just move forward?

If they were on the Moon or Mars I think it would be important to learn about the geography around them and about any physical and chemical processes that go on there. I could see the point in Maths and Science in a culture so heavily dependent on technology for survival and progress, and in biology. Elon Musk has mentioned about being responsible for the survival of Earth animals, and taking them into space. Biology would be required to be taught, and expanded, due to the differing gravities and the local conditions.

Would old Earth culture, old Earth books and music etc. be taught, or would they be ditched and new culture, more suited to the new conditions be developed. Imagine dance in low gravity environments. Would new language evolve in the new places?

It may be instead that a culture develops which embraces what comes out of the Earth, Moon and Mars, and includes culture that comes out of any other places humans start to inhabit.

For pyschological wellbeing, as well as because of the need to survive and thrive, what would people want to learn?

This led me to think about the education systems of the world right now. Would they benefit from a revolution? Do our education systems educate students to survive and thrive as individuals and a a societal collective in the changing conditions and the new challenges on this planet, or do they need an overhaul?

What do our children need to learn?

Sending Love Around the World

If you want to listen to the meditation it is in the sidebar.

I was feeling that there is a lot of hate, anger, intolerance and lack of respect going on. Hardly surprising with people drowning in the energy flowing in which stirs everything up and brings it to the surface.

Rather than get caught up in the emotional swirl, I thought it would be great instead to send out some love and light to the world, and thought maybe other people would like to do that too.

There are positive and loving people in the world, it’s just that usually, they don’t make the headlines. But they are there.

The meditation:

Sending Love around the world

This is a lovely heart-warming meditation to do.

Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes.

Take a breath, let it go, and relax

Breath gently

Image a beautiful, fragrant white rose appears in the middle of your chest in your heart centre.

Let yourself place your awareness on it and observe it. It is filled with some healing and powerful light and love.

A similar white rose appears in your third eye, just above and in between your eyebrows.

Again, observe this white rose, which is filled also with healing and powerful light and love.

Now this white rose in your third eye, and the white rose in your heart, both open up, and radiate out bright, rainbow light.

The white roses hold a huge store of this rainbow light, which now shines out around you.

The bright, rainbow light spreads out into the space around you, and just keeps on flowing.

Imagine this rainbow light radiating out of your third eye and heart centre, like bright searchlights, spreading the rainbow light out through any building you are in, and out into the neighbourhood.

Imagine the rainbow light from the roses in your heart centre and third eye flowing out and spreading out hundreds of yards or metres, so all the area around you is covered in a layer of rainbow light.

Now imagine seeing the world from very high up, and see you below, and a wave of rainbow light is flowing from the white roses in your heart centre and third eye.

This rainbow light keeps on flowing out and the layer of rainbow light spreads further and further out from you in the centre of this wave.

Feel the rainbow light in your head and in your chest as it keeps on flowing out from you to the world.

You might be able to feel it flowing through people, through places, through plants, animals and birds, and through the minerals and soil in the ground, and flow through any streams, rivers and lakes and even the sea if you are near the sea.

Imagine the rainbow light keeps on flowing out of the white roses in your heart centre and third eye, and that you can see or sense the rainbow light flowing and flowing.

Imagine a wave of rainbow light spreading over the world, so a good sized area of the world is covered, and you sense the rainbow light flowing out more so that about a quarter of the world is covered.

The rainbow light keeps flowing out from your third eye and heart centre.

See the layer of rainbow light expand to cover more than a quarter of the planet…

…and then half the planet. So half the planet glows with rainbow light.

As rainbow light flows out of the white roses within you, see or sense the layer spreading out more, to cover more of the planet, then more and more, until all of the planet is covered in rainbow light filled with powerful and healing love and light.

This love and light heals and mends and brings about change in the way it needs to.

Notice how your heart centre feels and how your third eye feels, and notice how the rest of you feels. You might notice rainbow light all throughout your body. You might notice it going out through all the cordings you have with the people you know and meet, and see this rainbow light flow into these people and through their cordings to the people they know, and so on.

Notice how the rainbow light feels around and in you.

Now the white roses in your third eye and heart gently close up, though the rainbow light that flowed from you is still around for a while to soak into everything to help healing change.

The white roses gently fade and go back to where they came from.

Notice how you feel.

Notice your body.

Take a few deep and gentle breaths.

And open your eyes.

There are some other lovely meditations if you would like to try them, on this website.

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You’ve got to have faith. But how do you do that?

There is such a thing as the Law of Faith which you can use in a situation to get a good outcome, even in seemingly impossible situations. The Law of Faith though, needs to be used in the right way.

Which example do you think is right?

A person is faced with a difficult, or a potentially dangerous situation, or a situation that seems confusing with too many unknowns. The person prays or meditates or simply offers up the issue to God, then gets quiet and waits, knowing they will recieve an answer. The advice might come in words, or images or as a feeling. They might get an answer immediately or when their mind is relaxed as the answer cannot be forced (answers often pop in my head when I’m washing the dishes!). The advice might involve doing something in a new way, so a change in thinking and behaviour is required. The person follows through with the advice, having faith it will work out. They have certainty instead of doubt, as they allow the energy to focus in the right way by having faith.

A different person is faced with situation and just goes right ahead doing what they want to do, while saying (at least to themselves), “It’ll be alright, God will sort it out (or protect me or make sure whatever outcome I want happens)”.

In the last example it is more the person’s will being done, rather than asking what God’s will is in the situation, as God’s will might be different.

Which approach is going to work? Which approach will help that person be on the best timeline?

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