The Truth Shall Set You Free (as long as it actually is the truth)

There is a lot of Light and Love pouring into this planet and the rest creation. This brings about huge change, as you might have noticed, with the aim of bringing about a more loving, peaceful and happier Life for all, after a bit of shaking things up. Humanity has a huge role in all this as they are on the receiving end of some of this love and light. It is humans, individually and collectively, who can feel emotions, think thoughts, construct ideas which become beliefs, and do something and take action. This can affect life for the individual, for their locality, for their nation, and for the world. Humans affect the course of the Future.

People can have thoughts, feelings and beliefs that they hold to be true, and act from these. These may be big acts, or it may be their beliefs affect every decision, and the ways they live their life, down to the details such as what they feel towards others, where they shop, what foods they eat, and their politics and so on.

People can also be on the receiving end of other people’s ideas which influence their own ideas. What other people tell or show them can be information and truthful, or it can be misinformation.

Spiritually in the world, there have been two different forces (just like in Star Wars!) attempting to hold sway over humanity and so affect the course of humanity to fit in with their beliefs. They have been exerting their influence ever since humanity has been around.

There is the Dark Lodge, who like to have control over people and who use and who support tyranny, oppression, misinformation, violence and criminality. They like to keep people oppressed and subservient so they can live luxuriously off these other people. (The name of the lodge refers to how the colour of the spirit looks like on the inner planes and how it looks to the third eye. If you looked at their heart centres, these would be dark.)

Then there is the White Lodge, they are bound by their own ethics in how they behave, and they like people to be free, to be happy, to be fulfilled, to be healthy, and to be developing spiritually. (White energy around them, and heart centres with white light in them.)

Both Lodges have beings on the inner planes who can be thought of as Dark guides and Light guides, and they have people on this planet who can be thought of as their agents, getting things to happen. If this was a game of chess, which is a good analogy, then the inner plane beings and the agents can be thought of as the main pieces. Then there are ordinary people who lean to either the Dark Lodge, and who are influenced by them and do their Dark bidding, or who lean to the White Lodge and do their more love-and-light inspired bidding. These ordinary people are like the pawns in chess.

The Dark Lodge will attempt to influence people to do things that are not good for them, and / or are not good for other people or the planet.

The White Lodge will attempt to influence people to do something that is good for themselves, for others, and the planet. They try to inspire and appeal to people’s best nature. Basically, they will try to support people to move forward along their spiritual journey, while the Dark Lodge will find ways that get people to be blocked from moving forward on their spiritual journey.

The dark Lodge wrote the play book on how to negatively influence people: brainwashing, torture, extortion, exploitation, making dependent, abuse, bullying, lying, using temptation, appealing to people’s laziness, indifference, hatred, prejudice, pride, self-righteousness, desire for rage, desire to hurt, insecurities, their likeing for glamour, their lust, their greediness, their fear, sometimes their need to belong and be accepted, their need to escape life (eg getting out of it, getting high or drunk or both), and their need to feel special or different.

Spiritually, people have a soul, a piece of God quite literally, within them. This prompts and helps them move along their spiritual journey. When people do the right thing there is a feeling of rightness, of certainty and love. The Dark Lodge try to block that, or distort and twist it at least. A bit like muddying the water, making things less clear.

The Dark Lodge can take an idea and twist it a bit by putting something in to appeal to humanity’s worst Nature. Take for example the idea that respecting a group of people is a good idea. At this point there is love and light in the idea. But how about then pointing out that people who don’t respect are bad, evil or “less than” and should be blocked, punished or hurt, or at an extreme level, killed? The Dark Lodge type people can take a good idea, hijack it, and turn it into something that achieves their own ends. The people who came up with the original idea feel like what it has morphed into is not what they wanted at all.

So, imagine there is a post on social media saying it is a good thing to respect a certain group of people. That’s positive. Then someone, with dark Lodge affiliation, comes along and makes a post saying this group of people should be respected, that they are victims of another group of people who are not worth anything and should be attacked. The good idea has been hijacked and dark twists introduced that can inflame people’s prejudices and emotions, and so people who see the post act from these twists, rather than from love. As people are fed posts with these twists, many of these people will be taken in by them (not everybody though, some people have a good sense of what feels right to them).

Social media has on it positive posts, but it also is deliberately flooded with negative posts, and positive ideas that have been hijacked and polluted, as well as some downright negative posts.

We live in a time of truth and untruth, of information, deliberate misinformation and ignorance. The untruths and misinformation are basically the product of the Dark Lodge and its pawns. It can seem difficult to know what is true and what is fake, what is positive and what is twisted or negative. If you have a third eye that is really fired up and a good intuition, it is easy. If you haven’t, there is another age old way. A pendulum.

Used by people for a very long time to answer questions with two answers, usually yes or no. There are links to training and books about using a pendulum below.

You can look at a social media post, and use a pendulum near it and ask, “Is this post positive?”, “Is this post loving?”, or “Is this post good for me?” If the answer is “yes” the pendulum will swing in one direction. If the answer is “no” it will swing in a different direction. That is a simple way to ascertain the truth.

Sometimes though, answers might not be so clear cut, as an idea might be generally good, but it has been polluted with one or more dark twists to pull the energy off the right track. It has become a mix of truth and untruth, where it can be hard to get to what’s really important.

Here you could use a scale, like a thermometer, going on one side from zero to five where five is very truthful, and on the other side, zero to negative five, where this is totally untrue. If there is a post and you use the pendulum on it, you can ask, “Is this post above zero in the amount of truthfullness?”. Then you can home in on just how true it is. For instance, ask “Is this post above three in its level of truthfulness?” You can keep going and ask if the post is above four and so on. If the original answer was that it was below zero, you can ask if the post is below negative one, or two etc.

In this way, it is possible to NOT be taken in by social media posts. The same approach can be applied to people’s opinions. In this day and age, people give their opinion frequently, and other people are influenced by them. Opinions are only opinions and they are not facts. If there is a situation, a person will perceive it through their own beliefs, prejudices and knowledge or lack of knowledge about the situation. Using a pendulum works great on people’s opinions so you know who to listen to.

Who do you trust? One time, I saw a demonstration on TV which had people demonstrating outside a meeting of defence ministers from various countries. The people were demonstrating against war and against military involvement. I thought it was good they were demonstrating as less, and then no war would be great. I checked the heart centre of one of the protesters. I was shocked to see it was very dark! This was more complicated that I had previously thought. Their intention was not actually light filled or loving, and there was another agenda going on. Also, they had a lot of hatred in them, which was a surprise. I had to take a look at the bigger picture, literally a more global picture, and look at the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. This is a complicated world, not simple, and the right action that needs to be taken isn’t usually the simplistic one. It’s more like a game of chess. That demonstrator would have given a certain opinion on the situation, and a pendulum would have been useful to figure out the truth in it. I have now developed the habit of checking out a person’s heart centre for the amount of light or dark when I see them on TV or in real life. If it is dark, I know not to believe them, no matter how much they smile, or how much they try to deceive with charm. I trust the ones with light looking heart centres, even if they occasionally mess up (that’s a thing about being human).

The idea of using a pendulum and a scale, positive one side and negative on the other side, could also be used to check how truthful a book is, or how truthful a TV programme is, or a TV interview (now which one could that be?), or a documentary, or an advertisment, or how truthful the pronouncement from a government spokeperson is, or from a spokesperson from the local government or from a company, or from a spiritual teacher (checking these can be a bit surprising).

A scale and a pendulum could also be used to assess how much love and light there is in an idea, belief, business, website, app, person, organisation, product, therapy, spiritual teacher and so on, as this gets behind any facade to the core of the situation. The truth can set you free, if you want it to.

Something that is deeply untruthful and deceitful, and completely lacking in love and light are deep fakes. These do the work of the Dark Lodge to lie to people and con them. They are produced by people aligned to the Dark Lodge. But these Dark Lodge types are limited rather than clever. Real people that you can see and hear when you are physically around them have a soul, they have chakras, an aura with an astral body and a mental body. These aspects of a person can’t be copied by any AI, by any quantum computer. All they can produce is a hollow fake. So, with a pendulum and looking at a picture or video of a person, you ask, “Is this a real person?” Job done. If your third eye is up and running, you can look at an image to look form the chakras and so on. Whereas the ears, eyes and mind can be fooled, a pendulum and intuition will know the truth.

So live life, get your pendulum, and swing into action!

Links to help you:

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Pendulums from the American Society of Dowsers (also have books and a lot of info)

This are just two sources of pendulums and information. There may be a society / organisation in your own country. There are other websites with courses and videos on how to use a pendulum to help you get the swing of it.