About myself, and a bit about spiritualgrowthadventure

There is much more possible with meditation than people realise.

Meditating is like opening a door into a room or space that can be small or large, or with other qualities. Meditation can be used for relaxation, which is like opening a door onto a space that is very comfortable. Or it can be used to open a door into a space that is quiet or calm as with mindfulness. You can meditate in a traditional way that is focused on the mind, and this is like going into a room that is well, the mind.

There are some other doors. if you meditate not on your head, not on your thoughts, not on your mind, but on your heart centre, you open up a door into a space that is light filled, love filled, with glimpses of your soul, and into a space that is pretty much infinite and filled with some wonderful spiritual qualities. It is a good door to go through for spiritual growth, and this is for starters.

People often ask the questions, “Who am I?”, “What am I?”

Are people just minds so all they need is meditation focussed on the mind?

Spiritual growth can mean different things to different people. It can mean exploring everything you are as a spiritual being. There is plenty to explore through meditation. You have a soul wearing the vehicle of a physical body. You have an astral body, an etheric body and a mental body; you are an energetic being. You have chakras or centres on the physical, etheric, astral and mental levels. You have an aura. All these play a role spiritually. Through meditation these aspects of you can be explored, tuned up and worked on to help you along with your spiritual growth. You have a heart centre, you have a body with a mind (around the solar plexus), you have a personality mind (which changes with each lifetime), and a subconscious mind (which again changes). You have an inner plane, inner life, and an inner space to explore. In your being are angelic energies and devic energies to explore. You have a higher self, a future self (time doesn’t exist on the inner planes like it does in the physical world), you have past lives, you have timelines. You have Perfect Masters influencing your life and your karma, and their divine energy can be quite something to meditate on. Learning about them really has to be a a major spiritually development.

So who and what are you?

There is so much to get to know about yourself. There is so much to get to know about the energetic world you live in even as you live in the physical world in this time of change, as the physical world is moved along spiritually and all the old karma is rapidly worked through. (In fact, spirituality can help you to handle change and get on the best timeline.)

Through meditation, you can enhance your wellbeing, develop your intuition, and be sensitive to your best timeline. You can perceive what the world is like from an energy point of view, and experience the Divine within yourself and within Life. As you do this you get more of a sense of the bigger picture and notice how God helps you. You can appreciate the value of doing the right things for yourself, and for others and appreciate being on the best timeline for yourself. You get to sense more of what Life is all about.

This website, this blog with its meditations and the information on it is like a doorway that opens up to a light-filled space, with further doors that can lead on to a fuller exploration of who and what you are, and it can lead on to some wonderful spiritual energies. Then there is more …

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