Starlight meditation

Just enough. There are plenty of things in life and our planet (and universe) that are good for us when we have just enough, and not too much or too little. So just enough food and water, just enough fresh air, nature, and sunshine, and just enough sleep and rest.

Our bodies, aura and chakras can cope with small fluctuations in what we give them, and too much or too little can cause problems over time. Something that is helpful or healing if taken too much or in the wrong way can cause severe problems. If someone drinks too much sage tea while trying to clear and detox their body, they can damage their kidneys. If they take too much bentonite in over-concentrated form, or in pure form, they can clog up their intestines rather than clear them.

Energy works the same way in meditation. The amount and type of energy you need depends on your body, nervous system, aura and centres. In a different incarnation, in a different planet and body type, your needs would be different. And there are many types of situations and energy in this universe and creation.

This meditation is about starlight. You don’t want to get too close to a star and get fried, and you don’t want to be too far away and not receive enough energy. In this meditation though, the stars are going to be inside you.

The meditation uses multiple stars to provide the energy, rather than one specific star. In this way you receive a wash of frequencies, rather like if you take a walk in the woods, you receive a wash of frequencies from all the trees rather than one (plus the ground and air and so on).

The Native American culture of a long time ago had a strong connection with all aspects of Nature and had an understanding of energy in a spirit way. So touching and assimilating energy means also touching and assimilating different kinds of spirit. In this case the spirit of the stars.

The meditation may also have an ET feel to it, which is apt considering some of the people of earth are starting to make beginning steps to get into space. (Though the understanding of space-time, materials and the maths to deal with these for fast space travel aren’t there yet. Still tucked away on the upper astral levels and mental levels, ready for the right time.)

Read this first before trying:

Sitting upright in a comfortable position, let white light from high above flow onto you and through you, like a gentle stream of silent, glowing bright white light. Let this gentle white light wash out anything locked in the nerves, organs, bones and muscles into the ground.

Now imagine yourself in a forest clearing as twilight turns to a moonless night. The air is still, the air is silent. As that infinite sky up above grows darker, you see a multitude of stars becoming visible in the blackness of space. This blackness above has a spirit, and each and every star has a spirit.

As the black of space touches you with its calmness, the stars radiate their light and love like many songs and greetings. As more and more stars appear the stronger the touch and the starlight becomes.

As you look inside yourself you sense the blackness of space, with its silent and still calm, inside you. You feel what it is to be human in a more expanded way. Then stars appear inside you, like an image of what you sensed above. The stars inside become more numerous, and touch you inside with their starlight and song. There is just enough blackness of space, and just enough starlight, to give you what you need. The stillness and calm soaks into your body. The starlight soaks into your body, heart and mind. Notice the stars in your hands and feet, in your arms and legs, and your body and head. Feel how your body feels for a while.

You look above to see the stars in the black of space.

White light from above touches you on the top of your head, and you feel your feet and your toes, and your hands and body, as the images recede.

Open your eyes.

Apart from hydrogen, the other atoms in your body have been made in stars, which have then exploded, and the atoms have been blown out into the space around. Some of these end up coalescing into planets, like this earth.

In a spiritual sense, stars are complex. They have a deva that is quite developed, and stars can host a being similar to the solar logos that is in our own sun. This is quite a role for a soul. Stars are spiritually important in our universe.