Happiness, Spirituality, and the Grit to Make a Pearl

A terrorist attack occurred at a Tunisian beach resort in front of a hotel with many tourists. As the firing begins a man tells his girlfriend to run to the hotel. He stands between his girlfriend and the terrorists preventing them from shooting her and as he blocks her he is shot. He survives and is taken to hospital where he recovers. His girlfriend is safe.

When the terrorists appear and the shooting started he is unlikely to have been thinking happy thoughts. What feelings he had I wouldn’t want to guess as I’m not him. What he did though was to spontaneously save his girlfriend even if it meant he could have been injured or killed. Silly question this, but as he was shot would he have been likely to have been thinking and feeling happiness? How about pain? At that moment he hadn’t been thinking about his happiness or that it was important to be happy. He was prepared to sacrifice himself.

He was prepared to do what he felt to be right. Likely if he hadn’t and if his girlfriend had been shot he may have regretted not saving her for the rest of his life, But that is just a guess, as I’m not that man.

Sometimes, there are more important things in life than being happy. At least in the moment, in the short-term. If someone sacrifices themselves and lives, then for the rest of their life, in the background, there is a sense of peace within themselves that they did the right thing.

What makes people happy is doing the right thing at the right time.

That is one aspect of happiness, anyway, and actually happiness is a complex issue. 

It is a spiritual truth that God is in all of us. That means that love, peace and happiness are within us all. In all lives. But then, why aren’t people always happy, and instead can be terribly depressed, or angry, or addicted, or the victim of abuse or crime, or they can be in pain, or filled with unsatisfied desires.

There are some so-called spiritual teachers who would claim that someone who isn’t happy is doing something wrong, and they are making the wrong choices with their thoughts. But then, what they say is merely their opinion based on what they know. (Also this piece of writing is merely my opinion based on what I know.)

We have many, many lives and in all these lives the soul gets to learn through a vast amount of different experiences. The soul grows in consciousness of itself in this epic spiritual journey. As it does this, the soul realises what it isn’t, until the wonderful point where it realises what it is (usually with the helpful input of someone who has already reached and gone past that point).

The soul builds and balances karma as it goes through these lives. The karma generates the experiences that the soul goes through and learns through. The soul extends part of itself into Life and as its spirit grows and is refined, in each of the human lifetimes, it also has a personality to do the experiencing. The soul can wear a different personality for each different lifetime. During that lifetime the personality evolves and changes over time as it learns from Life.

The experiences, at least from the personality point of view, can be good or what we often think of as bad (painful, upsetting, disappointing and so on). To the soul, which has part of itself in time and most of itself outside time, it is just experience.

So in some lives, there will be a lot of happiness. In other lives, due to the karma and also how the personality reacts to the experiences, there won’t be much happiness experienced, and the emotions experienced will be what the soul needs for its learning and development, like the grit in the pearl. For the soul, being happy all the time isn’t the goal. The goal is to have a vast range of experiences and emotions, and grow through that, and arrive at the Goal, in which there is happiness, though it really is a Divine state of Love.

So if you are experiencing the grit, that is OK, though I appreciate you would rather be experiencing happiness, and it might not be much consolation that your soul is doing OK.

Now, having read all of that you know more than many so-called spiritual teachers!

If you aren’t experiencing happiness, your soul might be OK with this, though it will also be quite fine with becoming happy.

It isn’t wrong to experience all kinds of emotions other than happiness. It is natural and normal for humans to experience emotions. It is part of being human.
What is unnatural is to try to block emotions and try to force a state of calm because of the deluded idea that being calm and continually happy is a spiritual goal. It isn’t. Even when you are experiencing intense emotions the very core of you, where God is, is experiencing Love and peace. It can never leave you.

Emotions are energy that is supposed to flow. Suppressing emotions because someone tells you inner peace and happiness is what you have if you are “spiritual” (or their version of spiritual at any rate), is an unhealthy thing to do. Emotions can be like fuel to actually help along the spiritual journey if allowed to move and be expressed in the right way. Mind you, emotions can also be destructive to others and self if expressed in a negative or inappropriate way, and slow down the spiritual journey. But suppressing and stifling them is also unhelpful.

I came across a story about a woman in India whose husband had died. She was trying to put a brave face on matters. She was known to a spiritual person called Meher Baba (means compassionate Father) and she visited him. She was smiling, holding it all in, trying to be happy in front of her Master, as being happy is generally the thing to do to keeps ones’ energy up. Generally, but not always. Meher Baba knew her husband had died, and he spoke to her about her husband and his death in a way that got her to feel what she was holding inside. The tears flowed, the emotions flowed. Meher Baba wanted her to know that it was important to allow her feelings to flow, as this would lead over time to a new equilibrium and a sense of a new happiness.  

Humans are amazing in that they have emotional energy which they can experience, and this energy can inspire great things, and be the fuel to create great things.

Emotions that are suppressed can literally get stuck in the body, and the body is like a recording device. Emotions can be held in the body for many decades, and bubble up to the surface after years, along with the memory of the events they are associated with.

It is understanding emotions and knowing how to deal with them which can be one way of becoming happy.

Emotions can be self-generated. If we have a positive personality in this life to learn from, we can have a positive perspective on life and think positive thoughts, leading to happy emotions and a glowing aura as well. If we have a “negative” personality to learn from in this lifetime, well we get to learn to overcome that if we can, and learn to appreciate, to praise, to be grateful, and to forgive.

Some lives we have, it can be very hard to experience happiness. For instance, if there is depression, painful physical illness, or mental illness. Dealing with the emotions and physical and mental pain can take a lot of effort. But humans have the capacity to do what they need to do and persevere. Spiritual sound bites about happiness don’t work in these cases, and if there is going to be some kind of helpful intervention, it needs to be compassionate, long-term, and given with an understanding of the person and what they are going through.

Say if someone has been through a terrible experience and has PTSD, the negative energy of the experience is in their aura, and the emotional energy is in their system as well, perhaps on continual loop, so its effects are constantly being experienced. It can take time and help to remove this energy and the emotions to allow in more happiness.

If someone has experienced a breakdown of some sort or an intense mental illness, their aura can be shattered. They can be very tired and happiness comes in small moments. It can take time, rest, love and support for healing to happen.

Then there are other issues where life can be a constant battle to stay positive and for life to go on. For instance, with addictions. Survival, and happiness has to be literally fought for, for an addiction to be overcome.

It is not unusual to hear that to be spiritual and therefore happy we have to be desireless. People can react to this kind of comment in different ways, and it can be an ego thing eg “I have less desires than you therefore I’m more spiritual”. Or, “Oh no, I have desires, so I’m not spiritual. Quick get rid of them.” Fun and games.

But remember in different lives we have different karma. We do have lives where we desire to have lots of things such as money, power and possessions. It’s just experience. Then we get lives where we desire little. At some point we have lives where desires mean nothing to us, we are just not interested in them and put no energy into them. So if you have a big multi-million dollar yacht right now, enjoy it while you can.

There are some humans who have intense desires. They have an intensely fierce desire God. Their love and desire for God are extreme and they constantly have their inner eye fixed on God. These people are called masts (pronounced “musts”). Their desire draws God’s energy to them so that they have a huge energy field, and are like spiritual generators. They often are unaware of their external circumstances because the only important thing to them is God. They are God intoxicated. They live totally for God. Of course, they get looked after and aided on the inner planes along their spiritual journey.

There are different routes to God, and like the masts, some of those routes involve having desires, though not so intoxicating or intense. As previously mentioned, in some lives, having desires is what needs to be experienced. If you want to think about desires of a spiritual orientation, you can have the desire to love and support others. These others could be a partner, or a relative, or children, or friends or strangers who you don’t know yet, or animals or the environment. If the desire has love in it like this, then it has a spiritual basis, and as mentioned before, life is about doing the right thing at the right time, so being true to yourself and doing that is better than listening to other people’s opinions about what they think you have to do to be spiritual.

In what other ways can happiness come about?

This list is just contains a number of suggestions:

Do what feels to be the right thing at the right time.

Say the right thing at the right time. 

Be true to yourself and think about things. Don’t take other people’s opinions as gospel (not even this; think about it!)

Learn to trust your heart, and trust your feelings.

Develop your third eye and intuition (helpful for looking at people’s heart centres so you then know who to trust).

Be around people who encourage you, and who will also tell you if they think you aren’t on the right track. 

Look after your health. Do what you need to do to be healthy.

Do loving things for yourself; love yourself.

Be kind to yourself; eg. hot chocolate, nights off, and relaxing.

Do loving things for others; love others.

Let yourself receive; learn to receive.

Appreciate yourself! And others.

Forgive yourself. And others.

Spend time with people you love.

Know that you have talents and interests. Find these and use then and do them.

Be in places you enjoy. See sights you enjoy. Listen to sounds you enjoy.

Be out in Nature.

Learn new things, take steps outside your boundaries. Keep growing.

Do the things that make you happy, now and in the long term.

Remember God.

© 2022 Jonathan Barber

Oh, and remember to Smile!

The tide has changed.

It used to be the case that life was fairly predictable and it was a safe bet that we could be comfortable with the familiarity of an existence where we knew that tomorrow life would be rather like today. The same kind of life would be happening, and there may be some surprises but not too many to destabilise our ideas and expectations about life.

In a spiritual sense, life was heavily influenced by our karma so life trundled along in its own way. There was a steady familiairty as old institutions and organisations that were based on old values and old energy held sway.

But now, on a personal level, on a societal level and a national level, and also on a global level, the old energy is being ripped up and new energy is being injected into life on all levels. Change on all levels needs to happen and it is happening. The old guides to life and the old ideas don’t work in this new world, where the old energy is being demolished and the new energy is coming in, no matter how hard people try to fight to hang onto the old ways and the old energy, a lot of which was quite slow frequency and also twisted anyway.

It is to be expected that people will try to hang on to the old life, to the old structures in life and to the old ways of living. If that has served them well in the past and if it all they know. But for them, alas, it will be to no avail.

For those people who were already disillusioned with the old ways of doing things then all this change is likely to be embraced, and the new, emerging aspects of life will be accepted.

As new energy flows into this emerging world the old maps of how to live life won’t work. What does work is paying attention to your intuition and trusting.

Everything is changing, and though it isn’t possible to understand the changes, there are new opportunities emerging as the old ways of living change. Life looks messy at the moment. However, the new energy coming in that is ripping up the old and creating the new is also offering the new information required to live in this world and to be part of the change.

All you have to do is trust everything is going to work out, and use your intuition to go with the flow. And Smile.


Why are things the way they are?

We live in times of unprecedented change, upheaval and uncertainty. Often people wonder why, and why if there is a God does He allow this to happen? Particularly this is the case if there is suffering, death or hardship involved. Why bother to be spiritual if God is like that? For instance, there are enough people who practice some form of spirituality in places like California, Australia and Florida who could try to use the idea that their thoughts create their reality. Yet they still experience fires or floods and lose their homes. So what is going on?

Some spiritual knowledge and understanding helps.

There is some knowledge that either isn’t known or isn’t understood in the West, or even in the East for that matter.

Generalising, a lot of New Age ideas came about in America and then spread around the globe. But modern America didn’t have all the knowledge. The initial immigrants to America came from Britain and Europe. Their spiritual or religious background was Christianity, and modern America was based predominantly on Christianity (though the Founding Fathers as they were called also had spiritual knowledge from their Freemason tradition, but as this was secret, it wasn’t expressed openly). The Native American traditions and knowledge were not taken up by the Europeans.

In Christianity there is no concept of reincarnation. There is no concept of karma. There was nothing about meditation. There was the notion, based on the Bible, about using thoughts through prayer, focus, and affirmation. Out of this spiritual foundation came ideas for the New Age, with some ideas thrown in from people in the hippy culture who had travelled to India and surrounding countries.

The New Age culture had the idea of thoughts determining reality, and a lot of new ideas blossomed about healing, therapies, psychology and relationships that many people have found useful. But important concepts were missing.

There is the concept of a soul, derived initially from the Christian background. But there is more to the soul than what is stated in Christian teachings.

Briefly put, the soul is literally a piece of God. The soul initially experienced itself to be totally connected to God, existing in a place that is Divine Love and Light, that can be called The Beyond or Reality.

A simple description of what happens then is that the soul drops down, and falls asleep as it drops (usually). And it drops into Creation (or the Illusion). It drops to the very bottom of Creation, then starts to have its first lifetime in mineral form, with zero consciousness. In its next lifetime as a different kind of mineral it has an ever-so-small increase in its consciousness. With every next lifetime there is a tiny increase in consciousness, and also later on, awareness. The soul builds up a great experience of Life. It also gets to learn what it is not, as it leaves behind the old form. But it doesn’t know what it is.

When you really look into reincarnation and past lives, you discover that we all have had a huge number of past lives as humans. Going further back there are the many lifetimes in mineral form, plant form and animal form before the human lives.

When the soul reaches the human lives, in some of those lives, the personality the soul has incarnated as, asks questions such as, “Who am I?”, and, “What is the purpose of life?”. There is still some waking up to do, and when it does, the soul and the personality perhaps, get to wake up properly and know themselves, really know themselves as God, as a living experience. (Easy words to write, but to really know it is something else.)

What makes each lifetime different to the one before?


Just by being, even doing nothing, all souls build up karma as they experience each lifetime.

There is positive karma which is built up by being positive, and which we experience in a happy way. Negative karma which can feel uncomfortable or extremely painful is built up by negative thoughts, feelings and actions.

In the lives we have, as well as creating karma, we balance it, use it up, neutralise it. Before each incarnation, on the inner planes we have a discussion with our Higher Selves and perhaps guides and arrange what karma to go through for that life to balance things up. Often as we arrange to incarnate at the same time as other people it literally is that “all the world’s a stage”, and we play roles. In one life someone can be an enemy, in the next a friend, in another they can be brother or sister or mother and so on. In one life we can be very rich and to balance karma in others we can be poor. Its all a balancing act.

The karma, positive or negative, that we experience can come from many lifetimes ago.

To make the picture more complicated or richer depending on your point of view, there is also karma linked to any family and group you are in. There is also karma to do with your village, town or city, and area. Each country has its own karma that affects everyone living in it. Each larger region has its own karma. There is planetary karma, which the whole planet experiences, and also solar system wide karma. There is galactic karma, too (ever seen pictures of two galaxies colliding?), and Universe level karma.

Life is a process where karma gets balanced. In these times, there is a huge amount of Love and Light pouring into the planet Earth and creation. This is to move things on to a more loving and light filled time. But before this can happen, the old karma is being stirred up, and brought to the surface for rapid balancing.

Hence the upheaval and uncertainty. But if you sharpen your intuition and focus on being in your heart, you can navigate these times.

© Jonathan Barber 2021

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Spiritual energy flowing in equal CHANGE!

Humanity has to change so change happens to it, as change happens in everything else, too. The Old is done away with and the New, more conscious, more developed, emerges.

When karma is sped up, change for humanity can be a bit bumpy when people are on the wrong timeline. Fine, when people are on the right timeline. (There are plenty of posts on this site about timelines and about using intuition to get on the best timeline for anyone who wants to know.)

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Kinds of Karma

Souls incarnate on this Earth, in Creation, and as they go through Life through many lifetimes, they create karma, experience karma and balance karma. There are different kinds of karma. The karma molds the experiences they have and what the soul in physical form does.

Souls in physical bodies create karma all the time. Even just by being, such as when people are breathing, and standing still, as well as by thinking and doing things.

Consider humans, not only can they create, and balance and go through karma individually, they can do this as a family, for instance eating a meal, or going someplace.

People can create and go through karma as a group, for instance a group of fans watching sports match or a music concert, a group of people demonstrating, working for an organisation, and investing in a certain stock.

Then there is regional karma where something is experienced or done by an entire population of a region. One example would be New York and the recent pandemic.

There is national level karma that is created by a nation and experienced by a nation. For instance, one nation goes to war against another nation, a nation experiences having a political leader, or having sanctions applied against them, or they all (or most) have a day off work in a nationwide holiday.

There is global karma where the entire planet creates karma, such as by creating pollution, and experiences karma as a planet, such as experiencing a global pandemic, or rising sea levels.

So there is individual, family, group, regional, national and global karma. There is even solar system karma. For instance, the solar system may experience cosmic rays from a quasar, or there is an increase in solar activity. There is even galactic karma that applies to a whole galaxy. There are some galaxies that are crashing into each other, for example.

For each of the above there is positive karma, which is experienced as something happy and pleasant. There is negative karma which tends to be experienced as something unpleasant or horrible, but when it is gone into in detail, it always turns out to be something that is balancing out another experience, or balancing out negative energy from a previous life or lives.

Then there is opportunistic karma that can go either positively or negatively, depending on choices perceived, positive or negative attitude, and decisions made.

We are not only physical beings, but we have an astral body which relates to emotions, and we have a mental body, which relates to thoughts. So through what we do, feel and think, we have physical level karma, astral level karma and mental level karma. And these are positive, negative and opportunistic.

In our lives, we balance out karma from the past, sometimes from distant past lives, and we usually create karma, which gets carried over to be balanced in some future lifetime. As mentioned in another article, the karma gives us something to experience and learn from at soul level, and so develop in consciousness over many lifetimes.

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Your Past Lives, Karma and Spirituality

Most of what we do in this lifetime to express our spiritual nature is built on many past lives.

We have lives where our karma is all about learning and practising a spiritual skill and  developing our consciousness. In some past lives we may have had the karma to prepare our chakras, aura and bodies, then learn forms of healing. We may, lifetime after lifetime, have learned how to use specific chakras such as the third eye, or other chakras we would use in later lifetimes.

These past lives can have been way back, further than Altlantean root race times, and in Lemurian  root race times. Some of the lives can have been in time periods we know something about.

If you are fairly good or very good at meditation without any props (such as chemicals or music) it is likely you would have had one or more past-lives as a Buddhist, who were experts at meditation, the mind and what could be done with the mind. Similarly, you could have had past lives in India with it’s remarkable ground energy, practising meditation techniques drawing on the rich spiritual heritage there of Avataric incarnations of Ram and Krishna and other teachings in the Hindu body of spiritual knowledge.

Some of the more advanced knowledge would have been very technical and complex, requiring a lot of study and practice.

People who are drawn to Atlantean energy techniques would have had at least one lifetime in that time period in the area of the world that was influenced by that culture.

Throughout human history going way back there have been so many cultures around the world for people to have had past lives in, that were beacons of spirituality. There were Shamanic traditions in Europe, Asia and the Americas. (A long time ago what is now Russia and Alaska were joined so people and animals could travel and migrate.) People who like herbs, for medicinal use, for meditation, astral travel and meditation would have had lifetimes to build up knowledge and abilities. These and other lifetimes would be planned out on the inner planes between physical lives.

There are so many places in the world where it was possible to learn to use the body and chakras and aura for healing. A clue to Lemurian energy handling techniques comes from massage techniques and exercises done before massage in the huna tradition found in Hawaii. This knowledge extended throughout Polynesia (and there is a lot more to it than what is mentioned here). Other places where people could incarnate in past lives to learn how to use energy and heal would include China, in the Taoist tradition, in the Muslim Sufi traditions (think of the poets Rumi and Hafiz), in the Celtic Druid religion in the British Isles (very deep spiritual knowledge and think of Stonehenge and other stone circles). People could have had past lives in early Christian communities before the corruption at the centre of the Roman Catholic church, and in some Orthodox communities (knew a lot about breathing techniques).  The Ancient Egyptian culture was a place where people learnt about using energy, after the Atlantean period. People may also have had past lives learning Jewish mysticism and practising spirituality based on Kabbalah. I really don’t know much about spirituality in Africa, other than there must have been some traditions and teachings as there are still witch doctors and there was great skill with herbs.

What it would have been like to have one or more past lives in a culture such as the Native American culture before the destructive arrival of Europeans. The cultures had a deep spirituality which guided life and the relationship with Nature. There are very likely to be people alive today who did have past lives in these cultures.

The interests and skills that spiritual people have who are alive now can sometimes but not always give a clue to past lives of a spiritual nature and the kind of religions and spiritual practices they have been involved in. All that training got them to the point they are now at.

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How your karma and the Law of Opposites helps you grow

We reincarnate time and time again to experience life and grow in consciousness and understanding. Karma gives us experiences in Life through which our souls can learn and develop.

There are some spiritual laws that show up in karma that people have in a particular lifetime. The spiritual aim of the game of life is to get through the allotted karma for that life. One law is the Law of Saturation.  This means that a person gets saturated with one type of situation or experience in their life repeatedly until the soul is saturated with it. Or they may have as many lives as is required of a certain type of experience. For instance, a person can have quite a few lives (say, thirty or more) where they get to look after one particular person and develop their love and their heart centre. Once the person/soul has had enough then they move onto different karma with different situations happening.

Another law that applies a lot to karma is the Law of Opposites. This law often occurs in reincarnation. As an example, in one lifetime a soul can be in a female body, in the next lifetime the soul will be in a male body.

Another example, in one lifetime the soul can be in a personality that is very wealthy. In the next lifetime the soul can be in an existence where it experiences poverty. (The karma is different if a person has used their wealth for the benefit of others rather than being selfish). The Law of Opposites balances things out nicely, and to the soul it is all experience to learn from. That doesn’t mean to say that the personality enjoys the experience, as their attitudes and opinion of what they are going through depends on what the personality mind is like. If they have a “glass half-full” kind of mind, they will enjoy it.

Yet another example, a  person/soul can be an aggressor one lifetime and a victim in a future lifetime, quite likely with the same soul. Souls have tended to come into creation in soul families so a soul is likely to have come across the same souls repeatedly, but in different circumstances (friend, enemy, brother, sister, parent, child and so on). On the inner planes, a higher aspect of ourselves will arranging who comes down to do what and with whom. What goes on down here in creation is our karma being worked out with our fellow souls being involved in the goings-on as well.

The Law of Opposites can show up in other ways in the kind of lifetimes we have. Souls have lifetimes where they are linked to the dark lodge, where they learn about and experience lives getting up to no good. On the opposite, souls have lifetimes being linked to the white lodge, and doing good. The karma gets balanced out – usually.

Souls have lives where they are brilliantly clever, and lives where they are slow thinking. They have lives where the soul experiences what it is like to be physically beautiful and lives where they are not physically beautiful.

Where a soul has hurt or killed others in one or more previous lives, in other lives they do the opposite, in a healing capacity or saving lives, perhaps sacrificing their own lives to do so. In these ways, karmic debts are paid.

Souls will have lives where they are not interested in spirituality, and lives where they are (like this one if you are reading this).

There are many other examples of the rich variety of experiences and lives that the Law of opposites generates. What has been mentioned above is only a small part of what is possible, and doesn’t even include examples of lives a soul will experience in the mineral, plant or animal kingdoms.

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Reincarnation, karma, gender and sexuality

At this moment in time issues to do with being female and being male, and sexuality are important as a lot of spiritual energy is flowing in to move them forward (which usually means a bit of a shakedown and a lot of karma and emotions gone through until a new balance is achieved). Gender and sexuality from a reincarnation point of view can give us a new perspective:

In human lifetimes, souls take on lives with different genders so that different karma can be worked on. The spiritual law of opposites can apply so that a male (genetically) will next life have a female (genetically) lifetime. A female will have a next lifetime as a male. This way a soul has experience as each sex, and of what it means to be that sex.  A soul will experience lifetimes where their physical anatomy is atypical of male or female anatomy.

A soul will also have lifetimes experiencing different sexualities, and lifetimes where they feel they are female in a male body, and a male in a female body, and so on, along with feeling male in a male body, and female in a female body. To the soul, this is all experience over the many, many lifetimes.

What would it be like if you are female now and suddenly remembered how you were as a male? Or how about if you are male now and remembered how you were, what life was like in a previous female life?

Usually people don’t get to remember their past lives or feel them. When a soul incarnates there is a process where the soul enters the energy field around the planet through the ring-pass-not. When the soul goes through this there is a forgetting, an amnesia so that any information that would interfere with this life being lived afresh is blocked. Because of this we don’t get to remember what it is like to be a female or be a male, or to have a specific sexuality or a lifetime when sexuality wasn’t important to us.

There is a lot in here if you read in between the lines that can be food for thought.

If you want more about reincarnation take a look at If Reincarnation were true how would you live your life?            https://spiritualgrowthadventure.com/2016/03/13/if-reincarnation-were-true-how-would-you-live-your-life/

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