Getting grounded meditation

(This is an updated version with a recording of the meditation in the side bar of the website, though chances are it will be beneficial to read the article to pick up useful information first.)

This is a great meditation to do before a long meditation, after a meditation that takes you out of your body, at the start of the day, and anytime you feel ungrounded.

There are also physical things that can be done, such as going for a walk or for a run in Nature, or in a park. T’ai Chi works as do other martial arts. Gardening is great for grounding. Sometimes what is required is a good meal. It can be as simple as that, and simple is good.

Should you feel a meditation is the best way for you, here it is:

In a comfortable place, close your eyes.

Take a few deep and gentle breaths, breathe as deep as you can into the bottom of your lungs.

Make a scan of your body. Notice how your right hand feels, notice how your left hand feels. Check your arms, the right one, and then the left arm. Notice how alive they feel.

Now check your feet, the right foot and then the left foot. Notice how your right leg feels, and then how your right leg feels.

Notice how the lower part of your body feels as you breathe. Now check the upper part of your body, just see how it feels.

Now in more detail, if you can, notice how your lungs feel. Then in turn, check your heart. Check your liver, then notice how your stomach feels.

Notice how your intestines feel, how your kidneys feel, how your pancreas feels. Check any other part of your body you want to.

How does your spine feel?

Notice how your neck feels, and your head, then your face. How do your eyes feel? How about your ears?

Placing your awareness on parts of your body can help to bring you in.

Now we are going to connect you in to the earth with some roots in the same way that trees and plants have roots.

Imagine roots growing out of your feet, and one from the base of your spine, down into the ground. Imagine them growing down as deep as you can. Make them any colour that feels comfortable. A restful, nurturing and healing colour is the colour of black earth, like a rich, fertile soil, that is full of life. Or think of the colour of granite, which has a powerful, Devic energy.

The earth has already moved on energetically, and is able to provide you with enriching and nurturing, slow frequency energy that holds enough ordered energy, that is a rich, smooth black energy, full of Devic vitality.

This energy flows from the earth, up your roots, and into your body. This rich black energy flows up your lower legs, through your knees, and up your thighs to your hips. The Devic black light flows up into the lower part of your body. It flows into your intestines, kidneys, lower spine, and all other parts of your lower body. As the black, nurturing slow frequency energy flows in, the parts of your body relax, open up, and let go. They receive a gentle healing.

The black Devic light flows into the upper part of your body, into your chest and shoulders. Into your lungs, liver, stomach, heart, glands, muscles, blood, nervous system, and upper spine. The nurturing, smooth black light flows into your neck and head. It flows into your face, ears, eyes, nose, glands and into both hemispheres of your brain.

All your organs, glands, muscles and bones send down roots into the ground, into the earth, so you become much more connected to the earth. Anything that is not needed, such as tension, or chaotic and negative slow frequency energy, can be let go of by the different parts of your body. This negative energy is a black colour as well, but will feel different to the nurturing black Devic light.

The roots pull you in towards the earth. Your roots you have sent down travel down further and further into the earth. The energy of the earth that is inside you is soothing and alive. Notice how your body feels now.

Feeling through your roots, you might notice how the earth is. You might notice how your roots feel.

With the earth energy, your body becomes an attractive place for your astral body, which comes in more into your physical body. Your astral body nestles into your physical body, and becomes more aligned. Astral roots flows down from your body into the earth.

Notice a two way flow of energy. Some energy flows from you into the earth, and the nurturing, black energy from the earth flows into you.

For extra grounding, if you need it, allow the earth’s energy to flow up your roots, and up through your body and head. The black earth energy then flows out of the top of your head, to form a heavy, thick cloak of black light, to soothe and calm you, and help you stay in your body.

Now let yourself become aware of your body. Notice your breathing for a few breaths. Notice how your body feels, and how your arms and hands feel. Notice how your legs and feet feel.

When you are ready, open your eyes.

This grounding meditation can be done once or more times a day. It is good to do before some powerful meditations as they can take you out of your body. If need be, it can be done after meditating as well if you feel spacey.

I like to put my roots down before travelling. I aim to put them down at least a thousand miles or so. Better still, I aim for the centre of the earth. This is great before flying. It feels strange having stretchy roots travelling through the air, but overall, it has a grounding effect while being in an aeroplane.

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Law firms, banks and countries (e.g. Panama) – Light or dark?

Countries have a spirit that makes them unlike other countries. You can check this spirit out for its qualities. This reflects on the country. Is the spirit inclined to be light or dark, stuck and stagnant or transforming, troubled or calm? There are other qualities you can consider, such as attitude to women, attitude to the environment. You can see how much corruption there is.

At the time of writing, Panama’s spirit is murky, like angry, vicious black smoke swirling. But there is light being blasted into it, looking like lightning. This opens the spirit up to Truth, and the dark is diminishing, all the while pretending nothing is wrong. Change can happen. Panama’s spirit will lighten up.

The banks involved also have a spirit that runs through the organisation, and the same applies to law firms involved. The spirit of some of the organizations involved in the Panama Papers look really dark, and are really part of the dark lodge, all the while trying to look clean.

The money flowing through this part of the financial system has distinctly grubby energy and karma linked with it. It may be a way to launder money so that it looks legitimate, but it doesn’t wash off that energy and karma, as it goes into general circulation.

Money represents energy. As more light comes in, there should be ways coming about to facilitate the transfer of energy, without having to use the old, corrupt ways. Then we can leave that old energy behind.

About the spirit of countries. In some writings early last century channelled by Alice Bailey, it was said that France had a particular spirit which would enable it to prove the existence of the soul.

In Russia, the spirit has built up to be quite light, but Putin and his cronies have nowhere to go. They are stuck, and Russia is stuck with them, until the light builds up more.

Countries can also be considered to have chakras, often represented by their places of habitation, or places. You can sense how bright, how large, and how harmonious the chakras are. You can sense how high up the energy goes, for instance, is it at the base centre only, or the sexual centre, or is it solar plexus. Is there a country operating at the heart centre level or higher? (Watch out for bias.)

To get the world from A to B (for Beautiful) energetically is going to require a long time as more light comes in, and require a huge amount of change, so countries on their new timelines will be unlike how they are now. There is going to be a lot of change in every country.


If you want to learn how to assess the energy of a country, or of a company, etc., you might like to take a look at the online Intuition Program. Click here for more info.

Sweet Dreams, a Spiritual Approach

Last night my dreams were unpleasant. They were a little bit dark, a little bit twisted. I woke up, and felt the energy around the house, and it definitely felt a bit low grade, a bit ugly and mean. In the early hours of the morning, particularly around four o’clock, is when a tide, a wave of negative energy comes sweeping around the earth, courtesy of the dark lodge. They do so like to give folks a hard time, but it can also be thought of as a test.

Time to clean up. I made myself sit up. I scanned my chakras, I scanned for any cordings to my chakras, I checked my aura for grubby energy, any uninvited entities, and for dead people (for their souls and spirit, and sometimes astral bodies, too).  I was definitely in need of a clean.

I then checked the area extending out from my aura, inside the house, and outwards, in larger and larger concentric circles. Yes, the area going outwards, the neighbourhood, and out for nearly half a mile was looking decidedly rather gloomy and gloopy. The area had been inhabited for several hundred years so there tended to be old frequency energy bubbling up occasionally.

I baled out my lower three centres especially, putting the old rubbish in what I’d describe as a fire. I used a meditation similar to the one earlier in the blog to clear my centres.

I used a meditation akin to a deluge of light to sort out my aura (I’ll write up a meditation like this in the blog soon as it is so useful, which will probably use a waterfall made up of rainbow coloured light). Entities, and people who needed it were put into a purifying flame that literally cleans them up as they need to be cleaned up, and then sorts out their future timeline for lives ahead. I worked with some devic energy to sort out the old style devas and bring some harmony, and ordered soothing energy into my system, which is different to the bright light used in meditation.

I made sure to close any open doorways in my aura, looking for doorways on the zero plane, first plane and second plane especially. These lower planes tend to be the ones where negative energy can be found, though dark lodge experts and senior management can hang around the fourth and fifth planes, though the aura clearing with light deluge sorts them out.

For the concentric circles around me that extended through and beyond the house, I washed through with an intense light, and gave a gift of a candle of light to each neighbours’ house. (I’ll write something on this later, too.)

I looked upwards, for any open doorways that may need closing, which there weren’t, and had a look below to see if the local ley lines where in need of some attention. They were fine.

I  looked up the planes, and thought about the first Divine Journey, with its Bliss, its gold light cascading down the planes. This gold light, amongst other things, seeds the sixth plane with energy like golden dream bubbles. So instead of having a dream fueled by zero plane energy, or first or second plane energy, and so on, it is possible to have a light and loved filled dream from a golden dream bubble that tends to be uplifting, inspiring and which also teaches about spirituality. They can be quite healing, too. I remember I asked to be given a dream, from a golden bubble of light.

Having fallen asleep again, the energy was much cleaner and calmer. I had a dream that really lifted me, and made me very happy, and taught me a few things. It was full of light and love, happiness, laughter and meaningful events. I was aware, coming out of the dream, that because I had cleaned the inner and outer space, I had created the conditions to have a dream like this.

Golden dream bubble dreams are a tool of the Divine, to teach people.