Space and Spirituality

In days gone by people used to think that spirituality meant sitting in a cave, meditating (perhaps some people still do). These days, there is more of a focus on blending spirituality with living a life. It isn’t even necessary to meditate, as a life of service, doing positive acts for others, moves people along spiritually just as well (heart centre shines and old karma gets burnt up). So people can approach spirituality in a way that is right for them.

One thing we all have in common though, is that we are on this planet Earth.

When we are born on this Earth, we are layered with an Earth spirit. And also a layer of spirit from the country we live in and our parents. (If born at sea or in a plane, or developed in a laboratory outside a womb, there is a different spirit, though we have many lives and so get to experience different blends of spirit.)

Even as we grow and develop inside the womb our bodies are built with atoms that come from the Earth. As we grow as children, the food we eat and the air we breath has come from the Earth and its atmosphere. The spirit we get from this is like a stamp or essence within us that says “made on Earth”.

If we are grounded, then we get rooted into the Earth. We are used to its magnetic field, and its gravitational field. We are used to the intensity of sunlight from the closest star, our Sun.

If we know our exact time of birth and exact location, we can have produced for us our astrological birth chart. Based on the planets in our home solar system, and the distant (though not on the astral levels) constellations, this is like a map or symbol picture that is full of information about us, our qualities and potential, and perhaps our lives. This astrological chart though, is only for our birth on this planet.

This Earth is also the home planet of the Perfect Masters, the Avatar when they are here, the Spiritual Hierarchy, and some God Realized beings. So astrally from space, this planet is lit up like a Christmas tree, for any ETs with developed enough third eyes. The amount of spiritual light here on this planet, coupled with the light flowing in creating changes to humanity (as its karma is rapidly worked through and altered), life and the planet, makes this Earth quite bright.

There has been a growth in space technology, and there are races on to get to the Moon to set up bases and set up a base on Mars. People will also be thinking ahead to mine asteroids or to get to the moons of Saturn and Jupiter.

The old technology of rocketry, with a basic example in Greece around 400 BC, and rockets being used in battle by the Chinese in 1232 AD, is being rapidly developed.

But rockets are too slow to take humanity long distances in space within a person’s lifetime. New technology needs to be developed, and the new mathematics and physics to underpin any technological advance needs to be developed beforehand.

Knowing the deviousness of some people, it is quite likely that there are already secret space programs using reversed engineered technology based on ET technology from crashes that have happened around the world.

But, as the new spiritual energy coming in stimulates humanity, advances in mathematics, physics and technology will happen anyway, which will make the secret programs redundant (sorry folks!).

With the possibility of space travel what will this mean for humanity? What will it mean for spirituality?

Can you imagine a group of people going to Mars, and being free of the government they left behind?

Some people within governments would absolutely hate the idea of not being in control. But think of those distant days when America was British, and the time when some Americans showed the world they really had no idea of how to make a decent cup of tea by throwing it overboard from a ship. It wasn’t too long before the British overlords were sent packing and America became run by Americans. Then some Americans who were more powerful decided to run it for their own benefit.
Oh well, that’s progress for you.

Would the same kind of thing happen with a group of people going to live on Mars or the Moon? I would hope they choose freedom.

As children were born on the Moon or on Mars how would things be different?

They would have a layering of Moon spirit, or Mars spirit, or if born in space, space spirit. They wouldn’t necessarily have access to the same level of Avataric or Perfect Master energy as can be found on Earth, but as this expansion of humanity is part of a spiritual advance, then it is very likely some other way of accessing the energy will be available.

As a Moon child or Mars child grew up, assuming their food was grown on the Moon or Mars, then the atoms in their bodies would come from those places. How this affects their chakras and auras will be interesting to see.

For sure there will be differences in how they think compared to children on Earth. On Earth, children within different cultures are influenced by those cultures and their families, and the spirit of their country. So people from different countries and cultures tend to think and behave differently  to each other. Hence the French will never understand the English and vice versa yet at times there is still a strong relationship. People who have had the opportunity to go into space even as a space tourist have found the experience changes them. Having different gravity to the Earth, a different level of magnetic field, and a different view outside is going to affect these children. I wonder how they will relate to people back on Earth, which they may no longer consider as home after a few generations.

If the people are in space, then they may find there is some lovely silence and stillness, and quite a busy astral layer, mostly in a pleasant way. (Check this out by watching Space X or other launches as they go higher and higher and finally into earth orbit, and tune into the energy).

Also, living things have centres or chakras which comes from a touch of soul energy. But living things can also be astral. So there is more to life than what people think about life at the moment. Planets can have physical life but they can also have life astrally. 

What does it mean to be spiritual in Space? 

Well, the Divine is still going to be within those of humanity who go into space. Though in space, no one can hear you Ommmmmm! (Unless they can listen astrally.)