Spirituality, onion layers and forgiveness – Or how to be happy

Spirituality is a lot about loving thoughts, loving feelings, compassion and right action at the right time.

Before getting into spirituality I had a party-going hedonistic lifestyle. I didn’t care that much about my own wellbeing or the wellbeing of others, and considered myself as having a smattering of metropolitan culture. Discovering spirituality, my thinking and feeling changed a lot.

The nightlife lifestyle had covered up anger and sadness as I thought I was having fun, and didn’t give attention to the feelings that were bubbling under the surface. Through a crisis and therapies I went through a process of learning to love and appreciate myself as I worked through the emotions. I started to love and appreciate others as well. I practiced forgiveness. I was healing. My heart centre opened up a bit.

I didn’t know much about spirituality, I didn’t need to as I was doing the essentials anyway. I was becoming happier and happier, more and more excited about life and healthier too.

I started to learn about different approaches to spirituality. Though I have since concluded that life, the universe and everything goes on the way it does no matter what people believe about spirituality. I came across some spiritual approaches that were incomplete, some were half-baked, and some were completely whacko. (Being able to use your third-eye and other centres to tune in and assess belief systems and concepts is really useful, and also good for spotting fake news.)

I have realized that to understand and know fully how things happen in creation requires a great deal of knowledge which needs to be deeply understood. Also it helps to have many, many lifetimes of experience for the soul to learn what life is about and what God is all about.

Even with incomplete knowledge it is still possible to use some basics, such as using thoughts to (partially) create your reality, and use the knowledge that energy follows thought, so using visualization and affirmations can be useful in life.

Nowadays, with regards to understanding spirituality I tend to think of it like layers of an onion. There are depths and layers to spiritual knowledge, so what you believe one year can change throughout the years as depth of understanding grows, and life is lived to build experience, and building experience deepens understanding.

Now the basics again: thinking loving thoughts, and feeling loving feelings. And forgiveness. Is that possible to do about everyone? Is it possible to do about everything?

You might have a list of people and events or groups that you feel are beyond loving and who should be damned forever and sent into a black hole.

I was given a lesson in this in the nineties when I drove a Tibetan lama from Oxford to London. I didn’t know much history and asked him how he came to the West. He explained that he and the other monks fled their monastery. He told me that the Chinese army attacked and shot at the monks as they crossed a river. Out of 300 monks, 6 made it across into India. What amazed me was that he didn’t hold a grudge or any animosity and was at peace with what had happened. 

This was and still is a big lesson for me: to be able to forgive everyone.

Through spiritual knowledge I have a sense of why to forgive. I know that people have many lifetimes. When we have lives, what we have as a life is determined by our karma so we have experiences to balance out our karma for our soul to learn through experience. First we have one experience and then another in a future lifetime to balance out the experience in the earlier life. The law of opposites can be operating, so we can have a light filled life of doing caring actions, and this is balanced by a darker life where are action are negative. Then a future lifetime can be light filled again.

In dark lives, we get tested. The Dark Lodge are interested in us when we have lives where we lean to the dark. The Dark Lodge are essentially testers. They offer us a life where we can have glamour, power over others, easy wealth and prestige, and other people have to pay the price. Sometimes the lifestyle comes through exploiting creatures or the earth. 

In one life we might feel that we don’t want to act, think or live in a negative way anymore. We have had enough, we are saturated in negative experiences (this is the law of saturation). Or we might decide that’s it, no more of the dark life, and it is yes to more light, love and peace. A caveat to this is that sometimes dark and tyranny needs to be fought against as the most loving option. It depends on what you are fighting for. (There is an energy, a Great Ray called Harmony through Conflict that is worth researching, and in Meher Baba’s Discourses there is information on conflict and right action.) What is right depends on your take on spirituality.

Something else that influences me is the fact that people are souls that have dark and light incarnations, and that we all belong to the same Oversoul, so at a soul level we are connected. For me, this might mean we can forgive people who we have a big emotional charge about. We can start to think loving thoughts about them, and feel love and peace towards them. 

Having been through this myself and having helped others go through their own personal journey of forgiveness with its downs and ups, I feel it is important to work through the emotions around whatever needs to be forgiven before reaching peace through forgiveness. Otherwise the emotional energy will try another route to express itself and this can have a negative effect on oneself and one’s life.

After the forgiveness can come the feeling and sending of positive love and thoughts.

This is definitely a useful exercise in our topsy-turvy, emotionally charged world. You might like to make a list of people in the world, close by or geographically distant who really trigger your emotions. You might like to try forgiving these people as we are all connected on a soul level. (As a matter of interest, hate and anger towards someone is also a powerful way of creating a cording to them, and energy can flow both ways through the cording. Forgiveness can dissolve the cording, while love can create a positive cording.)

This is where meditation gets really useful

So what happens is lots of light comes in and everything changes, ouch.

Really I mean starts to change.

The New Age is coming in but not as people expected. A lot of people who wanted a New Age thought that it would be soft and cuddly, with lots of lovely feelings and gentle thoughts with wishful thinking.

What happens is that life goes topsy turvy with lots of upset, anger and war, and plenty of insecurity when people above all want to feel comfortable, secure and safe in a reliable world where they don’t have to change. People don’t like uncertainty and right now they don’t have a map to find their way around in this changing world (good news is a map is available, if you know where to find it).

We are still chomping through karma from the Lemurian, the Atlantean and the Aryan root races of humanity, and even more ancient karma at that. By karma I mean individual, group, national, and planetary karma, plus the karma from beyond the planet that affects us such as solar system karma, galactic and universal karma (hello ETs). This is all on the physical, astral (watch your feelings), and mental (notice your thoughts) levels.

As light and love flow in and pushes us through our individual and collective karma, as the light and love fragments and disintegrates all the old timelines that some people still try to cling to, and as New Law comes in and is challenged by the Old Law, life as we know it can seem very challenging. For a lot of people in the world right now, it is very difficult.

Years ago I recall reading about the seven Rays. The first one is Power, and the fourth one is Harmony through Conflict. So development in Life and Spirituality can occur in what seems to people as quite testing ways.

Also coming through and already there is the new, loving, life-filled, harmonious timelines and energy for us to get on, live and experience. There are new inventions, technologies and new concepts coming through, superseding the old. Spiritually, letting in the best of the new does mean being willing to let go of the old completely, and letting in the new completely. It does mean learning to think and feel in brand new ways.

The map. This is a special map that keeps on being updated as wave after wave of new energy flows in, as more and more refined spirit flows in, and as your capacity to receive and read the map increases.

This new love and light, and new spirit, is flowing down through the Divine Journeys and into the planes of consciousness, on which we are on. The new love and light and spirit filters down the planes where they touch us. We can access them in a more conscious way by meditating. As we tune into the new love, light and spirit we can absorb it by osmosis. It might be that we are picking up information and energy that helps us change consciously, but even if we are not aware, it will change us and influence us on a subconscious level. It will still help us to get on the best timeline for us. Plus the high level guides that are associated with this new energy can help us to, in the way they deem is the best.

So, eyes closed, roots down into the earth that has already changed, bring up new energy from the earth through your roots, and open up to the new love, light and spirit from the above. (Remember to get grounded afterwards.)

We will get through the old, out-dated karma at some point, and then with new spirit and new karma in us, then things will be better, but it will take a while.

Crisis and Meditation in London and Beyond

If someone had said to me when I was a teenager that I would be doing meditation when I was older I would have been completely disbelieving. I liked my sport, going out for a drink, and parties and music. In my early twenties I added nightclubbing to the list along with the culture that could be found in London.

There wasn’t much room for spirituality and not a hint of meditation.

But then my guides intervened. “He is too immersed in low purpose, the glamour of backwards and sideways living, he’s living like a caveman, and going round in circles. Time to wake him up to his higher purpose, and get rid of the glamour and see things for what they really are. Time to wake him up to spirituality. Right, given him a crisis, no, give him a couple of crises, and a good detox (vomiting and diarrhoea) all at the same time. That should do it!”

The guides stand back and rub their esoteric hands together in satisfaction, and watch the entertainment.

So I was propelled to sort myself out and find some answers. By that time I had heard of meditation but still thought it was for rather weird people and cults, which was admittedly a narrow and wrong view.

So I took a route through aromatherapy (really useful for letting go of old emotions and for detoxing as it turned out), shamanic healing (didn’t really work for me but other people like it, and the one real South American shaman I did meet was lovely and could do stuff that really was magical), and rebirthing (healing and great fun, though looking back it seems completely whacky with some crazy ideas flowing around it, I mean, who really would want to live forever? just showed a complete lack of even basic understanding of karma). So my journey to meditation was terrific fun but took a couple of years.

Then a healer suggested I do some Om-ing. So for the first week I chanted Om or Aum for twenty minutes. The next week I chanted for forty minutes and then for sixty minutes the following week. That really cleared my centres and expanded my aura. It cleared my third eye so my intuition opened up. My clairvoyance opened up and I could look at things and see energy and timelines. My heart centre opened up and would glow with a warm, soft feeling.

Then after that preparation I started to meditate. I learnt first of all to put down roots into the earth, deep into the planet.

I learnt to allow down white light into my crown centre and fill this up, and then go down each centre in turn, filling each centre up with white light. Then I would let the white light flow down through the centres, and down through the roots into the earth like a gift.

Afterwards, as a protective sequence I would button up each chakra in turn.

That was it. Nothing too special. But wonderful all the same. That was the basic technique.

I learnt other meditations. I was teaching science and was intrigued by novel ways of teaching. I came across “Superlearning” which was a set of radical ideas on learning derived from a teaching and learning technique called Suggestopedia created by a Bulgarian psychologist (there is a bit of a Cold war story in there). The Superlearning techniques morphed and were diluted and became accelerated learning. Both these Westernized techniques used creative visualization to help with learning. Creative visualization has a lot to do with spiritual meditation, or can do, and is very useful for creatively using the mind in learning, in being creative, and for improving self-confidence and performance. I incorporated a lot of the techniques, including creative visualizations in teaching my students. Life could be hard for some of the inner city students so they referred to the visualizations as de-stressing. 

The initial visualization was typically a relaxation one, which often involved moving through a cave, or rooms in a buildings, or through tunnels, or clouds etc., going through red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, and then back. Quite basic but very effective. Also now looking back I can see in it a spiritual dimension that I was unaware of at the time. It is actually a very healing kind of meditation.

I’d then use creative visualization in the lesson, for instance, studying the water cycle, the students would imagine themselves as molecules of water going on a journey through the water cycle, so they would get the feeling of it as well as the idea.

I came across New Age meditations which were interesting and some were useful though the energy of many was empty and more like New Age glamour; fashionable but fleeting and failing to live up to the promise.

At that time I was meditating too much which meant I wasn’t participating enough in life. I wasn’t being practical, and it was pointed out to me that I was using meditation as an escape from life and my practical responsibilities. So I had to consider how to use meditation to help me to live and be a useful member of society.

I looked into Meher Baba and how his followers lived their spirituality. It was all so ordinary, in fact there was no meditation, although in a book by Meher Baba called”Discourses” there is a section on meditation and meditation techniques. 

A general guideline in the Meher Baba world was and is “Don’t worry, be happy”, and take care of your responsibilities. There is an emphasis on service to others in the world. So it was all very grounding. I was weaned off New Age language as well, as the language used in the community was so ordinary, too.

There were some things in this world that struck me as being related to meditation, but in a very natural way. Visiting the Mehercenter in Meherabad, near Ahmednagar (near Pune), I visited Meher Baba’s tomb daily. The energetic atmosphere there switched me straight into meditation more powerfully than anything else I had experienced. Avataric energy does that. It was filled with love and compassion.

There were other places in Meherabad suffused in Meher Baba’s energy that had a similar instant effect. 

On the evening of 9th July 1925, before going into one room Meher Baba said He would stop talking from that night on, and then be in silence. The next day He came out in silence, and was silent for the rest of his life. He used and alphabet board to start with to communicate. (Silence day is observed on the 10th of July to commemorate the first day of silence.)

I went into that room for a couple of minutes and tried to meditate. The energy was too intensely silent for me, almost burning, and I came out of the room before getting a headache.

The Meher Baba followers would get together for events which included saying prayers that Meher Baba had written. After saying the prayers they stood still. There descended a silence that was like the gates of infinity opening. The silence was deep and vast, and dynamic. My centres would go into instant meditation and work mode. Then after a minute or so, the work done, the silence would lift.

Subsequently I explored meditating with a range of other energies to do with spirituality. A key focus has been on putting roots down into the earth and grounding, again and again, as this is so important in being able to meditate with Avataric light or Perfect Master energy without getting spiritually drunk, or white-lighted and ungrounded, or throwing up!

Then there is the lovely Devic energy which brings healing, nurturing and change, Angelic energy (being grounded is essential), and a whole range of other energies. I explored ways to use energies in healing and protective ways for myself and others, and for clearing up old negative energies around people and places. 

The learning is still a continual ongoing process. We are spiritual beings in a big universe in creation, there is so much to learn about spirituality so we can fully bring it into our lives, the payoff being that we end up being happy and happier, and can end up making others happier, too.  Also, there are energetic ways to be of service and do something for people as well as physical ways, and for the locality and the earth generally. For instance we can use techniques to clean up energy as a form of healing, or simply send out beautiful and loving thoughts and act with kindness and love.

Fake news, truth and spirituality

Things happen, and they can be verified, even recorded. People can choose to accept that something has happened, or they can ignore it and say nothing happened, or that something else happened. Someone might report that an event happened, or they might tweet it, put photos up about it or share it in other ways. They will do this from their own personal perspective. This is expected human behaviour.

Other people might agree with what is expressed as it matches their personal preferences and prejudices (preferences if you like the person and their opinions, prejudices if you don’t). Again, this is expected human behaviour.

Yet other people might just make stuff up, and their supporters will agree with it (wow, human behaviour), and other people will wonder what the heck is going on, as making stuff up is weird and extreme behaviour.

Where is truth in all of this? Where is spirituality?

It depends on what you think truth is and what you think spirituality is. All of this is relative and depends on what you believe.

It is possible to check out a person’s interpretation events, or of fabricated events (fake news). It is also possible to check out a person’s opinion and their interpretation of events and news from our own point of view. We all have a personal truth, that we usually need to stick with.

I found that meditation and using energy techniques to clear the energy in my body, in my chakras or centres, and in my aura has had an impact on my ability to get a sense of the qualities of a person’s or a group’s interpretation of an event, and of information that they give out.

The use of meditation opened my third eye or at least made me aware of it, and helped me to clean it up. This helped me to use my third eye to perceive information and analyse it along with the information from my other chakras or centres. I wouldn’t say it was perfect, and there were limitations.

Firstly, chakras could be made ultra clean, but in everyday day life with all kinds of energy around that isn’t always possible. A person just has to do their best. Secondly, we can (usually) only see or sense what we know to look for. So the more experience we have, and the more good quality spiritual education we have, the more we can sense. What we know is also shaped by what I would call my preferences which someone else would call my prejudices, my pre-judging. (In fact, bravely and honestly looking at one’s own preferences to check just how true they are can be a good thing to do).

Thirdly, we don’t tend to have the full picture of an event. We don’t know the historic run up to an event, we don’t know the full past lives and karma of people concerned or how far back the timeline of energy goes. We might be able to sense the intuitive rightness or wrongness of an event though in the present. We won’t know the short-term or long-term future consequences of an event, or anything about the future timeline of the energy linked in with the event. Nor will we sense what might be happening simultaneously on the astral and mental levels. Fourthly, some people work with guides. Guides can be on different planes and have different amounts of experience. Higher plane guides will have better energy and should be better at making interpretations of what is going on, though they can, and do, make mistakes (which might be a surprise to some). The newer, divine guides coming down are something else entirely. Guides won’t necessarily give us all the information, but give us what we need to know from their perspective. Also, we often don’t interpret what is given us with total accuracy.

There is a lot of information we are not usually getting.

Still, we can gauge the rightness or wrongness of an event, or of the news, and of a person’s opinion or interpretation of news and of events, as long as we are in the right space.

If we react angrily to something we go right down the planes of consciousness where we might feel self-righteous but we won’t be right. It’s necessary to be calm, let go, and be detached as much as possible. Some people are able to reach a point of forgiveness, which is the ideal.

If your heart is open, then love can flow, and the truth can be touched.

In spirituality there is a concept of a Higher Power, of a Higher Self, and of the Divine, of God. To touch them, an open heart is necessary. When you are in touch with your Higher Self, or a Higher Power, or the Divine or God you will feel peace, calm, stillness and silence. In this space, it is easy to have a sense of truth and be able to determine the level of truth or the degree of twist in something, and the degree of goodness or the level of wrongness. You just offer up the event, or the news, or the interpretation of the news, or a person’s opinion. Let go and offer it up, and ask what is it all about, or how good it is. Then in peace, let yourself receive an answer. Then, you can know in your heart, what is right, and what subtleties are involved in a situation.

Why Pschometrising is Important

Most of us like to know what is going on around us, and know what is going on in the world that affects us and affects those we feel an emotional or empathetic connection to.

But often things aren’t quite what they seem on the face of it.

The British Parliament had a vote about starting the process of leaving Europe. Energetically there is a lot involved in the issue of Brexit for a lot of people in Britain and Europe, and a lot of energy involved in it as well.

Psychometrising is about looking at, or sensing or feeling the energy within a person or an object, or a process that is going on or an event.

On a simple level a person can have a gut feeling about something. On a more sophisticated level a person can use their intuition in whatever way they can according to their capability.

A problem that affects psychometrising is prejudice. It also affects beliefs and how someone thinks. 

Most people will like and approve of people who are like them. They will like and approve of what they are familiar with. (What happens when the familiar crumbles?)

One time I read in the news about a peace protest. There was a picture of a peace protestor in the newspaper. I like peace so I thought what a wonderful person they must be in the picture. But it didn’t feel quite right. So I psychometrised them. I looked at their heart centre as if it was made up of layers. The peace protestor’s heart was black and negative through and through. This was a bit of a shock to me, so I checked out the rest of their energy, and found it was actually quite malicious. 

So I zoomed out like looking at a film of an event to look at the bigger picture, and to understand more of what was going on.

I learnt that sometimes people claim to be good but they actually are not always. I learnt that when something is happening and someone says or implies that they are doing something good it really isn’t always the case. Looking at heart centres and at the bigger picture, and psychometrising, that can give a different understanding. Like I said though, ones own prejudice can get in the way.

People have centres or chakras. Countries have centres or chakras, as well as their own unique spirit that makes a country different to other countries. People and countries can be psychometrised along with their timelines. A chakra system, going up from base centre, sexual centre, solar plexus, heart centre, throat centre, third eye and crown (or a more updated system of centres) can be psychometrised. So you can look at say the education system of a country as a system of centres and see at what level the education system is functioning. (Usually in terms of what is spiritually possible this is base, sexual centre or solar plexus at the most at the moment). When an education system becomes more advanced spiritually, or does something right, the energy moves up the centres so a higher part seems to light up. Other systems in a country, such as a health system or a political system can be psychometrised in a similar way. A country’s chakra system can be psychometrised to give us a sense of how it is living up to its spiritual potential.

Some countries, and the systems and the organizations within them can look completely grotty and corrupt  (while some can look like they are fairly good). Zooming out can give a different spiritual perspective. There are some spiritual laws. One is called the Law of Opposites, and another is called the Law of Saturation. Sometimes a person, or a group of people or a country have to be absolutely saturated in a situation or a condition before it flips over into its opposite. So a country can be saturated in a situation where the government and cronies are corrupt and cruel until there is a vote or a revolution and the people get a more benign government. So psychometrising can mean zooming out of a situation that is complex and looking at its timeline, knowing that things change. This is particularly so if the situation has been given a spiritual push, as is happening right now all over the planet earth in this remarkable time. So hang on to your hats, and most definitely your emotions.

Brexit then. With the vote in Parliament to start proceedings to leave Europe the energy went up a bit in the chakra system of Britain. Which is on the up and up. So most of the economists will keep getting their gloomy predictions wrong.

The chakra systems of the European countries tell a different story. France’s is low but higher than Germany’s. Italy’s looks like something has to happen soon to bring about a rebalancing of energy. The chakra system of the European Union looks very ill with a lot of negative energy which will have to implode to clear the energy. The chakra systems of most countries in Europe improve after that.

With lots of light and love flowing into the world, well the earth has to change. Our lives will change, how we live will change and what we have in our lives will change as well. So everything, literally everything will be different. That means we all have to change as well. It is already happening.

A Christmas present: A Relaxation meditation on Youtube


Here’s to you having a relaxing time at Christmas and the coming year. I thought I’d offer you a simple relaxation meditation rather than anything overtly spiritual or esoteric.

Next year ( and a couple after) could be a bit bumpy and full of surprises that many might find emotionally stressful. So relaxation, being on the right timeline and trust will help no end. Besides, practical spirituality is very much about change and facing up to challenges rather than trying to hold onto old familiarity, the illusion of safety and comfort, and stagnation.

This is my first attempt at using iMovie and at recording a meditation on an iPad. Much to learn. I hope you enjoy the meditation in any case.

Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilJNBpp43_o

Happy Christmas



Future Positive

This planet earth and the rest of creation is always developing, always moving forward. All form, all animals, plants and minerals are continually developing energetically. Also there is an evolutionary development as new lifeforms come into existence, and older lifeforms become extinct. (This theme was written about in the Alice Bailey books in the 1920’s, and also mentioned in Meher Baba’s book “God Speaks”.)

Humans also continually develop. What is humanity now is energetically more developed than humanity in history, and in ancient history. Big shifts in human development come about with the emergence of root races. The first Root race was the Adamic root race. The second root race was the Hyperborean root race. The third root race was the Lemurian, then there was the Atlantean root race. This present root race is the Aryan root race. With each root there is a shift in the chakra that is the focus. In the first Root race the focus was on the lowest centre which is the base centre. In the second root race the focus of energy was on the sexual centre. In the Lemurian root race the focus was on the solar plexus as that was developed along with emotions. In the fourth root race, the Atlantean root race, the focus of development was the heart centre, though that root race didn’t end so well. The fifth root race focus in the Aryan root race was the throat centre. The fifth root race is coming to an end. This shows up by fragmentation of timelines and this manifests itself with what appears to be chaos, change, uncertainty, alienation and breakdown of societies. Usually a root race ends with 98% of humanity dying and the new beginning of the next root race starting through the remaining 2% along with a new type of human body appearing. The Atlantean root race ended dramatically with a flood.

As humanity moves into the sixth root race perhaps the transition can be gentler. There will be more root races in the distant future. As a simplification, each later root race can hold and can function with a higher vibration of energy than the root race before. Just for information, as a soul has many reincarnations, someone can have had lifetimes in the Adamic, in the Hyperborean, they could have had Lemurian lives (feel a strong draw to visit Australia, or Hawaii?), they could have had Atlantean lives (like doing transplants or genetic modifications?), as well as Aryan lives.

In humanity as in all of creation, as time goes on the body, or the form becomes more refined, and able to handle increasingly stronger spiritual energies. The form can have more chakras or centres than existed in earlier versions of the body. So your body, aura and chakras will function in a more complex and subtle way compared to the body of someone who lived a few hundred thousand years ago. When you next reincarnate, your new human body will likely be the new, sixth root race version with 100 chakras or centres, updated devas in the body, and other new features. So you will perceive, feel and think, and then behave and communicate differently to how you do now.

It is new energy that moves humanity and the rest of creation onwards. On the Divine Journeys outside of creation there are many forms of love, each higher one more intense, more virulent than the one before. The Divine Journeys hold the energy and what could be described as templates for how creation needs to be now and for the future. Bit by bit, these templates and energy are injected into creation so that there is a gradual progression and gradual change. Each bit of energy injected represents a future creation, so it can be thought of as futuristic energy.

Healing can be thought of as an input of energy, and often a taking away of old energy. What moves people on, what heals them, is the input of the love and energy from the Divine Journeys, though it is usually filtered, becoming much less intense as it comes down the planes of consciousness. 

It isn’t energy linked to the old root races, like Atlantean energy or Lemurian energy, that brings about a forward growth. That just takes people sideways or backwards. Old or traditional energy techniques just don’t do it, though there might be a past life connection to the type of energy or old “healing” technique. 

It’s always one wash after another of new energy that brings about healing and a forward movement.

The energy coming into the earth and into creation right now will be out of date in the next root race, and newer love and energy will be required to move Life on. So healing will be different again.

Seems a good time as any to do readings, or insightful help in a world of change

Quite a few years ago I walked into an esoteric shop not far from Leicester Square tube station in London, with the idea of hiring a room to do healing work in. I had developed into a pretty good healer.

Back-tracking a year or so, I used to do massage swaps with a friend. She was marvellous at aromatherapy and I was good at intuitive massage. In one session as I worked on her lower right leg I thought to myself, “let’s imagine that energy can flow from my hand to her leg”. I had been learning T’ai Chi for a couple of years and had become accustomed to imagining and sensing energy flowing from my hands and playing with balls of energy. Well, when I imagined energy flowing from my hand to her leg, to my surprise my friend’s leg jumped. So I imagined energy flowing again, and again there was movement.

There I was about a year later, more accomplished as a healer (there would also have been training and development in past lives), about to enquire about a room. I reached the counter and all of a sudden a man came up behind the manager with an unsatisfied customer and said that he couldn’t do a tarot reading for a her and nor could another tarot card reader. Before I could think about it, my mouth opened and I shouted out, “I’ll do it!” The customer exclaimed “yes”, and the manager looked at me and grumbled how he didn’t like people interfering and handed me a new pack of tarot cards.

One of the readers took us up the rickety stairs (some of the buildings near Covent Garden are old) and showed the client and myself to a booth with a table and two chairs. The woman shuffled the cards and I lay them out in what I thought would be a useful pattern. I had given tarot readings to a few friends for fun, but I had no training and would look at the pictures on the cards and tell a story from them. As it happened, the story was good and the customer was happy. The manager of the shop was happy. 

A week later he phoned me up and I started doing tarot readings in the shop a couple of days a week. I hadn’t had any training but I became better at developing the story from the pictures I looked at.

It was a good experience that taught me a lot. I found that doing the readings involved shifting the client’s energy, so that negativity would fall off them. It was all too easy to inadvertently pick up this energy, feel unpleasant with it or get a headache. This was good training to handle energy, stay clear, and dispose of negative energy.

It was really great fun helping people. I found my style wasn’t fatalistic and I would naturally look for ways to improve situations for the clients, and look for the best possibilities. Later, I learnt how karma can be negative, or positive, or opportunistic which means the outcome was up for grabs with the right intention, a bit of effort, and enough energy in optional timelines. So outcomes can often be improved inside what I would call the karmic flexibility of a person and their situation. I felt this needed to be done carefully as readings of any sort are a form of interference, and it would be doing a disservice to another person to stop them from learning something they are supposed experience in their lifetime. It could take many lifetimes to rectify that. I could usually get a sense though of a best timeline through their life at that point. With a sense of spirituality, a person could make amazing changes and create a strong possible future through focus, positive thinking, and timely positive actions. So at times, part of the readings were about choosing goals and using the spiritual idea that energy follows thought. They could also use the spiritual law of Love, and/ or the law of Faith to move out of what seemed a difficult or negative reality. (When people move towards God, God moves towards them.)

I usually placed the tarot cards face down when laying them out. I would turn a card or several cards to see a pattern and then describe what it was I saw. After six months or so though, I was telling the story before I turned the cards. The tarot cards had been a great tool and had helped me train up to the point where I didn’t need them.

Helping people was great. There were some situations that were difficult like when a client had come along with an expectation of what was going to be discovered. I had one client who told me she was getting married the next day and then going on a cruise ship for a honeymoon. She was really excited. She wanted a reading about the marriage and about the honeymoon. She really wanted to be told how amazing and incredible her marriage and her honeymoon was going to be. There really wasn’t much energy there though. It was just another marriage and just another honeymoon. The energy was low key compared to her excitement and the glamour of it all. Quite rightly it was for her to enjoy but it wasn’t going to shake the world. Marriages can be mundane, they can be boring, they often end in divorce, some marriages can be filled with love and joy that lights up the couple and even lifts the lives of those who know the couple.

Another situation that needs the right things said is when it is obvious the client is going to die soon, or when opportunistic karma is about to come into play on their timeline. Looking at a person’s third-eye, if someone has a possibility of dying their third-eye will look as if it is closing up. It can be visualized like the hands of a clock coming up to the midnight position. I told one client that there was a bit too much disordered energy around him, and that it would improve matters if had everything in his life in order and attended to. No point in saying he was going to die, and causing distress.

One lawyer I met told me she had been taking cocaine and had a long history of using it. I told her if she didn’t stop and go into rehab she would be dead in four months. Several months later I was told she had died. The family had said it was cancer as they were high society and felt ashamed.

These days I might approach death differently as it is a transition onto the inner planes for a breather and an esoteric cup of tea before coming back down into creation. I can appreciate the grief and sorrow when someone dies when the love and connection is strong. With the death of one relative who I loved greatly, I picked up on the likelihood of their death a couple of months beforehand. I had been reading a lovely book called The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche and so I said the prayers daily to help make the death a much less fearful experience than it could have been and to help make it pleasant instead. With another death I was there to see the chakras closing down, and the soul, spirit and astral body come out of the physical body. I could follow it, and see where they went to. So I knew they had just moved on. In fact it is very unpleasant for someone to not move on but stay stuck. It is called being earthbound. I’ve had to help earthbound people move on before. In one case a person had been held back by the strong emotional ties of their family. People whose death is sudden, an accident or scary can end up being earthbound. Moving them on is called rescue work.

A lot of readings were about helping people explore different possible timelines and evaluate them so a choice could be made. There could be concerns about relationships, health, accommodation, jobs, life purpose etc. 

I had the idea that it was possible to read the energy for someone in many ways. So they or I could throw sticks or bones, or we could be looking at the pattern left by tea leaves, or the layout of the stars as in a horoscope. It was a case of reading the energy and information though with astrology  this ability is refined. I believed then that everything is connected, and was a case of being able to notice the energy within something like sticks or tea leaves and being able to interpret the energy. I still believe in the connectivity of all things, but I don’t believe in them being fixed and static any longer. Besides, there is opportunistic karma to work with, as well as the positive karma and negative karma.

I read about an Indian astrologer telling someone he should be dead according to his astrological chart. Meher Baba had tweaked the man’s karma so he could keep working for him. 

Nowadays, it is quite a profound period of change for the world and everyone in it. The five Perfect Masters can alter anyone’s karma and the plane of consciousness they are on as they wish for this and future lifetimes. They can do this to bring about the best outcomes for the person, the world, and creation.

Even though there is a lot of change and even though a person’s karma may no longer match exactly the old pattern of their energy as it would show up in something like an astrological chart, it is still very possible to get a sense of a best possible timeline to be on, and do a reading with that, and with what is going on in someone’s chakras and aura, which provides a lot of information.

Readings are a lot about positive change, sorting out a person’s energy, and sorting out their timelines. The information offered can deepen any required positive change. By reading the energy and information in the chakras, it is possible to get some idea of what is happening. I find that simultaneously, by focusing on the energy and information, it is influenced and changed. When times are full of change, surprises and uncertainty, it sure helps to be on the right timeline. It helps to meditate and to have enough silence on the inside to notice the choices presented by your intuition.

I have found that the readings are not for everyone. The energy offered can be too high energy, too new, too futuristic, and filled with too much change. If someone has a dogmatic personality or seem to brittle, they can’t cope. If they think the world is fine for them as it is, they run away energetically (well, try to). If they don’t like change it scares them like crazy.

The readings seem to work for people who have light in their hearts, have some compassion and empathy, have flexible minds and who can sense a need for the world to change. They don’t have to be particularly spiritual, just willing. They might be happy , or they might be scared or confused at the moment. That is OK as a starting point.

A simple meditation as an indicator. Imagine a ball of white light flowing towards you. It divides in two. A smaller ball of white light flows into your third-eye, the other smaller ball flows into your heart centre in the middle of your chest. How do you feel? 

If you like it, you would enjoy the energy input and change.

Morning rush hour visualisation

Some years ago, before I got into meditation, I would use visualisation a lot. Travelling north from South London on the Victoria Line I would usually be standing holding on to a handle above me as the Tube was always packed in the morning rush hour. You can be quite anonymous on a London Tube, so I would close my eyes, offer my day to God and then ask for the energy I required for the day. I would get some lovely coloured energies (such as tangerine orange or light blue) flowing in through my head which flowed to be stored around my body to be used by me during the day. I felt I was also storing gifts of energy to be given to other people as well. Simultaneously some coloured energy (such as dark blue) would flow up from the earth and through roots into my feet, and then around my body. In this way I would get a healing and get charged up for situations in the day ahead as I went through my karma. I also had gifts for other people. I would ask for a coloured cloak to offer some protection.

The flow of energy into my being from above and below would take a couple of minutes and felt great. I’d then often try to read a newspaper one-handed to find out what was going on in the world, even though it was only what was being reported at the time. Nowadays I find it interesting to look at the reported news and then have an intuitive look, which is also great for things that don’t get reported on. I don’t get to travel on the London Underground that often now.


Sweet dreams meditation

Good quality dreams requires three components; good quality sleep, a clean energy system, and an energetically clear space to sleep in.

This meditation focuses on clearing your internal energy, clearing some of the external energy, and bringing in helpful spiritual energy to help with having good quality dreams.

There are some very important physical aspects that have a huge influence on sleep quality and dream quality. These are explored after the meditation.


In a quiet place, close your eyes, and breathe gently and deeply.

Firstly, some clearing and healing from the earth. Imagine roots growing out from your legs and feet, and the base of your spine, into the ground. Your roots can be any colour that seems to appear.  If you are in a building, just imagine the roots growing through the floor all the way down through the building. Allow the roots to travel down, down into the earth.  Use your imagination to see the roots growing as deep as you can go into the earth.

Above your head, there is a small burst of white light which flows through the top of your head and flows down through your body. The white light touches and dislodges any slow frequency chaotic energy so that it can start to flow down through your body, through your roots and into the earth. The earth absorbs and neutralises the negativity.

With another burst of white light above your head, more slow frequency chaotic energy is released and pushed downwards, towards the earth. The chakra centres on the soles of your feet open up so the negativity, like a dark coloured liquid can flow out to be absorbed by the earth. Let the negativity flow into the earth to be neutralised.

At the same time, the earth sends up through your roots into your body, healing earth energy, which is a more ordered slow frequency energy that is nourishing for your body, which relaxes it, and revitalizes it. It will feel calming and soothing.

Allow this energy to flow up through your feet and through into the rest of your body. At the same time the negative energy is released.

Another pulse of white light from above your head flushes through your body, to remove the gunk, while nourishing energy flows up through the earth. Your body fills with earth energy.

Now a stream of white light flows in through the top of your head to fill your head… your neck…your shoulders…your chest… your spine… your abdomen…your lower back… your pelvic region… your legs and your feet, and also your arms and hands.

In this way, your body is cleared, and filled with harmonious energy.

There are doorways between you and the world outside your aura. These need to be closed. So more light flows down from above your head, in through the chakras or centres in your body, and then the light flows onto and through the doorways. The light flows and clears through the doorways. More light flows to the doorways, but this time to close them shut. More light flows onto the doorways to lock them.

Now to clear the energy around you. Imagine you are standing in the middle of a circle, which has other circles extending outwards around it. These circles are like layers around you. Energy and people can gather in your space, this part of the meditation is to move them out so that you have clear energy around you.

Imagine an orange-red light flowing form high above you onto the first circle around you, literally scrubbing and clearing this inner circle clear.

Mixed in with the orange-red light now are strands of purple and this mixture of light flows into the next circle out, clearing it, and cleaning it, as what shouldn’t be there is pushed out.

Two circles have been cleaned and there are seven to go. The light goes more purple, with some orange and red in it, as it flows down from on high and scrubs clean the third circle around you.

The light then flows around you to scrub the fourth circle clean. The light removes anything that should not be there. This fourth circle is cleared, and mixture of purple, orange and red light circulates around.

The light then flows onto the fifth layer, to remove anything that should not be there.

The purple, red and orange lights flow brightly and intensely onto the sixth circle around you, thoroughly pushing away what should not be there.

The light flows around the seventh circle, to leave a clear space.

The purple, red and orange light scrubs the eight circle around you, and then removes anything on the ninth circle that should not be there.

Within your body, the organs, cells and even the atoms are held together by devas. Devic energy now flows into and around your body, bringing harmony and soothing to the devas in your body. This affects all of your body. The energy might seem to just appear and flow, and help to quieten your body.

Imagine you look up above your head to a point of light that acts like a doorway. Mentally ask for a bubble of light that holds a dream for you. Be open to what comes your way. You might sense a gold bubble forming, coming through the point of light, expanding and then moving down into your head and body.

Let this gold bubble do whatever it does.

Now let yourself once again become aware of your body; your hands and feet, arms and legs, and your torso.

Open your eyes, or keep them closed for sleep if you wish.



To get good dreams, requires good sleep, and clear and clean energy inside you and around you.

Good quality, comfortable sleep is conducive to good quality dreaming. We spend about a third of our time sleeping so it really is useful to give the quality of our sleep some consideration.

As this is written, the 2016 Olympics have just finished. On a media website, there was an article about the thoroughness of the British approach to the Olympics. The article cited the research done into sleep, with the aim to improve sleep so that sports performance could be improved. Because of this research physical improvements to the sleeping arrangements were made. Single beds were replaced by comfortable double beds and tall sportspeople were given extra-long beds. Sheets were replaced with ones that allowed moisture to pass through. Making sure the room was quiet enough and dark enough is important too for undisturbed sleep. The sports people slept for longer than before.

Aches and pains in the body can affect sleep quality. Healing them gives the opportunity for more sleep. Some aches and pains can be avoided. For example, being fit and having strong enough muscles and good muscle tone, helps to avoid back ache. Being overweight with too much fat around head and throat can be a problem. Lying down at night, the airway can become blocked and cause breathing problems causing poor sleep quality throughout the night. Being a comfortable body weight can mean clear airways, comfortable breathing, and good quality sleep.

Sleeping with someone who wakes you up can badly affect your sleep, and your ability to dream. From an energy point of view, if they have clear and clean energy, then great. If they have closed energetic doorways, and no negative cordings, then great. If their energy is negative, angry, chaotic, depressed, and anything but happy, then this energy is going to affect your sleep and dreaming. If they have energetic doorways that are open, what comes through will most likely leak into your system. If you sleep next to someone who has been taking drugs or drinking, then you won’t have around you energy of the level of purity you need for high quality sleep or dreams. (Some drugs stimulate hallucinations or dreams of sorts but they are really lower astral energy. A bit like coloured bits of glass compared to the diamonds of high quality mental light that you can get with clear energy).  If they engage in behaviour that has a negative energy during the day or night that drops the energy around them and builds up a reservoir of negative energy within them, this will affect your sleep and dreams. (If the relationship is open or a partner has an affair there is a strong cording from their sexual centre to another person’s sexual centre and an open doorway with energy flowing in from that other person). So sometimes if you want a spiritual type dream as well as good sleep, sometimes it is best to sleep on your own.

There are some other considerations. Perhaps there are noisy neighbours or you might be fortunate enough to have quiet neighbours or no neighbours. Some people try to sleep next to a noisy road, people on a quiet road can get better sleep.

Overhead power lines are not good for health, and are not good for quality of sleep. Nor too is electrical equipment such as transformers. A clear space around your residence is best.

Some people are more sensitive and affected by electricity and artificial light than others. Generally it is best to keep electrical equipment to a minimum in a bedroom. So no television, no mobiles and their chargers, no switched on tablets or computers generating an electric field, and no using these just before bed (the bluish light from tablets and mobiles can affect a person’s circadian rhythms (their body clock), which affects sleep. From an energy point of view, smart phones, tablets and computers have rather a lot of open astral doorways in them. There are a lot of unnecessary timelines as well from phone and email contacts, and “connections” on social media. These devices are best ideally kept out of the bedroom, or at least energetically cleared and the doorways closed.

What is in the bedroom affects the energy of the room. Every object has an energy to it. Some objects hold and radiate negative energy, and other objects hold positive or even healing energy. Positive and healing energy is best in a sleep environment.

It really is a good idea to ruthlessly go through possessions, including gifts, and getting a feel for what is positive and what is negative, without prejudice and without being sentimental. Perhaps a relative gave you a gift, a heirloom, but the energy of it is dire. Really, it needs to be energetically cleaned or at least removed from the bedroom, or got rid of. If the energy of an object doesn’t support your wellbeing, then it needs to be cleared or removed. Books have open doorways, and if it is from the library, cordings to people who have read it before.

For some people, changing the direction the bed is facing can have a big effect on sleep quality, and health. Noticing if you are sleeping over a ley line is handy. Some ley lines energies can have a negative effect.  It may be useful to move the bed.

Good night and sweet dreams. Oh, good idea to keep a dream diary by your bed to write in as soon as you have the dream so it is still fresh.

Spiritual Beauty

Beauty is something that we see and recognise. What got me thinking about this was I had a really strong thought that I wanted to express beauty, and create beauty. I could feel the spirit of beauty and I wanted to express it in the everyday world. I could sense it like a spark inside me. I wanted to create something that held the spirit of beauty which could be experienced by others. I noticed that when I did even a simple task well, it had a lovely energy, and innumerable times, I have seen other people create or do something with beautiful energy, which to me always feels healing.

I got to thinking about other people. Immediately I could think of people who could be considered physically beautiful. Well that means there are other people who are not physically beautiful, though the distinction is in the eye of the beholder.

My train of thought moved on. Having my third eye open a bit means I don’t just get to see the physical appearance of a person, I can view the chakras and aura of a person. The chakras and aura can look beautiful, with a healthy glow, a cleanness and with the centres functioning smoothly in harmony with each other. The aura can be sleek and glow. The light emanating can be gorgeous to look at.

What is considered as physical beauty has no link to the beauty that can be seen in a fantastic energy system. Someone who is physically beautiful according to society’s version of beauty can have a really rough and grubby looking energetic system. There are people who wouldn’t fit into a fashion magazine’s approach to beauty yet their chakras and auras look amazing.

Physical beauty doesn’t have anything to do with spiritual beauty.

The looks and the body a person has is down to karma. So in one lifetime a person can be regarded as beautiful according to the fashion of the times they live in. With their karma, they get to go through a particular set of experiences on their timeline and their looks play a part in that. In other lifetimes, they have other bodies and other looks that may not be considered as beautiful by those around them.

The same goes for a person’s chakras and aura for the most part. Chakras act like a recorder of experience from lifetime to lifetime. What happens in a person’s life affects their chakras and aura. So what a person experiences affects their chakra and aura. If a woman has a lot of sexual interest from men, the men project energy into the woman’s sexual centre and other lower centres (I mention this as there have been articles and reports today in the British media about what female students experience when they go for a night out with friends).

If someone works in a dreary job that affects their centres in a different way to the effect on someone in a job they love. If they are treated well as a child as opposed to being badly treated, again the effect on the chakras and aura is different. If a person doesn’t exercise when it feels like they should, then the energy in the chakras, small as well as large, darken with slow frequency energy.

If a person lives in a city, particularly a city with an old, negative past, they will end up with a polluted energy system, contrasted with lifetimes where they live in the countryside.

How someone’s chakras and aura looks is influenced by what they experience in life and what they do, which is determined by the karma in that life. So the appearance of a person’s chakras and aura is determined by karma. (There is such a thing as opportunistic karma where a choice can be made between a path to a positive outcome, or a path to a negative outcome.)

However, if over lifetimes a person has done spiritual practices such as meditation this is going to show like a glow in a person’s energy system no matter what their karma is for a lifetime. Also, a life of service is spirituality in action, and has the same effect. On top of that, their karma might have led them to learn how to clear their energy, in which case their energy system is going to look and feel good. There are also some people who have trained lifetime after lifetime for a specific important role, and their energetic system is going to look powerful and lit up even in a dark and dangerous environment.

So what is beauty?

If you take a look at someone’s soul in creation right now… OK there can be a spark of beauty, but it’s not necessarily that amazing because of the limitations of being in creation. Backtracking to before they left the Divine Journeys to come into creation, there is a flaming quality of beauty in the soul.

In creation, through whichever spiritual practices link with a person’s karma, lifetime after lifetime, that spiritual beauty can grow. Going forward through a soul’s timeline, for just about all souls to the end of their timeline in creation when they become God-realised, the soul’s beauty is truly magnificent. And that is for all of us.

We all have that spark of spiritual beauty within us, even through our seemingly dark and negative karmic lives. It is just it’s more noticeable in our lighter lives. Plus spiritual beauty has nothing to do with a person’s physical beauty.

We can all express spiritual beauty in what we do and through our intent.

Meditation time for single parents, and for others who are a little bit busy

It is easy to meditate if you have the time, and your life and lifestyle is conducive to meditating. But what if it is not? What happens if life is hectic, filled with responsibilities? (I’m not counting partying or socializing as these don’t have to be done.)

A long meditation session is helpful in relaxing, it helps you find your centre, it helps with dealing with problems and with gaining some inspirations, and it can help with receiving some divine input and energy. It helps you know that you are a spiritual being.

Sometimes you have to be busy with responsibilities you have to deal with, and from which you cannot easily or rightly walk away. If you want to retain a sense of your spiritual self, and walk your talk as a spiritual being, a different approach is required compared to having big meditations. Someone who is caring for a dependent person may only have a little time to themselves, if at all, and they may get very tired. Single parents (or those whose partners are away or leaving), particularly if there are several children, especially young ones (I hold my hand up here), can be really tired out towards the end of the day. Meditation turns into more of a nap, or a falling to sleep.

Experiencing this kind of situation, I found that I was getting quite grumpy, not being able to meditate. I thought that this wasn’t on and I had to do something about it.

So in everyday situations I made an effort to smile more. When you smile there is an energy of being harmonious, and of accepting. For the brief time of the smile there is peace, some calm, and some stillness. Love flows. A smile is like a mini meditation.

Going about life at work and at home with the children, I monitored my thoughts and attitudes, particularly if I was feeling, or importantly, choosing to feel stressed. I would do a quick burst of positive feeling, and think a positive thought or two that I felt would be helpful. I would talk less and instead just pay attention to what was happening around me.

I would try to arrive five minutes early to work and use the time for a brief, recorded meditation. I made sure to have a break straight after work if I could to go into a healing meditative state, keeping warm and simply doze, as I warmed up, got the body’s self-healing mechanism going and shed slow frequency chaotic energy. I felt much more refreshed because this.

During the day I would go into meditative energy for a few or for several seconds at a time, closing my eyes if I could, so I could remember my nature for a moment.

If I could settle the children down in time in the evening, with necessary jobs done, I would try to meditate, even if it meant falling asleep. I also energetically cleaned all objects in the house, and around the house so that the energy or the atmosphere was conducive to feeling good and loving whether I meditated or not. It is easier to meditate if the energy is good.

On waking I would put my roots down into the earth, feel the light in my hands, then for a couple of minutes, put my awareness into my heart space in the middle of my chest, and open up to the light there.  I felt the light and the dark, the order and the chaos within me; balanced. I would de-cord, then send light down my timeline for the day, and give it to God.

I found that having a balance of energy in me, I felt organized enough to get young children ready for their day at school, and somehow… somehow arrive at work on time. Magic!

What if You Could Check Out Possible Futures? – The Wonder of Timelines

At the time of writing the UK is going through emotional and political turmoil about staying in or leaving Europe; saying “yes”, or “no” to Europe. The people of the UK are being presented with a choice between two timelines. One where they stay in the European Union, or one where they leave and act in their own right.

There is a huge amount of energy being expressed and spilling out as people give their opinions of what is best for the UK. There are lot of people trying to persuade or shock or frighten others into a particular choice. They say this will happen if the UK stays in Europe, or that will happen if we leave. It is amazing and predictable to see them being so certain as they try to get others to join them in their opinions.

With timelines, there are actual timelines that are happening, that we are on now. There are probable timelines, where given how things have been in the past, and how things are going now, the timelines are likely to happen. Then there are possible timelines, which can occur if there is a sufficient injection of energy following decisions being made, or events happening. Opportunistic karma can kick in and change matters.

With the UK and Europe, there are two basic timelines on offer. Following a democratic procedure where people get to vote and indicate their choice, one of the two timelines will get to be embarked on. That’s the theory anyway. You never can tell with UK politicians and the shenanigans they can try to get up to (key word is “try”).

It is also worth looking at the timelines from Europe’s point of view: what will the timelines be like for Europe? (I’m saying nothing!)

Looking at possible futures means looking at possible timelines. You can look at, and feel into the qualities of the possible timelines. One phrase that comes to mind is “drilling down”. You could drill down into the timelines for a business, for members of a country, for the people who run the European Union, and so on, and look and feel into the timelines. Each country and organisation has a spirit. The strength and qualities of the spirit indicates the strength and quality of the timeline. The UK has a spirit, each country in Europe has a spirit, and the European Union itself has a spirit. It is worth remembering that on this planet and throughout creation negative and dark spirits are getting a hammering with the amount of light and love (which is also quite ruthless) pouring in. So a lot of negativity and nefarious happenings are being exposed and being stopped. This is ongoing. (As a further point, each country and organisation has a chakra system.)

One point that is worth mentioning is that Meher Baba, who proclaimed Himself as the Avatar of the Age, communicated before He dropped his body in 1969 that he had made all the major decisions for creation for the next three thousand years.

When looking at and feeling into possible timelines for right now and in the future, you are using your intuition, which is essentially you using your chakras or centres, particularly your third eye to connect with energy and explore it.

Ability to use your intuition to view timelines is enhanced by several factors.

One is having clear chakras and centres, a clear aura and clear space around you.

Secondly,  having a clean and powered up third eye.

Thirdly, having your heart centre open and fired up.

Good grounding when doing any energy work will help, and have confidence in yourself, and in what you feel and see. Be happy. Doing this helps you to observe and feel timelines with enough emotional detachment and clarity, coming from a point of love.

Just imagining you can sense a timeline helps you to do so.

Ask yourself questions such as how does this timeline feel, rough, smooth, happy, sad, desperate, angry, fragmented, and so on. Is the timeline strong or does it feel like it is falling apart? Does the timeline feel and look light, or does it look dark? Is the timeline filled with love, or something else? Is it straight or curved or does it branch off?

Does the timeline feel rough to start with and then improve, or does it look all great, or all awful?

Let yourself look at timelines for a few minutes to start with; don’t tire yourself out. Several minutes max is fine otherwise you can tire your third eye and end up with a headache.

As after any energy work, clear your centres and your space, close down doorways and get grounded. And have a rest.

There are some great meditations on the blog to enhance your ability to sense timelines. The all time basic is the “Getting Grounded Meditation”. The “Clean Up Your Energy”, “New Dawn, New Day” and “Gain That Inner Sparkle”, meditations are all good for clearing your centres and energy generally. The “Purple Light Meditation”, is very good for developing and healing the third eye centre. For developing the heart centre, “An Essential Meditation on the Heart” is excellent.

An Essential Meditation on the Heart

The heart centres have in them such wonderful qualities like joy and courage as well as unconditional love. The energy in the heart centres can not only be felt by yourself, but they can radiate out and touch others, which influences their heart centres.

By focusing on the heart centres, you access this great energy, and help it grow. It has a positive effect on all of your body and all of your systems, and has a long-term on your mind. The heart centres just love.

The mind does have an effect on the heart, and the heart has an effect on the mind. Judgement against other people, holding a grudge, being continually angry with someone, and not forgiving people or situations does block the heart centres from expressing as much love and light as they could. Even beginning to forgive and let go has an effect and more love can flow. (Forgiveness is not the same as putting up with a situation, if change and letting go is required.)

In our head based society, meditation on the heart rebalances us so we become more and more 50% head and 50% heart. Too much heart and we end up being flaky. Too much head and we become intellectual and dry, missing out on so much of what it means to be human and missing out on the richness of life.

I’ve used the term heart centre rather than heart centres in the meditation, as a collective grouping in the meditation works fine. Otherwise, things could be overcomplicated for now.

Here’s the meditation:

In a quiet and comfortable place, close your eyes.

Take a few gentle and deep breaths, letting go.

Imagine that you can feel your heart centre in the middle of your chest. Imagine you can see it like a ball of light, shining away. What is glowing there is love.

Keep your gentle focus on that glowing love. Just touch it lightly with your awareness. As you do so, it grows and expands. The unconditional love in your heart just grows naturally at its own pace. All you have to do is simply allow it.

Enjoy the feeling of this glowing and shining love in your heart.

Each time you have a distracting thought, simply let it go and bring your awareness back to your heart centre.

Keep your focus on your heart centre and the love and light shining there.

You might notice the feelings of other qualities besides love.

For several moments left yourself feel and see the love in your heart centre, and feel it radiating out.

You might like to allow love to radiate out like rays of light to people you know, places you know, and situations.

Notice if you like, where the love shines out to. Let the love shine out for a few moments.

Now bring your awareness out from your heart centre a little. Imagine seeing some double doors in front of your heart. Let these doors close. Seal them with a white rose placed on them.

Now become aware of your body and your fingers and toes. Take a few breaths, and when you are ready, open your eyes.

If you want to, you can extend the time you do this meditation for 20 minutes is a good amount of time. Best not to do for longer than an hour maximum, as that can effect your ability to function in the world, and that is not the point of meditation.

Deep clean your organs and bones with this energy detox

Detoxes can be great for helping us to feel good. They can really clean out the physical body to varying degrees depending on the detox used. The emphasis is on the physical body. The detoxes are good clearing a lot of physical substances. Physical parasites that are in or on our bodies can be harder to shift.

As well as a physical body, we also have etheric, astral and mental bodies. We have chakras or centres, and an aura that surrounds us.

There are astral energies and mental energies that can be slow frequency, grubby and polluting. Some of these energies can be harmful. Then, just as there are physical parasites living in and on physical bodies, so too there are astral entities, small and large, that can pollute and have a harmful effect on us. They can live in different parts of our bodies such as organs, bones and our auras.

With the right energies these can be cleaned up. We can have a detox on energy levels.

What is in an organ like a kidney? Each organ has a deva linked with it that holds together the structure. Devas are like makers or builders. The organs also have elementals that provide life energy to vitalize them. Each organ, like every single cell in your body, also has a miniature version of a chakra system, rather like a hologram of your main chakra system. The organs are physical, and they also have an etheric version of them. Organs also have astral and mental information and energy around them.

Each organ is also connected to other parts of your body. They are connected by a blood supply that carries nutrients and oxygen to them, and that carries waste away. The blood supply will also carry hormones. The organs are linked up in a nervous system that carries information. They are also connected through a system of meridians that carries chi energy through the body. There is a system of channels that carries prana to organs. On a physical and an energetic level, organs are complex.

Just as organs can have physical parasites, on an energy level, they can provide a home and a meal for astral entities of a variety of sizes, and be a repository for slow frequency mental energy. The same can be said for other parts of the body.

There is continual change in the body, however and a continual flux of energy. In some parts of the body where there is a lot of wear, cells are being replaced constantly. Think of the skin, the intestines, the mouth and throat. This slows a build up of negative energy, and refreshes the energy. A body’s atoms are supposed to be completely replaced every seven years.

Movement, exercise and stretching also shifts energy. Tension can be released, and as emotional energy gets stored in the muscles and in the body generally, this can be greatly shifted by plenty of exercise. I had a series of deep tissue massage. It was painful at times. Sometimes as the energy was released I would go unconscious then start to dream the memory of the events that had been stored in my body. The therapist pressing deep with fingers and elbow(!) found and released a lot of old baggage.

There are other ways of releasing negative emotional energy by washing and moving energy through the body. T’ai Chi moves chi through the body to release blocks on all kinds of levels, and improves the vitality of each organ and the body overall. Chi Gung has a similar effect. Yoga with a focus on prana will shift some energy.

In contrast, there are some sources of energy that are a bit slow frequency, and muddy. They are more negative than the energy in some people’s systems and are harmful rather than helpful. This applies in particular to some of the recent children who have come in with high frequency energy and quite refined systems. Always assess the level of a practitioner, and assess the quality and level of the energy they are working with.

This is a meditation to work on clearing the energy and any uninvited guests in organs and bones. It uses white light, gold particles and a greeny-blue light to work on the different energy levels of an organ or bone. Before trying out the meditation, it would be valuable to have a look at human anatomy to learn about the placement of organs and the bones, including the vertebrae in the spine. Going from the base of the skull there are 7 cervical vertebrae. Below these at the back of the ribcage are 12 thoracic vertebrae. In the lower back going to the coccyx (the small bone) there are 5 lumbar vertebrae.

The meditation then.

In a comfortable place, close your eyes. Take several deep and gentle breaths, and let go.

You are going to work with a bluish-green light. Allow this bluish-green light to flow down from on high, onto, over and through your skull. You skull is structured from interlocking plates of bone. They are not fused solid and there can be a tiny amount of movement, and some bodyworkers can detect subtle vibrations. The bluish-green light flows through your skull on physical, astral and etheric levels.

More bluish-green light flows down and into the jaw bone, and into the small bones in the middle ear, dissolving anything that should not be there.

The bluish-green light continues pouring in with its clearing and cleaning action. It flows into the first bone in the top of the spine, which is a cervical vertebra. The bluish-green light scours through, shifting out anything astral that should not have taken up home there. The light also cleans up the discs top and bottom of the vertebra.

Yet more bluish-green light flows down from on high, and flows into the next vertebra down, scrubbing and removing, and cleaning. The light also flows into the discs, thoroughly cleaning them too.

Spinal vertebrae can be places where negative energies can be found. Using the bluish-green light to clean them is beneficial. More bluish-green light flows through the top of your head and down through each vertebra in turn, cleaning and scrubbing. The bluish-green light flows through the remaining 4 cervical vertebrae in the neck:  the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th. The bluish-green light then flows through the 12 thoracic vertebrae behind the heart centre, cleaning and scrubbing: 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…10…11 and 12. Then the bluish-green light flows down through each of the 5 lumbar vertebrae in the lower back, cleaning and scrubbing: 1…2…3…4 and 5, and finishing in the coccyx.

From on high sparkling particles of gold light come down, land in your skull, and in each vertebra of your spine, all the way to the coccyx. The sparkling fine gold particles create a healing.

Bluish-green light now gently flows down and through all the other bones in your body, starting with your left shoulder, arm, wrist and hand. It then flows down through the bones in your right shoulder, arm, wrist and right hand.

The bluish-green light flows through and around your pelvis, and flows down through your left hip, your left leg and your left foot.

The bluish-green light also flows down through your right hip, your right leg and your right foot.

Fine gold particles now flow down from high up. They gently flow into your bones and settle there, to give a gentle healing.

Now, the bluish-green light begins to flow into your organs. First of all it flows down into your brain, gently flowing around the hemispheres of your brain.

The bluish-green light flows into the lungs, flowing around and gently dissolving negativity on the physical, etheric and astral levels. It flows around the heart, and into the stomach, cleaning and dissolving negativity.

Onto the liver, and the bluish-green light flows into and around the liver, scrubbing and cleaning physically, etherically and astrally.

Near the liver is the gall bladder. The bluish-green light flows into the gall bladder and clears it. The light then flows into the pancreas. The bluish-green light gently cleans the pancreas on the physical, etheric and astral levels, then flows into your spleen near your stomach.

The bluish-green light flows around and into the spleen, gently dissolving and cleaning the old negativity on various levels. The bluish-green light then flows into the kidneys, the left kidney and the right kidney. The bluish-green light gently dissolves and cleans the kidneys. Any negative energy that shouldn’t be in the kidneys is removed.

From on high comes fine gold light particles. These flow into the organs. The fine gold particles land in the hemispheres of your brain offering some healing. How does that feel?

The fine gold particles gently flow into your lungs, again offering a healing. Allow your awareness to feel how your organs respond to the gold particles.

More fine gold particles flow into your heart, your stomach, and your liver. They have a gentle effect on your organs. Notice how your heart, stomach and liver feel with the fine gold particles.

Yet more fine gold particles flow into your gall bladder, your pancreas, and your spleen, to offer a gentle healing on many levels. Let yourself take a moment to feel the effect.

The fine gold particles then land in your left kidney and in your right kidney.

A wash of white light then flows from the top of your head down to your toes.

Let yourself become aware of your body again. Feel your fingers and toes.

When you are ready, open your eyes.

Experience Unconditional Love to handle maximum change

There is a lot of light coming in, stimulating old karma, positive and negative, and old pools of energy. It is all been brought to the surface and speeded up. Not so much that humanity and the world “blow up”, but enough so that changes occur in humanity and the world at top speed.

People don’t like change (usually), they like familiarity, constancy, safety, and wealth. They like things to stay the same. Young people, in their teens and twenties, for the most part are okay with change. People who are desperate will go for change in order to simply survive, or help their children survive.

People like constancy because they like to hold on to a way of life they like. They like to hold on to society the way it is, and maintain their role and status within it, particularly if they consider themselves to have influence, wealth, prestige, power and status. They like their community to be more or less the same. They like to maintain beliefs, thoughts and attitudes in society in their social strata, their families, and in themselves. Change knocks against their very identity.

They have psychologically placed themselves at the centre of the little picture of their own world, and they will try to maintain their world. It has provided for them in the past, and they put their trust in it. They absolutely don’t want change. They don’t have a picture or a vision to follow into a new future, and they don’t know how to trust.

I’ve said young people and desperate people will embrace change. People who have a spirituality and have God or the Divine in their picture or vision of the world have a different psychology. They place God at the centre of their world rather than themselves. They have a bigger picture. This makes them more open to change, and they are more willing to trust without seeing obvious or safe steps.

Being desperate is a scary place, and a person like this has nothing to lose and everything to gain by change.

Trying to hang on to a comfortable, familiar life while being faced with an unfamiliar changing world can be uncomfortable, and for some it can be scary. People who have been following a spiritual path, and have a sense of the Divine can sometimes dive down the planes to experience zeroth and first plane thoughts of fear and worry when faced with a crisis or difficulty.

In times like that it’s important to remember God; to remember the Divine. It’s important to remember that God is inside us. Fast paced change is going to keep on going in the world for some time, so being able to access the Divine within us, is a very good thing.

Having a sense of the Divine inside means that when life gets tough or something happens, we can touch a feeling of calm and certainty. We can get some guidance. We can open up to support, and we can experience some healing.

Then also, if we have made one or more decisions that take us off our best timeline, we can find a route to get back on it.

How to connect with and experience the Divine?

It’s surprisingly easy. God is Love. When we experience unconditional love (rather than mushy,  sentimental or “with strings” love), we get to experience God. There are other ways, other qualities that can describe God, but Love is a quality that we can easily access. It is a first port of call.

The following meditation incorporates some grounding and bringing in light to heal, which is great to use every day, and is also like first aid in a time of difficulty or crisis.

Get as comfortable as you can. Close your eyes. Take several deep and gentle breaths. Become aware of your chest and aware of your breathing.

Focus on your feet, and imagine roots of whatever colour feels right, growing down into the ground, into the earth. These are to ground you, anchor you in and give you some stability. Let the earth’s energy flow up your roots and into your body. The earth’s energy will soothe, calm and nourish.

Let go of any negativity, and let it go down to your feet, and then down through your roots, into the earth. The earth can neutralize this energy.

White light then pours down from on high, and in through the top of your head. The white light flows down through your head, into your neck and throat. The white light then flows throughout the rest of your body. This white light flows to the tips of your fingers and toes. It fills your body.

The place to find unconditional love is the upper part of the centre of your chest. This love is a quality of God. With your imagination, look at the upper part of the centre of your chest, and notice a glow. That glow is unconditional love.

Simply focus on that part of your chest,  focus on the glow, look into it. Give that glow of unconditional love your attention. Feel what it feels like, how does unconditional love feel?

Notice the effect of unconditional love on your head and on your mind for a moment.

Focus on the upper part of your chest again, and on the glow of unconditional love. Imagine it growing and glowing brighter and larger, filled with more light and unconditional love. This love makes no demands; it just gives. It makes no judgments, it simplify gives.

Allow the light of this unconditional love to expand and fill more and more of your chest. You might feel a joy within it. You might feel an expansive silence in the unconditional love. You might feel an infinite stillness. Let yourself feel the love glowing from inside you.

Whips of this love gently flow into other parts of your body. The energy of unconditional love flows to your head and wraps around it. The unconditional love envelopes your mind, and permeates your mind.

Surrender to the unconditional love, let go and open up to it. Offer up anything in your life that you feel you need help with. Let go of outcomes. Just let go. Mentally say, “May the Father’s Will be done”.

Unconditional love doesn’t work by trying to force things. Unconditional love works by feeling the unconditional love, letting go, and surrendering everything. If you want to know the best outcome for a situation, ask to be shown it, and then open up to be shown at this time or a later time the best possible outcome. This outcome will suit your best timeline. When you are experiencing unconditional love, you can get a sense of your best timeline.

If there is something to do, a step to make, then again mentally ask to be shown it at this time or a later time. This step will be the best one for your best timeline.

Now focus again on the top part of your chest. Feel the unconditional love flowing to other parts of your body.

You can imagine it gently flowing to other people, freely giving them the love.

You can imagine it gently flowing to situations, freely offering love.

Bring your focus back to your upper chest, and rest it there in the glow for a moment.

Now become aware of your body, and your feet and your roots.

Take some breaths, gentle and deep. Open your eyes.

When you experience unconditional love your consciousness goes up and it is easier to make the best decisions. It is easier to get onto, and stay on your best timeline. Also, the unconditional love you feel has a knock-on effect on other people around you.

How to know if it is a good idea to get into a relationship

Some years ago, I was having a telephone conversation with a friend. She told me that her teenage daughter was in turmoil about a possible relationship with a boy who had asked her out. She really didn’t know what to do, and her feelings were mixed.

I said I would try to help. So my friend put her daughter on the phone. She reiterated that she didn’t know what to do. Relationships are a lot to do with the karma of those involved, and one partner can give the other partner the experiences they need to balance their karma, and to learn whatever it is they need to learn. Also there is often a recognition at a deep level, as the people involved would have had one or more previous lifetimes where they were in a relationship.

When people form a relationship, cordings develop between their chakras or centres. These cordings look weak or strong depending on the strength of the relationship. The cordings look beautiful, or healthy, or unpleasant, depending on the type and quality of the relationship.  The aura of one person responds when they think about their partner, or potential partner. The aura can become more beautiful, brighter and lighter. Or there is very little change if there is little meaning in the relationship. If there is something unhealthy, or unhappy or downright wrong in the relationship, that too can show up in the aura, as it reflects a truth, even if on the personality level, the person is oblivious to this.

I asked my friend’s daughter to think about this other person, close her eyes, and imagine the potential boyfriend in front of her at a comfortable distance. I suggested that she look at his heart centre, to see if it was large or small, light or dark, and how bright or how dark. Just for the record, his heart centre wasn’t dark, but it was a bit dull, and on the small side, which indicated not much love, but no malice.

I said for her to look at his solar plexus; was it light or dark, and were there any strands or cordings looking like little snakes. It was a bit grey, with what looked like small snakes, she said. This indicated a level of manipulation, rather than a desire to free-up and empower. Not evil or malicious, more like very annoying. It was like a learned habit rather than deliberately controlling.

Next I said she should look at the sexual centre. That was a bit dark. As well as sex, the sexual centre is about ownership, but the dark energy was what she wouldn’t need, as through sex energy is transferred between lovers, so at some point, if they had sex, she would end up with dark energy in her system which would not be that amazing for her. I didn’t talk about sex to her, but just got her to check the energy of his sexual centre, and she got the point anyway.

Just for good measure, I asked her to imagine bringing him a little bit closer until cordings formed between their centres. She said these were dull and saggy. They wouldn’t make for an inspiring relationship. At least they weren’t black, possessive, evil, violent and controlling. Nor were they bright, beautiful, energized and strong, with positive and loving energy flowing back and forth.

She decided not to follow up the young man’s invitation.

I think that just being able to talk with someone about what was happening helping to calm her enough to focus and review the situation. My friend’s daughter was great at using her imagination, which anyone can use as a tool to work with the world of energy, the third eye and the other centres and the aura.

In a relationship, a good heart is an essential, so it needs to be large enough and bright enough. The other centres need to be clean, and being bright helps. Cordings need to be bright, vibrant and loving. These are the ingredients of a good start at least, and the karma will show up in the path, in the timeline from then on. (What’s that about a Golden Pathway timeline that’s mentioned elsewhere in the blog?)

This way of looking at relationships and people not only works with romantic relationships, but also friendships, working relationships, and any other kind of relationship.

Meditation to love and accept your body

We have a mental body, an astral body, an etheric body and a physical body. We might have some higher bodies than the mental. The body that bothers us the most (usually), is the physical body.

When I was younger I liked my body as I swam a lot. Except the legs. The legs were too short. Now being older, my waist is larger and I can’t get into some clothes I really liked. My muscle tone looks like it isn’t that Adonis look I prided myself on. The physical body always changes as time goes on, and pride in looks that are going to change now seems foolish. I find I’m critical about parts of my body though, not massively, it’s just irksome.

I’ve never been the kind of person to give someone’s opinion on an advertisement the time of day, and what other people might think about my body has to me just been their business. I’m aware though, that my negative thoughts about my body aren’t going to help in any way. Even if I want to change something about my body for health reasons.

I do know that the body is sensitive to thoughts. The body has an intelligence. The bodymind can be found in the solar plexus area. What you think and feel about your body with your intellectual type mind has an effect on your body, and on its health, and how it functions. Grudgingly, I would say that the thoughts of others have an effect as well. A friend, who was an expert in kinesiology and worked in a school, once told me of an experiment he did in a school assembly. He showed the students about how muscle testing works, and how muscles could be made weak or strong. He then had a student volunteer go out of the hall. He got all the other students to think negative thoughts about the student who was outside the hall. The student came back in, and was muscle tested. His muscles were weak. The teacher cleared his energy and the student went back out of the hall. The students thought positive thoughts about the student outside. In they came and this time when they were muscle tested, their muscles were strong.

Quite a few years ago I learned how positive and negative thoughts generally affect the body and its health. Thoughts affect even the body chemistry and the functioning of the body. Being happy or depressed has a different effect on the body.

To be in the public eye physically, or have an online presence and receive the thoughts of others and remain unaffected by them must require a robust aura, with a thick skin. (Astrally, cyberspace is real and contains people’s feelings and thoughts which can be projected into other people’s auras, and so no wonder it can hurt. This is why doing protective meditations can be so important. It’s also important to close doorways on phones, tablets and computers.)

Our thoughts and also our feelings about everything, including our bodies, are important. Spiritually, being loving, forgiving and having goodness in our thoughts about our bodies, people, the things in our lives, and just about everything else, is helpful, and helps change. Being loving towards your body, thinking positive thoughts about it, and feeling good about your body can have a great impact on it. From a spiritual point of view, it’s great to keep the vehicle for your spirit and soul in top condition.

This meditation focuses on the body, your body, my body, while the general idea applies to everything.

In a quiet place, sit comfortably and close your eyes.

Take several gentle and deep breaths.

Focus your attention on the middle of your chest, where your heart centre is. Notice a glow of light in the very middle of your heart centre. The upper part of your heart centre is the home to unconditional love. The light in your heart centre is unconditional love.

Allow this light, this unconditional love to grow. From high, up above you, brilliant white light falls down gently like snow. This white light flows down into your heart centre, and into the light of your unconditional love, nourishing it, and helping it to grow. Your unconditional love expands and fills your heart centre, and shines out rays of unconditional love.

Allow this unconditional love to flow to your chest, and fill your chest with its light and its love. Allow the unconditional love to cover your skin. The unconditional love and the light cover and fill your pectoral and breast area. Feel the unconditional love soaking into and saturating this part of your body, and notice how it responds.

You can just notice the effect of the unconditional love, or you can also tell this part of your body, “I love and appreciate you”. You can say it mentally, or out loud. If you want you can be specific and say something like, “breast, I love and appreciate you”, a few times.

Choose parts of your chest to allow unconditional love to flow into. Feel the response to the love, and say if you want to, “I love and appreciate you…”, naming that part of your body.

Place your awareness on your heart centre again, and feel the unconditional love once again. Let the light of the unconditional love flow to your stomach area. Let it fill, and cover it. Feel your stomach area respond to the love. If you want to, say, “stomach, I love you”. If you want to, say, “skin, I love and appreciate you”.

Again, bring your awareness back to the light of the unconditional love in your heart, and watch it glow and shine.

Now put your awareness on your lower abdomen and your waist. Let the unconditional love from your heart centre fill and cover this area. See it like the light of unconditional love filling your lower abdomen and waist. Notice how this feels.

If you want to, say, “waist, I love and appreciate you”. Tell your skin you love it, tell your lower abdomen, or belly as you might call it, that you love it and appreciate it.

Again, bring your attention to your heart centre, and feel the unconditional love there. Let yourself bask in the feel of the unconditional love for a while.

Now place your awareness on your groin area. Let unconditional love and light flow from your heart over your skin and into your groin area. Feel this area filled with the unconditional love and light. Notice how your body feels and responds. If you are physically female, use words to name female parts of your body. If you are physically male, use words to name male parts of your body. If you want to, take some moments to tell these parts of your body that you really love and appreciate them. Be as specific as you need to be. Tell them you love them again if you need.

Once again come back to your heart centre, and the glow and shine of the unconditional love that flows from the deepest part of your being. Relax into it.

Now place your awareness on the top of your back, from the back of one shoulder to the back of the other shoulder. Unless there is a back problem backs tend to be forgotten about and ignored. Now fill this space and cover the skin with unconditional love and light flowing from the heart centre. Notice how this part of your back feels with this unconditional love. If you want, say, “back, I love and appreciate you.”

Place your awareness on your upper back, including the back of your heart centre. Sense the skin, and the muscles, and your spine. Let unconditional love and light flow from your heart centre to completely saturate this space and cover your skin. Notice how this area of your body now feels. Let your upper back know that you love and appreciate it.

Now place your awareness in the middle of your back. Again, let love and light from your heart fill this area and cover your skin. Notice how your skin and back respond to the love. If you want, tell your back that you love and appreciate it.

Feel your heart centre, and the glowing love in it. Now notice your lower back; the skin, the muscles and the bones of your spine. Let love flow from your heart to the skin, to the muscles and to each vertebra of your spine. Notice any effect of the unconditional love and light. You can tell your lower back that you love and appreciate it. “Skin, I love and appreciate you”, “muscles, I love and appreciate you”, “spine, I love and appreciate you”. Again, notice any effect.

Move your awareness down to your buttocks area. Let the unconditional love and light from your heart centre flow into this area and fill it, saturate it with love and light. Let it fill the skin, the muscles, the spine, the back of the pelvis, the anus, and your body internally. Fill all of this area with love, giving extra attention if need be to any particular part of your body. If you want to, tell each part of this area you really love it and appreciate it.

Place your awareness on your upper left leg from your hip to your knee. Check over it. Let the love and light flow from your heart centre to cover and fill your upper left leg; skin, muscles, bone, blood vessels, nerves, tendons and ligaments, and any injuries. As the unconditional love and light flows in, notice how this part of your body feels. If you want to, tell your leg, or specific parts of it, that you love and appreciate them.

Place your awareness on your upper right leg, and check over it. Feel your heart centre and the love therein. Let this unconditional love and light flow onto and into your right leg, filling and saturating it so that it glows. Tell each and every part that you need to tell, that you love and appreciate it. Notice any effect.

Move your awareness to the lower left leg from the knee to the ankle. Feel your skin, your muscles, your bones, your ankle, and any specific part of your lower left leg. Now let the light of unconditional love from your heart centre flow down into your lower left leg. Let it fill it completely. Notice how your lower left leg feels. As you need, tell each part of your lower left leg that you love and appreciate it. Notice how that feels.

Place your awareness on your lower right leg from your knee to your ankle. Check over your lower right leg. Place your awareness back on your heart centre, and the bright love within it. Imagine this unconditional love flowing over and into all of your lower right leg, healing it. Tell any parts of your lower right leg that you love and appreciate them.

Now feel your left foot and toes. Let unconditional love and light flow from your heart centre into your left foot and toes. Let the light and love cover and saturate your left foot. If you like tell your foot you love and appreciate it. Do this in more detail if you want to, so you can focus on your heel, the middle of your foot, the ball of your foot, and each toe, depending on what needs attention.

Feel your right foot and toes. Let the unconditional love and light flow from your heart centre to your right foot and toes so they are completely filled and saturated. If you want, tell your foot that you love and appreciate them. You can say it in more detail if need be.

Rest back in your heart centre for a moment and enjoy the light and love. Let yourself feel how nourishing it is, this timeless love. Feel how wonderful it is.

Place your awareness on your left shoulder. Let unconditional love and light flow from your heart centre into and over your left shoulder, so that it is saturated. Tell your shoulder that you love it: “shoulder, I love and appreciate you”.

Now place your awareness on your right shoulder. Fill it with unconditional love and light from your heart centre so that it glows. Tell your right shoulder that you love and appreciate it.

Move your awareness to your left upper arm to your elbow. Let unconditional love and light flow in and over your upper left arm to fill it. If you want to, tell your upper arm that you love and appreciate it. Notice how it responds.

Place your awareness on your upper right arm. Unconditional love and light flows from your heart centre into your upper right arm and elbow, and fills it. Notice how this feels. Say to your upper right arm, mentally or out loud that you love it. Notice the response.

Now feel the infinite unconditional love in your heart centre. Just let it be there. Now let the unconditional love and light flow to your lower left arm and wrist, filling and covering it. Keep on filling it as you want.
Tell your lower left arm and wrist that you love and appreciate them. Just feel your lower arm and wrist.

Place your awareness on your lower right arm and wrist now. Let the unconditional love and light flow from your heart centre and cover and fill them. If you want to, tell your lower arm and wrist that you love and appreciate them.

Now place your awareness on your left hand and fingers. The centre of your palm has a connection with your heart centre which can facilitate healing. Let the unconditional love and light flow from your heart centre to your hand and fingers. This unconditional love and light covers and fills the back of your hand, the palm, and the fingers and thumb. As you need, tell each part of your hand that you love and appreciate them. Do this for a few moments.

Place your awareness on your right hand and fingers. Fill them with unconditional love and light from your heart centre. Let this love and light cover your hand and fingers. If you want to, tell your hand and fingers that you love and appreciate them. Focus on any part you may want to.

Again, place your awareness on your heart centre and the unconditional love within. Notice its brilliance and calmness, the joy inside, and the powerful silence.

Now place your awareness on your neck; on the front and the back and the sides. You can feel the skin, the muscles and vertebra. Inside, you can feel your throat, and notice your vocal cords. There is a lot inside the neck. Let unconditional love and light flow from your heart centre, into and over your neck. If you like, tell all the parts of your neck that you love and appreciate them for several moments.

Now place your awareness on your head. Fill your nose with unconditional love and light from your heart centre. If you want, tell your nose you love and appreciate it. Now focus on your eyes. Fill them with unconditional love and light from your heart centre, and tell your eyes that you love and appreciate them. Focus on your ears; fill them with unconditional love and light. If you want to, tell them that you love them. Focus on your lips, fill them with unconditional love and light from your heart centre. Notice how that feels. Tell your lips that you love and appreciate them. Focus on your face, and let unconditional love and light flow from your heart centre to your face, covering it and filling it with the unconditional love and light. Tell your face that you love and appreciate it.

Focus on any features of your face that you need to. Fill it with unconditional love and light from your heart centre, and tell them that you love and appreciate them.

Focus on your forehead. Let unconditional love and light cover and fill your forehead. If you want to, tell it that you love and appreciate it.

Place your awareness on your scalp, and your hair if you want to. Fill them, and cover them with unconditional love and light. Notice how that feels. If you want to, tell them that you love and appreciate them.

Now focus on the back of your head. Let unconditional love and light flow from your heart centre, covering and filling the back of your head. Tell the back of your head that you love and appreciate it.

Send unconditional love from your heart centre to your brain; the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere. Fill your brain with the unconditional love and light. Tell your brain that you love and appreciate it.

Now bring your awareness back to your heart centre and feel the unconditional love. You can take some moments to send unconditional love and light to your stomach, lungs, liver, pancreas, kidneys, adrenal glands, and the large and small intestines, and any other part you can think of. If you like, you can tell them that you love and appreciate them. If need be, you can send unconditional love and light from your heart centre to your sternum at the front of the ribcage, and other places where blood cells are made. You can tell these parts of your body that you love and appreciate them.

Now send unconditional love and light to your physical heart, filling your physical heart. Thank it for doing a good job, and tell your heart that you love and appreciate it.

Now place your awareness back on your heart centre, and the unconditional love inside. Immerse yourself in this energy for a few moments. Tell yourself that you love and appreciate yourself.

Become aware of your body, and your hands and feet, and when you are ready, open your eyes.


It is good to do this meditation repeatedly. If you wish, you can shorten the meditation to focus on specific parts of your body that you want to uplift, and change your mind’s opinion about that area.

We do tend to focus a lot on the physical body because that is what we can see. As people’s third eyes open then they will sense more of the energy of the aura and centres which have always been there. This will be a good thing as people may become inclined to make their energetic aspects clean, bright and spectacular. It’ll be like internal, energetic bling. (The basic way to get that is to clear your energy, protect it, think lovely thoughts, feel lovely feelings and be loving to yourself and others.)


How to work with your Higher Self to improve your Self-Esteem

The main rule in life for anyone with an interest in their spirituality is that there is no limitation. A key fact in spirituality is that energy follows thought. What you put energy into is what is likely to happen.

Before we reincarnate into creation, as spirit, as souls, we are on the inner planes considering the karmic package we have for that life, and the lessons on the timeline. Then we look in the wardrobe of the possible personalities to wear and get the one that matches the karma that needs to be balanced out or burnt off.

Then into creation we go.

Sometimes are karma is such that over the years we develop a strong appreciation of ourselves, we like ourselves, and love ourselves. The events in our lives, and the family and other people we have around us have the effect that we have effortless self-esteem. Our personality will be such that it automatically has a very high regard for itself.

Sometimes our karma is such that over the years we have low self-esteem. There are events in our lives that knock us back, that as children get us to think we are wrong, or unloveable, guilty and worthless for getting something to happen (though it is not really our fault). There were people around us who were cruel, critical, abusive and mean. They treated us as if we were worthless, not worthy of love. We were isolated and alone. The people around us mirrored back to us that we meant nothing. Our personality matched this. (Sometimes the personality and spirit are massive, powerful and tough, and they overcome.)

We have lives where we have high self-esteem, and lives we have low self-esteem.

If it is a life of low self-esteem, we might have enough spirituality to do something about it. Plus our Higher Selves will love us immensely, as they know who we really are. So this life is one to learn in and do the lesson of deliberately gaining self-esteem and appreciating that, then leave the past behind, and move on to a better, more fulfilled life.

A great way to do this is to go for no limitation, and know as you put in the positive and loving thoughts and feelings, then energy follows thought, and you can improve your self-esteem. From improved self-esteem, a lot else that is loving and positive can follow.

Part of the journey to build strong self-esteem is to identify and remove the old thinking. A lot of this goes on subconsciously because it has been absorbed right into the person’s being. Also, when you think, you feel. It’s automatic and natural.

From an energy point of view, where someone has been around people who have acted and spoken unloving or cruelly to them, that person can still have holes in their aura, and different forms of negative energy shoved into their chakras or centres. This makes for a sensitive aura and energy system. Even when there is no physical abuse, negative thoughts and emotions from someone who is being cruel or hateful, aimed at another person, usually end up in the target’s chakras and aura. This is especially the case when the target is a child, as their nervous system and energy system is not yet developed and is not robust (this changes around the age of 14 or so). This can act to pull a person down; the past can act like a drag.

Children tend to learn from those people around them, so it can also be the case that a child can learn low self-esteem from the adults around them. So if parents and other adults around the child have low self-esteem, and speak like it, and act like it, then a child can learn that by osmosis. In this kind of situation, a child might have the spirit and personality to not be touched by this, but rise above it. Even so, their self-esteem is not as likely to be as strong as a child who has parents and adults around who have high self-esteem, and who treat the child with love.

It’s where there is neglect and emotional and physical abuse, and shocks in life, that there is low self-esteem.

Self-esteem can be raised. In children it can be raised over time with love, praise, fairness, positive language, and by valuing the child. This can mean listening to them, letting them make their own decisions (this aspect could really be explored at length), and valuing what they do.

Working with energy, and using meditation, there are points to bear in mind.

We all have a higher Self who loves us completely. What the Higher Self is, I’m not quite sure, or else I could attempt to come up with a definition, but I think it would be limiting and wrong. I’m used to thinking in terms of 3-D life, so I don’t have the ability to look at someone’s higher Self, or have the language to describe it. Not yet, anyway. I can say that Higher Self is amazing, and is love and light. I know we have a soul and that soul is in creation. The larger part of the soul is on the inner planes, outside time, and what needed to be achieved by this aspect of the soul, has been. It knows what the end of this particular journey is like. Then the soul is part of the Oversoul, along with all the other souls. So the Higher Self could be an aspect of the soul, or the Oversoul, with its love, understanding, sentiency and compassion.

The following meditation to improve self-esteem includes a couple of aspects that help to reduce the negative past and lift the present moment.

In a quiet place, get comfortable… close your eyes.

Take several deep and gentle breaths, and let go. Just breathe, noticing the inbreath, and the outbreath.

To prepare for this journey into love and light, this part is to clear and anchor your system.

Imagine growing roots down out of your feet and the base of your spine, into the earth. Make the roots a colour that feels right to you. Light or dark colours; it doesn’t matter so long as it feels good. Let the roots grow down as far as you can. If you want to send them down to the centre of the earth, that is fine. The earth is loving, and gives non-judgementally. It sends up your roots, love and nurturing, healing earth energy into your system, into your aura, into your chakras and body. This energy nourishes your organs, your bones, which are made from minerals from the earth, your muscles, and your spirit. Your roots hold into the earth and pull on it. At the same time the earth pulls on your roots, anchoring you.

Any energy you don’t want, can fall away, and fall through your roots, and into the ground, where it can be transmuted. So any stress, or anger, or chaotic, negative energy can be released, let go, into the earth.

The earth’s energy touches your aura around you, gently dislodging energy that doesn’t need to be there. The earth’s energy goes into your base centre, bringing a healing and it revitalises your base centre. The earth’s energy goes into your sexual centre, again bringing a healing. The earth’s energy comes into your solar plexus. Unwanted cordings drop away, and the earth’s energy brings about a healing in your solar plexus. The earth’s energy moves up into the centres in your heart centre area, bringing a healing and expansion.

The earth’s energy moves up into your throat centre, to open it up, bring about a healing to open up your self-expression. Old limitations in your throat centre are removed.

The earth’s energy keeps moving up your chakras, bringing about a healing each moment it touches a chakra.

Now white light flows down from above, and moves down and around your aura. Brilliant, pristine, and pure white light flows over and throughout your aura. Pulsing waves of this white light flow down from the top of your aura. This dislodges the old and brings in the new at the same time.

The pure, pristine white light flows down your chakras that are above your head, and into the chakras in your head.  Old thoughts in your space about yourself that you might have thought, or others might have thought about you start to fragment, and drop away.

The beautiful, pure white light keeps flowing down your centres, so any shards of negative energy in your chakras become visible, and dissolved or removed. Your head centres start to glow with more light and peace. Your throat centre becomes more powerfully expansive. The centres in your heart area have any negative energy pushed out, and they glow brighter. Cordings from negative people from the past drop away, removing the echoes of their influence.

The pure white light flows down into your solar plexus centre, into emotions stored in there, melting them, stirring them up and dissolving them. Again, cordings become filled with white light, burnt away, and then drop off. There is a fire burning in the solar plexus as the old emotions, and old situations are energetically chewed through, learnt from, and then removed to burn. The energy from this, once broken down, can be recycled.

The pure and beautiful white light flows down into the sexual centre, and pours in filling layers that are in an onion skin pattern. Each layer is filled with white light. Old cordings are filled with light and drop away. Old doorways are blasted with light, and then closed. Old shards of negative energy are brought to light, and then dissolved by the light. Old emotions and thoughts are shattered and burnt away. A re-patterning of the energy in the sexual centre occurs, so that energy is worked in a new way in the centre.

The pure and brilliant white light flows down into the base centre. It pours in and fills this space, changing and transmuting the old energy into something more expansive, lighter, quicker, and more creative. Old thoughts and feelings are gently dissolved. New possibilities and timelines are introduced. New thoughts are made possible.

A flash of gold light zips your aura and centres, and flashes through all parts of your body.

Your Higher Self, you as a beautiful being of light stands in front of you, blazing with light, understanding and peace. They look into your eyes, and your eyes look down the timeline of your past. As your Higher Self looks at you with a blazing energy, you look down your timeline with a blazing energy. Your timeline lights up a bright white and glows, as the energy burns down your timeline, turning to smoke old, grey and black looking events. Your Higher Self’s heart also shines and yours does too. Your Higher Self moves to stand close behind you, so you are cocooned in their energy field of light. Your heart and your Higher Self’s heart shine out light down your timeline into your past down to your conception. Your eyes and your Higher Self’s eyes shine down your timeline all the way to your conception. Bit by bit, there is healing and transmutation, as you feel your Higher Self around you, that which you will become, and on the inner planes, have already become.

As this healing occurs, the energy in your aura and chakras alters. Timelines held in your centres alter, to bring new positive possibilities. The sending of this light through you and from your Higher Self continues. As it happens, there is a bit of a merging with your Higher Self.

The sending of energy to your timeline comes to a stop.

Your Higher Self steps away from behind you, to stand in front of you. They Love you because they know who you really are. They look at you, and in a special moment, give you a smile filled with energy, filled with something new, that touches your system.

They then move off into what seems like the distance, yet they are close energetically, in the background.

Now bring your awareness back to your body. Notice your breathing for several breaths. Notice your arms and legs, and your fingers and toes.

When you are ready, open your eyes.

This is a powerful meditation that can be repeated.

Along with this, it is important to think positive thoughts about yourself to overcome any negative thoughts. Years ago, one healer said that every time I had a negative thought about myself I should say to myself, “I love and approve of myself”, two hundred times. I did do that. Nothing like repetition, repetition, repetition. I didn’t have time to think negative thoughts. The thought, “I love and approve of myself”, is a key one. There are other ones such as “I’m loved and wanted”. This is a useful transition thought, though the most important person to be loved by is oneself, rather than try to gain the love and approval of others.  “I am loveable”, is a useful thought. If someone has been made to feel guilty, then a thought like, “I am innocent, I love and approve of myself”. If belittled and made to feel worthless or useless: “I am wonderful, I love and appreciate myself”. There are variations, such as saying that you are valuable, worthy, or good enough, or fascinating (this is stronger than interesting). Another key thought is, “I love and respect myself”.

All of this is on a personality level, because our souls, who we really are, are part of God. God is in all of us. The Divine is in all of us. So deep down, we are all amazing. Going through karma, it might not seem that way. When someone becomes God-realized, and sense their true Divine nature, what bothers the personality mind becomes irrelevant, and the need for self-esteem fades away. Until that time, with a personality mind, self-esteem IS important, and is a useful tool in gaining and expressing spirituality.

Then, as we move from a Piscean energy, into a more collective Aquarian energy, we will likely gain more empathy for other people (and other lifeforms), most likely in an emotionally telepathic way, and we will need to powerfully esteem and love others, while at the same time, being true to ourselves. So that will be a new lesson in our spirituality.

Getting grounded meditation

This is a great meditation to do before a long meditation, after a meditation that takes you out of your body, at the start of the day, and anytime you feel ungrounded.

There are also physical things that can be done, such as going for a walk or for a run in Nature, or in a park. T’ai Chi works as do other martial arts. Gardening is great for grounding. Sometimes what is required is a good meal. It can be as simple as that, and simple is good.

Should you feel a meditation is the best way for you, here it is:

In a comfortable place, close your eyes.

Take a few deep and gentle breaths, breathe as deep as you can into the bottom of your lungs.

Make a scan of your body. Notice how your right hand feels, notice how your left hand feels. Check your arms, the right one, and then the left arm. Notice how alive they feel.

Now check your feet, the right foot and then the left foot. Notice how your right leg feels, and then how your right leg feels.

Notice how the lower part of your body feels as you breathe. Now check the upper part of your body, just see how it feels.

Now in more detail, if you can, notice how your lungs feel. Then in turn, check your heart. Check your liver, then notice how your stomach feels.

Notice how your intestines feel, how your kidneys feel, how your pancreas feels. Check any other part of your body you want to.

How does your spine feel?

Notice how your neck feels, and your head, then your face. How do your eyes feel? How about your ears?

Placing your awareness on parts of your body can help to bring you in.

Now we are going to connect you in to the earth with some roots in the same way that trees and plants have roots.

Imagine roots growing out of your feet, and one from the base of your spine, down into the ground. Imagine them growing down as deep as you can. Make them any colour that feels comfortable. A restful, nurturing and healing colour is the colour of black earth, like a rich, fertile soil, that is full of life. Or think of the colour of granite, which has a powerful, Devic energy.

The earth has already moved on energetically, and is able to provide you with enriching and nurturing, slow frequency energy that holds enough ordered energy, that is a rich, smooth black energy, full of Devic vitality.

This energy flows from the earth, up your roots, and into your body. This rich black energy flows up your lower legs, through your knees, and up your thighs to your hips. The Devic black light flows up into the lower part of your body. It flows into your intestines, kidneys, lower spine, and all other parts of your lower body. As the black, nurturing slow frequency energy flows in, the parts of your body relax, open up, and let go. They receive a gentle healing.

The black Devic light flows into the upper part of your body, into your chest and shoulders. Into your lungs, liver, stomach, heart, glands, muscles, blood, nervous system, and upper spine. The nurturing, smooth black light flows into your neck and head. It flows into your face, ears, eyes, nose, glands and into both hemispheres of your brain.

All your organs, glands, muscles and bones send down roots into the ground, into the earth, so you become much more connected to the earth. Anything that is not needed, such as tension, or chaotic and negative slow frequency energy, can be let go of by the different parts of your body. This negative energy is a black colour as well, but will feel different to the nurturing black Devic light.

The roots pull you in towards the earth. Your roots you have sent down travel down further and further into the earth. The energy of the earth that is inside you is soothing and alive. Notice how your body feels now.

Feeling through your roots, you might notice how the earth is. You might notice how your roots feel.

With the earth energy, your body becomes an attractive place for your astral body, which comes in more into your physical body. Your astral body nestles into your physical body, and becomes more aligned. Astral roots flows down from your body into the earth.

Notice a two way flow of energy. Some energy flows from you into the earth, and the nurturing, black energy from the earth flows into you.

For extra grounding, if you need it, allow the earth’s energy to flow up your roots, and up through your body and head. The black earth energy then flows out of the top of your head, to form a heavy, thick cloak of black light, to soothe and calm you, and help you stay in your body.

Now let yourself become aware of your body. Notice your breathing for a few breaths. Notice how your body feels, and how your arms and hands feel. Notice how your legs and feet feel.

When you are ready, open your eyes.

This grounding meditation can be done once or more times a day. It is good to do before some powerful meditations as they can take you out of your body. If need be, it can be done after meditating as well if you feel spacey.

I like to put my roots down before travelling. I aim to put them down at least a thousand miles or so. Better still, I aim for the centre of the earth. This is great before flying. It feels strange having stretchy roots travelling through the air, but overall, it has a grounding effect while being in an aeroplane.

Law firms, banks and countries (e.g. Panama) – Light or dark?

Countries have a spirit that makes them unlike other countries. You can check this spirit out for its qualities. This reflects on the country. Is the spirit inclined to be light or dark, stuck and stagnant or transforming, troubled or calm? There are other qualities you can consider, such as attitude to women, attitude to the environment. You can see how much corruption there is.

Panama’s spirit is murky, like angry, vicious black smoke swirling. But there is light being blasted into it, looking like lightning. This opens the spirit up to Truth, and the dark is diminishing, all the while pretending nothing is wrong. Change can happen. Panama’s spirit will lighten up.

The banks involved also have a spirit that runs through the organisation, and the same applies to law firms involved. The spirit of some of the organizations involved in the Panama Papers look really dark, and are really part of the dark lodge, all the while trying to look clean.

The money flowing through this part of the financial system has distinctly grubby energy and karma linked with it. It may be a way to launder money so that it looks legitimate, but it doesn’t wash off that energy and karma, as it goes into general circulation.

Money represents energy. As more light comes in, there should be ways coming about to facilitate the transfer of energy, without having to use the old, corrupt ways. Then we can leave that old energy behind.

About the spirit of countries. In some writings early last century channelled by Alice Bailey, it was said that France had a particular spirit which would enable it to prove the existence of the soul.

In Russia, the spirit has built up to be quite light, but Putin and his cronies have nowhere to go. They are stuck, and Russia is stuck with them, until the light builds up more.

Countries can also be considered to have chakras, often represented by their places of habitation, or places. You can sense how bright, how large, and how harmonious the chakras are. You can sense how high up the energy goes, for instance, is it at the base centre only, or the sexual centre, or is it solar plexus. Is there a country operating at the heart centre level or higher? (Watch out for bias.)

To get the world from A to B (for Beautiful) energetically is going to require a long time as more light comes in, and require a huge amount of change, so countries on their new timelines will be unlike how they are now. There is going to be a lot of change in every country.

Sweet Dreams

Last night my dreams were unpleasant. They were a little bit dark, a little bit twisted. I woke up, and felt the energy around the house, and it definitely felt a bit low grade, a bit ugly and mean. In the early hours of the morning, particularly around four o’clock, is when a tide, a wave of negative energy comes sweeping around the earth, courtesy of the dark lodge. They do so like to give folks a hard time, but it can also be thought of as a test.

Time to clean up. I made myself sit up. I scanned my chakras, I scanned for any cordings to my chakras, I checked my aura for grubby energy, any uninvited entities, and for dead people (for their souls and spirit, and sometimes astral bodies, too).  I was definitely in need of a clean.

I then checked the area extending out from my aura, inside the house, and outwards, in larger and larger concentric circles. Yes, the area going outwards, the neighbourhood, and out for nearly half a mile was looking decidedly rather gloomy and gloopy. The area had been inhabited for several hundred years so there tended to be old frequency energy bubbling up occasionally.

I baled out my lower three centres especially, putting the old rubbish in what I’d describe as a fire. I used a meditation similar to the one earlier in the blog to clear my centres.

I used a meditation akin to a deluge of light to sort out my aura (I’ll write up a meditation like this in the blog soon as it is so useful, which will probably use a waterfall made up of rainbow coloured light). Entities, and people who needed it were put into a purifying flame that literally cleans them up as they need to be cleaned up, and then sorts out their future timeline for lives ahead. I worked with some devic energy to sort out the old style devas and bring some harmony, and ordered soothing energy into my system, which is different to the bright light used in meditation.

I made sure to close any open doorways in my aura, looking for doorways on the zero plane, first plane and second plane especially. These lower planes tend to be the ones where negative energy can be found, though dark lodge experts and senior management can hang around the fourth and fifth planes, though the aura clearing with light deluge sorts them out.

For the concentric circles around me that extended through and beyond the house, I washed through with an intense light, and gave a gift of a candle of light to each neighbours’ house. (I’ll write something on this later, too.)

I looked upwards, for any open doorways that may need closing, which there weren’t, and had a look below to see if the local ley lines where in need of some attention. They were fine.

I  looked up the planes, and thought about the first Divine Journey, with its Bliss, its gold light cascading down the planes. This gold light, amongst other things, seeds the sixth plane with energy like golden dream bubbles. So instead of having a dream fueled by zero plane energy, or first or second plane energy, and so on, it is possible to have a light and loved filled dream from a golden dream bubble that tends to be uplifting, inspiring and which also teaches about spirituality. They can be quite healing, too. I remember I asked to be given a dream, from a golden bubble of light.

Having fallen asleep again, the energy was much cleaner and calmer. I had a dream that really lifted me, and made me very happy, and taught me a few things. It was full of light and love, happiness, laughter and meaningful events. I was aware, coming out of the dream, that because I had cleaned the inner and outer space, I had created the conditions to have a dream like this.

Golden dream bubble dreams are a tool of the Divine, to teach people.


Today’s Spiritual Weather Report

Good morning. Here’s the weather. (It gets better higher up the planes.)

On the zeroth plane of consciousness, the black light is swirling quite dramatically. Not quite hurricane standard, but close; still raging though. There has been an input of order energy to stir up and remove the old, and make changes. This will affect our planet and all of creation. Focusing just on this earth, the devas are busy winding down those aspects of our life that needs to go. Not too fast, just fast enough. The devas are slowly going to make new forms. The mineral world has had an upgrade, now it is time for everything else.

In the human world, the storm will get people’s emotions going. Emotions and moods will darken. There will be more doubt and uncertainty, more zeroth plane fear, more anger, righteousness, and rage. These volatile and powerful emotions will drive people to think, speak and act in dramatic ways, individually and collectively. People will become polarized, and some will be desperate. Desperation will drive human events, and ecological events. Strong emotions will be cloaked in hijacked religion, in ideology, politics, opinions and beliefs. Old karma will be brought up by the storm, and worked through. Some people will try to avoid the stirred zeroth plane energy in their systems by using drugs, alcohol and any other addictions.

Remember to take your umbrella and a coat, which means daily meditation to access the mental light higher up the planes to take you out of the storm. This will help you be on the best timeline for you (the Golden Pathway), and help you make helpful decisions, and be in the right place at the right time.

The zeroth plane storm will also bring out the best in many people young and old, all over the world, who bring out their compassion, endurance, and love in small and big ways to help their kindred humans; like flowers blooming in the desert.

On the zeroth plane, the devas will do their usual job with the weather (check out the deva of the next hurricane), as they use water, air (wind), and fire to clean up old and negative energy on and in the land from ages past up until now. There is a big clean-up operation going on that is going to be spread out over many years, to make this earth sparkly.

The storm will also power through the financial systems and the lives of those people within it. A lot of money has old karma tied up with it based on slavery, exploitation, wars, buying of weapons and ammunition, crime, greed and murder which all needs to be balanced. (Time for a massive rethink about how we exchange energy for goods and services, as well).

The storm is stirring and will change the political world, and all points of “power” that try to influence the world outside political processes. Time for the old to go. Time for more wisdom, compassion and courage, and a lot less greed and corruption. Thinking of becoming a politician?

There is a lot going on in the world and you can use meditation to figure out the best places to live. (The triangles meditation in the blog is a good one). Difficulties and problems get people to think about what no longer works, and come up with new ways of doing things.

On the first plane of consciousness, the energetic weather is harsh, scrubbing away at old ways of thinking and feeling. It is uncomfortable on this plane. It’s not totally destructive. The cleaning process goes on quick enough to clear the old, but not so quick as to destroy totally. It’s uncomfortable enough for questions to be asked. Above the clouds here is some sunlight. What will come out of this is new ways of thinking and feeling, and a changed language to talk about it.

The second plane. The materialistic second plane. High winds are ripping around the second plane which is a bit bloated with glamour, poor use of wealth, shallow human thought, greed, selfishness,  and a lack of thought about others. The lower three centres (base, sexual and solar plexus), along with the lower heart centre are being activated and cleared. Dissatisfaction can point the way to a balanced perspective on material wealth, self, and others.

Some light from higher up the planes, and initiated from high up, is landing in the upper parts of the second plane, like shining, bright snowflakes. These carry information and motivation with regards to space technology, with spin-offs that can improve life for us on earth. The same goes for medicine, and more subtly comes in.

The weather on the third plane is mostly sunny, with quick thunderstorms every so often to make third plane people jump, and get them to look UP, let in more light and change.

The fourth plane is white light. Pure, powerful, bright and virulent. A place to be on your toes at all times. This plane has already been sorted. Not a place for the faint hearted.

The fifth plane. Not so much weather in this extremely bright place of hot mental light. There is a bit of a breeze in the hot sunlight. The place is getting a scrub from devas. There are  bright snowflakes and shooting stars coming down from the first Divine Journey. These are carrying an immense amount of mental and emotional energy, along with very new information and New Law. Also coming down is new Divine guides. All this will make its way down into the lower planes. As it does, what needs to go will go, and what needs to stay will stay. What needs to be started will be started.

The sixth plane weather is a bright light whiteout. Sunglasses and a spiritual guide are needed.  Sparkles of gold as the first Divine Journey comes down. That will change everything. Coming through the sixth plane are souls with specialist experience and skills to bring about a makeover of this planet earth. There are some souls with a great deal of spirituality and light.

So overall, stormy and windy for the next 54 years or so, with clear, sunny weather on the horizon, once enough clearing and change has gone on.

If reincarnation were true, how would you live your life?

The vast majority of people don’t have evidence that they ever had past lives. Only a small fraction of the population have any flashbacks or memory of previous lives. Past lives get mentioned and talked about in the media, but for most people, past lives and reincarnation are not part of their world view. Some people have explored past lives in workshops. A degree of healing can come from this as what happens in past lives (if they are true), can carry over into this lifetime. So if some grisly event occurred in a past life, it can still affect a person’s health in this one, and in future ones (if reincarnation is a fact). Then there are times when workshop goers like to hear that they were king or queen or ruler, or held an important position someplace. Though I’d say the most important lifetime a person is in is this one. In most circumstances, remembering past lives isn’t all that enjoyable. For instance, we have all had lives as animals. Nature programmes occasionally show just how cruel and painful those lives can be in a world with predators.

The concept of reincarnation isn’t strong in the Western world. The story goes that it was removed (in dubious circumstances) from what became the accepted knowledge of Christianity in the Council of Nicea. In this Council, the Roman Emperor Constantine stopped bloodshed by making the Roman Empire, Christian. Here were the beginnings of the Roman Catholic Church. Christianity then went on to shape religious and philosophical thought throughout Europe. The heritage of this was taken to other countries that European countries had dealings in. Reincarnation isn’t something people think about in places influenced by Christianity.

In the end it doesn’t matter what we believe about reincarnation, as Reality will do what Reality does. It is untouched by our beliefs or the limits of our understanding.

If reincarnation is true, then linked to this is death. Also linked is birth. Then there is karma.

In my own view of life, I take for granted the existence of Perfect Masters and the Avatar. These individuals work with creation, with karma and the lifetimes that souls reincarnated through.

There is very detailed information about reincarnation in a book called God Speaks by Meher Baba. There is a description of how a soul or dropsoul comes down from the Divine Journeys into creation. It describes how a soul taking the human path drops down to the bottom of the zeroth plane of consciousness, with literally zero consciousness, and progresses lifetime after lifetime, through gaseous then mineral lifetimes, then plant and then animal lifetimes, then the human lifetimes starting on the zeroth plane before really getting going on the first plane. At each type of life, there are approximately 8,400,000 lifetimes. With each lifetime comes an incremental increase in consciousness. (It is fair to say that a soul on the lower planes will think that they know everything, and say so. By the time they have made it up to the 5th and 6th plane, they realize they don’t actually know or understand much of life, the universe and Everything. That’s souls for you.)

Birth after birth, life after life, death after death, karma is built up (physical karma, astral karma and mental karma). In the 4th, 5th and 6th planes, the karma is worked through. Or it is burnt off by being around a Perfect Master or Avatar. In God Speaks, Sanskaras or impressions linked to lifetimes are mentioned, and that is another story.

Then eventually the soul, the person is made God Realized, and the journey back to the Source is made, and the soul has a great story to tell. After that? Probably a different adventure to go on. Souls are all about learning and becoming more.

Creation is big, so there are plenty of places to reincarnate into. We used to think that this universe was it. But now we know, theoretically at least, about the multiverse, due to string and membrane theory. That means there are many different situations in which life of various types can exist in. Present humanity on this earth doesn’t know all there is to know about life, about what is possible in a multiverse. In God Speaks it is said that there are 18,000 earths that humanity exists on. This earth though, is the only one which is physical home to the Avatar and the Perfect Masters, though their influence and work is felt throughout. We have all had lifetimes on other planets as well as this one, including human lifetimes.

With regards to reincarnating into a life, the soul places its energy into a newly forming lifeform. In humans, the soul’s energy goes into the heart centre to start with. The energy of the mother changes to accommodate the new life, and a continual and ongoing energetic communication occurs. This happens lifetime after lifetime. This is an absolutely massive topic to explore.

Death is also a massive topic. We have all died countless times, and there is usually huge fear in people about dying. There is a lot of healing and change to occur so that we even begin to see death as a state to go through onto the next life.

The soul usually withdraws its energy and awareness from the lifeform as it is time to move onto the next part of the journey. Sometimes the physical elemental in the physical body fights this, and holds onto the energy. Usually the heart stops and the centres close down and the soul leaves the physical body.

Before death, the third eye centre can be seen to close down in preparation. The start of this closing down can be days before. The timing is based on karma. With karma, there are three kinds. There is positive, negative and opportunistic karma. With the opportunistic karma, events can go either way; negative or positive. So some deaths are opportunistic rather than the other kinds of karma. The third eye will show the probability of death, and can reopen if the opportunistic event has gone positive. Close shaves can be like this. A death can be positive karma, as the person has fulfilled all of their karma for that lifetime, and the soul withdraws its energy so the spirit of the person can have a deserved rest on the inner planes, an esoteric cup of tea, a review of events in that lifetime, and a meet up with old friends. They then can reincarnate into their next lifetime with a new set of karma to work through.

I’ve written this in a matter of fact way. With most deaths, there is a lot of emotion. Spiritually, we can know what is happening, but the emotions are something different. For the person dying, there is often fear, even though they have done this millions of times before. The people around them often don’t want them to go. When the person does die they are badly missed by those still living, those still physically incarnate. There is grief and loss in the minds of those left behind.

When we have a connection with someone, there are energetic cordings between us and the other person, from our centres to theirs. The stronger the relationship, the stronger the cordings. When the other person leaves, the cordings start to drop away. If the other person dies, there are no centres for the cordings to get attached to. This can be traumatic on a personality level. Grief ensues.

The person dying usually sees the light and as that is so amazing in comparison to what they experience in a physical body, off they go. Sometimes the grief and the emotional attachment of those left behind binds the spirit and soul in the space around the earth making them earthbound. This is not a pleasant or ideal situation for the person who has dropped their body as they are trapped and stopped from doing what they need to. These souls need to be rescued and released, so they can move on (this is rescue work).

When it comes to people we have a relationship with of some sort in this lifetime, usually we have had at least a few lifetimes with them in some sort of relationship such as friend, enemy, sibling, parent, son /  daughter of, wife / husband, extended family member, and so on. We will have known them before.  It’s likely we will see them again in future lifetimes, too, as there are karmic links. So death ends that well known link for now, but you get to see them again.

When out of physical body, being physically alive as opposed to being a soul and spirit on the inner planes,  is not the big deal we make of it when we are in a physical body. We know there is more to that existence, we have it more in perspective. Physical life is a way of learning and developing through many lifetimes to become what we can be, which is a soul on the Divine Journeys, but knowing much more, and being more, than a soul who has not made the journey down into creation and back into the Divine.

Reincarnation is part of that process. Some distant day in the future we may understand that when someone dies that soul is going on the next part of their journey.

In the West, there are people who request funerals that are more upbeat and more of a celebration of that person and their life, rather than being a solemn affair. I do wonder how they will be when we really come to terms with reincarnation.

We create karma with all of our thoughts, feelings, words and actions. Even the act of breathing builds karma. We build physical karma, astral karma and physical karma. Any karma we create we have to balance in a later lifetime. If everyone on earth knew that what they did needed to be balanced later, would this influence how we thought about life and what we choose to do?

Meditation to assess a sacred or spiritual site

This follows on from the post about Sacred Sites.

Some sites will operate only on the zeroth plane of consciousness, and work on the physical body and nervous system. (They can still make you feel good.) There may be some input into the lower astral level. These tend to be based on crystalline structures and / or ley lines.

Sites created by 5th and  6th plane saints will hold energy up to those planes of consciousness and can operate on the physical, astral and mental levels. These sites give a good spiritual push.

Sites created by Perfect Masters will operate on the physical, astral and mental levels, and on the soul level. They can irradiate energy on all planes and also Divine energy. Such sites tend to be clean astrally as the mental energy from the 5th and the 6th planes and the Divine Journeys burns up and sees off any unwanted astral energy and entities. (The same applies to sites set up by 5th and 6th plane saints, though less powerfully so.) These sites have a very powerful effect and can alter your energy and karma for this lifetime and future ones, and effects people who you know, as your timeline and their timelines are improved.

Some sites that have a lot of visitors will also have around them astral energy. This can be the accumulated thoughtforms and emotions about the place left by previous visitors. This is astral glamour. When people meditate at such places, they end up tapping into this, rather than the energy of the place. They then produce more thoughts and emotions. This astral glamour can be seen like a coloured cloud or glass dome. On the astral level it feels and looks to some people quite attractive. Discernment in spiritual matters as with everything else, is important. Glamour and negative energy are burnt off at sites created by the mental light of the 5th and the 6th plane beings.  Divine energy at sites created by Avatars and Perfect Masters will dispose of glamour and negative energy immediately. Energetically, they are clean places.

Some old sites may hold a residue of the energy linked with what used to happen in them. If there was a lot of emotion involved, and strongly projected thoughtforms given out, these can still be experienced. An astral energy could have been built up that encourages similar thoughts and feelings in other people who visit. These astral energies can be located on the lower, middle or upper astral levels. They may present themselves as being quite attractive, but this doesn’t mean that they actually are.

Some older societies knew how to work with astral energy in positive and negative ways. (The knowledge of how to do this was stripped out of human consciousness at the end of the Atlantrean root race as they misused it.) There can still be patterns of strongly worked astral energy in the sites they used. These can be felt and seen clairvoyantly. It is mental energy that brings about spiritual development, not astral energy, though it may look colourful and feel exciting.

Where people gather, there you will find astral entities to feed on the people’s emotions and energy. If you have ever felt tired going to a department store, a supermarket, or metro or underground, you will know what I mean. Also, people do drop slow frequency energy, like litter, which accumulates unless the energy of the site is self clearing.

This meditation is about locating a site or place that is suitable and healing for you. This will depend on your karma. This often takes into account past lives, what bits of your energy that needs to be gathered up from these lives, what needs to be released, what needs to be healed, and what needs to be learnt, according to what you need for your spiritual development.

This meditation is about discovering what planes a site is on, and in some places, if there is any Divine energy. The meditation helps you know if the site is effective on the physical, astral and mental levels.

It will help you know if there is any astral glamour, and help you get a sense of any hungry astral entities that may be lurking around.


In a quiet, relaxed place, close your eyes. See yourself in an oval shaped energy representing your aura. Imagine you grow roots through your feet and the base of your spine, down, down, down into the ground. Allow rich, cleansing and nurturing Devic energy flow up from the earth, up your roots and into your legs. Allow the Devic energy to flow into your body. This is to cleanse and nurture your body and your chakras or centres. The rich Devic energy overflows into your aura, saturating it. It washes away anything that should not be in it, or on the surface of it.
Allow this Devic energy to flow in and around for a few minutes. It will help to ground you, and help you work with high frequency energy.

Now from directly from on high, flows silent and still, dark blue light that is soothing, and which once again clears anything that needs to be cleared from your aura.

Your space becomes clear, and you become cocooned in the soothing, smooth dark blue light. It expands your awareness, and enables you to be able to focus in a relaxed way.

Now, very much from on high, flows brilliant white light, which flows around your cocoon of dark blue light. The white light flows into the cocoon forming trails of intelligent and vibrant white light.

You are going to take a look at the earth in your cocoon. Imagine it is night time. In your cocoon you lift up and move upwards, higher and higher, a few hundred miles or kilometres up, so that you can see half of the earth’s surface in the night.

The intense white light in your cocoon gently pulses down to the earth, carrying a signal that holds your karma and your spiritual requirements. The white light energizes the earth, and an appropriate location or locations pulse back, with a white glow or spark. In your cocoon, you move in closer to identify the location better. You can come back in meditation to any site or sites later.

Now go up high again, and move around to the other side of the earth. Again, let this be in the night so you can see any glow or spark from any site more clearly.

Once again, the white light from your cocoon pulses out down to the earth’s surface. Any appropriate site responds with its own glow or spark. Let your cocoon move down to the earth’s surface to get a closer look at the the site or sites that match your energy and karma. Again, you can repeat the meditation to get a closer fix on the location or locations.

Now let your cocoon travel back up high. Your cocoon then moves back above your present physical location. Your cocoon then smoothly descends back to earth. It rests around your physical self.

Still with the cocoon of blue and white light about you, if you have identified a site, imagine a vertical measuring tape with zero at the bottom and 7 at the top. Think of the site like a ball of light, place the ball by the measuring tape and notice which number the ball sits next to. This is the plane which it is on. Zero will mean earth energies. 5 and 6 will hold mental light. 7, means the site has Divine Journey energy radiating out of it. All the other planes may be active at that site too.

You can take a look at how old law or new law the site is. Imagine a key. If the key associated with the site is old and rusty, then the site is old law. If the key is sparkly crystalline, then the site is new law.

Think of the site as a ball of energy. If the ball appears to have a coloured, hazy layer around, there is astral glamour to be aware of.

Now imagine three other balls associated with it. One for the physical, one for the astral and one for the mental. Notice how large each ball is, symbolizing the effect the site will have on you physically, astrally and mentally. Balls can be coloured white or grey or black. If they are white, this represents the site as having a lot of order energy, if black, then chaos predominates, if the ball is grey, there is a mix of order and chaos.

Now let the images and feelings fade.

The white light and the dark blue light in the cocoon fade and the cocoon disipates. Your roots pulse, just to make sure you are back.

When you are ready, open your eyes.


Thanks to easily available maps of the earth, you can link up what you found out in meditation with physical locations. You can then repeated the meditation to get closer to a site’s location.

What’s in a sacred site?

You might hear from someone that such and such a place is a spiritual site, or you might read about a place that people call a sacred site. You want to visit. You might feel drawn to go there due to your karma, or you decide to go because others are going.

We tend to like going to places that make us feel good, better than before, or where we find you get a healing. Plus it might be an adventure to go somewhere you haven’t been before. If you are sensitive to the energy, you will know that the place feels different to any other place you have been. The energy will feel quite heightened.

But what makes a place people call a sacred site a sacred site? (What does sacred mean for that matter?) What differences are there between such places? Where are the best places to go to?

Places are likely to have a strong positive atmosphere or energy. Or it may be the case that people go there simply because other people go there and people happen to say it’s a sacred site. Perhaps some old civilization carried out ceremonies there, and there may or may not be a residual energy.

Where there is a positive energy, perhaps meditation becomes heightened. You can feel the energy and it feels good and supportive.

A major cause of a positive energy is the earth energy. People through the ages have built temples or churches on places with a strongly positive earth energy and then used them for their religious or spiritual practices. Later on, some of these places get visited and called a sacred site.

The site could be built on top of a positive ley line, or be at a place where two or more ley lines cross, creating a point of powerful earth energy. An example of this is Stonehenge in southern England. Quite a few churches in Europe are built on top of ley line junctions. These positive places tend to be good for health and meditation.

Some sites could be on top of a crystalline deposit or structure. Again, this can create a strong positive energy that feels good to be on. The atoms in our bodies come from food and water derived from the earth; it’s our home. No wonder that there is a resonance between our bodies and the earth energy. The energy from positive ley lines and crystalline structures holds a lot of ordered energy, and with clairvoyance, can look quite beautiful. The energetic resonance will be on the physical, astral and a lesser degree, the mental levels.

There are also places where the ley lines, and the points they cross at are negative, and some crystalline structures can have a negative effect. If someone’s house or flat or place of work is on such a site then their health can suffer. Also, if people go to the Moon or Mars the ley lines and crystalline structures will most likely have an unfamiliar effect because it’s not “home”.

Earth energies are at a basic level. On this earth (and in creation) there are seven planes of consciousness, the zeroth, 0th, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd,  4th, 5th, and 6th planes. Then on this planet there are the Divine Journeys, sometimes expressed as the 7th plane, though it is infinitely big. Then on each of the planes from the zeroth to the sixth, there are three levels or basic types of energy and substance. These are the physical level, the astral level and the mental level. On the zeroth plane there is physical substance and energy, some low, slow moving astral energy and light, and no mental light. Going up the planes there’s more and more astral light and energy, though none on the sixth plane or fifth plane, where there is bright mental light. On this earth, 90% of people are on the zeroth plane, so any positive energy from the first plane upwards will have a healing effect. Having said that, as our physical bodies are basically on the zeroth plane, they are affected by zeroth plane energy. The minerals in the earth are on the lower part of the zeroth plane, but now, more than ever, they hold some lovely, ordered energy that tends to be very beneficial for our physical bodies.

Where there is a positive ley line, or positive ley lines occurring, the energy holds a lot of ordered energy which affects our bodies and nervous systems. It feels good.

These sites can also hold spirit. The quality of this spirit varies from place to place. It can be old, as in old law from a bygone age or it can be new, as in new law energy that is up to date. The spirit can be astral, existing on the lower astral up to the higher astral, or it can be on the mental levels as well. In some instances the spirit has been introduced down from the Divine Journeys. That is when the energy is really special. Places don’t need to be on ley lines though to hold a Divinely inspired energy and spirit.

Fairies are pure order beings on the first plane. The order energy they give out can make a place feel magical and special. (Angels are 5th plane beings that are virtually all order energy, Archangels are sixth plane.) Places where fairies live are not easily found.

There are some sites that have been initiated  by people. In Sufism one name for a fifth plane saint is a wali. A sixth plane saint is called a pir. They can radiate fifth and sixth plane mental light, and they can be worked through by the Divine. Where they live can build up a residue of energy. Should they chose to deliberately charge up an object or space, these can radiate energy. The objects they use can be just everyday ones rather anything fancy. Which means they can be easily overlooked. This can also be a good thing as people who come near while going about their activities can receive an irradiation without noticing and without attaching any glamour to the situation. There can be some wonderful stillness and silence in a place they lived and worked in, which can be healing.

Saintly people on the third plane can do something similar but with a much, much lower energy, but still have some healing effect on people (and animals and plants) on the lower planes. Third plane activity looks a bit like magic or minor miracles. It is the kind of thing associated with India where such behaviour is normal. The activity isn’t necessarily spiritual, it’s just use of third plane energy.

Usually at any one time there are 56 God Realized beings on this planet, which means their consciousness is not on the planes 0th to the 6th, but their consciousness is on the lower Divine Journeys (usually). They are tend to be stationed on the 1st or 2nd Divine Journey. They act like spiritual generators, though they might not always be aware of the fact. Where they are and where they go is exposed to a strong spiritual energy. This absorbed energy can radiate a high frequency vibration, along with the silence and stillness that brings about change and healing. So there are around some very remarkable places that are not known about or talked about that can be noticed by being sensitive to the energy.

Five of the fifty six  God Realized beings hiwill be Perfect Masters, who in the past have been based on the first, second and third Divine Journeys, moving from one Divine Journey to another as they do their Universal work for creation and humanity. They each have 20% of God’s energy, which is very considerable. If they choose to create a site they can. It will hold whatever spirit they choose. The energy can be as complex and as fine as they want, to achieve whatever purpose they want. Unlike the energy of a sacred site based on ley lines or crystalline structures, the energy can be Divine, and energy can be structured into all the lower planes. This makes for some incredible healing and change. The energy and spirit can operate on the physical level, and the astral and mental levels. Perfect Masters command the Archangels and the Angels, so the sites can hold angelic energy. They can work on people’s karma. As Perfect Masters are at the centre of everything, they work at the soul level as well. Some Perfect Masters who work with the mineral kingdom can bring about profound changes in the rock and soil, too.

It is unlikely that Perfect Masters would advertise any site they make, preferring to draw to these places the people that can make best use of the energy. It is more effective to get the work done without publicity or the glamour that can get attached to the work by others. (They wouldn’t even say they were a Perfect Master in order to avoid attracting in the kind of person who would buy into any glamour about it. They like ordinariness.)

There are places where Perfect Masters have lived and worked which can be found through the Internet. Usually these places are in the region around India. One place is the cave that St. Francis of Assisi lived in, which was also visited by the last Avatar.

Where Avatars have lived, worked or been buried, there can be found profound spiritual energy. Avatars have access to all the Divine Journeys so the energy associated with them is extraordinary, or better put, Avataric. The effect on a person of this energy changes them for all of their lives.

Places where any objects, or articles of clothing associated with them are buried will also radiate Avataric energy. Also the energy of sites where clothing or objects used by their close followers, who would be used for the Avataric, Universal work, would emanate a spiritual energy that can create healing and change on all the planes.

How you can tell the quality of a sacred site, or a site with spiritual energy, I’ll write in another blog post.

A Spiritual Warrior’s Guide to Life

Occasionally a person’s spiritual guides will interfere and precipitate a crisis in their life. They do this to create a shift in focus, and a change in direction, to get that person onto a new and more spiritual timeline. This means there are issues or problems for the person to deal with. Dealing with them brings about learning and development, including development of skills that can then be used to help others. Lifestyle and interests also change and become more spiritually orientated.

But after that, then what?

Before writing this I had been thinking about how I used to avoid reading newspapers during my own early involvement in what I considered spiritual matters. I did this because I thought I was not buying into negativity.

I had caught a song on the radio with the lyrics “I am a rock, I am an island, an island feels no pain”. It was a song about avoiding life in an attempt to avoid pain. I thought this was silly as no one is an island and no one is a rock. We are all connected. We are all part of humanity, of groups and society, often part of a family. It is other people we buy things from, that help us travel around, make goods, help us when we are not well or to improve well-being. What happens in one part of the world, and in one part of humanity can and does affect us. Even if someone lived off-grid, they still breathe the air and drink water that can be affected by the activities of others, and they are still subject to the laws of the land they live in.

The avoiding part or the ignoring part took me back to when I felt strongly I needed healing, different therapies, and self-help. I was very self-centred, focusing on dealing with my own issues, getting the help I felt I needed, and living a lifestyle I thought would help me be healthier and happier. I didn’t feel I had anything to give (apart from money for therapists and workshops), I was needy.

Dealing with the my “problems” (really just areas for growth), I found I had more understanding than before, and I had learned skills and developed abilities which I could use for the benefit of others. This is probably common to a lot of healers and therapists.

There came a time when I stopped feeling there was a hole inside me that needed filling, and instead I felt like giving. I stopped feeling so delicate and sensitive. Instead I felt stronger and more robust. Whereas I had used spirituality to escape from life, I felt now I could live, using spiritual ideas to involve myself with life.

I knew that one approach to spirituality was to avoid life for fear of being contaminated by negativity, or, and I’m not sure by what process, adding to the negativity. I recognized that this approach was fear based. Far better to look at the problems and issues of humanity from a position of love and compassion.

A spiritual idea I had learnt was that the time for practicing spirituality in the cave or ashram was gone. As well as being inside us all, God is everywhere, in the world around us and in everyone. God is Life, God is Love. So to learn about God, to learn about Love, and to develop spiritually, living in and being involved in the world is the way to do it.

In the changes going on in the world as spiritual energy brings about that change, there is plenty of opportunities for loving, spiritual people to be practically loving and express their spiritual natures in practical ways.

With the Buddha it was the suffering of others that propelled his spirituality. Jesus taught about loving people. He gave us the parable of the good Samaritan. Other spiritual teachers have taught about loving others, often by doing work to alleviate people’s suffering and to help them have the basics they need for life. Going further, they help people live productive and fulfilled lives.  For such spiritual beings, part of being spiritual means being involved in life, and being loving to others.

Within spirituality, it’s OK to care about issues and people. It’s OK to feel strongly about things. In fact, what makes this planet unique in creation is that at the moment this is the only planet where there is emotion. Being detached to avoid negativity, is not the same as caring enough to do something about a situation, and at the same time being detached enough to be truly helpful. It is OK to get your hands dirty.

Thinking of helping other people, it may be the case that a spiritually inclined person, particularly if they are sensitive to energy, is concerned they might put themselves in a situation where they experience negative energy. It is sensible to think ahead like this, and it is possible to prepare and build up to such a scenario. A key point to bear in mind is that life is a spiritual training. We experience all kinds of energies, negative and positive, and learn by being in them about energy, about how to deal with energy, and about ourselves. We learn by doing, and put on spiritual muscle by dealing with energy. Spirituality is to do with growth, and growth comes by experiencing new situations.

Some people are sensitive and some people aren’t. For the more thick-skinned amongst us, getting into situations where the energy is tough is straightforward. I have seen some people who are really energetically tough with big hearts doing amazing work with difficult and needy people. Their own training in life is often tough so they are prepared for the work they do, as they make a difference in people’s lives. (Plus shift a lot of karma, gain a lot of spiritual points and work their heart centres. You don’t have to think you are spiritual to do real spiritual work.)

How to prepare for potential negative energy if you are sensitive?

A basic point is keep smiling and positive on the inside. A real smile on the inside, perhaps matched by one on your face, will help your heart centre open, and get your centres or chakras firing. It will help keep your thoughts positive. As energy follows thought, a smile and matching thoughts keep negativity at bay and help your centres process any negative energy should it come into your aura.

Secondly, button-up or close up your centres, and seal your aura. There are meditations available to help you do this. A lovely one is to use one with a Native American flavour of wrapping yourself up in a protective animal spirit energy of something like an Arctic owl, or bison. Make sure to have your roots firmly down into the earth as this helps you process energy, also if you are rooted in and grounded, you make better decisions.

Thirdly, try to gain a sense of when you have absorbed more than enough negative energy, as it is time to clean up. At least the negative energy is being picked up doing something worthwhile.

If someone picks up negative energy they might find they feel emotionally low, or their thoughts are less positive. When I have over done it, I might find the energy accumulates in my head (being positive:”thank you God for the headache.”). Or I might have a stomach ache as I have been too involved to pay attention. My “gunk” level is too high and is way over my ankles. Fortunately, there are ways to shift the energy, emotions and thoughts though. Some ways are practical and some are energy based. What suits depends on the individual.

In a physical way, washing hands (and feet) has a great effect. Showering and having a bath, with salt works. Physical activity will shift slow frequency negative energy out of the body. Walking in Nature, walking somewhere windy, and swimming in the sea or swimming pool works to shift energy. Besides, being healthy and fit means looking after your own energy, which makes you more effective in helping others.

There are meditations available to clear energies from the body, centres and aura. The energy can be shifted from the physical, astral, and the mental levels. With practice, the meditations work quicker and quicker.

For an energetically sensitive person then, there is help available. What is also useful is to do a meditation in the morning to fill up with energy for the day, and for all the people they might meet. So it really is possible to have what is considered a spiritual outlook on life, and be involved in it in a practically loving way.

When someone is loving towards another person, and carries out an act of practical love, they balance negative karma, and gain positive karma. This can be a motivation to be involved with doing something for others. The most beautiful love though, is love freely given, free of desire for gain or recognition.

There is so much to be done, looking after and expanding the potential of people of all ages in our communities. There are more hardcore issues to be involved in, such as helping people who have been trafficked, who are recovering from drug addiction and countering the drug trade in communities. There are a host of issues to do with people. Then there is the environment. There is much to be done to clean it up. There is a need to protect it from some businesses and criminal organizations and some politicians who value their profits and wealth, and who care very little about the environment. For example, one way for those with money, is to buy land to protect it. That really helps. It may be that some lightworkers’ skills lie in politics, lobbying, business or finance, or also science and technology, which gives them their own unique way of expressing their spirituality through action. There is much to be done to gain the kind of world we want, based on love and spirituality.

New Dawn, new day meditation

This is a simple meditation for clearing and healing

In a comfortable place, close your eyes, make your body still.

Find yourself in starry night time, in a place that strongly feels like it is a place of great Beauty. In this night time, you are sat in a grassy area, with hills around, and there are rocky areas too, covered in grass and moss. Your feet are dangling in a gently flowing brook. The air is still and quiet and you can hear the water flowing over rocks. It is a peaceful place.

The flowing water of the brook pulls away any tensions and negativity out from your feet. See the slow frequency chaotic negativity as a black goo which may be up your feet, and legs or even your body. Just let it go and allow the water to pull it out, and strip it away. The spirit of the water dissolves the negativity and negates it, breaking it down to a very basic energy.

As this is pulled out, roots grow out of your feet, and the base of your spine into the ground. In this beautiful place the ground has a spirit of healing, nurturing and transformation. Any further negativity drops into the ground through the roots. Up flows a rich, ordered slow frequency deep black devic light, tinged with flecks of warm gold. It’s the stuff of life. As it flows up through your feet and spine into your body, it soothes, and calms. It nourishes and vitalizes your organs and the rest of your body.

You look up to see the stars twinkling in the clear night sky. Stars and their black night sky gently falls down and in through the top of your head, into your body. Your body is filled with stars in the black sky, shining star light and star energy into you, which brings a calm, expanded, spacious feeling. It feels like looking out into the vast distances of space. The starlight heals your inner space.

As you are sat on the grass, with your feet in the cool waters of the brook, the dark of the night sharpens your hearing. You hear the almost silent sound of an owl as it flies by, and see it out of the corner of your eye. The owl on the inner planes is expert at protection on the astral levels. A small owl feather lands on you, you gain the vibration of the energetic owl, and a weave of this protective owl energy forms a cloak about you. Astral energy that shouldn’t be in your space is neutralized. Cordings and any hooks dissolve.

On the horizon the New Dawn lightens the sky and a new spiritual day begins. A pulse, a wash of the light of the New Dawn flows through every tiny particle in your being, like a reset; and upgrade.

The new spiritual sun comes up, shining its new light, vibration and new information into your third eye and other head centres, warming your eyes and brain, and then into all the other centres.

You see around you the green of life in the grass, knowing it is supported by the grounding slow frequency dark of the soil and rocks. You see above you the blue sky, which goes higher and higher, and the sun climbs higher as this spiritual cycle of your new day commences.

Bring your awareness back to your body, and open your eyes.

Cleaning up your energy

Keeping your aura and centres clear and clean is a good idea in order to stay healthy and happy. In some jobs it can be too easy to accumulate negative, slow frequency energy and twists from others. There are also places that are littered with old energy that just hangs around, which can easily be absorbed into the aura and centres of people.

If someone works as a therapist or counsellor, or healer listening to other people’s problems, they have in front of them someone who is shedding negative energy. This can be absorbed by the therapist or counsellor, or it can simply fall on the floor.

If the intervention is more hands on, resulting in old negative energy being displaced from the client, it can also be absorbed by the person helping, or again end up in the space being used.

There are a number of simple ways of cleaning up the room, or the space used.  The simple physical act of vacuuming the floor, wiping and polishing objects, shaking cushions and so on can shift the energy. Having the window open to allow through a breeze is good. Having a tap (fawcet) open so that water is running seems to pull away negative energy and help clear a space. An open fire is great for burning off negative energy. A candle, lit with the intent of clearing negative energy can work well.

Below there is an meditative way of clearing negative energy from within and around a person. It’s worth mentioning though, that there are physical things that can be done to shift negative energy. A great way is to go for a swim particularly in the sea, especially if there is some surf. Physical exercise or dance gets the body and the energy within it to move. Or go and walk in the wilds when it is very windy to have the wind blow through your aura. A more sedentary way is to relax in front of an open fire, or have a sauna.

Sometimes though, the negative energy absorbed is very sticky and virulent. Sometimes an astral entity has jumped from one aura to another. Then a  powerful  meditation technique is required. This is one such. Read it first to familiarize yourself with it before trying it out.

In a comfortable position and with eyes closed, imagine yourself sitting on thick, verdant green grass. Rain falls on you, only it is rainbow coloured rain, that shines brilliantly. It lands on your skin, immediately soothing away negativity on the surface of your body. Any negative cordings with other people simply
fade away. Any shards of negative energy, or objects holding negative energy melt off. The rainbow rain washes away the negativity, like washing away clumps of black energy.

The rainbow rain washes through your head and body, bringing rainbow rain to wash through your blood supply, your nerves, muscles and bones. The rainbow rain washes through your organs, carrying with it any old, slow frequency energy and spirit.

Just let go and relax, let the rainbow rain wash you through.

The rainbow rain washes down your legs and arms, and down through your hands and feet. The water drips off, to fall onto the ground.

Imagine your aura that surrounds you is made up of three layers, an outer, middle and inner. Outside these, there is a layer like a skin that acts like a barrier. Use your imagination to take a look at each layer in turn. Look for blobs of loose energy, which can be the thoughtforms of others, or their emotions which have ended up being shared with you. Also look for shards of energy, like splinters, and any other spots of energy. Look for any holes or tears or doorways in the outermost skin-like layer.

The rainbow rain falls gently through your aura. Now comes down from above you, multiple flashes of lightning, touching and removing whatever it touches. The lightning flashes around the inner layer. It flashes through the middle layer. The lightning then flashes through the outer layer.

The sun comes out (a divine Sun), and shines brightly on the outermost layer of your aura, while a breeze (a divine breeze) also blows healing energy to close up gaps, holes and doorways.

A deep, rich light flows up from the ground and through the grass into your body. This brings about a balancing, and a harmonizing of your internal organs and nervous system.

Feel the green grass under you. Feel the sun shining on you and warming you. Feel the breeze on your face. When you are ready, open your eyes.

Cleaning up your energy

Keeping your aura and centres clear and clean is a good idea in order to stay healthy and happy. In some jobs it can be too easy to accumulate negative, slow frequency energy and twists from others. There are also places that are littered with old energy that just hangs around, which can easily be absorbed into the aura and centres of people.

If someone works as a therapist or counsellor, or healer listening to other people’s problems, they have in front of them someone who is shedding negative energy. This can be absorbed by the therapist or counsellor, or it can simply fall on the floor.

If the intervention is more hands on, resulting in old negative energy being displaced from the client, it can also be absorbed by the person helping, or again end up in the space being used.

There are a number of simple ways of cleaning up the room, or the space used.  The simple physical act of vacuuming the floor, wiping and polishing objects, shaking cushions and so on can shift the energy. Having the window open to allow through a breeze is good. Having a tap (fawcet) open so that water is running seems to pull away negative energy and help clear a space. An open fire is great for burning off negative energy. A candle, lit with the intent of clearing negative energy can work well.

Below there is an meditative way of clearing negative energy from within and around a person. It’s worth mentioning though, that there are physical things that can be done to shift negative energy. A great way is to go for a swim particularly in the sea, especially if there is some surf. Physical exercise or dance gets the body and the energy within it to move. Or go and walk in the wilds when it is very windy to have the wind blow through your aura. A more sedentary way is to relax in front of an open fire, or have a sauna.

Sometimes though, the negative energy absorbed is very sticky and virulent. Sometimes an astral entity has jumped from one aura to another. Then a  powerful  meditation technique is required. This is one such. Read it first to familiarize yourself with it before trying it out.

In a comfortable position and with eyes closed, imagine yourself sitting on thick, verdant green grass. Rain falls on you, only it is rainbow coloured rain, that shines brilliantly. It lands on your skin, immediately soothing away negativity on the surface of your body. Any negative cordings with other people simply
fade away. Any shards of negative energy, or objects holding negative energy melt off. The rainbow rain washes away the negativity, like washing away clumps of black energy.

The rainbow rain washes through your head and body, bringing rainbow rain to wash through your blood supply, your nerves, muscles and bones. The rainbow rain washes through your organs, carrying with it any old, slow frequency energy and spirit.

Just let go and relax, let the rainbow rain wash you through.

The rainbow rain washes down your legs and arms, and down through your hands and feet. The water drips off, to fall onto the ground.

Imagine your aura that surrounds you is made up of three layers, an outer, middle and inner. Outside these, there is a layer like a skin that acts like a barrier. Use your imagination to take a look at each layer in turn. Look for blobs of loose energy, which can be the thoughtforms of others, or their emotions which have ended up being shared with you. Also look for shards of energy, like splinters, and any other spots of energy. Look for any holes or tears or doorways in the outermost skin-like layer.

The rainbow rain falls gently through your aura. Now comes down from above you, multiple flashes of lightning, touching and removing whatever it touches. The lightning flashes around the inner layer. It flashes through the middle layer. The lightning then flashes through the outer layer.

The sun comes out (a divine Sun), and shines brightly on the outermost layer of your aura, while a breeze (a divine breeze) also blows healing energy to close up gaps, holes and doorways.

A deep, rich light flows up from the ground and through the grass into your body. This brings about a balancing, and a harmonizing of your internal organs and nervous system.

Feel the green grass under you. Feel the sun shining on you and warming you. Feel the breeze on your face. When you are ready, open your eyes.

Spirituality, humanity and meditation for change

Everything, absolutely everything in Creation is changing, and irradiating differently than before. Vast amounts of Divine energy have been, and are being fed into all of Creation according to a Divine plan. This light and love is particularly being focused into and through this planet of ours, for reasons that most people don’t know about.

With the new inflow of energy, everything is vibrating and radiating in brighter and stronger ways: the stars, the planets, the galaxies themselves, the trees and flowers, the crystals and minerals. Some species of animals are irradiating in a new way, and of course humans are (especially children). The result is change, and everything is all stirred up as change happens. This change affects us all. It affects us as individuals, and as people living within societies in countries. It affects how we live and our thoughts and feelings. It affects how Nature interacts with us through the changing weather. On a personal level, it affects our very chakras or centres, and our auras.

What most people don’t know is that this planet is the home planet to five Perfect Masters whose job it is to look after Creation. Ever since Creation first came into being there have been five Perfect Masters and as one of them drops their body someone else replaces them in their role. Unique to this planet, the Avatar who is God in human form, incarnates between every four hundred to seven hundred years in major and minor incarnations. It is the Avatar who sets out the plan and who does the energy work while down here to make the major decisions for Creation, set out the timelines, and start things in motion. The Perfect Masters then take over the helm. The influence of the Avatar and the Perfect Masters is felt throughout Creation.

Humanity is an interesting form of life. Souls can incarnate into human form and follow this path through to reach the goal of God realisation. Humanity has evolved through history and ancient history. With each evolution new chakras or centres were developed, and became energetically active. The first ancient form of humanity was the Adamic root race. The lowest centre, the base centre was the one being developed. The second root race was the Hyperborean root race, and the sexual centre became the focus. In the Lemurian root race the solar plexus centre started to become developed. The ending of one root race usually meant the physical demise of about 98% of the root race, and the remainder becomes the seeds of the next root race. The souls of those that died out incarnated into the next root race.

Written like this, it is very matter of fact and doesn’t at all considering the personality aspect or emotions of those involved. The fourth root race, the Atlantrean root race took a spiritual wrong turn and invited in a spirit of evil. The Perfect Masters found it necessary to remove most of them in the Great Flood mentioned in the Bible. Humanity was reset and a start-over could occur. Most of the esoteric or occult knowledge was taken out of humanity and locked away on the lower mental levels where humanity couldn’t reach it until sufficient of them had developed enough wisdom and common sense to use it beneficially.

The next root race that came into being is the one that is currently in creation. This is the Aryan root race. Unlike the earlier root races it has the capacity to really think things through. There was / is a focus on energising the throat centre in the bulk of humanity. With the heart centre already developed, even though some people’s heart centres can be tiny, or even black, many people have the capacity for great love and empathy.

The next part of the Avataric plan involves massive changes in creation. In humanity, it is no longer about the development of one more centre, but of many more centres, each with a different quality. It is a great speeding up, so the sixth root race that is being started will be very different to our current one. Incarnating into this root race will be very interesting for us as we will think, feel and act in ways based on many centres, and not just the several that most people operate with at present.

The sixth root race will be a massive spiritual evolution from the fifth root race, and they will live in a Creation that has been and is being massively spiritually developed. How the change over from the Aryan root race to the sixth root race occurs remains to be seen.

So there are two processes going on at the same time, a change over of root races, and a huge spiritual push for Creation. With a changeover of root races, old timelines burn up energy, lose energy and die out. For the old root race everything becomes fragmented, broken down and stops working. Life becomes more complex, chaotic and difficult, and this is currently being experienced by people around the planet. People love safety, security, and familiarity. As fragmentation occurs, this is eroded. People then need to trust God, access the God within their hearts, and open to the new and create the new, and not looking to the old past for guidance. Each day is a new day.

The timelines for the new root race have already been developed and charged up by the Avatar, and looked after by the Perfect Masters. These timelines are already energetically apparent. What needs to happen for these to come about physically is starting to happen. The energy of these timelines is clear of twists, and they are filled with love, light and intelligence. There are many new developments in many areas of human life that hold this new energy, and people can become involved in the new.

Part of the spiritual development as a component of the plan is the introduction of New Law. This determines how life is to be. It determines how humanity and the individuals within humanity need to think and feel and act. New Law is loving and light filled. It involves being loving to others and all lifeforms, and respectful of others and all life. In future root races, newer energies will take all this to even higher levels.

Life as it is lived by most people in humanity at present and in the past was controlled mostly by Old Law. Many people don’t want to give up Old Law as it supports their way of life, and they find New Law very threatening. So there is an energetic battle going on, that they can’t win. The powers that be internationally and in each nation want to remain the “powers that be”. There are bastions of Old Law to be found in politics, finance, business, the military, religion, and in every organisation where someone works to preserve their power base, influence and wealth, and exploit others. Old Law is based on fear, greed and the desire for power, whereas New Law is about Love, Light and Common Sense (leading to a quality called Sentiency).

Right now is a very mixed up time to be living in.

How to thrive in it?

Getting onto the right timeline really helps. There is a new one for humanity set up called the Golden Pathway. Then there is trusting God, trusting the Divine. One key point is that as there are more centres available inside people to develop, the old spiritual information which was for the old model human won’t be anywhere near as useful as the new information to be found on the new timeline.

The key centre to have awakened is the heart centre. As that awakens, all the other centres come on line in due course. Heart based meditations open, develop and strengthen the heart centre. Not only does more love come into a person’s being, and into their life, it also wakes up that connection with God. As people have more love in them, they act in their life with more love and generosity. Essentially, more and more they are living the Golden Pathway. They can become agents of loving change for themselves and others.

Also, as part of the input of energy in humanity and the changes that have been made to people’s centres, the third eye of absolutely everyone within humanity has been opened up and stimulated. Using the third eye confidently takes a bit of practise, and most people’s third eyes need a bit of clearing. The clearing and the development of the third eye is fairly straightforward through regular meditations that work on clearing the centres and practising the use of the third eye. There’s no need to try to open the third eye as it is already open, it’s just a case of becoming conscious of that fact. Using the third eye gives a person more useful information about all manner of things. They can look at energies around them, check out the energies of banks, shops, and organisations, for example. It is useful for looking at the kinds of cordings you have to other people. It helps you to decide simple things like which route to take in the car depending on the quality of the thoughtform of each route (simply imagine it as a ball or cloud of energy and notice how colourful, bright or dull it looks). It can be used for checking the amount of life energy in fruit and vegetables. There are as many uses for your third eye as you can imagine.

Even as the old ways and the old root race are coming to an end, the new ways are already there for you to find, and to live as a new spiritual adventure.

Beware, exciting glamour about. Or remember to check carefully. A precautionary tale.

Some years ago I came across two people who had written about angels and who were in the UK to give some workshops on angels. This was great stuff, all very spiritual. It was exciting as well. They offered to use their expertise to guide people who came to their workshops to connect with their own special angel, receive healing from the angels and learn their very own angel name. Fantastic. We got to work with some special energies that no one else knew about. It was great to be becoming more spiritual.

I was so excited by all this I offered to find them a place to stay and organize a workshop for them. I was around them a lot.

Then something happened. I started to feel emotionally numb, my heart centre felt dead, I felt robotic, and apparently rushing around doing whatever they wanted me to do. Something was wrong.

So I asked a friend for their opinion. They happened to be quite clairvoyant. Their advice was to get out, get away, as they were doing something energetically they should not be doing. They were slowly trying to manipulate, control and take over.

So I confronted these people and told them my truth of what I felt they were doing. I got them to leave the place I had provided for them. I took off for a week out of London to get some grounding and healing in Nature.

I found out later they had left several others in  similar condition as they moved around the UK.

It should have all been so wonderful. It was a spiritual topic and about angels after all. It had sounded so new, and exciting. Reviewing the people and their workshops clairvoyantly, it all looked very glamorous, which is actually something that should be ignored or taken as a warning. The energy of the workshop had a bright and glamorous outer cover, but in the inside, it was dark and had twists in it. As people, they had an energy that looked the same as the workshops.

This was an important lesson for me about workshops and presenters. I had been naive and gullible, taken in by the glamour, and I paid a price for it. After that experience I always checked out the energy of people, workshops and therapies. I became more careful. I realized the negative Dark wasn’t going to advertise its true nature, but rather it would use glamour to trick the unwise, and derail them from their true spiritual path. Inside, the energy of those two people was really dark and twisted, but covered by shiny glamour.

At another time, I attended a talk by two people. The talk was small stuff to me, as they remembered moments in their past spent in the presence of someone called Meher Baba. I was getting bored. I thought this was a waste of my time, and these people were dressed so ordinarily, not at all like a workshop presenter would be expected to dress. Looking back, I realized I didn’t have much of a sense of what was trying to pass itself off as spiritual, and what was actually spiritual.

I decided to look at them through my third eye, in a clairvoyant way. I was literally blinded by the light. An intense laser bright white light was shining out of all their centres, bathing everyone in the room with spiritual energy. I hadn’t come across anything like this in any of the workshops I had been to before. I felt silly and humbled for expecting a Hollywood style approach. What I was receiving in the talk was energy like no other I had received before. It taught me that the really important spiritual energy didn’t need glamour, and it was likely to have a very ordinary looking cover.

It also taught me true spirituality was not concerned with with what people wore, or what they did or said, or their status or wealth or lack of it. External trappings or appearance are unimportant. You could tell their spirituality because of the light, love, silence and stillness within them.

Gain that Inner Sparkle: Meditation for Clearing and Healing Centres or Chakras.

There is living, and there is living with clear centres, which improves what you can do. You can tell people with clear, and healed centres by taking a clairvoyant look at them. Their centres will look like a column of shining and glowing lights in their bodies. Other people’s centres will be greyed out, or can even look really mucky and distorted. As we all get used to having third eyes that are open and active, we will all be able to sense each other energetically more easily than at present, and also be able to check our own energy.

Centres can be cleared through everyday ways, such as by sitting in front of an open fire. The fire is very purifying as an element. In fact, all the elements fire, earth, water and air can be used for clearing and healing. (These are different to chemical elements.) So swimming is good, the sea being particularly energetically cleansing. People talk about going for a walk when it’s windy, and “blowing away the cobwebs”, so they end up feeling refreshed. Then there is having a mudbath, so the earth soaks away the slow frequency chaotic negative energy. The trick is to know what element you have an affinity for, which tends to be the one you enjoy the most, and which creates a light feeling in your body.

There are some energies that require a bit more shifting, and energy methods that are available through some forms of meditation are required.

There have been several root races of humanity. In each root race, there was a spiritual focus on a particular centre which was being developed. In the Adamic root race, the base centre was the focus, as the beings were attempting to exist and root themselves in. In the Hypoborean root race, the sexual centre was the focus, as the base was up and running, in a basic way. So sex as a way of procreating was developing. In the third root race, the centre of feeling and of the body-mind, the solar plexus, was the strong focal point of development. In the Atlantrean root race, it was the heart centre which was being built up and developed. Though towards the end, the choice for too many was to use other centres predominantly. In the current root race whose moment in time is coming to an end, the Aryan, the focus of development has been on the throat centre. From Lemurian times onwards, people interested in energy and what was called the occult also worked and developed other centres, such as the third eye and crown. But this was only with a small minority of people. With the next root race, the sixth root race, things are a little different, and development is taking a bit of a leap forward.

The base centre, the sexual centre, and the solar plexus centre, are quite old centres, developed in humanities ancient past. These are the centres that accumulate the most slow frequency negative energy. People who have used or developed centres higher up the body during past lives by using occult or yogic practice, or who have been on the receiving end of the darker practices, can accumulate energy in the higher centres, or have pieces of negative energy embedded in there. Also, most people will have cordings attached to their centres from others, and these cordings can be sent in with positive or negative intent.

If people take drugs or drink a lot, that can mess up the centres badly, and sometimes the residual energy is sticky and hangs around. Not to mention the entities that can be nestling inside people’s auras due to drink and drugs.

If someone’s aura is a bit fragile, and they have open doorways on their centres, they can go someplace and just soak up energy. There are therapy consultation rooms where people release old, unwanted energy, or they have that energy taken off them by the therapy or healing. Then the energy is left in the room, as some therapists aren’t aware of energy and don’t find someway to release, cleanse or transmute it. A sensitive person can come into the room and soak it up. (There are therapists who do clean up as well.)

In this meditation you can shine up your centres. People like to wear jewellery and gold to sparkle on the outside. I prefer the look and feel of having the sparkle on the inside.

Sitting in a comfortable position, in a quiet space, breathe gently. Just breathe, and quite naturally, some of the unwanted energy will slide away and off. You can imagine this being whisked upwards as it does so, and it changes to white light.

Above your head are small points of bright blue light, that shine as bright as stars. These points of bright blue light are intelligent and loving in a divine way.

One point of light, enters your crown centre near the top of your head. It starts to shine very bright and very blue. Let yourself feel it, and notice what happens to your crown centre. Allow the process to flow and to take as long or as short as it needs.

Then another point of blue light will come into your head, and into your third eye centre, between and just above your eyebrows. This point of blue light will shine and glow very bright and very blue, all around your third eye centre, making sure it shines on the front and the back of your third eye. You may hear a very high pitched sound, like a high pitched chime. the third eye centre is a usual centre to accumulate negative energy and so it can benefit form this healing, to leave a clear space, with a blue tinge to it, of intelligent protection.

Another point of blue light comes down into the throat centre. There may be a high pitched chime as the point of blue light shines bright and blue and moves around as it gets to work clearing and healing this centre. Old energy will be thrown out to be taken up, and old cordings to your throat cleared away. This centre of expression may need multiple meditations to clear out energies from past lives so that your spirit can ring out and be expressed clear and true.

Allow the process of the blue points of light flowing down into your centres to happen in its own way and in its own time. They may come in to each centre in turn, or all at once. Let the healing happen as it does, and notice how each centre feels, as the points of blue light go into the heart centre, and the solar plexus, the sexual centre and the base centre. Just experience the meditation and enjoy the points of blue light as they go about the clearing and healing.

You may find the points of blue light also work on the smaller centres in your body. The points of blue light may also go into and energize other centres in your body, your head, and even above your head. whatever happens, allow yourself to feel and notice what is happening, and allow the process to complete at the speed it needs to.

You might notice different kinds of blue light which hold different qualities, shining in your centres. Towards the end, the blue points of light may remain as a glow in the background, which can be re-ignited when required.

When the meditation feels complete for now, open your eyes.


This meditation can be done prior to doing other meditation work. It is also useful to do one of the earlier meditations about closing doorways on centres afterwards, to keep the energy clean.

The meditation can be used with more detail so you can get to see the extent of the clearing and healing by viewing each centre as having a bottom part, a middle and a top part. The overall energy in the lower third will be slower frequency compared to the middle, and the higher third will have a higher frequency.

You can also visualize the point of blue light working on different levels of each centre. They can work on the physical, the etheric, the astral version of the centre and the mental version of the centre. The astral level can be most useful given that the astral levels are open. Doing this meditation you will end up with shiny and harmoniously functioning centres.



Spiritual Every-Flavour Jelly Beans Anyone?

Spiritual many flavoured jelly beans; a third eye speciality
Spiritual many flavoured jelly beans; a third eye speciality

Food for thought.

Everyone has a third eye they can use. It’s easier than you think. Just be playful and creative, have fun. Your third eye can give you an input based on all your senses that you can understand, through visuals, sounds, smells, tastes, and tactile feelings.

For instance, in the first Harry Potter film, Harry is given a packet of Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans. Now it’s easy to imagine beans representing something you want some information on. I quite like to look at political parties, or politicians (some of those beans can taste really disgusting!). I like to to take a look, or a taste, of organizations; try the NSA, or CIA, or MI5, MI6, or the Russian or Chinese or Israeli, secret services. Imagine their leaders as beans. The head of the Iranian army is a dark old flavour, though he is being used in interesting ways in the chess game of life. Looking at organizations and people in this way can throw up some interesting information (hang on to your taste buds though, while some can taste fine, others need a bit of mouth rinsing).

The Every Flavour Beans approach works on many things, how local schools taste, the taste of local shops and supermarkets, charities, banks, media companies, oil and chemical companies, pharmaceuticals, financial businesses and their products, and countries. It works on commodities, such as tea or coffee products, where the taste of the beans correspond to living and working conditions of the workers (a lot of karma being drunk with some teas and coffees) and impact on the environment. You can try products from different countries where different rules apply. For instance, where the products are genetically modified, pumped with antibiotics and growth hormones. Or whether the products are free range or organic. There is an energy input with food, not just a physical, nutritional one. Plus there is karmic input (just see how animals are treated worldwide, watch the film Lucent about pigs).

So, even though the beans idea is a bit of fun, it can be used to consider some serious stuff. While some people and organizations have your best interests at heart, there are some dark lodge orientated ones that don’t, though they might claim to. Jelly beans are great, they can help to inform you, and inform your choices.

Chew on.


Sit on the warm, white sand of a beach overlooking the Ocean. It’s first thing in the morning of a new day. You are looking at the sun of a new dawn. You can feel the warmth and light of this brand new offering soak into your skin.

You feel like a drink and ask the Divine bartender for something to quench your thirst (for knowledge!). They look eye-catching with their long glowing white hair, and golden eyes. They take a tall crystal glass, and pour in a splash of bright white light, which is bliss with a hint of infinity. Then they pour in an electric blue of grace, with a moreish aftertaste that lasts and lasts, guaranteed to tickle your soul. In goes a dash of gold, full of bubbles. This drink is a dream. The bartender, with a gleam in their golden eyes, passes their elongated hand over the top of the drink, and in goes a rainbow. Finally, they place in the glass a stick which could be a palm tree, but looks more like the tree of Life.

They pass you the drink, which glows a little, and you drink, and drink again. The Divine bartender watches. Some people sip, while others drink in one. In all, something happens to their heart centre, and more. They feel it from the top of their head, to the tips of their toes, and in all in between. All the while the new dawn sun shines on them with a big constant hello (some people on this beach of white sand notice a little sun growing in their heart).

Well that was some drink. Often the happy beachgoer might ask for another. The Divine bartender ponders what to mix in this brew. Or the beachgoer might ask for a tea, or a coffee to sober up.

The sun of the new dawn shines onto  the beach of white sand.

Silence is more than golden

Someone once stated, “Things that are Real are given and received in Silence.” (It was the same person  who expressed, rather than said as they were silent from 1925 to 1969, ” Don’t worry; be happy”.)

In meditation, it is wonderful to have silence, or possibly Silence, and then it becomes possible to receive the full benefits of meditation.

There are different kinds of silence. There is just being quiet. There is the silence of being in a room in the city. There can be a silence that belongs to the dusk, and the silence that belongs to the dawn, and to the middle of the night. If you have been in the desert, you know the silence there. I was recently in a cave 80 metres below ground. There was a silence, and time felt slower to being above ground. Being in a sound insulated room has a muffled silence, where silence means an absence of noise.

From a spiritual point of view, our 3-D reality (or our multiple dimensional reality), is made up of the physical, astral and the mental levels, so there is not just physical silence, but a much deeper silence. I felt an extremely deep Silence when I visited a room which Meher Baba stayed in. One night, having spoken until that point in his life, he went into the room. The next day he came out of that room and was silent for the rest of his life. The Silence in that room was tangible, and so intense, being Avataric, it gave me a headache. It takes some building up to that level of Silence.

With that kind of Silence, not only do sounds fade, but it becomes a non-emotional moment where feelings are calmed deeply. Mentally, the personality mind goes totally quiet (as does the body-mind), and there feels to be a flow of Silence going around and through.  It feels infinitely big and deep. It wraps around every cell of your body. You relax, let go, go silent, and enjoy the Silence and the energy flow, as it feels like the infinite flowing through. What is Real is given. It is effortless and just happens. There is a spirit of Silence that can be called in.

In meditation, instead of trying to make your mind quiet, just call in the spirit of Silence. This is quite moreish, so having enough will to come back completely, with all aspects of yourself, fully into your body is important.

Try this:
Sit in a quiet, comfortable place. Remember to put down roots out of your feet and spine into the ground. Let the roots be any colour that seems to feel right. This planet has provided your physical body with nutrients, you live in its atmosphere, and within its magnetic and gravitational fields. It is home to you, and you have a deep connection to it. This planet is having an upgrade, and it can interact with you, providing you with energy through your roots, into all your organs, bones, and muscles, and so on.

Once rooted in, now just relax. Ask for, and claim your Silence. Let it wrap around you, like a golden-white weave. Let the light that comes with that Silence flow in. Open to the Silence and the Light.

Silence has its own timing, so that when the energy has completed what needs to be done at that time, the Silence and the feelings that go with it will lift.

After the Silence has lifted, make sure to have good awareness of your body, of your fingers and toes, and your face. Open your eyes.

In one of the early articles on this blog, there are details of how to button up your energy, and the positive energy you have built up.

If you think of Meher Baba as you do this meditation, you can get a taste of Avataric silence, which is quite something.

If you want good quality information about Meher Baba on the internet, as there has been a proliferation of websites, wikis and blogs that are not as accurate, the original websites are http://www.avatarmeherbaba.org , http://www.ambppct.org, http://www.mehercenter.org . Wiki describes Meher Baba as being influenced by some such as Upasni Maharaj. As if having a stone thrown at Meher Baba’s forehead qualifies as being “influenced by”. It did bring his consciousness back down to the gross level, though. And Upasni was really something else; very special.