Today’s Spiritual Weather Report

Good morning. Here’s the weather. (It gets better higher up the planes.)

On the zeroth plane of consciousness, the black light is swirling quite dramatically. Not quite hurricane standard, but close; still raging though. There has been an input of order energy to stir up and remove the old, and make changes. This will affect our planet and all of creation. Focusing just on this earth, the devas are busy winding down those aspects of our life that needs to go. Not too fast, just fast enough. The devas are slowly going to make new forms. The mineral world has had an upgrade, now it is time for everything else.

In the human world, the storm will get people’s emotions going. Emotions and moods will darken. There will be more doubt and uncertainty, more zeroth plane fear, more anger, righteousness, and rage. These volatile and powerful emotions will drive people to think, speak and act in dramatic ways, individually and collectively. People will become polarized, and some will be desperate. Desperation will drive human events, and ecological events. Strong emotions will be cloaked in hijacked religion, in ideology, politics, opinions and beliefs. Old karma will be brought up by the storm, and worked through. Some people will try to avoid the stirred zeroth plane energy in their systems by using drugs, alcohol and any other addictions.

Remember to take your umbrella and a coat, which means daily meditation to access the mental light higher up the planes to take you out of the storm. This will help you be on the best timeline for you (the Golden Pathway), and help you make helpful decisions, and be in the right place at the right time.

The zeroth plane storm will also bring out the best in many people young and old, all over the world, who bring out their compassion, endurance, and love in small and big ways to help their kindred humans; like flowers blooming in the desert.

On the zeroth plane, the devas will do their usual job with the weather (check out the deva of the next hurricane), as they use water, air (wind), and fire to clean up old and negative energy on and in the land from ages past up until now. There is a big clean-up operation going on that is going to be spread out over many years, to make this earth sparkly.

The storm will also power through the financial systems and the lives of those people within it. A lot of money has old karma tied up with it based on slavery, exploitation, wars, buying of weapons and ammunition, crime, greed and murder which all needs to be balanced. (Time for a massive rethink about how we exchange energy for goods and services, as well).

The storm is stirring and will change the political world, and all points of “power” that try to influence the world outside political processes. Time for the old to go. Time for more wisdom, compassion and courage, and a lot less greed and corruption. Thinking of becoming a politician?

There is a lot going on in the world and you can use meditation to figure out the best places to live. (The triangles meditation in the blog is a good one). Difficulties and problems get people to think about what no longer works, and come up with new ways of doing things.

On the first plane of consciousness, the energetic weather is harsh, scrubbing away at old ways of thinking and feeling. It is uncomfortable on this plane. It’s not totally destructive. The cleaning process goes on quick enough to clear the old, but not so quick as to destroy totally. It’s uncomfortable enough for questions to be asked. Above the clouds here is some sunlight. What will come out of this is new ways of thinking and feeling, and a changed language to talk about it.

The second plane. The materialistic second plane. High winds are ripping around the second plane which is a bit bloated with glamour, poor use of wealth, shallow human thought, greed, selfishness,  and a lack of thought about others. The lower three centres (base, sexual and solar plexus), along with the lower heart centre are being activated and cleared. Dissatisfaction can point the way to a balanced perspective on material wealth, self, and others.

Some light from higher up the planes, and initiated from high up, is landing in the upper parts of the second plane, like shining, bright snowflakes. These carry information and motivation with regards to space technology, with spin-offs that can improve life for us on earth. The same goes for medicine, and more subtly comes in.

The weather on the third plane is mostly sunny, with quick thunderstorms every so often to make third plane people jump, and get them to look UP, let in more light and change.

The fourth plane is white light. Pure, powerful, bright and virulent. A place to be on your toes at all times. This plane has already been sorted. Not a place for the faint hearted.

The fifth plane. Not so much weather in this extremely bright place of hot mental light. There is a bit of a breeze in the hot sunlight. The place is getting a scrub from devas. There are  bright snowflakes and shooting stars coming down from the first Divine Journey. These are carrying an immense amount of mental and emotional energy, along with very new information and New Law. Also coming down is new Divine guides. All this will make its way down into the lower planes. As it does, what needs to go will go, and what needs to stay will stay. What needs to be started will be started.

The sixth plane weather is a bright light whiteout. Sunglasses and a spiritual guide are needed.  Sparkles of gold as the first Divine Journey comes down. That will change everything. Coming through the sixth plane are souls with specialist experience and skills to bring about a makeover of this planet earth. There are some souls with a great deal of spirituality and light.

So overall, stormy and windy for the next 54 years or so, with clear, sunny weather on the horizon, once enough clearing and change has gone on.

If reincarnation is true, how would you live your life?

Reincarnation cycle


The vast majority of people don’t have evidence that they ever had past lives. Only a small fraction of the population have any flashbacks or memory of previous lives. Past lives get mentioned and talked about in the media, but for most people, past lives and reincarnation are not part of their world view. Some people have explored past lives in workshops. A degree of healing can come from this as what happens in past lives (if they are true), can carry over into this lifetime. So if some grisly event occurred in a past life, it can still affect a person’s health in this one, and in future ones (if reincarnation is a fact). Then there are times when workshop goers like to hear that they were king or queen or ruler, or held an important position someplace. Though I’d say the most important lifetime a person is in is this one. In most circumstances, remembering past lives isn’t all that enjoyable. For instance, we have all had lives as animals. Nature programmes occasionally show just how cruel and painful those lives can be in a world with predators.

The concept of reincarnation isn’t strong in the Western world. The story goes that it was removed (in dubious circumstances) from what became the accepted knowledge of Christianity in the Council of Nicea. In this Council, the Roman Emperor Constantine stopped bloodshed by making the Roman Empire, Christian. Here were the beginnings of the Roman Catholic Church. Christianity then went on to shape religious and philosophical thought throughout Europe. The heritage of this was taken to other countries that European countries had dealings in. Reincarnation isn’t something people think about in places influenced by Christianity.

In the end it doesn’t matter what we believe about reincarnation, as Reality will do what Reality does. It is untouched by our beliefs or the limits of our understanding.

If reincarnation is true, then linked to this is death. Also linked is birth. Then there is karma.

In my own view of life, I take for granted the existence of Perfect Masters and the Avatar. These individuals work with creation, with karma and the lifetimes that souls reincarnated through.

There is very detailed information about reincarnation in a book called God Speaks by Meher Baba. There is a description of how a soul or dropsoul comes down from the Divine Journeys into creation. It describes how a soul taking the human path drops down to the bottom of the zeroth plane of consciousness, with literally zero consciousness, and progresses lifetime after lifetime, through gaseous then mineral lifetimes, then plant and then animal lifetimes, then the human lifetimes starting on the zeroth plane before really getting going on the first plane. At each type of life, there are approximately 8,400,000 lifetimes. With each lifetime comes an incremental increase in consciousness. (It is fair to say that a soul on the lower planes will think that they know everything, and say so. By the time they have made it up to the 5th and 6th plane, they realize they don’t actually know or understand much of life, the universe and Everything. That’s souls for you.)

Birth after birth, life after life, death after death, karma is built up (physical karma, astral karma and mental karma). In the 4th, 5th and 6th planes, the karma is worked through. Or it is burnt off by being around a Perfect Master or Avatar. In God Speaks, Sanskaras or impressions linked to lifetimes are mentioned, and that is another story.

Then eventually the soul, the person is made God Realized, and the journey back to the Source is made, and the soul has a great story to tell. After that? Probably a different adventure to go on. Souls are all about learning and becoming more.

Creation is big, so there are plenty of places to reincarnate into. We used to think that this universe was it. But now we know, theoretically at least, about the multiverse, due to string and membrane theory. That means there are many different situations in which life of various types can exist in. Present humanity on this earth doesn’t know all there is to know about life, about what is possible in a multiverse. In God Speaks it is said that there are 18,000 earths that humanity exists on. This earth though, is the only one which is physical home to the Avatar and the Perfect Masters, though their influence and work is felt throughout. We have all had lifetimes on other planets as well as this one, including human lifetimes.

With regards to reincarnating into a life, the soul places its energy into a newly forming lifeform. In humans, the soul’s energy goes into the heart centre to start with. The energy of the mother changes to accommodate the new life, and a continual and ongoing energetic communication occurs, as the baby grows, leading up to birth. This happens lifetime after lifetime. This is an absolutely massive topic to explore.

Death is also a massive topic. We have all died countless times, and there is usually huge fear in people about dying. There is a lot of healing and change to occur so that we even begin to see death as a state to go through onto the next life.

The soul usually withdraws its energy and awareness from the lifeform as it is time to move onto the next part of the journey. Sometimes the physical elemental in the physical body fights this, and holds onto the energy. Usually the heart stops and the centres close down and the soul leaves the physical body.

Before death, the third eye centre can be seen to close down in preparation. The start of this closing down can be days before. The timing is based on karma. With karma, there are three kinds. There is positive, negative and opportunistic karma. With the opportunistic karma, events can go either way; negative or positive. So some deaths are opportunistic rather than the other kinds of karma. The third eye will show the probability of death, and can reopen if the opportunistic event has gone positive. Close shaves can be like this. A death can be positive karma, as the person has fulfilled all of their karma for that lifetime, and the soul withdraws its energy so the spirit of the person can have a deserved rest on the inner planes, an esoteric cup of tea, a review of events in that lifetime, and a meet up with old friends. They then can reincarnate into their next lifetime with a new set of karma to work through.

I’ve written this in a matter of fact way. With most deaths, there is a lot of emotion. Spiritually, we can know what is happening, but the emotions are something different. For the person dying, there is often fear, even though they have done this millions of times before. The people around them often don’t want them to go. When the person does die they are badly missed by those still living, those still physically incarnate. There is grief and loss in the minds of those left behind.

When we have a connection with someone, there are energetic cordings between us and the other person, from our centres to theirs. The stronger the relationship, the stronger the cordings. When the other person leaves, the cordings start to drop away. If the other person dies, there are no centres for the cordings to get attached to. This can be traumatic on a personality level. Grief ensues.

The person dying usually sees the light and as that is so amazing in comparison to what they experience in a physical body, off they go. Sometimes the grief and the emotional attachment of those left behind binds the spirit and soul in the space around the earth making them earthbound. This is not a pleasant or ideal situation for the person who has dropped their body as they are trapped and stopped from doing what they need to. These souls need to be rescued and released, so they can move on (this is rescue work). For many people, if they were generally happy, their spirit and soul gets to reside for a while in an energetic space that matches that positive emotional nature, where it is re-experienced and drains away. This space was known about by the Buddhists who thought of it as a positive bardo state. In Christianity it was called heaven. If someone’s general state was fear, or anger, or other negative state, the soul and spirit would go to a space that matched this and helped to draw the emotions out for a while so the soul can go off to the next lifetime with a clean slate. The Buddhists think of this state as a negative bardo state, and in Christianity it would be called hell.

When it comes to people we have a relationship with of some sort in this lifetime, usually we have had at least a few lifetimes with them in some sort of relationship such as friend, enemy, sibling, parent, son /  daughter of, wife / husband, extended family member, and so on. We will have known them before.  It’s likely we will see them again in future lifetimes, too, as there are karmic links. So death ends that well known link for now, but you get to see them again.

When out of physical body, being physically alive as opposed to being a soul and spirit on the inner planes,  is not the big deal we make of it when we are in a physical body. We know there is more to that existence, we have it more in perspective. Physical life is a way of learning and developing through many lifetimes to become what we can be, which is a soul on the Divine Journeys, but knowing much more, and being more, than a soul who has not made the journey down into creation and back into the Divine.

Reincarnation is part of that process. Some distant day in the future we may understand that when someone dies that soul is going on the next part of their journey.

In the West, there are people who request funerals that are more upbeat and more of a celebration of that person and their life, rather than being a solemn affair. I do wonder how they will be when we really come to terms with reincarnation.

We create karma with all of our thoughts, feelings, words and actions. Even the act of breathing builds karma. We build physical karma, astral karma and physical karma. Any karma we create we have to balance in a later lifetime. If everyone on earth knew that what they did needed to be balanced later, would this influence how we thought about life and what we choose to do?


The illustration  is a basic pictorial explanation of reincarnation. A more detailed illustration can be found in the book Godspeaks by Meher Baba, along with a very detailed explanation.


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Meditation to assess a sacred or spiritual site

This follows on from the post about Sacred Sites. (Here’s the link).

You might need to know about Planes of Consciousness for this meditation. There are articles on this in the blog. Here is one link.

Some sites will operate only on the zeroth plane of consciousness, and work on the physical body and nervous system. (They can still make you feel good.) There may be some input into the lower astral level. These tend to be based on crystalline structures and / or ley lines.

Sites created by 5th and  6th plane saints will hold energy up to those planes of consciousness and can operate on the physical, astral and mental levels. These sites give a good spiritual push.

Sites created by Perfect Masters will operate on the physical, astral and mental levels, and on the soul level. They can irradiate energy on all planes and also Divine energy. Such sites tend to be clean astrally as the mental energy from the 5th and the 6th planes and the Divine Journeys burns up and sees off any unwanted astral energy and entities. (The same applies to sites set up by 5th and 6th plane saints, though less powerfully so.) These sites have a very powerful effect and can alter your energy and karma for this lifetime and future ones, and effects people who you know, as your timeline and their timelines are improved.

Some sites that have a lot of visitors will also have around them astral energy. This can be the accumulated thoughtforms and emotions about the place left by previous visitors. This is astral glamour. When people meditate at such places, they end up tapping into this, rather than the energy of the place. They then produce more thoughts and emotions. This astral glamour can be seen like a coloured cloud or glass dome. On the astral level it feels and looks to some people quite attractive. Discernment in spiritual matters as with everything else, is important. Glamour and negative energy are burnt off at sites created by the mental light of the 5th and the 6th plane beings.  Divine energy at sites created by Avatars and Perfect Masters will dispose of glamour and negative energy immediately. Energetically, they are clean places.

Some old sites may hold a residue of the energy linked with what used to happen in them. If there was a lot of emotion involved, and strongly projected thoughtforms given out, these can still be experienced. An astral energy could have been built up that encourages similar thoughts and feelings in other people who visit. These astral energies can be located on the lower, middle or upper astral levels. They may present themselves as being quite attractive, but this doesn’t mean that they actually are.

Some older societies knew how to work with astral energy in positive and negative ways. (The knowledge of how to do this was stripped out of human consciousness at the end of the Atlantrean root race as they misused it.) There can still be patterns of strongly worked astral energy in the sites they used. These can be felt and seen clairvoyantly. It is mental energy that brings about spiritual development, not astral energy, though it may look colourful and feel exciting.

Where people gather, there you will find astral entities to feed on the people’s emotions and energy. If you have ever felt tired going to a department store, a supermarket, or metro or underground, you will know what I mean. Also, people do drop slow frequency energy, like litter, which accumulates unless the energy of the site is self clearing.

This meditation is about locating a site or place that is suitable and healing for you. This will depend on your karma. This often takes into account past lives, what bits of your energy that needs to be gathered up from these lives, what needs to be released, what needs to be healed, and what needs to be learnt, according to what you need for your spiritual development.

This meditation is about discovering what planes a site is on, and in some places, if there is any Divine energy. The meditation helps you know if the site is effective on the physical, astral and mental levels.

It will help you know if there is any astral glamour, and help you get a sense of any hungry astral entities that may be lurking around.


In a quiet, relaxed place, close your eyes. See yourself in an oval shaped energy representing your aura. Imagine you grow roots through your feet and the base of your spine, down, down, down into the ground. Allow rich, cleansing and nurturing Devic energy flow up from the earth, up your roots and into your legs. Allow the Devic energy to flow into your body. This is to cleanse and nurture your body and your chakras or centres. The rich Devic energy overflows into your aura, saturating it. It washes away anything that should not be in it, or on the surface of it.
Allow this Devic energy to flow in and around for a few minutes. It will help to ground you, and help you work with high frequency energy.

Now from directly from on high, flows silent and still, dark blue light that is soothing, and which once again clears anything that needs to be cleared from your aura.

Your space becomes clear, and you become cocooned in the soothing, smooth dark blue light. It expands your awareness, and enables you to be able to focus in a relaxed way.

Now, very much from on high, flows brilliant white light, which flows around your cocoon of dark blue light. The white light flows into the cocoon forming trails of intelligent and vibrant white light.

You are going to take a look at the earth in your cocoon. Imagine it is night time. In your cocoon you lift up and move upwards, higher and higher, a few hundred miles or kilometres up, so that you can see half of the earth’s surface in the night.

The intense white light in your cocoon gently pulses down to the earth, carrying a signal that holds your karma and your spiritual requirements. The white light energizes the earth, and an appropriate location or locations pulse back, with a white glow or spark. In your cocoon, you move in closer to identify the location better. You can come back in meditation to any site or sites later.

Now go up high again, and move around to the other side of the earth. Again, let this be in the night so you can see any glow or spark from any site more clearly.

Once again, the white light from your cocoon pulses out down to the earth’s surface. Any appropriate site responds with its own glow or spark. Let your cocoon move down to the earth’s surface to get a closer look at the the site or sites that match your energy and karma. Again, you can repeat the meditation to get a closer fix on the location or locations.

Now let your cocoon travel back up high. Your cocoon then moves back above your present physical location. Your cocoon then smoothly descends back to earth. It rests around your physical self.

Still with the cocoon of blue and white light about you, if you have identified a site, imagine a vertical measuring tape with zero at the bottom and 7 at the top. Think of the site like a ball of light, place the ball by the measuring tape and notice which number the ball sits next to. This is the plane which it is on. Zero will mean earth energies. 5 and 6 will hold mental light. 7, means the site has Divine Journey energy radiating out of it. All the other planes may be active at that site too.

You can take a look at how old law or new law the site is. Imagine a key. If the key associated with the site is old and rusty, then the site is old law. If the key is sparkly crystalline, then the site is new law.

Think of the site as a ball of energy. If the ball appears to have a coloured, hazy layer around, there is astral glamour to be aware of.

Now imagine three other balls associated with it. One for the physical, one for the astral and one for the mental. Notice how large each ball is, symbolizing the effect the site will have on you physically, astrally and mentally. Balls can be coloured white or grey or black. If they are white, this represents the site as having a lot of order energy, if black, then chaos predominates, if the ball is grey, there is a mix of order and chaos.

Now let the images and feelings fade.

The white light and the dark blue light in the cocoon fade and the cocoon disipates. Your roots pulse, just to make sure you are back.

When you are ready, open your eyes.


Thanks to easily available maps of the earth, you can link up what you found out in meditation with physical locations. You can then repeated the meditation to get closer to a site’s location.

For FAQs about meditation, click here.

If you would like to know about online meditation and courses that are available, click here.

What’s in a sacred site?

You might hear from someone that such and such a place is a spiritual site, or you might read about a place that people call a sacred site. You want to visit. You might feel drawn to go there due to your karma, or you decide to go because others are going.

We tend to like going to places that make us feel good, better than before, or where we find you get a healing. Plus it might be an adventure to go somewhere you haven’t been before. If you are sensitive to the energy, you will know that the place feels different to any other place you have been. The energy will feel quite heightened.

But what makes a place people call a sacred site a sacred site? (What does sacred mean for that matter?) What differences are there between such places? Where are the best places to go to?

Places are likely to have a strong positive atmosphere or energy. Or it may be the case that people go there simply because other people go there and people happen to say it’s a sacred site. Perhaps some old civilization carried out ceremonies there, and there may or may not be a residual energy.

Where there is a positive energy, perhaps meditation becomes heightened. You can feel the energy and it feels good and supportive.

A major cause of a positive energy is the earth energy. People through the ages have built temples or churches on places with a strongly positive earth energy and then used them for their religious or spiritual practices. Later on, some of these places get visited and called a sacred site.

The site could be built on top of a positive ley line, or be at a place where two or more ley lines cross, creating a point of powerful earth energy. An example of this is Stonehenge in southern England. Quite a few churches in Europe are built on top of ley line junctions. These positive places tend to be good for health and meditation.

Some sites could be on top of a crystalline deposit or structure. Again, this can create a strong positive energy that feels good to be on. The atoms in our bodies come from food and water derived from the earth; it’s our home. No wonder that there is a resonance between our bodies and the earth energy. The energy from positive ley lines and crystalline structures holds a lot of ordered energy, and with clairvoyance, can look quite beautiful. The energetic resonance will be on the physical, astral and a lesser degree, the mental levels.

There are also places where the ley lines, and the points they cross at are negative, and some crystalline structures can have a negative effect. If someone’s house or flat or place of work is on such a site then their health can suffer. Also, if people go to the Moon or Mars the ley lines and crystalline structures will most likely have an unfamiliar effect because it’s not “home”.

Earth energies are at a basic level. On this earth (and in creation) there are seven planes of consciousness, the zeroth, 0th, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd,  4th, 5th, and 6th planes. Then on this planet there are the Divine Journeys, sometimes expressed as the 7th plane, though it is infinitely big. Then on each of the planes from the zeroth to the sixth, there are three levels or basic types of energy and substance. These are the physical level, the astral level and the mental level. On the zeroth plane there is physical substance and energy, some low, slow moving astral energy and light, and no mental light. Going up the planes there’s more and more astral light and energy, though none on the sixth plane or fifth plane, where there is bright mental light. On this earth, 90% of people are on the zeroth plane, so any positive energy from the first plane upwards will have a healing effect. Having said that, as our physical bodies are basically on the zeroth plane, they are affected by zeroth plane energy. The minerals in the earth are on the lower part of the zeroth plane, but now, more than ever, they hold some lovely, ordered energy that tends to be very beneficial for our physical bodies.

Where there is a positive ley line, or positive ley lines occurring, the energy holds a lot of ordered energy which affects our bodies and nervous systems. It feels good.

These sites can also hold spirit. The quality of this spirit varies from place to place. It can be old, as in old law from a bygone age or it can be new, as in new law energy that is up to date. The spirit can be astral, existing on the lower astral up to the higher astral, or it can be on the mental levels as well. In some instances the spirit has been introduced down from the Divine Journeys. That is when the energy is really special. Places don’t need to be on ley lines though to hold a Divinely inspired energy and spirit.

Fairies are pure order beings on the first plane. The order energy they give out can make a place feel magical and special. (Angels are 5th plane beings that are virtually all order energy, Archangels are sixth plane.) Places where fairies live are not easily found.

There are some sites that have been initiated  by people. In Sufism one name for a fifth plane saint is a wali. A sixth plane saint is called a pir. They can radiate fifth and sixth plane mental light, and they can be worked through by the Divine. Where they live can build up a residue of energy. Should they chose to deliberately charge up an object or space, these can radiate energy. The objects they use can be just everyday ones rather anything fancy. Which means they can be easily overlooked. This can also be a good thing as people who come near while going about their activities can receive an irradiation without noticing and without attaching any glamour to the situation. There can be some wonderful stillness and silence in a place they lived and worked in, which can be healing.

Saintly people on the third plane can do something similar but with a much, much lower energy, but still have some healing effect on people (and animals and plants) on the lower planes. Third plane activity looks a bit like magic or minor miracles. It is the kind of thing associated with India where such behaviour is normal. The activity isn’t necessarily spiritual, it’s just use of third plane energy.

Usually at any one time there are 56 God Realized beings on this planet, which means their consciousness is not on the planes 0th to the 6th, but their consciousness is on the lower Divine Journeys (usually). They are tend to be stationed on the 1st or 2nd Divine Journey. They act like spiritual generators, though they might not always be aware of the fact. Where they are and where they go is exposed to a strong spiritual energy. This absorbed energy can radiate a high frequency vibration, along with the silence and stillness that brings about change and healing. So there are around some very remarkable places that are not known about or talked about that can be noticed by being sensitive to the energy.

Five of the fifty six  God Realized beings hiwill be Perfect Masters, who in the past have been based on the first, second and third Divine Journeys, moving from one Divine Journey to another as they do their Universal work for creation and humanity. They each have 20% of God’s energy, which is very considerable. If they choose to create a site they can. It will hold whatever spirit they choose. The energy can be as complex and as fine as they want, to achieve whatever purpose they want. Unlike the energy of a sacred site based on ley lines or crystalline structures, the energy can be Divine, and energy can be structured into all the lower planes. This makes for some incredible healing and change. The energy and spirit can operate on the physical level, and the astral and mental levels. Perfect Masters command the Archangels and the Angels, so the sites can hold angelic energy. They can work on people’s karma. As Perfect Masters are at the centre of everything, they work at the soul level as well. Some Perfect Masters who work with the mineral kingdom can bring about profound changes in the rock and soil, too.

It is unlikely that Perfect Masters would advertise any site they make, preferring to draw to these places the people that can make best use of the energy. It is more effective to get the work done without publicity or the glamour that can get attached to the work by others. (They wouldn’t even say they were a Perfect Master in order to avoid attracting in the kind of person who would buy into any glamour about it. They like ordinariness.)

There are places where Perfect Masters have lived and worked which can be found through the Internet. Usually these places are in the region around India. One place is the cave that St. Francis of Assisi lived in, which was also visited by the last Avatar.

Where Avatars have lived, worked or been buried, there can be found profound spiritual energy. Avatars have access to all the Divine Journeys so the energy associated with them is extraordinary, or better put, Avataric. The effect on a person of this energy changes them for all of their lives.

Places where any objects, or articles of clothing associated with them are buried will also radiate Avataric energy. Also the energy of sites where clothing or objects used by their close followers, who would be used for the Avataric, Universal work, would emanate a spiritual energy that can create healing and change on all the planes.

How you can tell the quality of a sacred site, or a site with spiritual energy, I’ll write in another blog post.


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