Books to give your mind, body, and spirit a lift

Here are details of three books that can really enhance and deepen your spirituality and your skills with energy:

Meditation: Opening Doorways On A New Reality

This book shows what can be done to realise more your spiritual nature and learn more about energies. It can help with opening up your potential, opening the heart centre, opening the third eye, developing intuition, improving protection for your aura and chakras, working with angelic energies, and much more.

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Your Spiritual Awakening And The New Dawn for Humanity

Taken from the back of the book: More and more people are going through their version of a spiritual awakening. It’s like having a veil torn away, the old world vanishes and they see themselves and the world in an entirely new way. Everything is connected, and thoughts influence reality. It’s a world of God, energy, love, consciousness and spirituality. It’s a brand new world of possibilities…

It can also be a shock. Everyone’s path is unique, and this book is here to help people navigate their path, and deal with the issues and obstacles on the way. Spiritual awakening can be an enjoyable journey, and the aim of “Your Spiritual Awakening” is to make it so.

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Neutralising Negativity

As part of my spiritual journey I soon had to learn how to protect myself energetically because I was quite open. I also learned how to clean up energy around me and I could get rid of negative cordings. I worked as a healer and part of working with clients involved removing negative energy of all kinds and cordings from them, and closing energetic doorways into their systems. I would teach them how to do it for themselves. This kind of thing used to be called psychic self defence at that time.

Along came the internet and social media which meant that people could be on the receiving end of all kinds of negativity. making the topic more up to date, there are techniques in “Neutralising Negativity” for dealing with the negative energy that can come through cyberspace, along with an explanation of how cyberspace works energetically.

Fortunately, there is so much spiritual light and energy coming into the planet, that this can be used to deal with negativity in its various forms. The techniques in this book use this new energy, and are useful for everybody and especially so if they are sensitive to energy. These techniques are very useful for people who have been on the receiving end of extreme negativity.

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