Books to give your mind, body, and spirit a lift

Here are details of the books that can really enhance and deepen your spirituality and your skills with energy:

A Spiritual Approach To Prosperity

We have the ability to be prosperous by applying spiritual understanding and techniques to improve our lives.

This amazing energy book book helps you to understand the spiritual basis of prosperity. The energy flowing into the planet affecting everything is new, and a lot of our ideas are changing, so we need a new idea about prosperity to reflect this. This book shows you how to use the abilities that are already in you to work with the energy of prosperity. Doing this, you can create results in your life. These techniques used to be called secrets but they are available for us to use with some learning and practise. Plus there are some new ideas in this book that weren’t available before.

Think of prosperity ideas flowing in from the Divine in the future. This is what this book works with. Rather than looking backwards into the past, this book is open to the future, and the new spiritual energies coming in. We can create a new world that is prosperous in new ways. To explore this more, here’s the article “Time for a new prosperity” click here. After reading this, I think you’ll agree it is time for a new prosperity.

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A New Meditation book is in progress.