Quick meditate, we are in the Kali Yuga age, with a lot of light coming in

This is the Kali Yuga age. It is a great time for spiritual development.

There are four ages that creation cycles through again and again. These are the Gold Age, The Silver Age, the Bronze Age, and the Iron Age. The last one is a time of darkness and slow energy, a time of spiritual rest, when creation is the furthest from God’s light. We are in this Iron or Kali Yuga Age.

With more dark acting as ballast, you can meditate and absorb more light. (There’s actually a lot of light coming down the planes of consciousness right now from the first Divine Journey, so this is a doubly good time to meditate.)

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A Soul’s Journey down into Creation, and then back Up to God

Trying to talk about souls can be tricky, and fascinating at the same time. Souls originate on the Divine Journeys, in the Beyond, which is outside time. This is not a straightforward concept as it is so unlike our everyday reality.

When the Avatar comes down into creation every 400 to 700 years in major and minor incarnations, souls, or dropsouls follow the Avatar down through the Divine Journeys into creation (or are poached, which is another story). In creation, with its planes of consciousness (0th, 1st … 6th), there is time, and karma. As time goes by, creation is ever changing and developing, and souls grow as they journey in creation.

Souls fall over time, to the bottom of the zeroth plane, the slowest and least conscious plane. As souls fall, they experience a massive separation from the Divine, from God, and from their own true nature, and the Divine level of their consciousness. This is a shock that remains with the soul, even though their consciousness falls from this exalted state to zero; to a very slow, non-existent state. There remains a deep sadness and grief, that is difficult to put a finger on.

Simultaneously, there is an aspect of the soul, outside time, that has experienced and completed everything on the inner planes and on the Divine Journeys. This is a tricky concept and it isn’t really necessary to understand it as it wouldn’t influence the journey of the soul in any case.

The You reading this, in creation, is the extension of soul energy, that is in time. The aspect of your soul on the Divine Journeys, will not be necessarily aware of what is going on with the personality you in creation, as the light is so captivating there. What this aspect of soul Up there is missing out on though is experience of life in creation, and the slow frequency light down here, particularly the dark of the zeroth plane, and also, emotion. Souls come down here to experience emotion.

Souls and divine beings that stay in the Divine Journeys have no idea of what the grand adventure we call life is like down here in creation.

They miss out on the journey down, and they miss out on the journey up the planes and the experiences they gain in this Illusion. Souls with an aspect of themselves down here get to experience the many lifetimes as rock and metal with the heating, flowing, crushing, and erosion, and so on, while having only infinitesimal consciousness.

Then there are the many lifetimes in plant form in the many different environments. They grow, use physical light, put down roots (or live of other plants and sometimes creatures), they can be eaten. Open to the sky they experience weather and starlight. Those in the water experience those environments. They experience long or short lives, fire, drought and so on. With flowers and blossoms they irradiate scents, colour and energy. (From an energy point of view, plants have a fascinating existence.) The consciousness level is a somewhat greater than a rock or metal.

Still on the zeroth plane of consciousness, the soul has many lifetimes in animal form; as with worms, insects, fish, birds, reptiles, and mammals. With each change of lifeform there is an incremental change in the level of consciousness. The form that a soul takes depends on the level of consciousness that needs to be experienced. A soul going through the many animal forms, and experiences a huge variety of conditions, and events that happen to them. They experience instincts and intelligence. They experience emotions (a scientist may disagree, but anyone who has spent time with animals or has a pet will know when an animal is happy or sad or scared, and so on). Animals experience being on their own and in other lives, living as part of a society or group. They eat, sometimes hunt, sometimes get eaten (alive!). Animals communicate.

Then come the sub-human lives that are a cross-over point to being human on the zeroth plane. In all this, the soul grows in consciousness, and stores the accumulation of experiences in part of itself.

As a human, lifetime after lifetime up until the top of the third plane of consciousness, the soul builds, karma, and then balances it or burns it off from then on up to the top of the sixth plane. As a human the soul gets to experience the full range of what it can mean to be a human being, from the darkest events to the most loving and light. The soul experiences life in a detached way, as it is still very much in the Divine Journeys, while the person down here will experience life through personality, spirit, and the accumulation of all those vast numbers of lifetimes that occurred from rock, plant, animal upwards. So people can be incredibly animalistic in their thinking and behaviour as their animal past comes to the forefront. This is particularly so in a human lifetime that has a leaning to the Dark Lodge and the negative dark, rather than a lifetime leaning to the light or Light Lodge. Part of spirituality is diminishing or transforming the old heritage that is rather like very old baggage.

Meditation and doses of light really help here. However, to really appreciate what the light is like, and what Divine energies are like, being in the muck an the mud, and the pain and struggle that happens in creation, provides the contrast. Sometimes to know what something is like you need to experience the opposite. It also provides the crucible through which a soul gains the experience and learning, in the end, transforms into its full beauty, and with quite a story to tell back on the Divine Journeys.

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Clearing Your Energy helps you in Life and in Your Meditation

Sometimes for whatever reason life can feel difficult and a person can feel really out of sorts. This can be obvious with some people, though some might be good at hiding it. A clairvoyant quick look at their aura and centres will show there are issues. There can be open doorways, intrusive energy, a storm going on, or there are emotions and thoughts due to something that has happened. (Clairvoyance can develop through meditation as the third eye centre gets cleaned up and worked over time so you get better at seeing this.)

Much or all of this fragmentary energy can be cleared and calmed before meditation, and improved by meditation. There are different ways to clear the energy in your aura and chakras and people have their favourite ways such as burning sage, salt baths etc. It can also be done through a meditation such as this one https://spiritualgrowthadventure.com/2015/12/15/cleaning-up-your-energy-2/ .

All of life is a spiritual path that we grow through by being on it, and by learning from the rough and the smooth. So even though this can be experienced without doing any meditation, meditation can really help to get through the difficult parts, and help to make the most of the fun stuff.

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The Planes of Consciousness and Meditation

In creation there are 7 planes of consciousness, the zeroth (0th) plane, the first plane, the second plane, the third plane, the fourth plane, the fifth plane and the  sixth plane.

Souls start their human existence on the sixth subdivision of the zeroth plane (0.6). After each lifetime the soul moves up a tiny increment, which is associated with a tiny increase in the level of consciousness. After many lifetimes, the soul moves up to the first plane, with an increase in consciousness. While the light on the zeroth plane is quite slow and dark, the light on the first plane is  a bit brighter. Going up each plane over lifetimes, a soul in  human form will experience brighter and brighter light on the inner planes. In the sixth plane, the white light is dazzling. On average it takes 8.4 million lifetimes to get to the top of the sixth plane.

In meditation the light of the plane they are on is what they experience when they meditate on their own.

Someone on the 5th or 6th plane, or who has access to the Divine Journeys which are beyond creation’s planes of consciousness, can bring down light from the higher levels to influence the meditations of people on the lower planes. This person can have an inner plane connection, or better still, be physically present.

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