Clearing Your Energy helps you in Life and in Your Meditation

Sometimes for whatever reason life can feel difficult and a person can feel really out of sorts. This can be obvious with some people, though some might be good at hiding it. A clairvoyant quick look at their aura and centres will show there are issues. There can be open doorways, intrusive energy, a storm going on, or there are emotions and thoughts due to something that has happened. (Clairvoyance can develop through meditation as the third eye centre gets cleaned up and worked over time so you get better at seeing this.)

Much or all of this fragmentary energy can be cleared and calmed before meditation, and improved by meditation. There are different ways to clear the energy in your aura and chakras and people have their favourite ways such as burning sage, salt baths etc. It can also be done through a meditation such as this one .

All of life is a spiritual path that we grow through by being on it, and by learning from the rough and the smooth. So even though this can be experienced without doing any meditation, meditation can really help to get through the difficult parts, and help to make the most of the fun stuff.

For FAQs about meditation, click here.

If you would like to know about online meditation and courses that are available, click here.

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