Sending Love Around the World

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I was feeling that there is a lot of hate, anger, intolerance and lack of respect going on. Hardly surprising with people drowning in the energy flowing in which stirs everything up and brings it to the surface.

Rather than get caught up in the emotional swirl, I thought it would be great instead to send out some love and light to the world, and thought maybe other people would like to do that too.

There are positive and loving people in the world, it’s just that usually, they don’t make the headlines. But they are there.

The meditation:

Sending Love around the world

This is a lovely heart-warming meditation to do.

Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes.

Take a breath, let it go, and relax

Breath gently

Image a beautiful, fragrant white rose appears in the middle of your chest in your heart centre.

Let yourself place your awareness on it and observe it. It is filled with some healing and powerful light and love.

A similar white rose appears in your third eye, just above and in between your eyebrows.

Again, observe this white rose, which is filled also with healing and powerful light and love.

Now this white rose in your third eye, and the white rose in your heart, both open up, and radiate out bright, rainbow light.

The white roses hold a huge store of this rainbow light, which now shines out around you.

The bright, rainbow light spreads out into the space around you, and just keeps on flowing.

Imagine this rainbow light radiating out of your third eye and heart centre, like bright searchlights, spreading the rainbow light out through any building you are in, and out into the neighbourhood.

Imagine the rainbow light from the roses in your heart centre and third eye flowing out and spreading out hundreds of yards or metres, so all the area around you is covered in a layer of rainbow light.

Now imagine seeing the world from very high up, and see you below, and a wave of rainbow light is flowing from the white roses in your heart centre and third eye.

This rainbow light keeps on flowing out and the layer of rainbow light spreads further and further out from you in the centre of this wave.

Feel the rainbow light in your head and in your chest as it keeps on flowing out from you to the world.

You might be able to feel it flowing through people, through places, through plants, animals and birds, and through the minerals and soil in the ground, and flow through any streams, rivers and lakes and even the sea if you are near the sea.

Imagine the rainbow light keeps on flowing out of the white roses in your heart centre and third eye, and that you can see or sense the rainbow light flowing and flowing.

Imagine a wave of rainbow light spreading over the world, so a good sized area of the world is covered, and you sense the rainbow light flowing out more so that about a quarter of the world is covered.

The rainbow light keeps flowing out from your third eye and heart centre.

See the layer of rainbow light expand to cover more than a quarter of the planet…

…and then half the planet. So half the planet glows with rainbow light.

As rainbow light flows out of the white roses within you, see or sense the layer spreading out more, to cover more of the planet, then more and more, until all of the planet is covered in rainbow light filled with powerful and healing love and light.

This love and light heals and mends and brings about change in the way it needs to.

Notice how your heart centre feels and how your third eye feels, and notice how the rest of you feels. You might notice rainbow light all throughout your body. You might notice it going out through all the cordings you have with the people you know and meet, and see this rainbow light flow into these people and through their cordings to the people they know, and so on.

Notice how the rainbow light feels around and in you.

Now the white roses in your third eye and heart gently close up, though the rainbow light that flowed from you is still around for a while to soak into everything to help healing change.

The white roses gently fade and go back to where they came from.

Notice how you feel.

Notice your body.

Take a few deep and gentle breaths.

And open your eyes.

There are some other lovely meditations if you would like to try them, on this website.

Awesome healers in everyday life

A while ago I met a heart surgeon in a hospital while visiting a friend. The heart surgeon’s energy was awesome. His aura was refined, subtle, strong and complex. His centres/chakras were tough and looked capable of safely handling large amounts of very negative energy. His mind looked calm, strong and positive. There were lines of energy running into his hands that looked crystalline.  He radiated healing energy. He would have had many lifetimes of healing experience to get him to this lifetime. There was a big healing guide behind him, with other guides in the background. If anyone needed heart surgery, this was one great surgeon to do the operation.

People usually have a fixed notion of what a healer is and how they work. But there are more possibilities of how and where healing happens in life. Healing is an act of interference in someone’s body and or energy with positive and loving intent and results. It alters the patient’s timeline to make it more positive and it changes the patient’s karma. The healer might transmute and dissipate the patient’s old karma, or they might absorb the patient’s karma (it could be said this isn’t the best way to deal with it).

Staying in medicine, you can find nurses and paramedics with big heart centres, auras and centres set up for healing, and some will have a healing guide with them.

I once knew a science teacher who had a big, shining heart centre who naturally radiated out to students and colleagues. This, allied with a positive attitude and warm personality made a continual impact.

Musicians and singers are well placed to give an input of positive and healing energy and can affect a lot of people. Ariane Grande has a big, light filled aura that she radiates light out from to her audience, to soothe and lift them. There is a lot of heart energy in there. She has quite a few guides with her that overshadow her and provide energy. A system like this takes lifetimes to develop, and it takes lifetimes to build up the capability to have good working relationships with the guides.

A singer I liked and still like is Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin. Though a bit more subdued now (as the bulk of the work is done), his heart centre was like a blazing sun, and his aura was massive and radiated such a huge amount of high quality light. Also, the energy he radiated was (and is) very new. New frequencies, not much old law. His energy would break down old law energy, and gently radiated in new law and creativity. He looked like the sun. A true rock and roll star, and spiritual revolutionary (I like spiritual revolutionaries).

A present day global superstar is Coldplay’s Chris Martin. He has a massive aura that blazes healing light. Being at the top of the second plane, he can provide a lot of healing energy to a lot of people on the second, first and zeroth plane. His heart centre and the centres above that radiate strongly. Again, he has some guides working with him and through him, and again it takes lifetimes to get to that point.

Pavarotti was an opera singer on the fifth plane with a tremendous heart centre and throat centre. The kind of singer who would make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. He could massively heal and lift emotions. Again lifetimes of training went into this.

In every day life there are to be found people who through their positive energy and strong emotional body and mind are able to impart positive energy to change emotions, change thoughts and beliefs, and raise self-confidence and self-belief. They just need to be near people, and when they talk you can feel the energy. I have come across sports people, coaches and teachers like this, and the odd, rare politician ( Nelson Mandela really stands out).

These are just some examples of people with healing abilities working with large groups of people and with individuals. There are plenty of other roles and jobs in life where someone with healing ability can make a difference to others, including healers and therapists.


If you enjoyed this article or found it useful you might want to take a look at “Your Spiritual Awakening And the New Dawn for Humanity” by Jonathan Barber, and also “Meditation: Opening Doorways On A New Reality”, on Kindle and Amazon

An Essential Meditation on the Heart

The heart centres have in them such wonderful qualities like joy and courage as well as unconditional love. The energy in the heart centres can not only be felt by yourself, but they can radiate out and touch others, which influences their heart centres.

By focusing on the heart centres, you access this great energy, and help it grow. It has a positive effect on all of your body and all of your systems, and has a long-term on your mind. The heart centres just love.

The mind does have an effect on the heart, and the heart has an effect on the mind. Judgement against other people, holding a grudge, being continually angry with someone, and not forgiving people or situations does block the heart centres from expressing as much love and light as they could. Even beginning to forgive and let go has an effect and more love can flow. (Forgiveness is not the same as putting up with a situation, if change and letting go is required.)

In our head based society, meditation on the heart rebalances us so we become more and more 50% head and 50% heart. Too much heart and we end up being flaky. Too much head and we become intellectual and dry, missing out on so much of what it means to be human and missing out on the richness of life.

I’ve used the term heart centre rather than heart centres in the meditation, as a collective grouping in the meditation works fine. Otherwise, things could be overcomplicated for now.

Here’s the meditation:

In a quiet and comfortable place, close your eyes.

Take a few gentle and deep breaths, letting go.

Imagine that you can feel your heart centre in the middle of your chest. Imagine you can see it like a ball of light, shining away. What is glowing there is love.

Keep your gentle focus on that glowing love. Just touch it lightly with your awareness. As you do so, it grows and expands. The unconditional love in your heart just grows naturally at its own pace. All you have to do is simply allow it.

Enjoy the feeling of this glowing and shining love in your heart.

Each time you have a distracting thought, simply let it go and bring your awareness back to your heart centre.

Keep your focus on your heart centre and the love and light shining there.

You might notice the feelings of other qualities besides love.

For several moments left yourself feel and see the love in your heart centre, and feel it radiating out.

You might like to allow love to radiate out like rays of light to people you know, places you know, and situations.

Notice if you like, where the love shines out to. Let the love shine out for a few moments.

Now bring your awareness out from your heart centre a little. Imagine seeing some double doors in front of your heart. Let these doors close. Seal them with a white rose placed on them.

Now become aware of your body and your fingers and toes. Take a few breaths, and when you are ready, open your eyes.

If you want to, you can extend the time you do this meditation for 20 minutes is a good amount of time. Best not to do for longer than an hour maximum, as that can effect your ability to function in the world, and that is not the point of meditation.


If you enjoyed this meditation or found it useful you might want to take a look at “Your Spiritual Awakening And the New Dawn for Humanity” by Jonathan Barber, and also “Meditation: Opening Doorways On A New Reality”, on Kindle and Amazon

Meditation to love and accept your body

We have a mental body, an astral body, an etheric body and a physical body. We might have some higher bodies than the mental. The body that bothers us the most (usually), is the physical body.

When I was younger I liked my body as I swam a lot. Except the legs. The legs were too short. Now being older, my waist is larger and I can’t get into some clothes I really liked. My muscle tone looks like it isn’t that Adonis look I prided myself on. The physical body always changes as time goes on, and pride in looks that are going to change now seems foolish. I find I’m critical about parts of my body though, not massively, it’s just irksome.

I’ve never been the kind of person to give someone’s opinion on an advertisement the time of day, and what other people might think about my body has to me just been their business. I’m aware though, that my negative thoughts about my body aren’t going to help in any way. Even if I want to change something about my body for health reasons.

I do know that the body is sensitive to thoughts. The body has an intelligence. The bodymind can be found in the solar plexus area. What you think and feel about your body with your intellectual type mind has an effect on your body, and on its health, and how it functions. Grudgingly, I would say that the thoughts of others have an effect as well. A friend, who was an expert in kinesiology and worked in a school, once told me of an experiment he did in a school assembly. He showed the students about how muscle testing works, and how muscles could be made weak or strong. He then had a student volunteer go out of the hall. He got all the other students to think negative thoughts about the student who was outside the hall. The student came back in, and was muscle tested. His muscles were weak. The teacher cleared his energy and the student went back out of the hall. The students thought positive thoughts about the student outside. In they came and this time when they were muscle tested, their muscles were strong.

Quite a few years ago I learned how positive and negative thoughts generally affect the body and its health. Thoughts affect even the body chemistry and the functioning of the body. Being happy or depressed has a different effect on the body.

To be in the public eye physically, or have an online presence and receive the thoughts of others and remain unaffected by them must require a robust aura, with a thick skin. (Astrally, cyberspace is real and contains people’s feelings and thoughts which can be projected into other people’s auras, and so no wonder it can hurt. This is why doing protective meditations can be so important. It’s also important to close doorways on phones, tablets and computers.)

Our thoughts and also our feelings about everything, including our bodies, are important. Spiritually, being loving, forgiving and having goodness in our thoughts about our bodies, people, the things in our lives, and just about everything else, is helpful, and helps change. Being loving towards your body, thinking positive thoughts about it, and feeling good about your body can have a great impact on it. From a spiritual point of view, it’s great to keep the vehicle for your spirit and soul in top condition.

This meditation focuses on the body, your body, my body, while the general idea applies to everything.

In a quiet place, sit comfortably and close your eyes.

Take several gentle and deep breaths.

Focus your attention on the middle of your chest, where your heart centre is. Notice a glow of light in the very middle of your heart centre. The upper part of your heart centre is the home to unconditional love. The light in your heart centre is unconditional love.

Allow this light, this unconditional love to grow. From high, up above you, brilliant white light falls down gently like snow. This white light flows down into your heart centre, and into the light of your unconditional love, nourishing it, and helping it to grow. Your unconditional love expands and fills your heart centre, and shines out rays of unconditional love.

Allow this unconditional love to flow to your chest, and fill your chest with its light and its love. Allow the unconditional love to cover your skin. The unconditional love and the light cover and fill your pectoral and breast area. Feel the unconditional love soaking into and saturating this part of your body, and notice how it responds.

You can just notice the effect of the unconditional love, or you can also tell this part of your body, “I love and appreciate you”. You can say it mentally, or out loud. If you want you can be specific and say something like, “breast, I love and appreciate you”, a few times.

Choose parts of your chest to allow unconditional love to flow into. Feel the response to the love, and say if you want to, “I love and appreciate you…”, naming that part of your body.

Place your awareness on your heart centre again, and feel the unconditional love once again. Let the light of the unconditional love flow to your stomach area. Let it fill, and cover it. Feel your stomach area respond to the love. If you want to, say, “stomach, I love you”. If you want to, say, “skin, I love and appreciate you”.

Again, bring your awareness back to the light of the unconditional love in your heart, and watch it glow and shine.

Now put your awareness on your lower abdomen and your waist. Let the unconditional love from your heart centre fill and cover this area. See it like the light of unconditional love filling your lower abdomen and waist. Notice how this feels.

If you want to, say, “waist, I love and appreciate you”. Tell your skin you love it, tell your lower abdomen, or belly as you might call it, that you love it and appreciate it.

Again, bring your attention to your heart centre, and feel the unconditional love there. Let yourself bask in the feel of the unconditional love for a while.

Now place your awareness on your groin area. Let unconditional love and light flow from your heart over your skin and into your groin area. Feel this area filled with the unconditional love and light. Notice how your body feels and responds. If you are physically female, use words to name female parts of your body. If you are physically male, use words to name male parts of your body. If you want to, take some moments to tell these parts of your body that you really love and appreciate them. Be as specific as you need to be. Tell them you love them again if you need.

Once again come back to your heart centre, and the glow and shine of the unconditional love that flows from the deepest part of your being. Relax into it.

Now place your awareness on the top of your back, from the back of one shoulder to the back of the other shoulder. Unless there is a back problem backs tend to be forgotten about and ignored. Now fill this space and cover the skin with unconditional love and light flowing from the heart centre. Notice how this part of your back feels with this unconditional love. If you want, say, “back, I love and appreciate you.”

Place your awareness on your upper back, including the back of your heart centre. Sense the skin, and the muscles, and your spine. Let unconditional love and light flow from your heart centre to completely saturate this space and cover your skin. Notice how this area of your body now feels. Let your upper back know that you love and appreciate it.

Now place your awareness in the middle of your back. Again, let love and light from your heart fill this area and cover your skin. Notice how your skin and back respond to the love. If you want, tell your back that you love and appreciate it.

Feel your heart centre, and the glowing love in it. Now notice your lower back; the skin, the muscles and the bones of your spine. Let love flow from your heart to the skin, to the muscles and to each vertebra of your spine. Notice any effect of the unconditional love and light. You can tell your lower back that you love and appreciate it. “Skin, I love and appreciate you”, “muscles, I love and appreciate you”, “spine, I love and appreciate you”. Again, notice any effect.

Move your awareness down to your buttocks area. Let the unconditional love and light from your heart centre flow into this area and fill it, saturate it with love and light. Let it fill the skin, the muscles, the spine, the back of the pelvis, the anus, and your body internally. Fill all of this area with love, giving extra attention if need be to any particular part of your body. If you want to, tell each part of this area you really love it and appreciate it.

Place your awareness on your upper left leg from your hip to your knee. Check over it. Let the love and light flow from your heart centre to cover and fill your upper left leg; skin, muscles, bone, blood vessels, nerves, tendons and ligaments, and any injuries. As the unconditional love and light flows in, notice how this part of your body feels. If you want to, tell your leg, or specific parts of it, that you love and appreciate them.

Place your awareness on your upper right leg, and check over it. Feel your heart centre and the love therein. Let this unconditional love and light flow onto and into your right leg, filling and saturating it so that it glows. Tell each and every part that you need to tell, that you love and appreciate it. Notice any effect.

Move your awareness to the lower left leg from the knee to the ankle. Feel your skin, your muscles, your bones, your ankle, and any specific part of your lower left leg. Now let the light of unconditional love from your heart centre flow down into your lower left leg. Let it fill it completely. Notice how your lower left leg feels. As you need, tell each part of your lower left leg that you love and appreciate it. Notice how that feels.

Place your awareness on your lower right leg from your knee to your ankle. Check over your lower right leg. Place your awareness back on your heart centre, and the bright love within it. Imagine this unconditional love flowing over and into all of your lower right leg, healing it. Tell any parts of your lower right leg that you love and appreciate them.

Now feel your left foot and toes. Let unconditional love and light flow from your heart centre into your left foot and toes. Let the light and love cover and saturate your left foot. If you like tell your foot you love and appreciate it. Do this in more detail if you want to, so you can focus on your heel, the middle of your foot, the ball of your foot, and each toe, depending on what needs attention.

Feel your right foot and toes. Let the unconditional love and light flow from your heart centre to your right foot and toes so they are completely filled and saturated. If you want, tell your foot that you love and appreciate them. You can say it in more detail if need be.

Rest back in your heart centre for a moment and enjoy the light and love. Let yourself feel how nourishing it is, this timeless love. Feel how wonderful it is.

Place your awareness on your left shoulder. Let unconditional love and light flow from your heart centre into and over your left shoulder, so that it is saturated. Tell your shoulder that you love it: “shoulder, I love and appreciate you”.

Now place your awareness on your right shoulder. Fill it with unconditional love and light from your heart centre so that it glows. Tell your right shoulder that you love and appreciate it.

Move your awareness to your left upper arm to your elbow. Let unconditional love and light flow in and over your upper left arm to fill it. If you want to, tell your upper arm that you love and appreciate it. Notice how it responds.

Place your awareness on your upper right arm. Unconditional love and light flows from your heart centre into your upper right arm and elbow, and fills it. Notice how this feels. Say to your upper right arm, mentally or out loud that you love it. Notice the response.

Now feel the infinite unconditional love in your heart centre. Just let it be there. Now let the unconditional love and light flow to your lower left arm and wrist, filling and covering it. Keep on filling it as you want.
Tell your lower left arm and wrist that you love and appreciate them. Just feel your lower arm and wrist.

Place your awareness on your lower right arm and wrist now. Let the unconditional love and light flow from your heart centre and cover and fill them. If you want to, tell your lower arm and wrist that you love and appreciate them.

Now place your awareness on your left hand and fingers. The centre of your palm has a connection with your heart centre which can facilitate healing. Let the unconditional love and light flow from your heart centre to your hand and fingers. This unconditional love and light covers and fills the back of your hand, the palm, and the fingers and thumb. As you need, tell each part of your hand that you love and appreciate them. Do this for a few moments.

Place your awareness on your right hand and fingers. Fill them with unconditional love and light from your heart centre. Let this love and light cover your hand and fingers. If you want to, tell your hand and fingers that you love and appreciate them. Focus on any part you may want to.

Again, place your awareness on your heart centre and the unconditional love within. Notice its brilliance and calmness, the joy inside, and the powerful silence.

Now place your awareness on your neck; on the front and the back and the sides. You can feel the skin, the muscles and vertebra. Inside, you can feel your throat, and notice your vocal cords. There is a lot inside the neck. Let unconditional love and light flow from your heart centre, into and over your neck. If you like, tell all the parts of your neck that you love and appreciate them for several moments.

Now place your awareness on your head. Fill your nose with unconditional love and light from your heart centre. If you want, tell your nose you love and appreciate it. Now focus on your eyes. Fill them with unconditional love and light from your heart centre, and tell your eyes that you love and appreciate them. Focus on your ears; fill them with unconditional love and light. If you want to, tell them that you love them. Focus on your lips, fill them with unconditional love and light from your heart centre. Notice how that feels. Tell your lips that you love and appreciate them. Focus on your face, and let unconditional love and light flow from your heart centre to your face, covering it and filling it with the unconditional love and light. Tell your face that you love and appreciate it.

Focus on any features of your face that you need to. Fill it with unconditional love and light from your heart centre, and tell them that you love and appreciate them.

Focus on your forehead. Let unconditional love and light cover and fill your forehead. If you want to, tell it that you love and appreciate it.

Place your awareness on your scalp, and your hair if you want to. Fill them, and cover them with unconditional love and light. Notice how that feels. If you want to, tell them that you love and appreciate them.

Now focus on the back of your head. Let unconditional love and light flow from your heart centre, covering and filling the back of your head. Tell the back of your head that you love and appreciate it.

Send unconditional love from your heart centre to your brain; the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere. Fill your brain with the unconditional love and light. Tell your brain that you love and appreciate it.

Now bring your awareness back to your heart centre and feel the unconditional love. You can take some moments to send unconditional love and light to your stomach, lungs, liver, pancreas, kidneys, adrenal glands, and the large and small intestines, and any other part you can think of. If you like, you can tell them that you love and appreciate them. If need be, you can send unconditional love and light from your heart centre to your sternum at the front of the ribcage, and other places where blood cells are made. You can tell these parts of your body that you love and appreciate them.

Now send unconditional love and light to your physical heart, filling your physical heart. Thank it for doing a good job, and tell your heart that you love and appreciate it.

Now place your awareness back on your heart centre, and the unconditional love inside. Immerse yourself in this energy for a few moments. Tell yourself that you love and appreciate yourself.

Become aware of your body, and your hands and feet, and when you are ready, open your eyes.


It is good to do this meditation repeatedly. If you wish, you can shorten the meditation to focus on specific parts of your body that you want to uplift, and change your mind’s opinion about that area.

We do tend to focus a lot on the physical body because that is what we can see. As people’s third eyes open then they will sense more of the energy of the aura and centres which have always been there. This will be a good thing as people may become inclined to make their energetic aspects clean, bright and spectacular. It’ll be like internal, energetic bling. (The basic way to get that is to clear your energy, protect it, think lovely thoughts, feel lovely feelings and be loving to yourself and others.)


New Spiritual Energy is Changing Humanity. Time for a New Root Race?

Everything, absolutely everything in Creation is changing, and irradiating differently than before. Vast amounts of Divine energy have been, and are being fed into all of Creation according to a Divine plan. This light and love is particularly being focused into and through this planet of ours, for reasons that most people don’t know about.

With the new inflow of energy, everything is vibrating and radiating in brighter and stronger ways: the stars, the planets, the galaxies themselves, the trees and flowers, the crystals and minerals. Some species of animals are irradiating in a new way, and of course humans are (especially children). The result is change, and everything is all stirred up as change happens. This change affects us all. It affects us as individuals, and as people living within societies in countries. It affects how we live and our thoughts and feelings. It affects how Nature interacts with us through the changing weather. On a personal level, it affects our very chakras or centres, and our auras.

What most people don’t know is that this planet is the home planet to five Perfect Masters whose job it is to look after Creation. Ever since Creation first came into being there have been five Perfect Masters and as one of them drops their body someone else replaces them in their role. Unique to this planet, the Avatar who is God in human form, incarnates between every four hundred to seven hundred years in major and minor incarnations. It is the Avatar who sets out the plan and who does the energy work while down here to make the major decisions for Creation, set out the timelines, and start things in motion. The Perfect Masters then take over the helm. The influence of the Avatar and the Perfect Masters is felt throughout Creation.

Humanity is an interesting form of life. Souls can incarnate into human form and follow this path through to reach the goal of God realisation. Humanity has evolved through history and ancient history. With each evolution new chakras or centres were developed, and became energetically active. The first ancient form of humanity was the Adamic root race which was etheric. The lowest centre, the base centre was the one being developed. The second root race was the Hyperborean root race, and the sexual centre became the focus. In the Lemurian root race the solar plexus centre started to become developed. The ending of one root race usually meant the physical demise of about 98% of the root race, which was a lot of change in a very short space of time, and the remainder becomes the seeds of the next root race. The souls of those that died out incarnated into the next root race.

Writing about the demise of people in this way, it is very matter of fact and doesn’t at all considering the personality aspect or emotions of those involved. The fourth root race, the Atlantrean root race took a spiritual wrong turn and invited in a spirit of evil. The Perfect Masters found it necessary to remove most of them in the Great Flood mentioned in the Bible. Humanity was reset and a start-over could occur. Most of the esoteric or occult knowledge was taken out of humanity and locked away on the lower mental levels where humanity couldn’t reach it until sufficient of them had developed enough wisdom and common sense to use it beneficially.

The next root race that came into being is the one that is currently in creation. This is the Aryan root race. Unlike the earlier root races it has the capacity to  think things through. There was / is a focus on energising the throat centre in the bulk of humanity. With the heart centre already developed, even though some people’s heart centres can be tiny, or even black, many people have the capacity for great love and empathy.

The next part of the Avataric plan involves massive changes in creation. In humanity, it is no longer about the development of one more centre, but of many more centres, each with a different quality. It is a great speeding up, so the sixth root race that is being started will be very different to our current one. Incarnating into this root race will be very interesting for us as we will think, feel and act in ways based on many centres, and not just the several that most people operate with at present.

The sixth root race will be a massive spiritual evolution from the fifth root race, and they will live in a Creation that has been and is being massively spiritually developed. How the change over from the Aryan root race to the sixth root race occurs remains to be seen. (New Root races in the distant future will have more chakras.)

So there are two processes going on at the same time, a change over of root races, and a huge spiritual push for Creation. With a changeover of root races, old timelines burn up energy, lose energy and die out. For the old root race everything becomes fragmented, broken down and stops working. Life becomes more complex, chaotic and difficult, and this is currently being experienced by people around the planet. People love safety, security, and familiarity. As fragmentation occurs, this is eroded. People then need to trust God, access the God within their hearts, and open to the new and create the new, and not looking to the old past for guidance. Each day is a new day.

The timelines for the new root race have already been developed and charged up by the Avatar, and looked after by the Perfect Masters. These timelines are already energetically apparent. What needs to happen for these to come about physically is starting to happen. The energy of these timelines is clear of twists, and they are filled with love, light and intelligence. There are many new developments in many areas of human life that hold this new energy, and people can become involved in the new.

Part of the spiritual development as a component of the plan is the introduction of New Law. This determines how life is to be. It determines how humanity and the individuals within humanity need to think and feel and act. New Law is loving and light filled. It involves being loving to others and all lifeforms, and respectful of others and all life. In future root races, newer energies will take all this to even higher levels.

Life as it is lived by most people in humanity at present and in the past was controlled mostly by Old Law. Many people don’t want to give up Old Law as it supports their way of life, and they find New Law very threatening. So there is an energetic battle going on that they can’t win. The powers that be internationally and in each nation want to remain the “powers that be”. There are bastions of Old Law to be found in politics, finance, business, the military, religion, and in every organisation where someone works to preserve their power base, influence and wealth, and exploit others. Old Law is based on fear, greed and the desire for power, whereas New Law is about Love, Light and Common Sense (leading to a quality called Sentiency).

Right now is a very mixed up time to be living in. (Great fun if you like going out in storms.)

How to thrive in it?

Getting onto the right timeline really helps. There is a new one for humanity set up called the Golden Pathway. Then there is trusting God, trusting the Divine. One key point is that as there are more centres available inside people to develop, the old spiritual information which was for the old model human won’t be anywhere near as useful as the new information to be found on the new timeline.

The key centre to have awakened is the heart centre. As that awakens, all the other centres come on line in due course. Heart based meditations open, develop and strengthen the heart centre. Not only does more love come into a person’s being, and into their life, it also wakes up that connection with God. As people have more love in them, they act in their life with more love and generosity. Essentially, more and more they are living the Golden Pathway. They can become agents of loving change for themselves and others.

Also, as part of the input of energy in humanity and the changes that have been made to people’s centres, the third eye of absolutely everyone within humanity is being opened up and stimulated. Using the third eye confidently takes a bit of practise, and most people’s third eyes need a bit of clearing. The clearing and the development of the third eye is fairly straightforward through regular meditations that work on clearing the centres and practising the use of the third eye. There’s no need to try to open the third eye as it is already open, it’s just a case of becoming conscious of that fact. Using the third eye gives a person more useful information about all manner of things. They can look at energies around them, check out the energies of banks, shops, and organisations, for example. It is useful for looking at the kinds of cordings you have to other people. It helps you to decide simple things like which route to take in the car depending on the quality of the thoughtform of each route (simply imagine it as a ball or cloud of energy and notice how colourful, bright or dull it looks). It can be used for checking the amount of life energy in fruit and vegetables. There are as many uses for your third eye as you can imagine.

Even as the old ways and the old root race are coming to an end, the new ways are already there for you to find, and to live as a new spiritual adventure.

Beware, exciting glamour about. Or remember to check carefully. A precautionary tale.

Some years ago I came across two people who had written about angels and who were in the UK to give some workshops on angels. This was great stuff, all very spiritual. It was exciting as well. They offered to use their expertise to guide people who came to their workshops to connect with their own special angel, receive healing from the angels and learn their very own angel name. Fantastic. We got to work with some special energies that no one else knew about. It was great to be becoming more spiritual.

I was so excited by all this I offered to find them a place to stay and organize a workshop for them. I was around them a lot.

Then something happened. I started to feel emotionally numb, my heart centre felt dead, I felt robotic, and apparently rushing around doing whatever they wanted me to do. Something was wrong.

So I asked a friend for their opinion. They happened to be quite clairvoyant. Their advice was to get out, get away, as they were doing something energetically they should not be doing. They were slowly trying to manipulate, control and take over.

So I confronted these people and told them my truth of what I felt they were doing. I got them to leave the place I had provided for them. I took off for a week out of London to get some grounding and healing in Nature.

I found out later they had left several others in  similar condition as they moved around the UK.

It should have all been so wonderful. It was a spiritual topic and about angels after all. It had sounded so new, and exciting. Reviewing the people and their workshops clairvoyantly, it all looked very glamorous, which is actually something that should be ignored or taken as a warning. The energy of the workshop had a bright and glamorous outer cover, but in the inside, it was dark and had twists in it. As people, they had an energy that looked the same as the workshops.

This was an important lesson for me about workshops and presenters. I had been naive and gullible, taken in by the glamour, and I paid a price for it. After that experience I always checked out the energy of people, workshops and therapies. I became more careful. I realized the negative Dark wasn’t going to advertise its true nature, but rather it would use glamour to trick the unwise, and derail them from their true spiritual path. Inside, the energy of those two people was really dark and twisted, but covered by shiny glamour.

At another time, I attended a talk by two people. The talk was small stuff to me, as they remembered moments in their past spent in the presence of someone called Meher Baba. I was getting bored. I thought this was a waste of my time, and these people were dressed so ordinarily, not at all like a workshop presenter would be expected to dress. Looking back, I realized I didn’t have much of a sense of what was trying to pass itself off as spiritual, and what was actually spiritual.

I decided to look at them through my third eye, in a clairvoyant way. I was literally blinded by the light. An intense laser bright white light was shining out of all their centres, bathing everyone in the room with spiritual energy. I hadn’t come across anything like this in any of the workshops I had been to before. I felt silly and humbled for expecting a Hollywood style approach. What I was receiving in the talk was energy like no other I had received before. It taught me that the really important spiritual energy didn’t need glamour, and it was likely to have a very ordinary looking cover.

It also taught me true spirituality was not concerned with with what people wore, or what they did or said, or their status or wealth or lack of it. External trappings or appearance are unimportant. You could tell their spirituality because of the light, love, silence and stillness within them.

Cocktails Meditation

A slightly different kind of meditation. Spirituality, slightly drunk on light.


You sit on the warm, white sand of a beach overlooking the Ocean. It’s first thing in the morning of a new day. You are looking at the sun of a new dawn. You can feel the warmth and light of this brand new offering soak into your skin.

You feel like a drink and ask the Divine bartender for something to quench your thirst (for knowledge!). They look eye-catching with their long glowing white hair, and golden eyes. They take a tall crystal glass, and pour in a splash of bright white light, which is bliss with a hint of infinity. Then they pour in an electric blue of grace, with a moreish aftertaste that lasts and lasts, guaranteed to tickle your soul. In goes a dash of gold, full of bubbles. This drink is a dream. The bartender, with a gleam in their golden eyes, passes their elongated hand over the top of the drink, and in goes a rainbow. Finally, they place in the glass a stick which could be a palm tree, but looks more like the tree of Life.

They pass you the drink, which glows a little, and you drink, and drink again. The Divine bartender watches. Some people sip, while others drink in one. In all, something happens to their heart centre, and more. They feel it from the top of their head, to the tips of their toes, and in all in between. All the while the new dawn sun shines on them with a big constant hello (some people on this beach of white sand notice a little sun growing in their heart).

Well that was some drink. Often the happy beachgoer might ask for another. The Divine bartender ponders what to mix in this brew. Or the beachgoer might ask for a tea, or a coffee to sober up.

The sun of the new dawn shines onto  the beach of white sand.

Intuitive Triangles for Decisions

A fairly quick way of assessing a situation or checking out choices is to use this intuitive method. It’s ideal for something new where you might not have prior experience, or when someone else is trying to get you to do something.

If you want to, you can then go into a more thorough exploration, which for choices, goals and big decisions is important, and think things through.

This method is visual, and with practice, can be done in a few seconds, or the blink of an eye. If you have the time, you can also feel inside yourself, to check the feelings you may have to do with what you are considering. Good, beneficial choices and decisions will have happier feelings associated with them than choices or decisions that are second best or downright detrimental.

The method is based on triangles. The triangles usually point upwards, and tend to be equilateral triangles with all sides equal and all angles equal. That’s usually, if the energy is particularly bad, then the triangle points downwards.

The triangle will have a colour or colours. How lovely they look reflects the energy. The brighter and more beautiful they are, the better the energy and the decision or choice. The greyer, or darker, and meaner looking then the choice or decision is best avoided.

Everyone has an imagination, and using what we call imagination is a way of using the third eye chakra or centre, and the other chakras or centres which can feed into what we experience through what we imagine. When we imagine, we think we make something up. When we make something up, we are using our brain and energetically, our chakras or centres. Done with an honest and open intent, what we are effectively doing is using the input from chakras/centres to view something through the third eye. With practice, you get to find that you are using your third eye, rather than just making it up. Right now, everyone’s third eyes are opening up, and that means everyone. This gives everyone a new way of interacting with the world and sensing the world, not just physically through, physical eyes, but also energetically. Which means we can get to experience more of the astral world around us, which can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on what is there, and if you know how to deal with it. Most people are unconscious of the fact that their third eye is opening, and some might want to block it out (usual techniques used to try to do this is drink and drugs, which tends to muck up the chakras and aura big-time, and in fact make people more open to the astral).

Back to the triangle, all you have to do is think of a choice or a decision to make, and for each, close your eyes and in a very quick meditation of a few seconds, view the triangle. Check it is pointing up or down. If down; avoid. If up, then check the colour or colours, and peruse them for a moment or two. Check your feelings linked to the choice, whether or not they feel OK, brilliant, or negative.

Usually, if nothing looks that great, then there is another option to find, perhaps by looking outside of the box. This part takes more considering.

This triangle method can also be done with eyes open with practice, like overlaying a visual image over what you see, like wearing a pair of google glasses. I’ve seen people use this to decide on routes when cycling and driving.

If there’s a case of where to go out with friends or someone new, there can be more aspects to explore. (I did once help a girl check the chakras, especially the heart centre, aura and general energy of a guy who had asked her out. Her decision at the end was a no.)

The triangle can also have words at each corner that describe the energy of the choice or decision, and it can be really useful to use your third eye to “imagine” the words at each corner, to give you more information. The third eye also works with taste and smell, so you can imagine the taste and the smell of the triangle, and even imagine a sound. This approach basically gives you a way of accessing information that is not available just by using the physical senses and the physical brain.

If you want to get really fancy, you can put smaller triangles on the corners of the larger, main triangle, to give a bit more information.

The more you do this approach, the easier it gets, and you get to work your third eye and other centres too, building them up.

I use the triangle method  for getting a quick energetic overview of what I see and read in the news, or of a person or organisation (interesting to try with politicians and political parties, and the occasional celebrity). Ocassionally, I get to challenge my assumptions about people, events and situations, that I assume are positive, but in fact aren’t, and ones that I presume are negative, but I get to see they are not. My education, background and culture that has influenced my thinking and beliefs is just that, merely education, background and culture. If I had been born in a different place and time, had a different education and different upbringing, I would think differently. Both ways don’t necessarily match with what’s best from a spiritual point of view which is a bigger picture.

Anyway, as spiritual beings, as souls being in matter, we have chakras/centres that we can use in our everyday life, and so live more and more consciously as spiritual beings, working with the energy and spirit of things.

Blue Light Meditation

A straightforward meditation with blue light.

Sitting upright so all the centres or chakras are aligned and so light can easily flow, imagine a single drop of brilliant liquid blue light drops in silence from on high.

It lands on your head and flows rapidly into the centre in the top part of your head. The blue light feels silent and still. It lights up this cents, as if it switches it on.

The blue light then flows down to the next centre, shines a beautiful brilliant blue, and switches on this centre, which continues to shine blue.

The blue light flows down to the next centre, so it shines a silent blue, again, it’s like a light switch, so the centre keeps on shining bright blue.

The drop of liquid blue light flows down through each centre in turn, switching it on to shine a brilliant and silent blue. When it reaches your heart centre, notice what happens.

Let yourself stay with this for as long as the blue light remains, or up to 10 minutes.

This is something that is straightforward and which can be done everyday. This particular blue light can have a powerful healing effect on the centres, and is great for developing a person’s spirituality.

I’m not going to say anything else about it so as not to set up preconceived notions, but instead for it to be an exploration for anyone who wants to try something new.

If you enjoyed this article or found it useful you might want to take a look at “Your Spiritual Awakening And the New Dawn for Humanity” by Jonathan Barber, and also “Meditation: Opening Doorways On A New Reality”, on Kindle and Amazon