Time for a new prosperity

The world has changed a lot over the past several decades, and particularly in the last twenty or so. Right now there is a lot of change happening. There is more to come, as spiritual energy, Love and Light, pour into the Earth and humanity to bring about change. For humanity right now, it is a lot about getting rid of the old, based on old energy, and creating the new, based on new energy. Today, we are in the midst of this change (some people might prefer the word turmoil).

There are people who are invested in the old, and who are trying to hang on to it. For instance, those people who have made a lot of money from oil and the industries based on oil such as plastics will do anything to make sure it keeps going. Think of how slow governments are in dealing with the issue of plastics. This is just one example from many possible ones.

Several decades ago, spiritual prosperity thinking would have been OK with making money running an industry in steel, coal, oil, chemicals and so on, which polluted the planet, and involved dangerous working situations for people, or exploitative ones. The people making the money would have been held up as shining examples of how to be prosperous. That was the old prosperity, the old way. Some people still want to live this way.

There are businesses based on exploitation of people and the environment. There are businesses that are to do with sex that exploit women, and also children. There are businesses based on drug addiction. There is the harvesting of personal details and data on the internet. These businesses are based on greed and control and often violence.

There are other possible examples, such as cryptocurrency mining which uses up huge amounts of electricity to produce and so uses up the earth’s resources and contributes to global warming.

These are all ways this world currently goes on. Ways that are not exactly based on Love and Light. They can touch people we know personally. They certainly touch our communities and societies. Does making money through these ways mean it is being done prosperously?

Turmoil and change is making humanity (well some of them) learn from the state of the world and the consequences of past actions. These caring people think there has to be something better than the old ways.

And there is.

On a spiritual level, the insights and new creative concepts have already been flowing in. There are many people at the leading edge bringing in new technologies, developing sustainable ways of doing things, and having ideas about how to live more intelligently. It’s a time of creativity and experimentation.

As is often the case in spiritual matters, spiritual energy comes in to create situations in life for individuals and groups of individuals that they then go through and learn from. Life itself is the teacher, and people come to realise what is important and what isn’t, and use their ingenuity to find solutions to problems. With the spiritual input, life changes, and people change because of it. (Who did you think was in charge of Life, the Universe and Everything?)

For those people who want to do things in a new way, they can access new insights and ideas that are already flowing in. People can just be open to them, or they can go a spiritual route and deliberately work with the Divine (the Father aspect or the Mother aspect; both work), and embrace the new spiritual ideas of Prosperity coming in. It’s like tapping into a wave that is flowing in from our new, improved future, which is very different to the old one that we are leaving behind. The book “A Spiritual Approach to Prosperity” is all about this.

In the past, the old spiritual approach to prosperity was heavily focused on money and wealth and having lots of it.

The new spiritual approach to prosperity does include money as it is still useful as a means of exchange of energy. But in life, we have learnt that having clean air and clean water massively adds to quality of life. So does nutritious food, which given pollution, turbulent weather, increasing population and the quality of food produced by factory farming, is becoming an issue. We have learnt that being able to spend time with other people is important, simply being able to be held and hugged is important. Having privacy is becoming important as the tech companies collect and sell data about us, without respect for people. Having an environment where we can access some greenery or Nature is important for people. Having employment, as setting up and running businesses is not for everyone, without exploitation but rather with respect is important.

The very nature of how money is used will need to change. Currently, people go into banking and finance because they want to make lots of money. The financial system is set up to run so that money comes from the customers, and the money flows to those who work in Finance so they can become rich off these customers. There is plenty of scope for innovative thinkers here.

A spiritual approach to prosperity has always relied on some understanding of how focused thought works with spiritual energy. The roles of visualisation and intuition still applies, as does timely right action. What is different now and in earlier times when prosperity books were written is that there are many more people around who have an awareness of spirituality and the world, and who visualize and meditate. What else is very different is the phenomenal spiritual energy flowing in from the Divine for people to access and work with to be prosperous, and bring in the new.

Jonathan Barber

To buy the book “A Spiritual Approach to Prosperity” follow the link amazon.com/author/barberjonathan. There are also more articles and a meditation on prosperity:

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Valentine’s Day: romance and relationships, a spiritual view

Ah, l’amour. Spring is in the air (in the northern hemisphere any way). I felt I should do something for St. Valentine’s day, that feast of chocolate, fizzy alcohol, food, and I’m sure there’s something else… Oh. yes, meditation, that’s it!

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Work with your higher self to feel good about yourself

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How to work with your Higher Self to improve how you feel and improve self-esteem

Here’s the recorded meditation to go with this… https://spiritualgrowthadventure.files.wordpress.com/2016/05/feel-good-wth-your-higher-self-meditation.mp3

The main rule in life for anyone with an interest in their spirituality is that there is no limitation. A key fact in spirituality is that energy follows thought. What you put energy into is what is likely to happen.

Before we reincarnate into creation, as spirit, as souls, we are on the inner planes considering the karmic package we have for that life, and the lessons on the timeline. Then we look in the wardrobe of the possible personalities to wear and get the one that matches the karma that needs to be balanced out or burnt off.

Then into creation we go.

Sometimes are karma is such that over the years we develop a strong appreciation of ourselves, we like ourselves, and love ourselves. The events in our lives, and the family and other people we have around us have the effect that we have effortless self-esteem. Our personality will be such that it automatically has a very high regard for itself.

Sometimes our karma is such that over the years we have low self-esteem. There are events in our lives that knock us back, that as children get us to think we are wrong, or unloveable, guilty and worthless for getting something to happen (though it is not really our fault). There were people around us who were cruel, critical, abusive and mean. They treated us as if we were worthless, not worthy of love. We were isolated and alone. The people around us mirrored back to us that we meant nothing. Our personality matched this. (Sometimes the personality and spirit are massive, powerful and tough, and they overcome.)

We have lives where we have high self-esteem, and lives we have low self-esteem.

If it is a life of low self-esteem, we might have enough spirituality to do something about it. Plus our Higher Selves will love us immensely, as they know who we really are. So this life is one to learn in and do the lesson of deliberately gaining self-esteem and appreciating that, then leave the past behind, and move on to a better, more fulfilled life.

A great way to do this is to go for no limitation, and know as you put in the positive and loving thoughts and feelings, then energy follows thought, and you can improve your self-esteem. From improved self-esteem, a lot else that is loving and positive can follow.

Part of the journey to build strong self-esteem is to identify and remove the old thinking. A lot of this goes on subconsciously because it has been absorbed right into the person’s being. Also, when you think, you feel. It’s automatic and natural.

From an energy point of view, where someone has been around people who have acted and spoken unloving or cruelly to them, that person can still have holes in their aura, and different forms of negative energy shoved into their chakras or centres. This makes for a sensitive aura and energy system. Even when there is no physical abuse, negative thoughts and emotions from someone who is being cruel or hateful, aimed at another person, usually end up in the target’s chakras and aura. This is especially the case when the target is a child, as their nervous system and energy system is not yet developed and is not robust (this changes around the age of 14 or so). This can act to pull a person down; the past can act like a drag.

Children tend to learn from those people around them, so it can also be the case that a child can learn low self-esteem from the adults around them. So if parents and other adults around the child have low self-esteem, and speak like it, and act like it, then a child can learn that by osmosis. In this kind of situation, a child might have the spirit and personality to not be touched by this, but rise above it. Even so, their self-esteem is not as likely to be as strong as a child who has parents and adults around who have high self-esteem, and who treat the child with love.

It’s where there is neglect and emotional and physical abuse, and shocks in life, that there is low self-esteem.

Self-esteem can be raised. In children it can be raised over time with love, praise, fairness, positive language, and by valuing the child. This can mean listening to them, letting them make their own decisions (this aspect could really be explored at length), and valuing what they do.

Working with energy, and using meditation, there are points to bear in mind.

We all have a higher Self who loves us completely. What the Higher Self is, I’m not quite sure, or else I could attempt to come up with a definition, but I think it would be limiting and wrong. I’m used to thinking in terms of 3-D life, so I don’t have the ability to look at someone’s higher Self, or have the language to describe it. Not yet, anyway. I can say that Higher Self is amazing, and is love and light. I know we have a soul and that soul is in creation. The larger part of the soul is on the inner planes, outside time, and what needed to be achieved by this aspect of the soul, has been. It knows what the end of this particular journey is like. Then the soul is part of the Oversoul, along with all the other souls. So the Higher Self could be an aspect of the soul, or the Oversoul, with its love, understanding, sentiency and compassion.

The following meditation to improve self-esteem includes a couple of aspects that help to reduce the negative past and lift the present moment.

In a quiet place, get comfortable… close your eyes.

Take several deep and gentle breaths, and let go. Just breathe, noticing the inbreath, and the outbreath.

To prepare for this journey into love and light, this part is to clear and anchor your system.

Imagine growing roots down out of your feet and the base of your spine, into the earth. Make the roots a colour that feels right to you. Light or dark colours; it doesn’t matter so long as it feels good. Let the roots grow down as far as you can. If you want to send them down to the centre of the earth, that is fine. The earth is loving, and gives non-judgementally. It sends up your roots, love and nurturing, healing earth energy into your system, into your aura, into your chakras and body. This energy nourishes your organs, your bones, which are made from minerals from the earth, your muscles, and your spirit. Your roots hold into the earth and pull on it. At the same time the earth pulls on your roots, anchoring you.

Any energy you don’t want, can fall away, and fall through your roots, and into the ground, where it can be transmuted. So any stress, or anger, or chaotic, negative energy can be released, let go, into the earth.

The earth’s energy touches your aura around you, gently dislodging energy that doesn’t need to be there. The earth’s energy goes into your base centre, bringing a healing and it revitalises your base centre. The earth’s energy goes into your sexual centre, again bringing a healing. The earth’s energy comes into your solar plexus. Unwanted cordings drop away, and the earth’s energy brings about a healing in your solar plexus. The earth’s energy moves up into the centres in your heart centre area, bringing a healing and expansion.

The earth’s energy moves up into your throat centre, to open it up, bring about a healing to open up your self-expression. Old limitations in your throat centre are removed.

The earth’s energy keeps moving up your chakras, bringing about a healing each moment it touches a chakra.

Now white light flows down from above, and moves down and around your aura. Brilliant, pristine, and pure white light flows over and throughout your aura. Pulsing waves of this white light flow down from the top of your aura. This dislodges the old and brings in the new at the same time.

The pure, pristine white light flows down your chakras that are above your head, and into the chakras in your head.  Old thoughts in your space about yourself that you might have thought, or others might have thought about you start to fragment, and drop away.

The beautiful, pure white light keeps flowing down your centres, so any shards of negative energy in your chakras become visible, and dissolved or removed. Your head centres start to glow with more light and peace. Your throat centre becomes more powerfully expansive. The centres in your heart area have any negative energy pushed out, and they glow brighter. Cordings from negative people from the past drop away, removing the echoes of their influence.

The pure white light flows down into your solar plexus centre, into emotions stored in there, melting them, stirring them up and dissolving them. Again, cordings become filled with white light, burnt away, and then drop off. There is a fire burning in the solar plexus as the old emotions, and old situations are energetically chewed through, learnt from, and then removed to burn. The energy from this, once broken down, can be recycled.

The pure and beautiful white light flows down into the sexual centre, and pours in filling layers that are in an onion skin pattern. Each layer is filled with white light. Old cordings are filled with light and drop away. Old doorways are blasted with light, and then closed. Old shards of negative energy are brought to light, and then dissolved by the light. Old emotions and thoughts are shattered and burnt away. A re-patterning of the energy in the sexual centre occurs, so that energy is worked in a new way in the centre.

The pure and brilliant white light flows down into the base centre. It pours in and fills this space, changing and transmuting the old energy into something more expansive, lighter, quicker, and more creative. Old thoughts and feelings are gently dissolved. New possibilities and timelines are introduced. New thoughts are made possible.

A flash of gold light zips your aura and centres, and flashes through all parts of your body.

Your Higher Self, you as a beautiful being of light stands in front of you, blazing with light, understanding and peace. They look into your eyes, and your eyes look down the timeline of your past. As your Higher Self looks at you with a blazing energy, you look down your timeline with a blazing energy. Your timeline lights up a bright white and glows, as the energy burns down your timeline, turning to smoke old, grey and black looking events. Your Higher Self’s heart also shines and yours does too. Your Higher Self moves to stand close behind you, so you are cocooned in their energy field of light. Your heart and your Higher Self’s heart shine out light down your timeline into your past down to your conception. Your eyes and your Higher Self’s eyes shine down your timeline all the way to your conception. Bit by bit, there is healing and transmutation, as you feel your Higher Self around you, that which you will become, and on the inner planes, have already become.

As this healing occurs, the energy in your aura and chakras alters. Timelines held in your centres alter, to bring new positive possibilities. The sending of this light through you and from your Higher Self continues. As it happens, there is a bit of a merging with your Higher Self.

The sending of energy to your timeline comes to a stop.

Your Higher Self steps away from behind you, to stand in front of you. They Love you because they know who you really are. They look at you, and in a special moment, give you a smile filled with energy, filled with something new, that touches your system.

They then move off into what seems like the distance, yet they are close energetically, in the background.

Now bring your awareness back to your body. Notice your breathing for several breaths. Notice your arms and legs, and your fingers and toes.

When you are ready, open your eyes.

This is a powerful meditation that can be repeated.

Along with this, it is important to think positive thoughts about yourself to overcome any negative thoughts. Years ago, one healer said that every time I had a negative thought about myself I should say to myself, “I love and approve of myself”, two hundred times. I did do that. Nothing like repetition, repetition, repetition. I didn’t have time to think negative thoughts. The thought, “I love and approve of myself”, is a key one. There are other ones such as “I’m loved and wanted”. This is a useful transition thought, though the most important person to be loved by is oneself, rather than try to gain the love and approval of others.  “I am loveable”, is a useful thought. If someone has been made to feel guilty, then a thought like, “I am innocent, I love and approve of myself”. If belittled and made to feel worthless or useless: “I am wonderful, I love and appreciate myself”. There are variations, such as saying that you are valuable, worthy, or good enough, or fascinating (this is stronger than interesting). Another key thought is, “I love and respect myself”.

All of this is on a personality level, because our souls, who we really are, are part of God. God is in all of us. The Divine is in all of us. So deep down, we are all amazing. Going through karma, it might not seem that way. When someone becomes God-realized, and sense their true Divine nature, what bothers the personality mind becomes irrelevant, and the need for self-esteem fades away. Until that time, with a personality mind, self-esteem IS important, and is a useful tool in gaining and expressing spirituality.

Then, as we move from a Piscean energy, into a more collective Aquarian energy, we will likely gain more empathy for other people (and other lifeforms), most likely in an emotionally telepathic way, and we will need to powerfully esteem and love others, while at the same time, being true to ourselves. So that will be a new lesson in our spirituality.

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If you would like to know about online meditation and courses that are available, click here.