The Spiritual Energy Generators

There is some knowledge from the East that is known to only a few in the west. There is a small number of people, mostly in India, who are powerful generators of spiritual energy. They irradiate spiritual energy into a large area around them. These individuals are called “masts”; pronounced “musts”.

They are God-intoxicated beings. they have turned their awareness inside, onto the inner planes and they have glimpsed God, and have fallen deeply in love. Their only desire is to be with God, and to experience God. this means they have an intense desire for God at all times.

Though they are aware of God and God’s energy, they want more, they want everything. they feel the separation and their intense desire for God drives them to seek God everywhere, on the inner planes and in their outer world. Being open to God so deeply, God’s energy pours out of them, and sustains them.

As they are God-intoxicated, the masts have no care for the world around them, or where they live, or what they wear, or what they eat.

Usually there are people around them who feel and notice their spiritual aura, which blazes bright like a furnace for those who can use their third eyes. So masts are looked after and people do spiritual service by looking after them.

Some details about these spiritual generators have been written down. The Avatar Meher Baba, who dropped His body in 1969 in India, sought out and worked with masts. His followers chronicled His search for and work with masts.

More information on masts can be found in… , , ( a detailed source) ,The Awakener by Dr William Donkin, , (also available from other sellers), also other sources such as Wikipedia.

Masts Mohammed, Chacha, Mastani Mai

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New book now available: “Neutralising Negativity”

In everyday life some people can be kind and respectful towards you. Then there may be people who don’t respect you and are negative about you or towards you. They may be upfront about this or putting on an act of being “nice” towards you, while being negative behind your back.

Whenever someone is negative about you or towards you they also send you negative energy which you can often feel in your body and emotions. In the English language people speak about being “stabbed in the back”, or “punched in the gut”, or that their “ears are burning” because someone is talking negatively about them. Then there is social media where people can be extremely negative, critical, abusive and bullying. The negative energy literally gets sent through cyberspace.

In some cases there are people who have specialized esoteric knowledge of how to project negative energy at people because they want to harm them or affect their life.

This book shows you how to spot and deal with incoming negative energy and deal in a positive way with whoever is sending it. It also shows you how to protect yourself from negative energy, so you can maintain a positive energy around you which can contribute to your wellbeing and happiness.

This book came about in order to help others deal with negative energy, particularly in these febrile and emotionally volatile times, where people are quick to insult, abuse and criticize in everyday life and particularly online.

The emotions of anger, rage and varying degrees of hatred are energy;  types of negative energy. This energy is propelled at the victim with a force which depends on the intensity of the emotion and the amount of it. So if many people are involved, say when an issue goes viral, then there is a lot of negative energy that impacts on the recipient.

In energy terms, the energy impacts on a person’s astral body and into their chakras, and can be felt as physical sensations. Furthermore, this energy can impact on a person’s physical health, and mental wellbeing, so being able to handle negative energy in a healthy way (rather than drinking alcohol or taking drugs to numb out) is a useful ability to develop.

I was aware of energy from an early age, and felt negative energy in my solar plexus very easily. It was only when I was twenty seven that it was pointed out to me that my solar plexus centre was wide open and so was letting in too much energy. I soon learnt to close my centres and clear my aura, and this is something I still do.

Learning T’ai chi helped me to become aware of energy and I could feel it moving through my body, and I could sense it being washed and projected out by other people as well as myself.

A step further on from T’ai Chi, I learned to do healing work using energy. This also involved being able to safely release any negative energy from clients.

Giving Tarot and then psychic readings taught me a lot about energy, as the reading brought through a lot of positive energy which was used to go through the client’s energy. This at times involved releasing a lot of negative energy that had to not be absorbed by me, but instead had to be released safely.

More learning about astral and mental energy taught me about transmuting negative energy, while keeping happy and smiling. I also learned to handle negative energy sent by people with a developed occult ability to work with negative energy, and to respond with a more transformative energy with a lot of love and light behind it. (Sounds gentle but people orientated towards the Dark Lodge don’t particularly enjoy a bit of transformative love and light, though people orientated towards the White Lodge do. The Dark and White refers to energy and quality of intent.)

My outlook on life is generally loving and smiling, thinking the best for humanity. There are times I am on the receiving end of negativity, so I take it up or give it to God, and then with a view to sending healing light to the situation and person, I respond using techniques to do that. They work a treat. I get to maintain a good energy state, and my inner calm (if you want to learn meditation, read the meditations book listed below).

I wrote this book so you the reader could likewise maintain a happy, positive state.

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