How can you know if it is a good idea to get into a relationship?

Some years ago, I was having a telephone conversation with a friend. She told me that her teenage daughter was in turmoil about a possible relationship with a boy who had asked her out. She really didn’t know what to do, and her feelings were mixed.

I knew ways to look under the surface and past the nice words, the smiles and the gifts. I said I would try to help. So my friend put her daughter on the phone. She explained that she didn’t know what to do. Relationships are a lot to do with the karma of those involved, and one partner can give the other partner the experiences they need to balance their positive or negative karma, and to learn whatever it is they need to learn. Also there is often a recognition at a deep level, as the people involved would have had one or more previous lifetimes where they were in a relationship.

But sometimes there is opportunistic karma, which can be either negative (usually unhappy and painful), or positive (usually happy). taking up this opprtunistic karma is down to choice. Do you want this opportunity? Or are you going to pass on this opportunity? Say if someone asks another person out on a date and they say, “Yes”. This is great if the one who asked is a wonderful person. But if, under that charming and flattering surface, they are really not very nice at all, then it can be bad. Saying, “Yes” takes a person down one timeline, while saying, “No” will take them down a different timeline. How do you know which is best?

When people form a relationship, cordings develop between their chakras or centres. These cordings look weak or strong depending on the strength of the relationship. The cordings look beautiful, or healthy, or unpleasant, depending on the type and quality of the relationship.  The aura of one person responds when they think about their partner, or potential partner. The aura can become more beautiful, brighter and lighter. Or there is very little change if there is little meaning in the relationship. If there is something unhealthy, or unhappy or downright wrong in the relationship, that too can show up in the aura, as it reflects a truth, even if on the personality level, the person is oblivious to this.

I asked my friend’s daughter to think about this other person, close her eyes, and imagine the potential boyfriend in front of her at a comfortable distance. I suggested that she look at his heart centre, to see if it was large or small, light or dark, and how bright or how dark. Just for the record, his heart centre wasn’t dark, but it was a bit dull, and on the small side, which indicated not much love, but no malice.

(The heart centre is always a good place to start to look. You want to look, or imagine you can look, as this works, at the colour at the very centre of the heart centre. Also look for twists in energy. If there are any twists; then avoid.)

I said for her to look at his solar plexus; was it light or dark, and were there any strands or cordings looking like little snakes. It was a bit grey, with what looked like small snakes, she said. This indicated a level of manipulation, rather than a desire to free-up and empower. Not evil or malicious, more like very annoying. It was like a learned habit rather than deliberately controlling.

Next I said she should look at the sexual centre. That was a bit dark. As well as sex, the sexual centre is about ownership, but the dark energy was what she wouldn’t need, as through sex, energy is transferred between lovers, so at some point, if they had sex, she would end up with dark energy in her system which would not be that amazing for her. I didn’t talk about sex to her, but just got her to check the energy of his sexual centre, and she got the point anyway.

(You could also check for cordings like ropes or sometimes strands of light coming out of their sexual centre coming towards you. If the colour on the inside as well as the outside surface of the cording is light, then fine. If it is dark anywhere, then avoid. If the end of the cording that is comimg towards you, or already attached to you looks like it has teeth or tentacles, then most definitely avoid.)

Just for good measure, I asked her to imagine bringing him a little bit closer until cordings formed between their centres. She said these were dull and saggy. They wouldn’t make for an inspiring relationship. At least they weren’t black, possessive, evil, violent and controlling. Nor were they bright, beautiful, energized and strong, with positive and loving energy flowing back and forth.

She decided not to follow up the young man’s invitation.

I think that just being able to talk with someone about what was happening helping to calm her enough to focus and review the situation. My friend’s daughter was great at using her imagination, which anyone can use as a tool to work with the world of energy, the third eye and the other centres and the aura.

In a relationship, a good heart is an essential, so it needs to be large enough and bright enough. The other centres need to be clean, and being bright helps. Cordings need to be bright, vibrant and loving. These are the ingredients of a good start at least, and the karma will show up in the path, in the timeline from then on. (What’s that about a Golden Pathway timeline that’s mentioned elsewhere in the blog?)

It is possible as well to imagine yourself standing on your timeline, which looks like a path going into the future. I should say here that you can brighten it up and alter it by positive thinking, and by looking after your energy through meditation or yoga etc, and by looking after yourself properly, as in loving and being kind to yourself. If you use your imagination to place a potential partner on your timeline, you can see if they stay on your timeline or fall off the edge. You can see if the brighten or darken your timeline, and also if they shrink its size (not a good sign!). If all looks happy on your timeline, then great, though it is important to remember that some relationships are karmically supposed to be short, and other relationships are karmically set up to be long. Enjoy the moments day by day, and as karma is not rigid or set in concrete, wonderful and loving things can happen.

This way of looking at relationships and people not only works with romantic relationships, but also friendships, working relationships, and any other kind of relationship.

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