Experience Unconditional Love to handle maximum change

There is a lot of light coming in, stimulating old karma, positive and negative, and old pools of energy. It is all been brought to the surface and speeded up. Not so much that humanity and the world “blow up”, but enough so that changes occur in humanity and the world at top speed.

People don’t like change (usually), they like familiarity, constancy, safety, and wealth. They like things to stay the same. Young people, in their teens and twenties, for the most part are okay with change. People who are desperate will go for change in order to simply survive, or help their children survive.

People like constancy because they like to hold on to a way of life they like. They like to hold on to society the way it is, and maintain their role and status within it, particularly if they consider themselves to have influence, wealth, prestige, power and status. They like their community to be more or less the same. They like to maintain beliefs, thoughts and attitudes in society in their social strata, their families, and in themselves. Change knocks against their very identity.

They have psychologically placed themselves at the centre of the little picture of their own world, and they will try to maintain their world. It has provided for them in the past, and they put their trust in it. They absolutely don’t want change. They don’t have a picture or a vision to follow into a new future, and they don’t know how to trust.

I’ve said young people and desperate people will embrace change. People who have a spirituality and have God or the Divine in their picture or vision of the world have a different psychology. They place God at the centre of their world rather than themselves. They have a bigger picture. This makes them more open to change, and they are more willing to trust without seeing obvious or safe steps.

Being desperate is a scary place, and a person like this has nothing to lose and everything to gain by change.

Trying to hang on to a comfortable, familiar life while being faced with an unfamiliar changing world can be uncomfortable, and for some it can be scary. People who have been following a spiritual path, and have a sense of the Divine can sometimes dive down the planes to experience zeroth and first plane thoughts of fear and worry when faced with a crisis or difficulty.

In times like that it’s important to remember God; to remember the Divine. It’s important to remember that God is inside us. Fast paced change is going to keep on going in the world for some time, so being able to access the Divine within us, is a very good thing.

Having a sense of the Divine inside means that when life gets tough or something happens, we can touch a feeling of calm and certainty. We can get some guidance. We can open up to support, and we can experience some healing.

Then also, if we have made one or more decisions that take us off our best timeline, we can find a route to get back on it.

How to connect with and experience the Divine?

It’s surprisingly easy. God is Love. When we experience unconditional love (rather than mushy,  sentimental or “with strings” love), we get to experience God. There are other ways, other qualities that can describe God, but Love is a quality that we can easily access. It is a first port of call.

The following meditation incorporates some grounding and bringing in light to heal, which is great to use every day, and is also like first aid in a time of difficulty or crisis.

Get as comfortable as you can. Close your eyes. Take several deep and gentle breaths. Become aware of your chest and aware of your breathing.

Focus on your feet, and imagine roots of whatever colour feels right, growing down into the ground, into the earth. These are to ground you, anchor you in and give you some stability. Let the earth’s energy flow up your roots and into your body. The earth’s energy will soothe, calm and nourish.

Let go of any negativity, and let it go down to your feet, and then down through your roots, into the earth. The earth can neutralize this energy.

White light then pours down from on high, and in through the top of your head. The white light flows down through your head, into your neck and throat. The white light then flows throughout the rest of your body. This white light flows to the tips of your fingers and toes. It fills your body.

The place to find unconditional love is the upper part of the centre of your chest. This love is a quality of God. With your imagination, look at the upper part of the centre of your chest, and notice a glow. That glow is unconditional love.

Simply focus on that part of your chest,  focus on the glow, look into it. Give that glow of unconditional love your attention. Feel what it feels like, how does unconditional love feel?

Notice the effect of unconditional love on your head and on your mind for a moment.

Focus on the upper part of your chest again, and on the glow of unconditional love. Imagine it growing and glowing brighter and larger, filled with more light and unconditional love. This love makes no demands; it just gives. It makes no judgments, it simplify gives.

Allow the light of this unconditional love to expand and fill more and more of your chest. You might feel a joy within it. You might feel an expansive silence in the unconditional love. You might feel an infinite stillness. Let yourself feel the love glowing from inside you.

Whips of this love gently flow into other parts of your body. The energy of unconditional love flows to your head and wraps around it. The unconditional love envelopes your mind, and permeates your mind.

Surrender to the unconditional love, let go and open up to it. Offer up anything in your life that you feel you need help with. Let go of outcomes. Just let go. Mentally say, “May the Father’s Will be done”.

Unconditional love doesn’t work by trying to force things. Unconditional love works by feeling the unconditional love, letting go, and surrendering everything. If you want to know the best outcome for a situation, ask to be shown it, and then open up to be shown at this time or a later time the best possible outcome. This outcome will suit your best timeline. When you are experiencing unconditional love, you can get a sense of your best timeline.

If there is something to do, a step to make, then again mentally ask to be shown it at this time or a later time. This step will be the best one for your best timeline.

Now focus again on the top part of your chest. Feel the unconditional love flowing to other parts of your body.

You can imagine it gently flowing to other people, freely giving them the love.

You can imagine it gently flowing to situations, freely offering love.

Bring your focus back to your upper chest, and rest it there in the glow for a moment.

Now become aware of your body, and your feet and your roots.

Take some breaths, gentle and deep. Open your eyes.

When you experience unconditional love your consciousness goes up and it is easier to make the best decisions. It is easier to get onto, and stay on your best timeline. Also, the unconditional love you feel has a knock-on effect on other people around you.

For FAQs about meditation, click here.

If you would like to know about online meditation and courses that are available, click here.

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