Like Meditation? Here Are Links to Meditations and Articles On This Site

There are many different meditations for different purposes. Try out some of the meditations on this site. Some recorded meditations can be found in the side bar by clicking on them. The three colour meditations are explained in the article “The colours in the last three meditations – what they mean. Enjoy.

A Basic meditation technique:

Gold Light Meditation

White light Meditation

Blue Light Meditation

The colours in the last three meditations – what they mean

Getting grounded recored meditation:

A healing meditation filled with light:

We pick up negativity in our daily lives. Here’s how to shift it:

An important meditation for protecting chakras and aura, can be done in the morning and at night:

A Healing Energy Detox to Deep Clean Your Organs and Bones:

Find out how the heart centre is an amazing chakra to meditate on, and how it is connected to soul:

Want to make some big changes? Experience Unconditional Love to handle maximum change:

Meditation to love and accept your body:

How to work with your Higher Self to improve how you feel and improve self-esteem:

New Dawn, new day meditation:

Gain that Inner Sparkle: Meditation for Clearing and Healing Centres or Chakras:

There is silence and then there is Silence! Silence is more than golden:

Cocktails Meditation. Try not to get too drunk on Light:

Starlight meditation. (Lovely):

A Promise, A Rose, A Meditation. The symbol of the rose can carry a lot of energy:

You can work with your Higher Self to improve your self-esteem amongst other things:

Give the third eye an update. Purple light meditation and changing the third eye chakra:

Here’s a nice healing meditation:

If you let your awareness go through your heart centre, where do you go to?:

You want to learn to meditate, where do you start?

Why We Need Balance in Meditation

What is it deep inside people that makes them meditate?

Ten Tips for Fulfilling Meditation

Meditation enhances your life

This is where meditation gets really useful

How I got to start meditating: Crisis and meditation in London

“Meditation: Opening Doorways On A New Reality”. Book now out.

“Meditation: Opening Doorways On A New Reality”. Book now out.

I taught meditation, worked as a healer and ran “Developing Intuition” workshops.

I found that meditations were a very effective way to help people access their spiritual nature, develop their capabilities, and explore the universe of spiritual energies.

It just seemed a natural thing to do to write meditations and then share them in a book, and record some of them, which can be found on the blog.

There are meditations that seem really exciting, though the basics of grounding, of clearing the chakras and aura, of protecting the chakras and aura, are really fundamental to going further with meditations and any energy work.

After that there are topics such as working with your higher self, working with angelic energy and devic energy, finding which places in the world hold energy for you, meditations that are focused on the heart (great because this is such a doorway to the soul), working directly with the new energies coming in, improving self-esteem, doing deep cleaning of the body, loving and appreciating your body, having sparkling energy, working with the third eye to improve clairvoyance and intuition. There are other topics such as working with unconditional love to handle change, working with gold light, and meditating to build silence.

There is also a section on spiritual information that includes information on the chakras and aura, on reincarnation, karma and purpose, the planes of consciousness, intuition, and on spiritual sites and other topics.

The energy of the book as a package is quite high energy, and it would be of use to anyone who would like to explore what their spirituality can be about. (You could meditate with the book simply by holding it in your hands or placing it next to your heart centre.)

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