“Know Thyself” means what?

An ancient axiom of spirituality was “Know Thyself”.

Seems obvious and essential, plus profound and a worthy soundbite which is and was always dramatic enough to make an impression. Also, in the days of carving words into stone, it didn’t take long to carve this phrase.

It is the kind of phrase that can mean whatever you want it to mean, and the limit on it is the questions you know that you can ask, and the issues you know about. Also, there can be a point to knowing yourself. But what “to know” depends on where you are at in your life.

For some people it is enough for them to know what kinds of friends they like, what people they like to follow on social media, the music they like, the fast food they like and don’t like, the political views they like (and don’t like) etc. Life is such for these people that they haven’t had to consider other issues ( a big yet), including more life and death type issues; the kind that force people to re-prioritize their lives.

People who set up businesses, if they write a business plan, often do a SWOT: Lists of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. All useful stuff in a business context, and which can helpfully spill out into everyday life.

There are jobs where making good decisions and taking the right actions can be critical. For instance surgeons often have to consider how they make decisions and why they make the decisions they do. If they make mistakes they have to learn from them. So surgeons have to learn and reflect on how they make decisions, and know this about themselves.

Even in sport, even though the outcomes can be less crucial, sports psychologists will help elite sports people get to know their thinking processes and decision making, so that they make better choices. This is soemthing that can be useful in other aspects of life. It is something that many people would find helpful.

Part of knowing thyself in an elite sports context, and also in high pressure situations is knowing how you cope in an extremely stressful situation, on your own and with others in a team. In some walks of life this can prove invaluable. For instance, if someone works in an emergency department in a hospital, or as a paramedic, or when helping out in a birth, or in sea rescue, and so on. All a bit different to sitting there in meditation and just trying not to think.

“Knowing thyself” can mean exploring your preferences more deeply to get to your values. You can find what really, deeply you think and feel, and particularly feel what is important. Then explore why and get down to the issues and articulate them. Taking the time to do this is powerful. But doing this won’t make you popular because it means that you will know your own mind, and that you won’t necessarily end up following the herd from one emotionally highly charged issue to the next, and the angry self-righteous will dislike you. But if you know what’s important to you, you probably won’t care about them trying to make out that (in their opinion) you are “wrong”, as you will know in your own mind you are right.

Issues and morals are an odd thing though. Even though they seem important right now, in years to come they will all change, and what was important will seem really unneccessary.

For myself, and I know others who use their third eyes, we feel into or look at issues with our third eyes. In this way it is possible to evaluate and energetically analyse an issue, or someone’s beliefs, or their opinions on an issue. In this way it is possible to sense what issue or belief or opinion is worth paying attention to, and what to disregard, and in a healing way, what issue needs some healing energy to deal with any twists or embedded negative energy. This approach is unconventional, and definitely means not following the herd, but doing what seems right from an energy point of view.

Knowing yourself in a spiritual context. That can mean a number of things depending on where you are at, and what feels right to you at whatever point you are on your spiritual journey. It might be what has been written about above is what is required.

It could mean knowing that from a spiritual and energetic point of view that you are a soul that is immortal, which reincarnates time and time again into lifetimes, each time with a new body and new personality, with new karma just right for that lifetime. That is something pretty big to know about.

In this context it helps to know that you as a soul came from God, from the Divine, into creation. So from the Light, to the relative darkness. Now why would you have done that? Why go through all the pain and suffering, all the emotion, and experience love and joy in all its forms? Why?

Well after a great deal of lives, and all that experience and learning you will know why, because God, who is Infinite in anycase, isn’t experienced in books and the Infinite can’t be learnt about intellectually. God is learnt about by living and experiencing what Love isn’t and what Love is. There is much more to this but why spoil the ending to your story when you can find out for yourself? Live, and Love.

In another spiritual context, knowing yourself can mean knowing you are a soul in a physical body, inside an etheric body, inside an emotional/astral body, inside a mental body, and that you are inside your aura, which has an outer coating as a protection. Inside all these bodies there are chakras or energy centres with different qualities and functions, though all of them let in energy, do something to that energy, and radiate or send out energy of different qualities. Many people still think there are seven main chakras, but times have moved on and there is change all around in the world, as there is change in people’s energy systems. So there are more chakras. You might notice these, or might not. Don’t worry if not. As a general rule, it is always good to focus on and meditate on the heart centre, as everything else gets affected by this. It is still good to learn how to clear and protect the centres from third eye down, and the other centres will make themselves apparent as and when. The heart centre is where it is at, spiritually.

In yet another spiritual context, it helps to think of things in terms of spirit, which can be thought of as an energy that pushes, influences and motivates in a particular way. Spirit can also be thought of as a flavour. You are a collection of spirits. So if you want to know yourself, you can think of yourself as a combination of the spirit you incarnated in with, a spirit from your father, a spirit from your mother, a spirit from your family, a spirit from the area you were born in, and a spirit from your country of birth. Then overlaid over these core spirits are the spirits you gather according to how you live, how you were treated when you were a child, what you experienced, from the things you are involved in and interested in, from the people you associate with and who you think are important, from your job if you are working…

Even moods and habitual thoughts can be thought of as spirit. So each lifetime, we are a veritable zoo of spirits, or perhaps an orchestra. Now is that orchestra producing a symphony or a cacophony or something inbetween? You can think of spirituality as knowing what spirits are there in your system, and getting rid of those you don’t want, and collecting up the spirits you do want (divine spirit anyone?) like some living version of a computer game where you can gain rewards and move onto the next level (or drop back to the start as in the spiritual game of snakes and ladders).

Each lifetime, we start over with another hotchpotch of spirits for the experiences we require, but with our intrinsic spirit having grown a bit.

“Know Thyself” in a spiritual context can mean knowing what we think. There is a spiritual saying that goes “energy follows thought”. Some people believe that we create our reality with our thoughts. This is only partially true as anyone who believed this notion and yet still found their house burnt down in fires, or totally destroyed or flooded in storms, or still ended up dying from some illness would have found out to their dismay. That’s it put bluntly. Thoughts have some influence, but usually karma wins out, as does the will of more powerful beings. If thinking is aligned with karma, any positive outcomes are usually attributed by the proud, happy person to their positive thinking. There are times though, when the karma is of the opportunistic type, where it can go positive or negative. Here, a person’s thoughts and their ability to focus and concentrate on putting out that thought can make something out of an opportunity. Also, some people know about spiritual matters such as the Law of Love, the Law of Faith, and what to do, what to think and what to avoid thinking, and how to take physical actions to bring about what they see as the most loving outcome. So what do you think about yourself? What would be the best to think of yourself? What do you think of others (what attitude do you have towards them)? As this affects the energy you radiate. Many thoughts need exploring as they are tucked away in the subconscious, and are very much worth knowing about. What are your thoughts about relationships? About your mother? About your father? About their relationship? (These we use as models in our own relationships.) What do you think about health? What do you think about money? About work? About success? About the future? About God? And so on. Sometimes our old thoughts don’t help us, and happily we can take on board new ones and focus on thinking those instead. Some thoughts we hold can be fairly neutral, emotionally. But when we think, we feel, we generate emotional energy. Some old thoughts and issues can have a lot of emotion bound up with them. Before we can realistically adopt new thoughts, we have to deal with the emotional energy. It is really worth exploring how to use forgiveness in this case. Sometimes with painful issues therapy of some sort is very helpful.

This is by no means a definitive exploration of “Know Thyself”, as there is more, as we all shall find out in due course.

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The Accidental Tarot Reader (Or I didn’t see that coming!)

Life can take us to places we don’t expect or plan for, but which turn out just right.

I had developed a decent ability in healing, and wanted to make my services available in central London. So one day I visited a shop that I knew had rooms above to hire. I began to talk to the manager when a tarot read came down stairs followed close behind by a client. The tarot reader exclaimed to the manager that they couldn’t read for the client, that it just wasn’t working. Without thinking, I said, “I’ll do it!” The client said, “Yes”. The manager gave me an annoyed look, gave me a pack of tarot cards, saying, “I hate people who interfere.” The customer and myself went upstairs to a room with a few other tarot readers in cubicles.

We sat opposite each other at a small table, the client, a woman about forty years old or so, shuffled the cards, gave them to me and I laid them out in a pattern.

I had a deck of tarot cards at home but the pictures were more a complicated collage of images, more Californian than traditional. Old style images didn’t give me too much to go on and strictly, I didn’t know their meanings in a traditional sense. I had practised a little on friends before with my pack, though hadn’t considered doing readings as a job.

I went for it anyway, and told a story based on the feelings and impressions I picked up from the images on the cards. The reading was fun and it was a great success. The customer was happy and I got paid. The Wednesday after the manager phoned me up and asked me if I would be a tarot reader in the shop. The next Wednesday, I was there.

This all started with not having an open third eye, nor was I aiming to open it.  I was given some advice by a healer to chant Om as an exercise to clear all my system as well as my chakras. First 20 minutes a day for a week. Then 40 minutes every day for the next week, and then for an hour.

I was in no rush to open my third eye. I had heard stories of people pushing it too far and ending up seeing much too much energetic phenomena, which for the unprepared mind can be scary. The astral levels can be split into the lower, middle and upper. Experiencing a lot of lower astral level phenomena due to an open third eye and no training in tuning your third eye (rather like tuning into different radio frequencies), is something to be avoided.

With chanting and meditation, I began to just “know” things about people and situations, and see things around them. Friends would ask me to tune in about issues for them.

To give readings in the shop, I experimented with different patterns of cards so that I could tune into specific information in depth, such as relationship issues, or issues to do with business and projects, or the qualities of individuals and organisations.

Working with clients, at first I found I was taking on board any negative energy they brought along. They were getting a healing while I got that energy. I soon learned how to clear negative energy and offer it up for transmuting and releasing. I learnt how to protect my aura better. Working as a tarot reader was a great opportunity for me to get good at handling energy. I also learnt how to clear and close my third eye and give it a rest.

I tried to apply positive thinking rather than be fatalistic. I didn’t give a reading with the mindset of, “it’s fate and this is the result”. I looked for options and the best scenario. To my way of thinking, if I was giving a reading about a client, I regarded them as having an actual timeline, and also some probable timelines that could happen if they put some time and effort, basically energy into them. I also considered they had some parallel timelines that were slightly different.  It was like giving a reading but saying, “and here is the small-print, and this is what can be altered and changed with some application…these are the options”.

A basic spiritual rule is, “energy follows thought”, and putting energy into something creates a small, or a large result.

The readings told people what the current situation was, what were the available options, what seemed to be the best option, then we looked at what steps needed to be taken in what they thought, and what practical steps should be taken, to get onto the optimal timeline.

It’s like looking down a path, considering what it is like, then seeing how it splits into different paths, and choosing the best path and identifying how it needs to be traveled, to create the best possible future.

It was very enjoyable. After a while, I was giving the readings faster than I was turning over the cards to see the pictures. So I gave up using the cards.

After that, I started to run workshops to help people to develop their intuition, and showed them how to look after their energy should they choose to work with other people.

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I’ve got a feeling

A demonstration was often used in an Aikido class I went to. A volunteer was asked to firstly think of times when they were unhappy, low on confidence, upset, or irritated and angry. They then walked past close by the Sensai (instructor) who put his arm out in front of their chest to block their progress, and the volunteer ended up being stopped. The volunteer was then asked to remember happy times, when they felt great and really confident, and when they had achieved a goal. They walked by the Sensai again, who once more put his arm out to try to stop them, but this time, they could keep on walking and brush him off.

Part of the Aikido training was to build up the capacity to stay centred, calm, positive and confident. When this happened the Ki (or chi) energy could keep flowing like a torrent. This was useful in the Aikido class, but it was also useful in daily life, as there are things that happen in life that can knock us off centre, there are things that people can say or do, that can send negative energy our way. Having that ability in the first instance to stay confident and centred is really great. As is the ability to get back quickly to the point of balance having been knocked off our emotional balance.

I remember times when I have felt happy and confident in the past, and from an energy point of view, that has helped my positive energy flow, and then I have surprised myself in what I have achieved, which has made me realise that perhaps at times I have limited myself. I can recall times when I have felt down, and lacking in confidence, and then really, I didn’t do much, and slid into feeling the victim, and being self-pitying, and then going into blame and resentment. All of which are fairly useless things if you want to get on with life and enjoy it, and live the way you really want, as it places the power to be yourself and be happy outside of yourself, which means you can’t change things. When you own it, you can change it.

The aikido, and many other lessons in life have taught me that how we feel is up to us. The power to have positive feelings is not “out there” with someone else, but inside us. With a change of heart, and a change of mind, we can have positive feelings and confidence, and let our positive energy flow. If you like, it helps us connect with our Ki (or Chi), or however else you would like to phrase it.


I’m sure there are people who actually believe that. In many situations it is simple to shift your feelings and thoughts. But in other situations something else has to happen. If a child is upset do you tell them that they have everything inside them to change the feeling and thoughts and be happy, and leave it at that? If someone is struggling in water do you shout at them and tell them they have the power to save themselves? If someone is depressed do you say something like they only have to choose happiness or some other facile words? If someone is knocked to the ground in an accident do you say to them they have all they need inside themselves so they can get up?

With upsetting or angry or sad or depressing feelings, or just feeling down, sometimes people need a hand rather than a simplistic answer. Emotions is emotional energy in a person’s aura and chakras. Sometimes there is a lot of it, sometimes the energy is very sticky, sometimes it is attached to a doorway onto a memory that is repeating in a loop as with trauma. Help is required. Comfort, and time needs to be given. With a child, they sometimes need holding and soothing words for the energy to shift and for them to be happy again. A common sense solution from someone with the spiritual capacity to share some love is what is required in this and other situations.

Someone who is down or depressed can greatly have their spirits lifted by someone giving them some support. It could be simple support, like being taken out into Nature, out of the usual environment, or given the chance for physical movement which can help shift the energy.

With past trauma, then continual support might be required, along with healing or therapy to shift the emotional energy, and heal the past trauma and close the door on it.

When feelings are not influenced by past issues, how we feel is affected by what we think. People who think positively, or who deliberately use positive affirmations, will have emotions that match that. Conversely, anyone who thinks negatively will have emotions to match that. So if someone habitually thinks they are a victim, or think that other people (the government, “they”, the media etc) are in control of their lives, or who think something terrible is going to happen, or that the world is an unsafe place, then their emotions will be the output from their thoughts. But people can be in charge of their own minds, and are free to deliberately think the thoughts they want to.

There could be two people in the same room, one with positive thoughts about life, and one with negative thoughts, and as far as they are concerned, life accurately reflects back to them their thoughts, as they focus on what they believe to be true and ignore that which doesn’t match their thoughts, as they simply can’t perceive it. Same planet, but apparently different realities.

Thoughts and feelings do affect health as well as how much life energy people express, and so affect life and what it reflects back to them. Also, on a spiritual level, energy follows thought, which shows up in everyday life.

What do you feel about that?

Spiritual Beauty More Important than Physical Beauty

Beauty is something that we see and recognise. What got me thinking about this was I had a really strong thought that I wanted to express beauty, and create beauty. I could feel the spirit of beauty and I wanted to express it in the everyday world. I could sense it like a spark inside me. I wanted to create something that held the spirit of beauty which could be experienced by others. I noticed that when I did even a simple task well, it had a lovely energy, and innumerable times, I have seen other people create or do something with beautiful energy, which to me always feels healing.

I got to thinking about other people. Immediately I could think of people who could be considered physically beautiful. Well that means there are other people who are not physically beautiful, though the distinction is in the eye of the beholder.

My train of thought moved on. Having my third eye open a bit means I don’t just get to see the physical appearance of a person, I can view the chakras and aura of a person. The chakras and aura can look beautiful, with a healthy glow, a cleanness and with the centres functioning smoothly in harmony with each other. The aura can be sleek and glow. The light emanating can be gorgeous to look at.

What is considered as physical beauty has no link to the beauty that can be seen in a fantastic energy system. Someone who is physically beautiful according to society’s version of beauty can have a really rough and grubby looking energetic system. There are people who wouldn’t fit into a fashion magazine’s approach to beauty yet their chakras and auras look amazing.

Physical beauty doesn’t have anything to do with spiritual beauty.

The looks and the body a person has is down to karma. So in one lifetime a person can be regarded as beautiful according to the fashion of the times they live in. With their karma, they get to go through a particular set of experiences on their timeline and their looks play a part in that. In other lifetimes, they have other bodies and other looks that may not be considered as beautiful by those around them.

The same goes for a person’s chakras and aura for the most part. Chakras act like a recorder of experience from lifetime to lifetime. What happens in a person’s life affects their chakras and aura. So what a person experiences affects their chakra and aura. If a woman has a lot of sexual interest from men, the men project energy into the woman’s sexual centre and other lower centres (I mention this as there have been articles and reports today in the British media about what female students experience when they go for a night out with friends).

If someone works in a dreary job that affects their centres in a different way to the effect on someone in a job they love. If they are treated well as a child as opposed to being badly treated, again the effect on the chakras and aura is different. If a person doesn’t exercise when it feels like they should, then the energy in the chakras, small as well as large, darken with slow frequency energy.

If a person lives in a city, particularly a city with an old, negative past, they will end up with a polluted energy system, contrasted with lifetimes where they live in the countryside.

How someone’s chakras and aura looks is influenced by what they experience in life and what they do, which is determined by the karma in that life. So the appearance of a person’s chakras and aura is determined by karma. (There is such a thing as opportunistic karma where a choice can be made between a path to a positive outcome, or a path to a negative outcome.)

However, if over lifetimes a person has done spiritual practices such as meditation this is going to show like a glow in a person’s energy system no matter what their karma is for a lifetime. Also, a life of service is spirituality in action, and has the same effect. On top of that, their karma might have led them to learn how to clear their energy, in which case their energy system is going to look and feel good. There are also some people who have trained lifetime after lifetime for a specific important role, and their energetic system is going to look powerful and lit up even in a dark and dangerous environment.

So what is beauty?

If you take a look at someone’s soul in creation right now… OK there can be a spark of beauty, but it’s not necessarily that amazing because of the limitations of being in creation. Backtracking to before they left the Divine Journeys to come into creation, there is a flaming quality of beauty in the soul.

In creation, through whichever spiritual practices link with a person’s karma, lifetime after lifetime, that spiritual beauty can grow. Going forward through a soul’s timeline, for just about all souls to the end of their timeline in creation when they become God-realised, the soul’s beauty is truly magnificent. And that is for all of us.

We all have that spark of spiritual beauty within us, even through our seemingly dark and negative karmic lives. It is just it’s more noticeable in our lighter lives. Plus spiritual beauty has nothing to do with a person’s physical beauty.

We can all express spiritual beauty in what we do and through our intent.

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How to work with your Higher Self to improve how you feel and improve self-esteem

Here’s the recorded meditation to go with this… https://spiritualgrowthadventure.files.wordpress.com/2016/05/feel-good-wth-your-higher-self-meditation.mp3

The main rule in life for anyone with an interest in their spirituality is that there is no limitation. A key fact in spirituality is that energy follows thought. What you put energy into is what is likely to happen.

Before we reincarnate into creation, as spirit, as souls, we are on the inner planes considering the karmic package we have for that life, and the lessons on the timeline. Then we look in the wardrobe of the possible personalities to wear and get the one that matches the karma that needs to be balanced out or burnt off.

Then into creation we go.

Sometimes are karma is such that over the years we develop a strong appreciation of ourselves, we like ourselves, and love ourselves. The events in our lives, and the family and other people we have around us have the effect that we have effortless self-esteem. Our personality will be such that it automatically has a very high regard for itself.

Sometimes our karma is such that over the years we have low self-esteem. There are events in our lives that knock us back, that as children get us to think we are wrong, or unloveable, guilty and worthless for getting something to happen (though it is not really our fault). There were people around us who were cruel, critical, abusive and mean. They treated us as if we were worthless, not worthy of love. We were isolated and alone. The people around us mirrored back to us that we meant nothing. Our personality matched this. (Sometimes the personality and spirit are massive, powerful and tough, and they overcome.)

We have lives where we have high self-esteem, and lives we have low self-esteem.

If it is a life of low self-esteem, we might have enough spirituality to do something about it. Plus our Higher Selves will love us immensely, as they know who we really are. So this life is one to learn in and do the lesson of deliberately gaining self-esteem and appreciating that, then leave the past behind, and move on to a better, more fulfilled life.

A great way to do this is to go for no limitation, and know as you put in the positive and loving thoughts and feelings, then energy follows thought, and you can improve your self-esteem. From improved self-esteem, a lot else that is loving and positive can follow.

Part of the journey to build strong self-esteem is to identify and remove the old thinking. A lot of this goes on subconsciously because it has been absorbed right into the person’s being. Also, when you think, you feel. It’s automatic and natural.

From an energy point of view, where someone has been around people who have acted and spoken unloving or cruelly to them, that person can still have holes in their aura, and different forms of negative energy shoved into their chakras or centres. This makes for a sensitive aura and energy system. Even when there is no physical abuse, negative thoughts and emotions from someone who is being cruel or hateful, aimed at another person, usually end up in the target’s chakras and aura. This is especially the case when the target is a child, as their nervous system and energy system is not yet developed and is not robust (this changes around the age of 14 or so). This can act to pull a person down; the past can act like a drag.

Children tend to learn from those people around them, so it can also be the case that a child can learn low self-esteem from the adults around them. So if parents and other adults around the child have low self-esteem, and speak like it, and act like it, then a child can learn that by osmosis. In this kind of situation, a child might have the spirit and personality to not be touched by this, but rise above it. Even so, their self-esteem is not as likely to be as strong as a child who has parents and adults around who have high self-esteem, and who treat the child with love.

It’s where there is neglect and emotional and physical abuse, and shocks in life, that there is low self-esteem.

Self-esteem can be raised. In children it can be raised over time with love, praise, fairness, positive language, and by valuing the child. This can mean listening to them, letting them make their own decisions (this aspect could really be explored at length), and valuing what they do.

Working with energy, and using meditation, there are points to bear in mind.

We all have a higher Self who loves us completely. What the Higher Self is, I’m not quite sure, or else I could attempt to come up with a definition, but I think it would be limiting and wrong. I’m used to thinking in terms of 3-D life, so I don’t have the ability to look at someone’s higher Self, or have the language to describe it. Not yet, anyway. I can say that Higher Self is amazing, and is love and light. I know we have a soul and that soul is in creation. The larger part of the soul is on the inner planes, outside time, and what needed to be achieved by this aspect of the soul, has been. It knows what the end of this particular journey is like. Then the soul is part of the Oversoul, along with all the other souls. So the Higher Self could be an aspect of the soul, or the Oversoul, with its love, understanding, sentiency and compassion.

The following meditation to improve self-esteem includes a couple of aspects that help to reduce the negative past and lift the present moment.

In a quiet place, get comfortable… close your eyes.

Take several deep and gentle breaths, and let go. Just breathe, noticing the inbreath, and the outbreath.

To prepare for this journey into love and light, this part is to clear and anchor your system.

Imagine growing roots down out of your feet and the base of your spine, into the earth. Make the roots a colour that feels right to you. Light or dark colours; it doesn’t matter so long as it feels good. Let the roots grow down as far as you can. If you want to send them down to the centre of the earth, that is fine. The earth is loving, and gives non-judgementally. It sends up your roots, love and nurturing, healing earth energy into your system, into your aura, into your chakras and body. This energy nourishes your organs, your bones, which are made from minerals from the earth, your muscles, and your spirit. Your roots hold into the earth and pull on it. At the same time the earth pulls on your roots, anchoring you.

Any energy you don’t want, can fall away, and fall through your roots, and into the ground, where it can be transmuted. So any stress, or anger, or chaotic, negative energy can be released, let go, into the earth.

The earth’s energy touches your aura around you, gently dislodging energy that doesn’t need to be there. The earth’s energy goes into your base centre, bringing a healing and it revitalises your base centre. The earth’s energy goes into your sexual centre, again bringing a healing. The earth’s energy comes into your solar plexus. Unwanted cordings drop away, and the earth’s energy brings about a healing in your solar plexus. The earth’s energy moves up into the centres in your heart centre area, bringing a healing and expansion.

The earth’s energy moves up into your throat centre, to open it up, bring about a healing to open up your self-expression. Old limitations in your throat centre are removed.

The earth’s energy keeps moving up your chakras, bringing about a healing each moment it touches a chakra.

Now white light flows down from above, and moves down and around your aura. Brilliant, pristine, and pure white light flows over and throughout your aura. Pulsing waves of this white light flow down from the top of your aura. This dislodges the old and brings in the new at the same time.

The pure, pristine white light flows down your chakras that are above your head, and into the chakras in your head.  Old thoughts in your space about yourself that you might have thought, or others might have thought about you start to fragment, and drop away.

The beautiful, pure white light keeps flowing down your centres, so any shards of negative energy in your chakras become visible, and dissolved or removed. Your head centres start to glow with more light and peace. Your throat centre becomes more powerfully expansive. The centres in your heart area have any negative energy pushed out, and they glow brighter. Cordings from negative people from the past drop away, removing the echoes of their influence.

The pure white light flows down into your solar plexus centre, into emotions stored in there, melting them, stirring them up and dissolving them. Again, cordings become filled with white light, burnt away, and then drop off. There is a fire burning in the solar plexus as the old emotions, and old situations are energetically chewed through, learnt from, and then removed to burn. The energy from this, once broken down, can be recycled.

The pure and beautiful white light flows down into the sexual centre, and pours in filling layers that are in an onion skin pattern. Each layer is filled with white light. Old cordings are filled with light and drop away. Old doorways are blasted with light, and then closed. Old shards of negative energy are brought to light, and then dissolved by the light. Old emotions and thoughts are shattered and burnt away. A re-patterning of the energy in the sexual centre occurs, so that energy is worked in a new way in the centre.

The pure and brilliant white light flows down into the base centre. It pours in and fills this space, changing and transmuting the old energy into something more expansive, lighter, quicker, and more creative. Old thoughts and feelings are gently dissolved. New possibilities and timelines are introduced. New thoughts are made possible.

A flash of gold light zips your aura and centres, and flashes through all parts of your body.

Your Higher Self, you as a beautiful being of light stands in front of you, blazing with light, understanding and peace. They look into your eyes, and your eyes look down the timeline of your past. As your Higher Self looks at you with a blazing energy, you look down your timeline with a blazing energy. Your timeline lights up a bright white and glows, as the energy burns down your timeline, turning to smoke old, grey and black looking events. Your Higher Self’s heart also shines and yours does too. Your Higher Self moves to stand close behind you, so you are cocooned in their energy field of light. Your heart and your Higher Self’s heart shine out light down your timeline into your past down to your conception. Your eyes and your Higher Self’s eyes shine down your timeline all the way to your conception. Bit by bit, there is healing and transmutation, as you feel your Higher Self around you, that which you will become, and on the inner planes, have already become.

As this healing occurs, the energy in your aura and chakras alters. Timelines held in your centres alter, to bring new positive possibilities. The sending of this light through you and from your Higher Self continues. As it happens, there is a bit of a merging with your Higher Self.

The sending of energy to your timeline comes to a stop.

Your Higher Self steps away from behind you, to stand in front of you. They Love you because they know who you really are. They look at you, and in a special moment, give you a smile filled with energy, filled with something new, that touches your system.

They then move off into what seems like the distance, yet they are close energetically, in the background.

Now bring your awareness back to your body. Notice your breathing for several breaths. Notice your arms and legs, and your fingers and toes.

When you are ready, open your eyes.

This is a powerful meditation that can be repeated.

Along with this, it is important to think positive thoughts about yourself to overcome any negative thoughts. Years ago, one healer said that every time I had a negative thought about myself I should say to myself, “I love and approve of myself”, two hundred times. I did do that. Nothing like repetition, repetition, repetition. I didn’t have time to think negative thoughts. The thought, “I love and approve of myself”, is a key one. There are other ones such as “I’m loved and wanted”. This is a useful transition thought, though the most important person to be loved by is oneself, rather than try to gain the love and approval of others.  “I am loveable”, is a useful thought. If someone has been made to feel guilty, then a thought like, “I am innocent, I love and approve of myself”. If belittled and made to feel worthless or useless: “I am wonderful, I love and appreciate myself”. There are variations, such as saying that you are valuable, worthy, or good enough, or fascinating (this is stronger than interesting). Another key thought is, “I love and respect myself”.

All of this is on a personality level, because our souls, who we really are, are part of God. God is in all of us. The Divine is in all of us. So deep down, we are all amazing. Going through karma, it might not seem that way. When someone becomes God-realized, and sense their true Divine nature, what bothers the personality mind becomes irrelevant, and the need for self-esteem fades away. Until that time, with a personality mind, self-esteem IS important, and is a useful tool in gaining and expressing spirituality.

Then, as we move from a Piscean energy, into a more collective Aquarian energy, we will likely gain more empathy for other people (and other lifeforms), most likely in an emotionally telepathic way, and we will need to powerfully esteem and love others, while at the same time, being true to ourselves. So that will be a new lesson in our spirituality.

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You want to learn to meditate, where do you start?

meditate on the above while being rooted in the below, absorbing the dream of what Life can be at its best
meditate on the above while being rooted in the below, absorbing the dream of what Life can be at its best.(Picture represents the Blue Sky above, and the Green Grass below, and the Tree of Life)

Meditation can mean lots of things depending on what resonates with you.

You can meditate to experience calm inside you, or to calm yourself with feedback. Or you can meditate to watch your mind, or to discard thoughts, and stay present and not have your attention wander (or wonder). You can be mindful. Or go for an empty mind.

Minds are tricky, and with each lifetime you get a different mind, well, a collection of minds; the unconscious, the personality mind (which is based very much on personal preferences, your culture and language, and experience, and how your feelings are wired up, so it’s quite personal). Then there is a body mind, and a higher mind. Which mind to focus on then?

Or after lifetimes you give up on those minds and start meditating on other things, and there are plenty of other things for a human to meditate on. It very much depends on what you think it means to be human. So, what does it mean to be human?

You can think of yourself as a human, and that all that is spiritual about yourself is your mind (or one of your minds, if you see what I mean). But there is much more to people than that.

Now when you incarnated, and came into the fused egg and sperm (the zygote is the biological term), or when your soul touched that physical material with its energy, will and intent, the first part of you to start up was your heart centre or chakra. The heart centre is very much a point of connection for the soul.

The heart centre as it happens, is a very good place to meditate on. What happens there, spreads out into the other centres. These developed after the heart centre.

The heart centre isn’t like the mind, in that it’s like the origin, rather than an effect, which the mind is like. So the heart centre is truly a great place to meditate on.

It is also possible to meditate on the full set of centres or chakras as a whole, as a system, including the centres of the head.

What else does it mean to be human? It boils down to sensitivity and openness, which can lead on to personal experience from which you can learn consciously, and also subconsciously. Having another person tell you about something is no substitute for personal experience. Even an advanced spiritual master would get you to test out what you hear from them (and then later, when you figure out the quality of them you may find it is really a good idea to accept their word as it really moves you along spiritually).

Humans have a physical body, an etheric body surrounding this (when people have amputations they often still feel the limb is still there – it is etherically), an astral body, and a mental body surrounding the whole lot. There is a sheath of energy around the these and the centres called the aura. when all these parts are locked into the physically body, a person will feel solid and grounded. If they are not locked, they will feel, and sometimes look spacey and ungrounded. There’s a fair bit to meditate on here.

Then in all of this, there is a physical elemental that drives to keep the physical shell alive. There is a personality which matches a persons karmic package for that lifetime and which can help spiritually as a motivator and anchor, or not. There is a person’s spirit which is a fairly complex mix, the minds as mentioned, and the soul. The soul is very much not as smart or amazing as people think it is. Though that is another story as it develops its level of consciousness over many lives, and an old soul will have more consciousness than a young soul. Once again, there is quite a lot to meditate on.

Then a person’s soul, and therefore the person, exist on one of the planes of consciousness, from the lowest, zeroth, to the sixth plane. Depending on the plane, there is physical light, and also astral light of varying frequency, and mental light of varying frequency and speed. “The light” can most definitely be something to meditate on, but it depends on what light.

When people take drugs what they experience is the astral light on the zeroth and first plane at the most. Definitely not where it’s at spiritually.

Meditation can be used to access light from the fifth and sixth plane, which can certainly be something. On these planes there are some wonderful energy which can be in the form of light, which can have very positive effects on you.

Beyond, the fifth and sixth plane energies and light, there are energies and light of a Divine nature, such as the Paramatman light, or first, second and third Divine Journey energies and light. These are amazing to meditate with.

To work with these requires a connection with, say, a Perfect Master or an agent that they can work through, or some other person with access to these energies. There needs to be a connection so they can oversee what is going on and ensure that not too much light is given, or the one on the receiving end is toast! It can take several years to come down to earth from an overload of light, or it can overload the heart and the physical body can’t handle it. So common sense means that a person meditating with this light needs to be careful.

This Divine light has an intelligence, a spirit, so when it goes into the various levels of your being, it can interact with you in ways that are required and allowed at that time. It really is quite amazing, and the Silence and Stillness that comes with Divine light is something else, and can take you into other levels of what it means to be human.

There’s lots more that I haven’t mentioned here, which I’ll leave to later.

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