2 thoughts on “Common sense and being spiritual

    1. Normal life is what I would say is having a regular job, possibly having family and the responsibilities that go with that, being involved in activities (for instance, some people regularly play sports, or sing in choirs or have a hobby), watch some TV and so on, and are ok with dressing like everyone else, they might even have a religion they follow, or perhaps meditate or pray. They would probably use the kind of language others use as well at work and in their area. It’s all very generalised. (With the language, I had learnt loads of New Age stuff and used the jargon that went with it, then found it was completely unnecessary when i came across a group of people who certainly acted in life with love and compassion and responsibility and who had a very stable spiritual background, and they spoke just like everyone else. Also their energy looked great all the time.
      “Spiritual”. That’s an interesting word. Also very diverse as people go about their inner life or their relationship to what they consider divine or a deity or energy. Depending on their background, they might wear clothes that they consider spiritual, They might burn incense, have crystals, perhaps tarot cards, dream catchers and so on, and use a language that goes with their beliefs, and have a lifestyle where they live in a certain way and allow them selves to do certain activities, but not others (this can be based on prejudice dressed up as spirituality). People are so diverse so there are different ways of being spiritual, but it often looks different to “normal life”. For me, I just look at someone’s aura and chakras. If they are really glowing and radiating, I would say they are being spiritual. If they looked grubby, i would say they weren’t really doing spirituality. But that is OK, as at some point in some lifetime they will.


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