Meditation to assess a sacred or spiritual site

This follows on from the post about Sacred Sites. (Here’s the link).

You might need to know about Planes of Consciousness for this meditation. There are articles on this in the blog. Here is one link.

Some sites will operate only on the zeroth plane of consciousness, and work on the physical body and nervous system. (They can still make you feel good.) There may be some input into the lower astral level. These tend to be based on crystalline structures and / or ley lines.

Sites created by 5th and  6th plane saints will hold energy up to those planes of consciousness and can operate on the physical, astral and mental levels. These sites give a good spiritual push.

Sites created by Perfect Masters will operate on the physical, astral and mental levels, and on the soul level. They can irradiate energy on all planes and also Divine energy. Such sites tend to be clean astrally as the mental energy from the 5th and the 6th planes and the Divine Journeys burns up and sees off any unwanted astral energy and entities. (The same applies to sites set up by 5th and 6th plane saints, though less powerfully so.) These sites have a very powerful effect and can alter your energy and karma for this lifetime and future ones, and effects people who you know, as your timeline and their timelines are improved.

Some sites that have a lot of visitors will also have around them astral energy. This can be the accumulated thoughtforms and emotions about the place left by previous visitors. This is astral glamour. When people meditate at such places, they end up tapping into this, rather than the energy of the place. They then produce more thoughts and emotions. This astral glamour can be seen like a coloured cloud or glass dome. On the astral level it feels and looks to some people quite attractive. Discernment in spiritual matters as with everything else, is important. Glamour and negative energy are burnt off at sites created by the mental light of the 5th and the 6th plane beings.  Divine energy at sites created by Avatars and Perfect Masters will dispose of glamour and negative energy immediately. Energetically, they are clean places.

Some old sites may hold a residue of the energy linked with what used to happen in them. If there was a lot of emotion involved, and strongly projected thoughtforms given out, these can still be experienced. An astral energy could have been built up that encourages similar thoughts and feelings in other people who visit. These astral energies can be located on the lower, middle or upper astral levels. They may present themselves as being quite attractive, but this doesn’t mean that they actually are.

Some older societies knew how to work with astral energy in positive and negative ways. (The knowledge of how to do this was stripped out of human consciousness at the end of the Atlantrean root race as they misused it.) There can still be patterns of strongly worked astral energy in the sites they used. These can be felt and seen clairvoyantly. It is mental energy that brings about spiritual development, not astral energy, though it may look colourful and feel exciting.

Where people gather, there you will find astral entities to feed on the people’s emotions and energy. If you have ever felt tired going to a department store, a supermarket, or metro or underground, you will know what I mean. Also, people do drop slow frequency energy, like litter, which accumulates unless the energy of the site is self clearing.

This meditation is about locating a site or place that is suitable and healing for you. This will depend on your karma. This often takes into account past lives, what bits of your energy that needs to be gathered up from these lives, what needs to be released, what needs to be healed, and what needs to be learnt, according to what you need for your spiritual development.

This meditation is about discovering what planes a site is on, and in some places, if there is any Divine energy. The meditation helps you know if the site is effective on the physical, astral and mental levels.

It will help you know if there is any astral glamour, and help you get a sense of any hungry astral entities that may be lurking around.


In a quiet, relaxed place, close your eyes. See yourself in an oval shaped energy representing your aura. Imagine you grow roots through your feet and the base of your spine, down, down, down into the ground. Allow rich, cleansing and nurturing Devic energy flow up from the earth, up your roots and into your legs. Allow the Devic energy to flow into your body. This is to cleanse and nurture your body and your chakras or centres. The rich Devic energy overflows into your aura, saturating it. It washes away anything that should not be in it, or on the surface of it.
Allow this Devic energy to flow in and around for a few minutes. It will help to ground you, and help you work with high frequency energy.

Now from directly from on high, flows silent and still, dark blue light that is soothing, and which once again clears anything that needs to be cleared from your aura.

Your space becomes clear, and you become cocooned in the soothing, smooth dark blue light. It expands your awareness, and enables you to be able to focus in a relaxed way.

Now, very much from on high, flows brilliant white light, which flows around your cocoon of dark blue light. The white light flows into the cocoon forming trails of intelligent and vibrant white light.

You are going to take a look at the earth in your cocoon. Imagine it is night time. In your cocoon you lift up and move upwards, higher and higher, a few hundred miles or kilometres up, so that you can see half of the earth’s surface in the night.

The intense white light in your cocoon gently pulses down to the earth, carrying a signal that holds your karma and your spiritual requirements. The white light energizes the earth, and an appropriate location or locations pulse back, with a white glow or spark. In your cocoon, you move in closer to identify the location better. You can come back in meditation to any site or sites later.

Now go up high again, and move around to the other side of the earth. Again, let this be in the night so you can see any glow or spark from any site more clearly.

Once again, the white light from your cocoon pulses out down to the earth’s surface. Any appropriate site responds with its own glow or spark. Let your cocoon move down to the earth’s surface to get a closer look at the the site or sites that match your energy and karma. Again, you can repeat the meditation to get a closer fix on the location or locations.

Now let your cocoon travel back up high. Your cocoon then moves back above your present physical location. Your cocoon then smoothly descends back to earth. It rests around your physical self.

Still with the cocoon of blue and white light about you, if you have identified a site, imagine a vertical measuring tape with zero at the bottom and 7 at the top. Think of the site like a ball of light, place the ball by the measuring tape and notice which number the ball sits next to. This is the plane which it is on. Zero will mean earth energies. 5 and 6 will hold mental light. 7, means the site has Divine Journey energy radiating out of it. All the other planes may be active at that site too.

You can take a look at how old law or new law the site is. Imagine a key. If the key associated with the site is old and rusty, then the site is old law. If the key is sparkly crystalline, then the site is new law.

Think of the site as a ball of energy. If the ball appears to have a coloured, hazy layer around, there is astral glamour to be aware of.

Now imagine three other balls associated with it. One for the physical, one for the astral and one for the mental. Notice how large each ball is, symbolizing the effect the site will have on you physically, astrally and mentally. Balls can be coloured white or grey or black. If they are white, this represents the site as having a lot of order energy, if black, then chaos predominates, if the ball is grey, there is a mix of order and chaos.

Now let the images and feelings fade.

The white light and the dark blue light in the cocoon fade and the cocoon disipates. Your roots pulse, just to make sure you are back.

When you are ready, open your eyes.


Thanks to easily available maps of the earth, you can link up what you found out in meditation with physical locations. You can then repeated the meditation to get closer to a site’s location.

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