You Have a Guide

OK, so you have a guide. What does that mean? What is a guide? Where do they come from?

Everyone now has a guide, like a spiritual personal trainer. These guides have a Divine nature, so they know the answers about how to get you from where you are now to where you could potentially be at the end of this life. Your Divine guide will most likely stay with you through all your other lives. They are a major guide for you and the picture they work with is your spiritual journey over many lifetimes, not just this life with its specific karma, life experiences, personality and lifestyle.

Then there are other guides who are with you for part or all of your life. They may be very apparent to you or they may work in the background and work with you on the non-physical inner planes, or they may work through you. It isn’t necessary to be aware of your guide or to be aware of communicating with them. They can work in quite subtle, unobtrusive ways.

A lot of medical people such as doctors, surgeons and nurses have guides that specialize in healing. They may have one or two guides that come through when they work with patients. Musicians and composers can have guides that specialize in music, which can be a powerful medium for conveying inspirational and healing emotions, and patterns of healing energy. Artists can have guides who specialize in conveying healing energy through art, and who help and work through the artists. Some meditation teachers, healers will have guides that can come through and provide healing energy and spiritual energy. Psychics and clairvoyants may have guides that pass on the gossip about people.

As the person works over time, then the guide works, experiences and understands more about life down here. The guides develop spiritually and get spiritual advancement as well, which usually means more work and service.

Guides are usually assigned to a person / soul before they incarnate with their life purpose and karma which helps them with that purpose, and the guide may have been with that soul for several lifetimes building up the working relationship.

If a person goes through a change in their level of consciousness which might entail a change of karma and spiritual responsibility and work, their guide or guides may be changed during a lifetime.

With what I would call working guides like these, what helps them be effective is for us to look after our aura and chakras, and have a way of living that keeps our energy up and provides enough peace.

It helps them to work through our systems and provide us with any energy, emotion, and mental inspiration we need, and love.

Basics first. Having enough good sleep, enough rest, enough exercise, a good diet, enough meditation, enough being out in Nature, and whatever else does you good. Not too much screen time. These have massive impact on our energy system.

Then cleaning up and keeping clean our chakras and aura is really important. People have different ways of doing this. One way is to use a meditation to clean and energise all the chakras or centres. It is very handy to use a meditation to button up or close chakras when they don’t need to be open to protect the energy, and have a meditation to protect the aura. If the guide works with high frequency energy then a grounding meditation to put down roots and bring in the astral body is very useful to prevent being floaty and ungrounded. There are some forms of exercise that can be very grounding for people who don’t find it easy to visualise roots going down into the ground.

Then smile, think positive, and be loving and kind to self and others, and feel that inner peace. Not always easy, I know; life is full of lessons, and sometimes it’s the guides giving us a test to help with our development!

In general, it is also very helpful to have the physical space that we live in energetically cleared and cleaned. If the physical space feels calm, clear and supportive it is good for us and good for the guide(s). It may be the case that the work we do is done in what we might think is a tough environment, for example a doctor in an emergency department of a hospital, but guides also get training to handle the ambience of the environment, and some purposes are carried out in pressurised situations. Having a bit of a calm space at home helps with the unwinding of tension, and having the nurturing that is necessary.

In charge of our spiritual journey in this lifetimes and future lifetimes is the Divine guide. They won’t take away our karma because we want to escape it, but they can help as they have the overview. They know the route on our journey Home. So we can ask for help. They don’t negotiate though and aren’t open to debate. Things have to be done their way. That’s why they are spiritual trainers. They are there for when people are ready to say, “OK God, Thy will be done, not my will”.



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