Ice cream, fish and chips, and deepfakes

Walking in the centre of St. David’s in Pembrokeshire (West Wales), having eaten a huge and delicious ice cream, I saw what I thought was a disturbing sight. Some distance ahead on the other side of the road, there appeared to be a tall, slim young man with arm outstretched. His energy felt from a distance to be wrong. I wondered what I was seeing as I tried to sense in more detail his aura and chakras.

I did what I usually do with someone or something that feels bad or wrong. I offered the young man to God and visualized two white gloved hands coming down and taking him up.

As I walked closer I realized the young man was in fact a dressed up manikin advertising the location of a fish and chips shop.

No wonder I couldn’t sense any aura. The figure wasn’t human. Plus there was no astral energy hanging around it.

I laughed about it and ruefully thought how physical eyesight declines with the passing years.

Later that evening the idea came in that computer generated deepfakes weren’t real either, and that they wouldn’t have an aura. So people didn’t need to be fooled by them.

Looking at a deepfake there would be the expectation that it is a real person, and expectation, where we make ourselves believe something to be true, would override our deeper feelings about the situation.

Fortunately though, the sophisticated and complex technology used to create the deepfake can be beaten by very simple technology. The pendulum. A piece of thread and some metal or a crystal can defeat the fakers anytime.

Just use the pendulum by what would be the heart centre of the person in the image and ask if it is a real person with an aura. It should be possible to detect the energy in the heart centre if it is a real person in the image. The pendulum should swing or move in a circular motion. With deepfakes, there should be no movement.

It is possible to practice on pictures of real people and known deepfakes to build confidence at this.

The pendulum technique can be used for a kinds of things to figure out if something is true or fake: news articles, social media posts, or voice clips for instance.

In this high tech age it is worth learning to use low tech. It stops you being manipulated and controlled, and keeps you free.

(There are several videos on Youtube about how to use a pendulum.)

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