The Spiritual Hierachy

On this planet their is an unassuming group of people who do a huge amount of spiritual work for the good of all on this planet and for creation generally.

They are physically spread around the planet and for all intents and purposes they come across as quite ordinary people. In fact, having a big ego and personal ambitions would get in the way of their work.

The Spiritual Hierarchy are 7000 advanced spiritual people with the right quality soul for service, 24/7. In spiritual terms, they have varying degrees of perfection as souls and the right kind of spirit. The most perfected are the five Perfect Masters. (These are mentioned in other parts of the blog.) Developing the right qualities for the role could take many lifetimes of service, meditation and spiritual living, though why not aim for it.

When there is an Avatar on the planet, they number 7001 members, and the Avatar is in charge, otherwise a Perfect Master is in charge.

Energetically, on the inner planes they gather in Shamballa to work as a collective unit. They also work individually on assigned duties and are stationed on and between the planes. (Planes of consciousness are also mentioned early in this blog. As a reminder, these are the 0th or zeroth plane of consciousness, though the spiritual hierarchy members aren’t stationed on this one, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th planes. The seventh is huge beyond comprehension with the Divine Journeys in it).

The spiritual hierarchy operate in the background and really help things move along spiritually, in all areas of life. They make it easier for people to develop spiritually, take on board meditation and healing practices and develop newer and newer ones, and also receive spiritual guidance on the inner planes.

Authoratative information on the spiritual hierarchy can be found in more depth in the Supplement of God Speaks by Meher Baba.

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