Just finished reading a great book: The Morning Tree by Claude Randall

pic for Claudes bk

(Re-posted with picture and info from publishers.)

I couldn’t put it down. A great story about a Mongolian who, haunted by his grandfather, seeks help from lamas in a Tibetan monastery. He is given a secret and crucial task to fulfil in return. The Chinese and some Tibetans try to stop him. The Mongolian later writes an account of what happened.

The story continues in the present time as a London based researcher into Tibetan matters finds himself in possession of this account. His life is is changed as he comes across details about The Morning Tree, an ancient Tibetan book containing powerful spiritual truths that some would like to see reach the light of day, while others would stop at nothing to supress or destroy the book.

A great story, and the spiritual concepts are spot on. Highly recommended.

Available from Pegasus publishing (details below) and Amazon. If you would like to read more about it, here is more from the publishers….


Pegasus Publishers are pleased to announce the publication of The Morning Tree, available to order from bookshops or direct from the publisher.


 The discovery of a manuscript written by a Tibetan monk reveals the Morning Tree – powerful esoteric knowledge that can transform people’s lives and lead humanity to a golden age.

The Morning Tree, protected for centuries, now needs to be released – but dark forces are determined to destroy it.

The manuscript tells how Thaza, a Mongolian horseman with his own inner demons, is led to the Morning Tree and eventually risks his life for truths he comes to realise are vital for humanity.

The manuscript is discovered by Daniel Clifton, an English academic seeking a quiet life. His life too is turned upside down as he grasps the importance of the Morning Tree and the urgent need to reveal it to the world.

Thaza and Daniel’s extensive journeys span 1930s Tibet to modern day London. They offer a fresh way to understand life, see death in a new light, expand consciousness and recognise the spirituality now coming in.


 Claude Randall was born in London, grew up in Surrey, read History at the University of Exeter, was a political lobbyist and now lives in Wales.


Copies of The Morning Tree can be purchased direct from the publisher by visiting our website at www.pegasuspublishers.com or by calling 01223 370012. Contact can be made with the author via newgamesetmatch@gmail.com.

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