Just finished reading a great book: The Morning Tree by Claude Randall

I couldn’t put it down. A great story about a Mongolian who, haunted by his grandfather, seeks help from lamas in a Tibetan monastery. He is given a secret and crucial task to fulfil in return. The Chinese and some Tibetans try to stop him. The Mongolian later writes an account of what happened.

The story continues in the present time as a London based researcher into Tibetan matters finds himself in possession of this account. His life is is changed as he comes across details about The Morning Tree, an ancient Tibetan book containing powerful spiritual truths that some would like to see reach the light of day, while others would stop at nothing to supress or destroy the book.

A great story, and the spiritual concepts are spot on. Highly recommended.

If you would like to read it, it is available on Kindle.

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