New Dawn, new day meditation

This is a simple meditation for clearing and healing

In a comfortable place, close your eyes, make your body still.

Find yourself in starry night time, in a place that strongly feels like it is a place of great Beauty. In this night time, you are sat in a grassy area, with hills around, and there are rocky areas too, covered in grass and moss. Your feet are dangling in a gently flowing brook. The air is still and quiet and you can hear the water flowing over rocks. It is a peaceful place.

The flowing water of the brook pulls away any tensions and negativity out from your feet. See the slow frequency chaotic negativity as a black goo which may be up your feet, and legs or even your body. Just let it go and allow the water to pull it out, and strip it away. The spirit of the water dissolves the negativity and negates it, breaking it down to a very basic energy.

As this is pulled out, roots grow out of your feet, and the base of your spine into the ground. In this beautiful place the ground has a spirit of healing, nurturing and transformation. Any further negativity drops into the ground through the roots. Up flows a rich, ordered slow frequency deep black devic light, tinged with flecks of warm gold. It’s the stuff of life. As it flows up through your feet and spine into your body, it soothes, and calms. It nourishes and vitalizes your organs and the rest of your body.

You look up to see the stars twinkling in the clear night sky. Stars and their black night sky gently falls down and in through the top of your head, into your body. Your body is filled with stars in the black sky, shining star light and star energy into you, which brings a calm, expanded, spacious feeling. It feels like looking out into the vast distances of space. The starlight heals your inner space.

As you are sat on the grass, with your feet in the cool waters of the brook, the dark of the night sharpens your hearing. You hear the almost silent sound of an owl as it flies by, and see it out of the corner of your eye. The owl on the inner planes is expert at protection on the astral levels. A small owl feather lands on you, you gain the vibration of the energetic owl, and a weave of this protective owl energy forms a cloak about you. Astral energy that shouldn’t be in your space is neutralized. Cordings and any hooks dissolve.

On the horizon the New Dawn lightens the sky and a new spiritual day begins. A pulse, a wash of the light of the New Dawn flows through every tiny particle in your being, like a reset; and upgrade.

The new spiritual sun comes up, shining its new light, vibration and new information into your third eye and other head centres, warming your eyes and brain, and then into all the other centres.

You see around you the green of life in the grass, knowing it is supported by the grounding slow frequency dark of the soil and rocks. You see above you the blue sky, which goes higher and higher, and the sun climbs higher as this spiritual cycle of your new day commences.

Bring your awareness back to your body, and open your eyes.

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