The Planes of Consciousness and Meditation

In creation there are 7 planes of consciousness, the zeroth (0th) plane, the first plane, the second plane, the third plane, the fourth plane, the fifth plane and the  sixth plane.

Souls start their human existence on the sixth subdivision of the zeroth plane (0.6). After each lifetime the soul moves up a tiny increment, which is associated with a tiny increase in the level of consciousness. After many lifetimes, the soul moves up to the first plane, with an increase in consciousness. While the light on the zeroth plane is quite slow and dark, the light on the first plane is  a bit brighter. Going up each plane over lifetimes, a soul in  human form will experience brighter and brighter light on the inner planes. In the sixth plane, the white light is dazzling. On average it takes 8.4 million lifetimes to get to the top of the sixth plane.

In meditation the light of the plane they are on is what they experience when they meditate on their own.

Someone on the 5th or 6th plane, or who has access to the Divine Journeys which are beyond creation’s planes of consciousness, can bring down light from the higher levels to influence the meditations of people on the lower planes. This person can have an inner plane connection, or better still, be physically present.

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